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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 17

17 May 1970

I am Mevlana.
The value of human is taken [measured] according to heart.
The loftiness of the night
Gives light to all faithful humans' heart[s].
On the day of the night,
Moon rose, he/she wound wool ball [to wind the wool ball==to live on earth]
Human's logic came to right [correct].

It is said that this night is lofty.
[time/this night] Came, night became day.
The face of the earth laughed
Earth witnessed
The coming of the human
Who got the biggest God-given share from the LIGHT of my Allah.
Humans whom HE let get God-given share of enlightenment
Gathered around him.

Let me say word to your luck, [let me tell you about your luck],
Let me make it known to you that
You are luckier than the ones who came next to me on my day [when I was on earth].
With the ones who came next to me on my day,
[with the ones] Who set up the congregation
I used to talk as mortal.
I came to your day,
I made it known by being cognizant of the LIGHT of my Allah.
On my day I searched,
On your day I made known WHAT I found;
Its [the] difference is a lot.

We took shelter in the intercession
Of our Master Muhammet Mustafa Aleyhisselam, [Prophet Mohammad]
We wished for his help for all [humans].
His wish for all creations is also:
My Allah, YOU created, do not confuse [do not let them be confused].

On earth, one should work
Not to wish for mercy
But to be worthy.
Father gives to his child, he does not wait [for something in return].
What [the only thing that] he waits for, is the superiority of his child.
[superiority] In what?
In humanity, in the proof of humanity.
On earth, animal lives too.
[however,] Superiority is not necessary for animal
Because character is not present [in animals].
It fights on the path of life,
It does not know Darling.
Humanity runs to his/her Darling,
Passes from [through] life.

Say to the one who says, "Word:" [say to the one who does not believe in our chats:]
Word is
Not Mevlana's
But my Allah's.
Mevlana, [is the] post office,
Garib, [is the] postwoman.
Let my Allah be pleased with all [humans].

I thought about earth,
I cooked human. [I spiritually educated human]
My Allah created earth so beautifully.
HE lies in the heart of human.
One does not say [bad] word about
The sea, the mountain,
The tree, the branch
Of the earth.
One does not say, "Sea is dirty."
Sea's dirt is human's sweat,
Human dirties [the sea].
If there is no dirt of human,
If he/she does not put garbage in the sea
Is there any dirt? [would there be any dirt?]

Any bad word said about the path of Allah
Resembles the garbage that is thrown to the sea.
No garbage stays in the sea:
[sea] It throws [it] to shore.
Humans who are not worthy
See the sea with garbage.
He/she does not get his/her God-given share,
He/she can not enter [get in the sea] because it is dirty.
Let it be known that sea does not keep any dirt.

The porter of the path of Allah
Is earth's faithful human.
He/she knew the earth,
He/she erased [the worry] from heart.
He/she conformed to what happens,
He/she said, "My Allah,"
He/she threw the unwariness load away from his/her back.
This is porterage! ['porter' is the one who does not throw away 'the unwariness load']
The sea of the one who is not worthy is dirty.

If there is no hope,
If human does not put [HIM] in heart,
[then] "To live is difficult," is said.

My Allah gives HIS each work
If human knew about what happens,
Would there be any peace on earth?
Let the one
Who tells about the path,
Who says word about the invisible world
Not be mistaken.
My Allah did not make
The going of the path, [where the path goes to]
Its descent, its ascent
Known not even to HIS darling Prophet
For his own persona.
HE just gave the one that was [necessary for] his duty.
Invisible world is closed to earth human.
If it was not like that, would it be called 'invisible world'?
There is no news from outside of what is known.
What is permitted
Is put on the path of human.
Do not say, "You [can] give."
I can not give either.
What I give [is] as much as the permission is.
[in order] To educate human:
If you do not say the one that happens,
[then] Believing of human can not occur. [then human does not believe]
One does not ask question about the hikmet of my Allah.
One does not give to earth human, word from [about] the invisible world.
In other words,
Invisible world is not made known to human
To be said about. [for him/her to talk about it]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

21 May 1970

I am Mevlana.
The one who winds wool ball untruly
Hides his/her wool ball from faithful human.
What does
The one who goes on the right path
Have to hide?
Right path [is] open from beginning to end.
Your [spiritual] maturation winds your wool ball to right. [in the right direction]
For the one who goes to curved path [for the who is on the wrong path]
Heart burns. [one feels sorry]

Let your sorrow be
Not for what was done to you
But for the mistake of the human.
[because] That human lost what you won.
If he/she did not lose
Then you would not win.

Let you look
Not at the path of the earth
But at the path of the after earth life.
Let you burn your tinder for the darkness.
Let you open your worry to your Allah. [share your worry directly with your Allah]
What does the tinder burn with?
With the fire that is in heart.

Omar says:
If [the] traveler wishes from the caravansary boniface
For [a] place [to stay], [and a] soft mattress,
[however,] If the caravansary boniface gives hard mattress to the traveler,
[then] The one who ends up suffering harm is
Not the traveler
But the caravansary boniface.
Because my Allah
Squeezes him/her from another direction.
[Allah punishes him/her] Not for you
But for the injustice of human.
Not [punishing] HIS human for HIS human
But because he/she got out of HAK's path.
Let my Allah awaken the one who does not know.

