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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 53

14 October 1971

I am Mevlana.
Our path is endless, path [is] convenient.
Our water is not used up, word [is] convenient.
The one who comes, does not forget,
The one who wishes from the soft path, does not give up.
My Allah does not give up on the human
Who says, "HAK,"
[HE does not give up on the human] Whom HE gave.

When Mevlevi is said, [Mevlevi=a dervish who follows the teachings of Mevlana]
When human whirls,
His/her aim is
Not to imitate the earth's spinning,
But the proof of the unwinding of the wool ball.

Even though to change the flow of the water
Is in the hand of human,
His/her power is insufficient to fill the spring [source of the water].

Elephant's power is insufficient to say word
To the ant.
Because ant does not know that elephant is elephant,
It does not take [understand] what it says.

Hazrat Osman says:
If command is from human to human,
It limits love.
For that [reason], "Limitless," is said about what I present.
Because, my love is limitless.
Do not set limit to your deep love,
Do not put [it] within [a] frame.

Say to the one who says, "There is no sultan without horsetail":
Let your horsetail be from Light,
[and] Let angels of The Lofty One put [it] on your head,
Let heart be on HIS path.

To try to see is irrelevant.
Plead to arrive [in HIM],
Not to see [HIM].

You fill the basket with Osman's grape,
You distribute as you wish;
Vineyard is yours, is there any need to ask?

Did you look from the mirror?
From where you look, you get out.
If you do not see yourself from the mirror,
[then] You see the surrounding.
While you hold [the mirror] toward the path of your heart,
It is seen that you laugh.

Let my Allah be pleased
With the one who takes in hand [from] the flow of the water [with the one who drinks from the [our spiritual] water]
As well as with the one who works to put on HIS path.
We will also be helper to the one
Who tries to put on HIS path.

Patience is the key of the path.
"Is it so in Mesnevi too?" is said.
If I say, "Yes," [then] it is irrelevant.
Because today's writing
Is not the continuation of yesterday's,
It is not the same either.
In order to be Mesnevi,
It is necessary to burn with HIS deep love.
When it is said after arriving [in HIM],
After burning with HIS LIGHT,
It gets out of being Mesnevi. [it is not Mesnevi any more]
It takes the name of "HAK's word."
Mesnevi [is] from me to HIM,
Word today, is the word from HIM to you.
Why does my Owner build bridge?
Because of HIS love for HIS human.

The one who knows [how] to love,
And the one who asks to HIS path are one [the same].
If I know to love,
If I say, "My Allah,"
Then why do [would] I look for path shower? [why would I look for someone to show me HIS path?]
I wait from my Allah,
I add day to my patience.

The bird that sings in each nest, is male.

One does not ask the end from the one that is endless.

One does not say, "How does the food cook?" to the one who eats dry bread,
Not because he/she does not know, but because he/she does not see.

One does not say, "Fruitless tree [is] to be discarded."

One does not question
About the one who eats dry food,
About the one who wants dry bread;
One does not say,
"He/she pays for his/her sin."
My Allah puts the period
To sin, to good deed. [because it is my Allah WHO decides about whether it is good deed or sin]

Each human looks at the one who fights,
Supports the one who is weak.
[however,] It should not be like that.
[because] My Allah does not give the measure of the wool ball to human.

To say, "Be soft,"
To the one who is [already] soft, is irrelevant.
[on the other hand,]
To say, "[you are] Rough,"
To the one who is rough, is improper.
[because] If you say, "Rough," to the one who is rough,
He/she is broken like in the example of stone:
If you hit two stones against one another, they break.
If you throw the stone to the sand, it does
Neither break nor give sound.

Chat with the one who knows to come to his/her senses
Occurs profoundly. [chat is educative]
[chat with the one] Who asks about his/her day
Comes as chilly. [superficial chat/waste of time]
Chat that is made in the name of my Allah
Comes from his/her deep love [for Allah], one walks to HIS path.

