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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 51

5 October 1971
(Berat Kandil [=Night of Pardon, the night between the 14th and the 15th days of the month Sha'ban.])

I am Mevlana.
Let it be blessed for all humans,
Let their lifetimes pass happily.

Our coming is not late,
Our saying is not difficult.
We all came,
We are prayerful for all of you.
The reason we are late
Is because we gave place to prayers. [we were praying]
All of us, we were prayerful for all of you.
All of us, we said, "Amen,"
You too, say, "Amen."
Let our hands be opened, [to open hand==to pray]
Let first, "Amen," be said for all [humans].
The one whom we say, "Amen," for is
Neither the poor one of the earth
Nor the worthless one of the human.
The ones whom we say, "Amen," for
Are the ones
Who are turned-away from my Allah,
Who are orphaned from my Allah,
Who are orphaned from human.
Is it trouble if you are orphaned from human?
The one who is orphaned from my Allah,
Whom does he/she lean on?
Of course, we will be prayerful for them.

Let my Allah forgive the one who turns away [who is turned-away].
Let my Allah give thought to the one
Who sees the world inversely.
If what you wish to happen is [an] earth situation, [about matter only]
Let my Allah give that too.
Let HIM not make us forget "Thank YOU," for the morsel that we eat,
Let HIM not make us fall in trouble that would make us forget.
We opened hand at the blessed night.
YOU created its cause my Allah,
Thank YOU.
Let HIM create cause for all the ones who are unable to open [hand].

All of us, we came, we have been prayerful,
We brought greetings from all of them.
Let prayers be read for all of HIS humans [let one pray for all humans]
Who came, who passed, who migrated. [the ones who came to earth, but passed without entering the caravansary where the saint is the boniface; the ones who came to earth, entered the caravansary where the saint is the boniface, matured spiritually, and migrated to their spiritual level] [in other words, pray for all humans]

We came with greeting,
All of us, we became One.
Air of the nest, [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
Breath of all humans became one.
One more step is taken toward [spiritual] maturity.

Help is from my Allah
To the one who can take,
To the one who can add one sip of deep love to his/her heart,
To the one who can overcome the difficulty without saying, "Late."
[in order to help,]
HE makes HIS human, cause [means, intermediary].
What a happiness for the ones
Who reach HIS favor,
Who take duty in HIS cause.

The rule does not change:
No question is asked about the suffering of the human.
[it should be known that]
Without reason, no bird flies,
No dry leaf is shed.

My Allah opened days of cause for HIS humans,
HE chose the months, the days.
If each human performs his/her duty,
[then human would be] Neither poor nor in pain.

You, loving the other one is [the fact that you love the other human is]
Not your superiority,
But your humanity.
What does my Allah take from his/her so much love,
From HIS darlings?
Then, there is only our deep love that we can give HIM.
The moment in which you withhold that,
Is there any of your humanity left?
Let us say, "We are Your human,
My Allah, let us return to YOU."
Let us open our hand, [to open hand==to pray]
Let us find YOU without any witness.
In order to give our love,
There is need neither for guarantor nor for witness.
To say the love for my Allah, openly [loudly],
[in other words,] To say [it] with [in the presence of] witness
Is to make it open, of course.
[to say] With guarantor, is 'to say by swearing.'

There is [a] saint of each human.
That saint, with the permission from my Allah,
Comes to HIS human as helper.
If ever human whom the saint helps
Makes [a] mistake,
His/her saint gets sad,
"I could not be useful," he/she says, he/she feels sorry.
If you have doubt that you receive help from your saint
Then be repentant,
Then wish to my Allah for the help of your saint.
I said before:
The ones who come, they come with permission from my Allah.
For the human who makes mistake, permission is suspended.
Of course, your saint saddens.
Let my Allah not suspend the permissions,
Let HIM not make you and us sad.

If 'to take-to give' were one [the same/equivalent],
If HIS each human was pir,
[then] Would there be any need to come to earth?

There is no mistake:
Our path [is] to serve your path.

Let my Allah give no crushing defeat.

Let our notebook be written,
Let it be rolled up when its day comes,
Let each coming one hug his/her beloved one [? ONE ?].