If human is not close
[then] The inspiration that is given loses its effect.
[it is like] The effect of the wave:
The farther away it is
The lesser its effect is.
As much as it gets closer, its effect grows stronger too.
[Human's closeness to us is like that too. However,]
It is
Not in my hand
But in your heart.
Together with wishing from heart,
It is necessary to be at [a spiritual] level [that makes you] worthy of wishing.
[therefore,] To come closer [is] in your hand.
Think of the baby [who is learning to walk]:
"Walk, walk," she says, mother waits,
Baby makes the effort.
I am like that too:
I open the heart,
"Come to me, come," I say,
I stand readily for him/her not to fall. [I stand readily to help him/her walk spiritually]

I became Yunus [on earth], I walked.
I wrapped myself in green haircloth.
I was enchanted by the green color. [green==LIGHT color of Prophet Mohammad]
I fell sick because of my deep love [that I had] for my Allah,
I burned [in heart] like fire.
I drank my [spiritual] water, [until] I had my fill [of spiritual water].
"Let me dive into cold water,
Let me be faithful human," I said.
When heart is convenient,
When one dives into cold water,
Does the [heart] fire go out?

Sky face [is] deep blue.
His laughing face [is] completely pure.
The trace [impression, influence] of my pir on other human[s]
Is in [his] appropriate language. [is thanks to his affective language]
If I take prayer beads in my hand,
No fault comes from HIS path.
Is path helper of the path?
Is human helper of the human?
Nobody [is helper] of anybody.
[only] My Allah is helper of all [humans].

Yunus is helper of Omar,
Omar is helper of my pir.
All of us [we are] in service of
My Allah's path.
All of us [we are] in service of
My Allah's humans.

The home of the bee
[is] Its [bee's] bank for HIS human:
It deposits its honey.
Omar says,
"I am in love with the order that my Allah has set up.
All creations work for human.
If it was not like that,
It would add to its honey from the poison that is in its sting,
It would throw [it] into the blood of the human."

I am Mevlana.
He greeted, he went,
His word was enough for the night.

To think about the one who came [to after earth life]
Is more difficult than throwing [the thought] to past.
To think about what will come [to think about the events that will occur]
Is in vain for human.
If I say, "Do not think,"
Maybe it is wrong.
If you think more than what your power is enough for
[then] You spend your time in vain.
If your power is not enough to think,
[then] Refer [submit] [it] to your Allah.

What you lose
Is saved in HIM.

Does the water have color?
Does the heart have an equivalent?

I am Yunus, I came,
I am remembered in the nest, [nest==Mevlanaís/Garibís congregation]
I came to the nest.
Our day passed nicely.
Prayers are made,
"My Allah," is said.
Yunus is remembered,
One said word about my day. [one talked about my days on earth]
My day opened my path.
[in Anatolia there are many places at which people claim that Yunus Emre's tomb is there]
[if] The event became convenient,
[then] The right one of my place [tomb] was found. [if it was appropriate, then the place of my real tomb would have been known]
What do I say for the right word?
If it was not found, would I be forgotten?
There is value
Not of the one who is created
But of the one who is remembered.
Our direction [is] to my Allah,
Our path [is] to my Allah.
In his value on that day,
At his place on the [current] day
There is increase,
There is no decrease.

What is meant by 'goodness' [is]:
To know my Allah, [not just to believe in HIM]
To see HIS LIGHT in even [an] ant,
To arrive in HIS presence as you are [without having lost HIS God-given Light that you had when you were born on earth],
To stay away from lie.

I wore shirt with patch,
[when] I took the smoke, I turned [to] my side,
I gave my back, I walked. [I walked away from smoke; I left it behind]
I did not say, "Big one of human."
[because,] There is neither big nor small one of human.
No one claims the ownership of The Being of my Allah.
One does not say, "Big," for the one who claims [to be] so.
For that [reason],
I did not say, "My cloth is patched," [I was not sad because of the patch of my cloth]
I was not ashamed.
My Allah gave the abundant one [of everything] to HIS [other] human,
HE smoothened his/her condition.
HE gave the patched cloth
As God-given share to me.
His/hers as well as mine are from my Allah.
Why am I [would I be] ashamed,
[why would I] Put smoke on my path,
[why would I] Attribute [a] partner to The Being of my Allah?
Eat as much as your God-given share is,
Be prayerful according to your heart.

I saw the weak one of human,
Intention [was] hurt. [he/she could not accomplish his/her intention, he/she was sad]
I said, "Hey, [you who are] absent-minded!
Earth's affair is [like] this.
The going of each human does not conform [to one another].
[however, for each] Coming, there is its return.
Work for the return so that
You [can] get ticket for the station that you wish to [go to].
Each human goes on the path
According to his/her preparation on the earth;
However, the measure of here [in after earth life]
Is heart."