Let me explain once more what is called 'tarikat': [tarikat= 1. tariqa, tariqat, Sufi path. 2. tariqa, tarekat, dervish order, dervish fraternity.]
Similar to how stars spin around one axis.
All that the axis does, is to provide the order.
[however,] The one who knows HIS path
Does not need any axis.

If there is your light on your [? HIS ?] path,
Then chat is necessary in every moment.
Chat takes human one step farther [ahead].

Moss [is] in the sea.
However, [when] its dead remain is washed up onto the shore,
It is neither useful to the sea nor to the land.

The one who gives sound to the well, does not wait for [an] answer,
[because] What he/she will take [hear], is his/her own voice.

When his/her wish does not come true,
Who takes the sieve?

Every human sees the surrounding.
To see [is] different,
To turn [is] different,
To love [is] different,
Deep love [is] different.
To love is as much as your heart can take,
Deep love, [is] as much as your life can give.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

16 October 1971

I am Mevlana.
'Mursheed' word is said, it is asked,
"How is he/she found?"
You, wish!
He/she finds you.
The moment in which you find,
The doubt that is inside you, disappears.
The one whom you believe in without doubt, is your real mursheed.
The moment in which you stay in [have] doubt, walk [away].
The one who wishes to arrive in my Allah,
Of course he/she finds.
Because your wish
Is my Allah's wish too.

In order to own my Allah's Light,
It is necessary to be
Neither Mevlana nor Yunus.
You, being my Allah's human
Is to attain HIS Light.
However, my Allah's [spiritually] mature humans
Are HIS humans who preserve HIS Light in their heart[s].
He/she does not waste [IT] with his/her egotism.

The one who wishes to take, he/she has to learn to give.
You can not take without giving.
[look, for example, at the flowing water:]
If you block the path of the spring,
It returns to its source,
Finds another path.
It is not seen that the flowing water lessens.
The one who is by the spring, does not stay without water.
One spring is not given for one human [only].
Whoever comes, let him/her come, let him/her erase his/her doubt.

Perceive WHAT my Allah gives,
That is sufficient for you to know HIM.
It is said, "What do I do with HIS philosophy?
For me, knowing HIS persona is sufficient." [to believe in HIM is enough for me, I don't need to know HIS philosophy...]
In order to know what you know,
It is necessary to enter HIS philosophy,
[it is necessary] To embrace ALL THAT HE gives.
HIS philosophy is that.
To embrace ALL THAT HE gives is
To embrace my Allah.

Why do you lay the rush mat?
Why do you not sit on the soil?
Each human thinks according to him/herself.
What do I think?
The moment in which I say, "My Allah,"
I do not see whether it is
Rush mat, [or] stone, [or] soil...

I do not stretch [close] the curtain
[not] To [block] the rise of the sun.
I do not close the door
To HIS human who wishes for the meydan.

What my Allah says, happens,
Command comes from HIM .

Is the path that goes to my Allah, one?
Path is a lot, [there are many paths]
Each path arrives in the same ocean. [ocean==God]
HE gathers all HIS humans who arrive,

The rule does not change: everything is in the middle.
I told before:
Earth is in the middle of the universe,
Each human is in the middle of the earth,
And I am in the middle of all of you.
You, me, all [humans], all of us,
Our Prophet and my Allah
Are together with all creations.

Me, if I found myself,
You know me.
You, if you did not know yourself,
You do not know me either.
Even if ever you knew, [then] be prayerful to my Allah.

If the one who opens the door
Can not find [a] human whom he/she knows, he/she closes [it].
You, present yourself so that
The door does not close.

The place where the water flows, is muddy.
Say whose fault it is,
Water's or soil's?
The fault is in the one who does not give [the water] its path.

My Allah Who gives the Koran,
Gives [it] because HE loves HIS human,
Not to show HIMSELF.
Did HE not show HIMSELF with the universe?

The one who prunes the grapevine, the one who waits for its yield
Does not say, "Would it be [abundant]?"
He/she does not look doubtfully at what will happen.