Do not make human, witness:
Wish your wish from heart.
Let my Allah pardon,
Let our wishes be from hearts.
Love is not put on the display,
It is not shown to all humans.

You, love as much as you can love,
As much as your little heart can take,
As much as it can wrap the universe.

Deep love that falls to the mouth, [deep love that you talk about]
Resembles the gum that is chewed.
It comes as beautiful to you,
[yet,] It bores the one who listens.

The sweet one of the word
Resembles the horseman of the human.
Sweet word carries like [a] horseman;
Bitter word, leaves [one] as pedestrian.

If you regret, [that is] beautiful.
However, if you fall in the same fault again, [if you make the same mistake again,]
Then you resemble the one who falls from the horse.
If you fall from the horse, do not blame the human,
Do not say, "You startled."
[instead,] Look for the fault in yourself.

Our word is like in the example of gold, [gold==spiritual meaning]
[our word is] Not tale for human.
What we say are good deeds
That will weigh heavily in human's [record] notebook.

When you take the oath into the mouth [when you swear],
Know that you show my Allah to human, as guarantor.

If my Allah's Being
Is taken as example of narrowness:
Who would give God-given share[s] of so many humans,
With which power would [humans] succeed to live?

If there was not One Creator,
If love created my Allah,
[then] This order that is set in the universe would not be seen,
[then] The place that stays empty, would not be filled,
[then] There would be collapse at each place that stayed empty.
Where is The Force that fills the space?

WHOM does the manifestation of the justice come from?
Each human would be born in one order,
Would migrate in the same order.
The only proof of The Being [Existence] of my Allah:
The fact that each creation
Has, of course, different destiny.
The one who tries to change [the destiny]
Falls in fault.
The one who falls in fault, takes his/her punishment.

When you wish to my Allah
From the bottom of your heart,
You reach HIS miracle.

Do never be mistaken,
Do not ask from human saying,
"Like that? Like this?"

I arrived in HIM,
I saw HIS Being.
I came to you from HIM.
Garib's writing is
Neither from you nor from me,
It is from my Allah.
Night's chat did not create my Allah,
My Allah created the night's chat.

You resemble the ones who slide on the ice.
All of us, we knew, we took shelter in HIM,
"Let us slide on the ice too," we said,
"Let us see the earth like that too," we said.

We look
Not at the outside appearance,
But at the heart.
We ignite heart with heart.

We knew our night as appropriate,
We considered [? respected ?] its good deed.
"When our [record] notebook is rolled up, [at the interrogation that takes place in the moment of migration to after earth life]
Let his/her good deeds weigh heavily," we said.

There is no bad one of the [our] chat.
'Share' is in earth merchandise,
Not in 'word about after earth life.'
The one who is faithful knows:
Each human comes as raw, cooks [is cooked], [then] returns.
The Meaning is for the ones
Who roll their [record] notebook with HAK's word.

Of course there is good news of the night.
Universe spins for this night.
Look at the name of the night: Kadir. [kadir=powerful, mighty]
It is the night at which,
All of HIS creations get their God-given shares
From my Allah's Charisma.

My Allah is so Lofty that
If your scale is balanced,
HE records [only] your good deed.
If you say, "Let my good deed[s] be a lot,"
Try to love from heart,
Keep away from breaking heart
[so that you] Do not block your path with pieces of [broken] heart.

What are good deeds useful for?
They help in the arrival of the human,
They exalt.

Let your question, be the question of the night,
Let the rule not change.
I said before,
There are various prayers:
You are prayerful for the ones who migrate [to after earth life],
You beg HIS pardon for your faults.
If you pray for the fault to be erased from your [record] notebook,
Then you mislead yourself.
[on the other hand,]
If you beg HIS pardon from the bottom of your heart,
If you keep away from its repetition,
[then] Of course, it is forgiven.
HIS forgiveness is the biggest attribute of my Allah.

We take to the orbit
Not with our word,
But with our Essence.

