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(The information on this page and the one about Dark Energy describe the following attributes/names of Allah: 11. al-Khaliq The Creator/The Creator of the Universe); 13. al-Musawwir (The Absolute Designer/The Absolute Artist); 19. al-Alim (The All-Knowing/The Absolute Savant); 26. as-Sami (The Absolute Hearer/The All-Hearing); 27. al-Basir (The Absolute Seer/The All-Seeing); 31. al-Khabir (The All-Aware [of Everything]); 50. ash-Shaheed (The Witness [to Everything]); 69. al-Qadir (The All-Powerful/He Who is able to do Everything); 73. al-Awwal (The First/The Beginning-less); 74. al-Akhir (The Last/The Endless); 75. az-Zahir (The Manifest/The Evident/The Unhidden); 76. al-Batin (The Hidden/The Unmanifest); 84. Malik ul-Mulk (The Owner of all Property[/Matter]); 93. An-Nur (Shadowless Light); 97. al-Warith (The Heir/The Inheritor of All))

DNA and Electromagnetic Fields

(knowledge on the following subjects may be helpful in better understanding the information presented on this web page: mitosis, stem cell, embryo, neuroscience, binary code, DNA, gene, genetically modified organism, artificial intelligence, electromagnetic radiation, quantum mechanics, sun's corona, cosmic ray, particle physics)

One may either try to perceive the universe through science, or know IT thanks to the knowledge of The Reality AND the science. The following “The Egg” analogy, and the rest of this web page are to describe how this could be possible.

The Egg

Think of an Egg, and that you are a cell at its center. Suppose that the cells are transparent, and that you look around yourself. What would you see? You would see all the cells surrounding you, and the inside surface of the shell.

Now think that you are looking at The Egg one meter away from it, what would you see? You would just see a small Egg, with countless number of tiny cells inside it.

The cell at the center of The Egg is analogue to my body, and the view of the inside of The Egg is analogue to the universe. Whereas the view of The Egg from outside is analogue to The Reality.


Think of the very first fertilized cell that will multiply to be an embryo. The cell divides to form two cells, then the two cells divide into four and so on. After a while, these stem cells start to differentiate according to the final duty that they will assume, i.e. to become eye or heart or nail or another cell. Finally all those cells form the whole body of a living organism. How does the cell decide about its behavior? Does it think like humans do?

With today’s scientific knowledge, we can easily see that each cell is just a biological robot similar to the robots humans make. In robots manufactured by humans, software is recorded on magnetic media by passing or not electric current that corresponds respectively to 1 and 0; we call this as binary code. (As an example, one may watch the seven minutes long video "How a Hard Disk Drive Works." (hard disk drive = the location where the data/information is stored in a computer)) In cells, the software is recorded on DNA in a chemical environment using a more sophisticated code made of four molecules abbreviated as C, G, A, and T. If a single cell is a biological robot, the whole body is also a robot that is an ensemble of robot cells.

As it is known, humans have been successfully tempering the DNA, and controlling the robot cells. Software commanding various functions is recorded on DNA sectors called as "gene"s. Scientists identified which gene is responsible for which function, and altered that specific gene(s) in order to change the behavior. Such entities are now called as “genetically modified organism”s and include varieties from viruses to plants and animals. Further, they have been trying to re-program the undifferentiated stem cells in order to make them become a specific organ that would replace the defective one.

How was the DNA programmed in the first place? Did it appear on its own, or was it devised by our invisible God? Saying that it occurred on its own is as illogical as claiming that computers, smart phones, robots, etc., manifest on their own because one does not see the humans who design, manufacture, and program them; it is to ignore the high intelligence of God that created/creates the DNA and the order of the universe. Unaware of the fact that everything visible to our eyes is nothing but God, scientists have been trying to solve the puzzle of the universe from the middle cell of The Egg.

In the center of The Egg, when we look around us, we see The Image that God shows us; we view living organisms acting as if they had an intellect and/or instinct of their own. However, we can say that all of them, including our bodies, are biological robots of which the behavioral software programs are recorded on their DNAs. The only difference between humans and the rest is that human has a spirit that is from Allah's LIGHT, and that is granted "free will" by God.

Electromagnetic Field

  Because of science, we know that everything visible to our earth eye is indeed electromagnetic wave. Electricity and magnetism co-exist; we can only notice them when one changes. That is, if an electric field does not move, neither does its magnetic field; if it moves, so does its magnetic field, and vice versa. On earth, in The Egg, we measure magnetic field through changes in the electric field; in other words, direct measurement of magnetic field is very limited, if not impossible.

Scientists investigated the brain, which may be considered as the driver's seat for human spirit, to understand how inspirations (light bulb turning on in the brain, i.e. how solutions to difficult problems, or extraordinary ideas) appeared suddenly as an insight. They found out that this eventuated from an electrical signal, like a lightning, occurring in a fraction of a second when the brain was idle (i.e. sleep, or relaxing without thinking of anything). All of a sudden, how do the neurons create such a burst in electricity? Since the electric field has an accompanying magnetic field, the lightning is obviously caused by a change in magnetic field, and the change in magnetic field is controlled by God. As stated in the Koran (2:255) and ONEness of HEARTs, any scientific/technological progress as well as unprecedented artistic creations happen only when, and as much as Allah allows it.

God shows us the space as dark, and as having a temperature of about 3 degrees Kelvin (K) (-270 degrees Celsius). The sun’s surface temperature is about 5,778 K. According to “matter-light science,” the temperature should decrease to 3 K when moving away from the sun. Thanks to solar eclipses, it was discovered in the 20th century that the sun has a halo-like glow around it. This corona of the sun has a temperature that is more than 1,000,000 K. This mind blowing temperature demonstrates the presence of a huge energy source. Hence, similar to dark energy/dark matter, solar corona has become another paradox for scientists.

Under the light of the teachings of ONEness of HEARTs, the solar corona demonstrates how God shows us the imaginary matter: Allah’s LIGHT (Nur = shadowless light), Which our eyes are curtained from, is an immense source of energy, and is present everywhere in the universe, including my body. Hence, God controls the electromagnetic field by changing the magnitude of His Magnetic Field, which influences the motion of the particles that are visible to our earth eye. When I move my arm up, I think my arm belongs to me since I raise it because I want to. In Reality Allah lets His Particles move according to my will. We experience this five dimensional image as sight, taste, touch, smell, and sound.

From outside of The Egg, Allah’s LIGHT is everywhere. Our spirits' Lights are minuscule spots within the holographic “mother nature/universe” (five minutes long video) image that God shows us by using His Magnetic Field(/Electric Field) and His Particles as interface.

It took until 21st century for the “matter/light science” to demonstrate how The Hidden, The Unhidden, The All-Seeing, The All-Hearing, and many other attributes/names of Allah mean...

(The information on this page and the one about Dark Energy complement one another)

© Sabahat Akţiray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Özel