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

25 May 1970

I am Mevlana.
Let the subject that I present
Be opinion for you.
Let stone not be put on path,
Let head not be put on word, [do not be obsessed with what you say[/with what you have in mind]]
Let our word not be cut. [let one not interrupt us]
I do not want to depart from the essence of my word,
That is why I said, "[let our word] Not be cut."
Let us come to word,
Let us hit the knee, [as one would do to make the donkey that he/she rides on, walk]
Let us get the tempo, [let us conform to the tempo]
Let us dive into the ocean from [through] the heart. [ocean==God] [let us reach God through heart]

Did I love earth, earth's human?
Of course I did, while I was human on earth.
Of course I arrived through heart
While it was being said,
"He found the meydan, he is faithful human."
To come is easy, to love is difficult.
If you say, "[to love] What?"
The worry of the meydan.

If one is created, if one came [to earth],
If his/her heart found HIS place,
[then] To love is beautiful.

If human increased the distance, let him/her not be scared,
Let him/her know that earth [is] school.
There is child, hardworking;
He/she walks fast, takes his/her profession in his/her hand.
There is child, he/she walks later, [he/she learns to walk at a later time]
He/she also takes his/her profession in his/her hand.
The outcome is always one [the same].
The one who walks early, the one who walks later,
If he/she is master in his/her profession
[then] He/she makes him/herself known, makes his/her name heard.
[hence,] One should look
Not at walking,
But at being heard. [whether he/she makes him/herself heard]
Because the essence is the outcome.
Our path is like that too.
There is human,
He/she starts to worship
While he/she is young,
He/she scolds the one who does not start.
[however,] Day comes, the one who walks with the path of heart
Passes ahead of him/her
Because he/she is the master of the [heart] path,
[because] He/she is in the hand of its [path's] master.

I am Mevlana.
I drew my path from heart.
While worshipping, I used to be transported with joy.
I did not see the one who did not do [so],
I did not say, "Why does he/she not do [so]?" [I did not question the one who did not worship like me]
Because, as mortal, I did [could] not see his/her heart.
Maybe he/she was worshipping from heart,
[maybe] He/she [just] closed his/her eye to earth [and prayed deeply from heart like that]...
If I asked, what does [would] he/she tell me?
There is human, he/she worships from heart.
If you ask, "Which one is welcome?" [If you ask, "Is your worshipping way or his/her worshipping way more appropriate?"]
I say, "There is no separation [difference]."

My Allah's commands are welcome.

We chose walking as [our] purpose.
We took the fruit in hand,
We planted the sapling in the soil,
We gave abundant water, we made [it] grow in fertilizer.
Let it not be said, "What is meant by fertilizer?"
It is 'blossoming of the roses.'
In fertilizer, we passed our path,
We crossed the ladder, we arrived at flatness.
Laugh, rejoice. [? It is your rose, rejoice. ?]

One opens God-given share table to the guest.
The one who comes [as guest] adds God-given share to your God-given share.
[however,] Human who makes mistake thinks [like this]:
"The coming of the guest,
Him/her eating food at [my] home
Is 'the running out of our subsistence.'" [if the guest shares our food today, tomorrow we will not have enough food]
Unaware one!
To fall in doubt about the giving of my Allah
[is] What a big mistake.
Do not forget Whom the booty comes from.
Do not forget whom my Allah gives to.
It is said, "The guest's God-given share."
Of course.
Do not reduce the God-given share of the one who comes,
Do not say, "Let it [food] stay for tomorrow," so that
Tomorrow's God-given share is not reduced. [if you reduce the share of the guest, then God will reduce your share tomorrow too]
Do not count what he/she [the guest] eats, [to count the morsels==to look forward that he/she stops eating]
[on the contrary,] Say, "He/she ate, let there be no leftover,"
Let one not be economical.

"Ya Allah," he said,
Hazrat Ali came.
[he said:]
"I came from the path of my Allah,
I greeted all [of you]."
Water is necessary for saplings.
Air is hot, life is necessary,
You say to Darling, "Let me give life."
Life from you,
Darling from you,
You from me,
Me from you,
Are we separated [different]?
Are we different from HIS human?

The one who comes, the one who goes, he/she gets used to:
Your path [is] to me, to my Allah's path,
HIS human works for his/her Allah,

I said, "Ya Allah," I walked.
I took shelter in my Allah,
I did not feel any fear from human.

At the place where there is no fear,
There is strength.
At the place where there is strength,
Earth is narrow to [for the] evil [one].

Let your [spiritual] washer be soft,
[let your] Bed be hard;
No matter what, let your heart be brave. [make sure that your heart is brave]
If what you wish for is strength,
[then] Do not be scared of human,
Do not sell one life to [an] evil [one].

I am Mevlana.
I came.
My word is to the one who says,
"Is heaven easy?"
Of course.
It is enough to be my Allah's human.
[however,] Do not be mistaken:
In order to be my Allah's human,
It is necessary to turn to HIM;
My Allah's human is him/her.
I am prayerful for the one who denies that he/she is [HIS] human.
Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat AkĢiray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer ÷zel