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There are seven higher levels after the life on earth; there are 18,000 curtains (sublevels or planets) at those levels. Earth is not included in 18,000. Humans who continue their spiritual education on these 18,000 sublevels do not have bodies similar to the ones on earth.

1st Level: The ones who have no goal, who do not know about after earth life, who think earth is forever.

2nd Level: The ones who know the path but do not take it, who do not take shelter in Allah, who say, "Allah," on their last day.

3rd Level: The ones who know and walk on the path. However, one day he/she gets out of the path, then makes correction.

4th Level: The ones who know Allah, go on Allah's path, do not interfere with other people, do not pay much attention to earthly matters.

5th Level: The ones who know the earth and the after earth life. He/she drinks and thanks by saying, "Allah..." However, he/she prays on his/her own.

6th Level: The ones who say, "What is forever is the after earth life, earth is nothing to be compared with it." The ones who guide the lost people on earth. The ones who are aware of Allah's presence in themselves, and are in love with Allah. The ones who are aware of both of the earth and the after earth life, and make connection between them. The ones who help lost people to find the right path.

7th Level: Prophets and other highest level spirits are at this level. Mevlana is also at this level.

[Italic text is translated from the original messages directly.]

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Summaries prepared and translated by Tamer Ízel