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(The information on this page and the one about DNA and Electromagnetic Fields describe the following attributes/names of Allah: 11. al-Khaliq (The Creator/The Creator of the Universe); 13. al-Musawwir (The Absolute Designer/The Absolute Artist); 19. al-Alim (The All-Knowing/The Absolute Savant); 26. as-Sami (The Absolute Hearer/The All-Hearing); 27. al-Basir (The Absolute Seer/The All-Seeing); 31. al-Khabir (The All-Aware [of Everything]); 50. ash-Shaheed (The Witness [to Everything]); 69. al-Qadir (The All-Powerful/He Who is able to do Everything); 73. al-Awwal (The First/The Beginning-less); 74. al-Akhir (The Last/The Endless); 75. az-Zahir (The Manifest/The Evident/The Unhidden); 76. al-Batin (The Hidden/The Unmanifest); 84. Malik ul-Mulk (The Owner of all Property[/Matter]; 93. An-Nur (Shadowless Light); 97. al-Warith (The Heir/The Inheritor of All))

Scientific Evidence of Allah's LIGHT: Dark Energy

In the 20th century, humans obtained scientific evidence of Allah's Being. However, because previous religious beliefs fell short in interpreting the findings, HE was called as 'Dark Energy.' Today, thanks to The Teachings of Koran AND ONEness of HEARTs, we know that The Energy That controls the universe is in Reality, HIS LIGHT.

In order to understand how 'Dark Energy' is HIS LIGHT, it is sufficient to glance:

1. At the teachings of Koran and ONEness of HEARTs,

2. At what we know scientifically today.

1. In Koran, which was given to mankind in the 7th century, Allah talks directly according to the low level of comprehension of humans who have been living on earth until the 21st century. HE said/says The Reality in short and in essence:

However, HE did not give any details…

It is our thought that ONEness of HEARTs, which is described by the saints as the new one, was planned as 'the new spiritual guide' for humans whose scientific knowledge reaches the level of 21st century: many subjects that are mentioned in Koran in short and in essence are explained in detail.

Here are some of the teachings of ONEness of HEARTs that are relevant to the subject:

Those teachings tell us the following:

HIS LIGHT is light, however, because IT has no shadow, IT is different from the light that we can see. Our eye, which can only see ‘matter-light’ [i.e. HIS Particles], can not see HIS LIGHT; our eye is curtained from HIS LIGHT. What is visible to our earth eye is The Image That HE shows us.

Allah Who is The Creator and The Owner of the particles makes us see HIS Image as HE wishes. HE is in complete control of HIS Particles in every moment. For HIM to show us what HE wants is like saying, "BE!" to HIS Particles; would there be a shorter and more essential way than saying, “I am closer to you [human] than your jugular vein,” in order to point out that The Particles That we see as our body belong to HIM?

Allah makes HIS Particles act according to rules that can be expressed mathematically. HE allows humans to discover these rules; we call these rules as ‘science.’ Allah wants humans to learn this ‘matter-light science’ that HE designed/designs because thanks to it humans in the 21st century can, at last, know HIM even though we can not see HIM.

2. Here is how the 'matter-light science' demonstrates Allah's Existence:

ONEness of HEARTs tells us that Allah created/creates the matter by transforming some of HIS LIGHT into particles. HE is The Creator and The Owner of HIS Particles. HE is in complete control of HIS Particles in every moment. In other words, what ‘matter-light science’ calls as “Dark Energy/Dark Matter” is nothing but HIS LIGHT That we can not see, That we will see in the moment of migration from earth…

(The information on this page and the one about DNA and Electromagnetism complement one another)

© Sabahat Akþiray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Özel