Come again!
Come again!
Whoever you are, come again!
If you are atheist,
If you worship the fire,
If you worship idols,
Come again!

Our convent is not a place of hopelessness.
Even if you broke your promise hundred times,
Come again!

Mevlana Rumi (1207-1273 A.D.)
Mawlana's self-portait ONEness


Life on Earth
After Earth

ONEness of HEARTs

ONEness of HEARTs is the name of volumes of chats [spiritual teachings] channeled from Mevlana Rumi and other saints to Garib from 1968 until 2017. Its style is similar to Mesnevi [Mathnawi], however, the content is quite different. Mevlana Rumi points out the difference as follows:

Let me say word to your luck, [let me tell you about your luck],
Let me make it known to you [that]
You are luckier than the ones who came next to me on my day [when I was on earth].
With the ones who came next to me on my day,
[with the ones] Who set up the congregation
I used to talk as mortal.
I came to your day,
I made it known by being cognizant of the LIGHT of my Allah.
On my day I looked for,
On your day I made be known WHAT I found;
Its [the] difference is a lot.
(ONEness of HEARTs -Volume 1-Part 17- 17 May 1970)

Patience is the key of the path.
"Is it so in Mesnevi [Mathnawi] also?" is said. [Mesnevi= collection of Sufi teachings by Mevlana Rumi while he was on earth in the 13th century]
If I say, "yes," [then] it is irrelevant.
Because today's writing
Is not [a] continuation of yesterday's,
It is not the same either.
In order to be Mesnevi [Mathnawi],
One has to burn with HIS deep love.
When it is said after arriving [in HIM],
After burning with HIS LIGHT,
It gets out of being Mesnevi. [it is not Mesnevi any more]
It takes the name of "Hak's [God's] word."
Mesnevi [Mathnawi][is] from me to HIM,
Word today, is the word from HIM to you.
(ONEness of HEARTs -Volume 1-Part 53- 14 October 1971)

The last verse may be re-written as:

ONEness of HEARTs is from Allah to humans who live in the 21st century.

Teachings of ONEness of HEARTs are like annotations on the Real Koran, by The Writer of the Koran. The best terms that can be used to describe “ONEness of HEARTs” may be: “user’s manual of life/universe,” or “instruction book to reach God.” We think that Allah allows us to learn about HIM and the universe because of the progress in science that has been taking place in the 20th and 21st centuries. In other words, thanks to science, today we can know The Creator, not just 'believe in God.' Further, some scientific findings (e.g. DNA, electromagnetic fields, sun's corona, dark energy, etc.) make sense only when they are interpreted under the light of The Reality. As the saints point out, teachings of ONEness of HEARTs and scientific findings [==matter] are complementary to one another.

ONEness of HEARTs is like a school of theology of which the instructors are not mortals but immortals that include Hazrat Mohammad [Prophet Mohammad], Hazrat Isa [Jesus Christ], and Hazrat Musa [Moses]. It is a self-study spiritual guide, however, saints say that in order to be able to understand, one needs to wish for The Meaning from heart, to read in order and more than once.

Summaries of spiritual teachings on some topics like God/Allah, life on earth, Spirit/Soul/Body, life after death, prayers, saints, destiny, spiritual levels are posted on this site to give an idea about the content of ONEness of HEARTs. It should be noted, however, that summaries are one dimensional as compared to original teachings that are of infinite number of dimensions. In other words, summaries are not a substitute for the translations of the original chats.

The ones who wish, may also reach the translations of some recent chats.

The original in Turkish of ONEness of HEARTs may be reached here: Gönüller Birliği.

© Sabahat Akşiray (Garib)
Summaries prepared and translated by Tamer Özel