Our chat is not 'spirit calling.'

The one who is late, comes too,
The outcome is the same.
At whichever station you get on,
You arrive at the same end.
[for that reason,] Let one not say, "I am late."
Our [spiritual] train looks at the path for [a] long [time],
Waits also for the one who is late.
Do not say,
"The one who does not come, does not arrive,"
There is airplane too.
Just think of the arrival [and act, because]
There may be some who miss the airplane too.

Nacre is not embroidered on the light [not heavy] shoe.
Light shoe is not nailed onto the reading desk.

The one who knows the earth, does not forget the after earth life.
In order to forget the after earth life,
Then you see the earth as smoky too.
If after earth life is on this earth,
Would effort be yours? [if after earth life was easy to perceive while you are on earth, then would there be any need for any effort?]

What the soil [grave] gives:
It makes HIS human remembered.
You remember [him/her] even without seeing the soil [his/her grave],
You see his/her help, [you witness the help of the spirit]
[however,] Not with vision. [however, you can not see him/her with your earth eye...]

I am on duty to make known
That his/her going is to arrive in peace. [I am on duty to let you know that the one who passes away, reaches peace...]
The wish from earth of the one who arrives [in after earth life]
Is Yasin. [36th sura of Koran]

Do not think: "Did I break the world,
[or] Did I make [the world] happy?"
The one who arrives there [the one who migrates to after earth life]
Takes the earth off like [a] dress,
Leaves [it] at the place where it is;
Your sorrow stays with you. [sorrow stays with the one who continues to live on earth]

Your prayers: first to our Prophet,
Then to all HIS humans,
Then to your saint.

If it is read and written, then Koran is read completely [if it is read and written, then Koran may be considered to be read completely...]
In one's hand, in one's tongue,
In one's Essence, in one's eye...

It was asked previously,
"From the brain?" was said.
When the current comes,
It does not stay at one point.
Yet, it is spent
In accordance with the path that the duty is given for.
[similar to how]
Each machine that works with electricity
Does not do the same job.

What do you try to solve, from where [do you try to solve]?
Did you ever solve yourself yet?
Turn the mirror to your face,
Look at its bright face.
Laugh so that you see the laughing one.
If you look at the back face of the mirror,
"Earth is dark," you say.
Give its back face to the wall
So that you see in each moment your [? its ?] bright face.

Everything is at its appropriate place.
The one who changes its place is not human,
The one who has set up the order is not human either.
Even though he/she may say, "I have put [it] in the [appropriate] state,
[I have put it] On the [right] path," [even though he/she may think that he/she is the one who takes care of some things]
Human is that much mistaken.
Because no order finds order
From human's hand, tongue. [nothing becomes ordered because of human]
The one that happens, is the one that is written.
Is not written with pen,
Is not traced on the notebook,
Is not blown with breath.
There is no REALITY other than
That the one that is said to, "BE!", occurs,
That the one that is said to, "STOP!", HE makes [it] disappear,
That HE makes all humans conform to the universe.
Can only find in the universe
The one that is ordered to be found.
Each one who finds, it is not his/her discovery:
In fact,
It is my Allah's favor to that human of HIS.

Let it not be forgotten: Islam is [Islam= submission, or the total surrender of oneself to Allah]
Not in word but in Essence.

One is known
Not because of his/her name,
But because of his/her remembrance.
If human is remembered goodly,
If one says about [that human], "Let my Allah be pleased [with him/her],"
[then] That human is my Allah's Muslim human.
Erase your word, know his/her name. [do not talk badly after a deceased one, remember him/her goodly]

On the day when you say, "Cold," you dress.
[however,] If you do not dress, it is okay too,
Human gets used to that too.
Is the one who does not dress in cold [weather]
My Allah gives him/her power accordingly.

Let my Allah make [you] one of HIS humans whose God-given shares are abundant,
Let HIM gather all of us in the same meydan.

Greatness is my Allah's.