It is irrelevant to measure 'hearts with deep love.'
There are so many
Not wasted, young hearts. [there are so many hearts that have not wasted their God-given Light, however, they are still young on their earth life...[they will spiritually mature eventually...]]

Is there any one that the leaf gives,
That it separates as fresh and old?
Leaf is the lung of the tree.
I did not say, "Its defect."
Each leaf that becomes leaf of our tree, [our tree==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation; leaf==human]
Sees the same fertility [enlightenment], the same love in the universe.
It is given according to his/her [spiritual] place,
HIS each human is loved
Even though he/she does not know to love.
I did not say, "If he/she does not love."
We are among the ones who know to love,
[we are among the ones] Who give to the one who wishes.

If it was in my hand, I would enter among you with body. [if it was in my hand, I would join you in body]
I told you before:
I came as Essence,
Let the one who takes, [take] in Essence too.

First knowing,
Then seeing.
Love [is already] present.

If you say, "Say what is going to happen,"
It is in the permission of my Allah. [it depends on the permission of my Allah]
Will human
Know my Allah,
Believe in my coming
If he/she gets [an] answer?

Our belief is together. [your belief and ours are together]

When [the event] it comes, it is seen that he/she conforms [to it],
[yet] The cause of what will happen, is asked [about].
If the door of what will happen, is opened,
Then there is no need for you to put the foot [on the door edge].

Your prayer is given: [this is how you should pray:]
"My Allah,
I take shelter in YOU from committing sin.
Keep me away
From all kinds of sins.
Prevent me from breaking heart.

Tonight is earth human's
Begging pardon night.
Not the prayer of [for] the migrating one,
But the [record] notebook of the migrating one. [tonight you pray for the pardon of your own sins...]

[here is another example of prayer:]
"My Allah Who is our Owner,
I referred [transferred/submitted] my body that YOU created
I referred [transferred/submitted] my body and my life
My life from all kinds of evil,
My body from all kinds of sweat."
Where [when] does the sweat occur?
When load is given to the body.

Let the sins of all of us who came, who passed
Be pardoned.

Let the one who knows HIS path be together with the one does not know.
Let the one who knows, show the one who does not know.
The one who comes [on HIS path] and the one who does not come
Are of course not one [similar].

Difficulty is not overcome by saying, "My Allah pardons."
One should think
Not about the one who passed,
But about the one who will come.
If the bridge of the path that you passed collapses,
Do you think [about it]?
Think of the one who comes [behind you] too.
Each human passes over his/her own bridge of course.
The collapse of the coming one is difficult.
If you wish for goodness, then you are prayerful.
If you fall in doubt [if you doubt], it is not appropriate.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

8 October 1971

I am Mevlana.
Let us distinguish between hal and path.
Let us know that
Hal is from my Allah,
Path [is] from HIS human.
Hal comes from my Allah,
What do we say [about it]?
Let us hold light for the one who wishes for [HIS] path.

The one who asks from the path, takes light,
The one who asks from hal, holds spoon.
Your spoon takes from your food [to your mouth]
Whatever your God-given share is.

When his/her head hurts,
Human wraps his/her head.

There is
Neither worry of the future,
Nor questioning of what will happen:
One does not say, "Why is it so, my Allah?"

Even if it is said,
"What I will say [is]: let it be convenient,
Let it come from the saint,"
It is
Not the one that conforms to the intention,
But the one that is written as God-given share.
The one that is written as God-given share
Is only the one that comes to human as good deed.

If you say, "What is the fruit that is eaten?"
It is the companion of the the food
At the entrance of the stomach.

You prepare the yeast with the intention to [make] the dough,
You give shape to the dough with your hand.
If you want, you add salt,
If you want, [you add] sugar.
The meaning is not from the tongue, but from heart.
You listen to the song,
You laugh for some of them,
You cry for some some of them,
You get excited for some of them...

In the name of my Allah,
I tasted the one who gives.

Where did I come from,
Where did I stay,
Where did I arrive in?
I questioned each coming one,
"Feverish world," I said.
Earth grindstone spins, [the grindstone that is called earth, spins,]
It spins each one who conforms. [the one who conforms to events spins with the grindstone; the one who does not conform is ground [crushed into bits]...]
If The One Whom human leans on, is Allah,
He/she stays out of the grindstone that spins.