There is no 'me/I-you,' there is 'us/we.'
All of us are One.
We all came for my Allah,
We have set up the congregation,
You from here, I from here. [there is no here-there either...]

One welcomes Friday from Thursday.

Each remembrance of my Allah
It is nothing but worship.
If you perform the worship for debt,
HE erases your debt.
If you perform the worship saying, "My Allah,"
Then you get excited with deep love:
Door opens to the arrival.
The door that opens, is the one that does not close.
Because my Allah's door
Is closed to none of HIS humans
As long as human's heart door is open.

One climbs with the [spiritual] ladder.
The ladder is made neither of wood nor of stone:
It is [made] of My Allah's LIGHT.
Let us come to the meydan,
Let us stand on the ladder,
Let us be prayerful,
Let us take step.
Muhammedur Resulullah," [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]
We said,
We took the step on the ladder.
We wished
That human is for human,
That rose is for us.
We walked all together.
Be ready for the ascent.

Do not go back to past day,
Do not be sulky to the day that comes.

Do not stop talking when you see human.
What is meant by "stop talking": the moment in which human stops talking,
He/she eyes the [other] human from head to foot, he/she tries to detect his/her intention.

Let it not be forgotten:
With whatever [bad] intention he/she comes in front of him/her,
Human who takes shelter in my Allah
Does not become slave of [that] human.
It means this:
The one who is scared of human's criticism
Is the one who does not take shelter in my Allah.
The one who takes shelter in my Allah
Is the one who stays away from evil.
[the one with evil intention,]
Even if he/she comes, he/she does not find any opportunity for his/her intention.

I told before:
You wish for HIM ,
HE comes to you.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

19 October 1971

I am Mevlana.
The Helper of the one
Who comes from good deed path,
Who finds heart path
Is my Allah.

Let me look with life eye
So that I see Darling,
So that I learn to see [HIM] on earth.

We found the nice chat.

We laid sheep pelt,
We took its wool, we knitted for the body.
What a happiness for the lives who wear [them]...

We [have] set up our congregation to unite in ONEness
In Garib's heart.
We said for all [humans], "Our close friend."
What a happiness for the lives who say, "Greeting," and come.
We connected our path to the nest. [nest==Mevlanaís/Garibís congregation]
"Our door is open to HIS each human," we said.
Our door is open,
What a happiness for the lives who see.
What a happiness for the lives
Who wish for soft path,
Who sieve their sand [while they are] on earth.

What is there on Friday?
Blessing, like on each Friday.

What do the moon and the star give? [moon==Hazrat Ali; star==saint]
It is the profit of the human, on the day.
Where is the profit [coming from]?
From the giving of my Allah.

Let the one who knows to come to his/her senses
Find him/herself.
If he/she could not find,
Let him/her look at the one who/that is created.

The one who is wise knows,
Gives to the one who does not know.
However, it is necessary that
The one who gives, should know what he/she gives,
[he/she] Should be on HAK's path.
For the one who is on HAK's path,
No human witness is sought [required].
My Allah gives "keramet" [keramet=1. miracle worked by God through a person. 2. the God-given power of working miracles.]
To HIS human who is wise,
HE makes him/her known to human.
The one whose "keramet" is seen
Does not need any witness.

There are many [humans] who separate earth and after earth life.
To make earth and after earth life walk together
Is to find the highest degree
Of 'keramet.'
We found, we gave.

Do not say, "Trouble,"
For the one that is not avoided. [do not call "trouble" the event that can not be avoided]
Do not be offended by what happens. [know that the events are created by HIM, therefore, do not complain about them...]

HIS sand for the path,
HIS path for human,
Your heart for my Allah
To your day.
Refer [transfer/submit] the one that comes to my Allah.

One takes shelter
Not in the power of the event,
But in The Mightiness of my Allah;
The rest resembles the soap bubble.

If you are the one who knows [how] to take,
Then be thankful to Allah for your taking.

My giving does not change [its] place.
Our congregation to unite in ONEness is not put in another heart.
I told before,
Our congregation to unite in ONEness was laid in Garib's heart.

Why is the congregation set up?
To create close friendship with the lives who come.

Let one look
Not at the earth
But at what is appropriate,
Let the rest be erased.

In each earth period,
Congregation to unite in ONEness is given to one human. [i.e. there is in each earth period only one person like Garib]

Our congregation to unite in ONEness wraps all [humans],
Our heart [wraps] the universe.

Each human searches Darling.
Search with life so that you find,
So that you join the ones who find.

There is no need for any decoration,
We come for you.

What you do to earth
Is what you throw to after earth life. [your after earth life is based on what you do on earth]

Patriotism exalts human, of course.
[however,] If there is no [spiritual] maturation,
The door of patriotism does not open.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

19 October 1971

I am Mevlana.
We drank sip by sip,
We said, "Allah," we lost consciousness,
We chose the most beautiful one of the chat[s].

Let my Allah be pleased
With the ones who come to [attend] the chat,
With the ones who set up the table of the chat,
With the ones who present the wine of deep love,
With the ones who say, "Wine," [and] who wash themselves [spiritually].

We surrendered [to Allah],
We stood on the flatness.
We knew [realized] The One Who owns,
"My Allah, YOU created," we said.
Because YOU created, no mistake occurs.

Human can not give measure to human.
Your measure [as human] can not measure HIS human.

[because of] HIS love: HE can not act pitilessly toward HIS human.
Even though human's fault may be so much big,
My Allah opens to HIS human so many
Passion doors so that HIS human sees,
So that he/she takes shelter in HIS pardon,
So that he/she says, "My Allah."
Let my Allah make all [humans] be among
The humans who see.

Deep love is neither in smallness nor in bigness.
Deep love is in being able to put the universe in heart.

The love of the bird and the love of the elephant
Are not the same.

The one that you open, even if it is well, [when you dig a well]
What it gives you is water:
It serves [helps] you to remember the ocean. [ocean==Allah]

What does not exist, does not come from my Allah.

Human does not make what he/she wishes for, come true
Because his/her power is not enough.

Let our chat be abundant, let your guide be the rose.
Each flower that is in the rose garden
Is from HIS soil,
Takes from the water that it [the rose] takes.

In hearts, there is place for
Each flower that is loved.

The one who writes the love letter, he/she waits for its response.
Do not say, "What if there is no response?"
Even if it goes around from hand to hand,
Surely it finds its place [destination].

Me being among you,
Me setting throne up in the heart,
Is not [me] owning the throne:
It is to join the ones
Who know HIS path,
Who say, "My Allah,"
Who set up the chat table...

Niyazi Misri says, [Niyazi Misri was a Sufi saint who lived in the 17th century]
"When I was remembered, I came,
I am pleased with the ones who are satiated [? who believe ?],
Let my Allah make [you] pleased [too]."

Let it not be forgotten:
To come together on earth with the ones who remember,
Is to be reunited [with them] in after earth life.

The aim of the chat
Is to come to walk. [to teach you to walk on HIS path]
If there is no chat,
What will the spirit that comes, give?
If it is to take [solve] the secret of the universe,
The permission is from my Allah,
Not from the power of the one who comes.

"If I was on earth on the [current] day,
I would bind all [humans] with fetters,"
Says my Yunus.
If you say, "Why does he say [so]?"
In order to make his/her head turn to The Lofty One,
Not to beat. [he does not mean to hurt anyone]

If I was on his/her path,
If path was convenient,
Then I would conform to [that] human.

If there is one who breaks your arm,
Do not curse.
It is necessary that your arm is broken,
Because of that, it is broken.
It is maybe the good deed of the one who breaks.
Think about why it is broken:
Maybe because he/she wrongly grabs the rightful due [of someone else].
So that he/she does not grab wrongly, so that he/she is not smeared with sin,
It is broken with the command of my Allah.
The mistake of the human whom you curse,
Is him/her staying away from his/her good deed.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat AkĢiray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer ÷zel