It is irrelevant to conform to each one who turns away [who is turned-away].

It is insufficient to look at each one [event] that comes.

There is no donkey without saddle.
Is it because of its suffering?
[it is] Because of its creation,
Because of it, taking its place on earth.
Each creation sits at its place on earth according
Either to his/her/its temperament or to his/her/its body power.
You can not stay out of the rule,
You can not say, "Let me conform."
For that [reason],
Let us say, "Each one that happens is from my Allah,"
Let us get free of it with patience.

Patience is like the sun.
The sun that ripens the fruit
Is equal to the patience of the human.
If human's patience is a lot,
"It [? He/she ?] is equivalent to the sun," I say.

I am on the path of my Owner,
I have been in deep love with What HE gave/gives
Since the day when I [first] saw.
I love what HE gives, because of The Giver.
[in order] To find my path, I conform on earth.

'After earth life' belongs to each one
Who wishes [for it],
Who knows HIS path,
Who says, "Let us go."
To arrive in The Creator belongs to the one
Who is in deep love with HIM.

Let hearts
As well as the eyes that look closely at the path
Be close [to one another],
Let the ones who wish to look,
Give hand in hand,
Let them say, "Let us go all together,"
So that they find my Allah.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

8 October 1971

I am Mevlana.
I took the nice chat,
"The one who conforms as well as one who does not conform
[they] Mature [spiritually]," I said.
[? "There are some who conform as well as some who do not conform," I said. ?]

The coming of the word is not [may not be] one [same]
As the vision of the human.
Even if human says, "I solved the world,"
Let the one who can not solve him/herself
Forget about [solving] the world.
Human can not even solve him/herself so that
Which part of the world does he/she solve?

We conformed to the coming of Friday, from Thursday,
We heard each event from heart.
"What a happiness for the one who owns,
[what a happiness] For the one whose heart is filled," we said.

If each human was pir,
If each heart was Light,
Then what need would there be for the prophet, for the saint?

One should conform
Without looking for cause,
Without asking, "Why/what?"
Human should not ask saying,
"What is my test on earth?"

There is no mistake in wanting,
It is not known what my Allah will give.

Prayer is not copied:
It is performed as it comes from heart.
Only such [a] prayer is welcomed by my Allah.

There is no relationship between 'being said' and 'trying.'

One does not get out of the rule that is given.
Even though pleading is [performed] as wished,
One does not get out of its essential.
Worship is performed
With all organs of the body.

It is found
Not by supposing,
But by asking [God].

Is the place
Of the one who takes soft path,
Of the one who conforms by being remembered [who is remembered for his/her good deeds/love]
The earth?

If you do not prune the grapevine,
Its sprout comes weakly.
In order to write with the pencil,
It is necessary to shave its end. [it is necessary to sharpen it]

We wish not for lower, but for higher;
We do not take the eye away from the sky.

If you take the bee in hand, [if you consider the bee:]
If you give its honey to tongue,
[then] You forget [about] the sting of the bee,
You know [about] its [? HIS ?] giving.

Let my Allah be pleased with all of you.

'One does not mature [spiritually]' does not occur, [one matures spiritually]
No space [emptiness] stays on earth.
Earth word is irrelevant, [let alone earth,]
No space [emptiness] stays in the universe.

As it is said:
Dry leaf, [is] for the root,
Dry branch, [is] for the stove.

WHAT my Allah gives,
HIS real human sees,
Allah is The One Whom he/she loves.
Your love is not irrelevant, [because]
Universe does not spin for the one who does not love.
The one who does not love, does not see WHAT is given.
The one who does not see, of course,
Does not become my Allah's real human.

It is given not with number but with wool ball,
The ownership is passed to human.
Human unties as he/she wishes,
He/she walks around on earth like that.
'After earth life' is for the one
Who wishes [for it],
Who loves my Allah,
Who sees WHAT my Allah gives while [he/she is] on earth.
Let us see, let us love.
Let us graft our love with love.
Be entrusted to my Allah.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel