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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 52

10 October 1971

I am Mevlana.
I saw nicely. [I am welcomed]

Let you take from the health,
Let you know in good health,
Let you see with effort,
Let you solve with amazement.

Let you liken the earth
Not to tangled skein,
But to spinning grindstone.

Let you separate the [spiritually] mature one from the immature one.

Let you favor all [humans] over yourself.
Of course, all [humans] exist with the individual.
If all [humans] are happy,
You are happy too.

If you see the leaf on the tree as single,
You stay in amazement; [you are amazed]
Even though the tree is not yours,
You are deprived of your eye pleasure.
For that [reason], even if it is not yours,
Give water to the tree that you see so that
Your eye as well as your heart are pleased.

I did not see anyone who is not from me,
I did not hear anyone who does not say, "From my Allah."
Because I did not give measure to human [I did not judge human]
From view. [based on his/her outside appearance]

If you look at the watch, you know the time;
Time is that time.
You can not see the time that will come. [you can not see the future]
Neither does the watch nor the time stop.

If your prayers come true, it is the one that happens;
The one that happens, is the one that is written.
If you prayed,
Let you know that it is your God-given share:
[because] My Allah does not make
The prayer for what will not come true
God-given share.

If you do not get out of the measure of the prayer,
Then there is no doubt about
The prayer that is made from the bottom of the heart.
The prayer
About taking and giving,
About what comes to your spoon
Is as much as one's God-given share.

Of course there is relevance of the prayer. [there is appropriate and not appropriate prayer]
The writing [the destiny] that does not change
Is in the foundation of the plan.
Turning of human to his/her Allah,
Begging pardon for one's mistake,
Are they not within acceptance? [prayers in these directions conform to the foundation of the plan, and are within the scope of acceptance]
[however,] The prayers that are outside of the foundation,
[are the ones that are] Harmful to the foundation of all humans.

[the following verses are thought to be about Mevlana explaining about his own chats; if someone claims to receive messages from spirits, here is how one should act]
There is importance
Not of the identity,
But of the one that is given.
If it makes you fall in doubt, [if it makes you doubtful]
Stay away from him/her.
If he/she says, "In the name of my Allah,"
Take as he/she says, [then listen to what he/she says]
Welcome his/her coming.
[however,] Measure with your logic
His/her going as well as his/her saying. [evaluate logically his/her behavior as well as what he/she says]
At the place where there is no logic,
Leave the pen. [keep yourself away from that person]

Mevlana goes
Not to the place that he wishes [to go],
But to the place for which he has permission [to go].
If it is asked to Mevlana, [if the decision was up to Mevlana]
He wraps [would wrap] the universe.

According to relevance, human's current
May be superior to the sun.
Of course,
Human was not created for the sun,
Yet, the sun was created for human.

Face of the sky that you call, "All blue,"
Tells you from the beauty,
Yet, it gives to your blueness.
It is not [like a] ceiling so that it is painted.
It appears to your eye like that.
If each human does not see similarly,
World's order is [would be] disrupted.

I told before, the one who is faithful knows:
If ever I asked for the cause like
I ask for HIS path,
Then I would consider 'to work to reach the value that is on earth'
As irrelevant.
When you say,
"What are those that happen,
Who are those who come,
How are the migrants?",
Then you take the earth on your back [as load].

It is said,
"Let there be neither small nor big one of the stone
That is put on the grave
So that human does not get any load on doomsday."
Human takes as load neither the stone nor the soil:
He/she only takes
The load that he/she made his/her soul appropriate [while he/she was] on earth; [the load [sins] that he/she loaded on his/her soul]
On doomsday, that [load] makes him/her walk slowly.
Earth merchandise stays on earth.
The One Who gives what there is [on earth], is of course my Allah.
If you did not grab someone else's share, [if you have not been unjust]
If you shed forehead sweat, [if you worked honestly]
Why would he/she [you] get load?

Let one not count what my Allah gives. [do not compare God-given shares]

The one that is haram, is the one that is written [in the record notebook] as haram .

Mevlana said about Koran, "My path,"
He took it as light for his [? HIS ?] path,
He accepted what it [Koran] says as record, without getting out of its letter, [he conformed to Koran, letter by letter]
He took [what it said], saying, "[my] Binding religious duty."

As long as the building stands, its duty [tax] is given [paid].
The duty of the building is considered as 'zekat' too. [zekat=1. Distribution of one fortieth of one's income as alms (one of the five pillars of the Islamic faith). 2. The one fortieth of one's income distributed as alms.]
The one who avoids the duty, [the one who evades his/her property's tax]
Is the one who gives his/her zekat as incomplete.
Of course it is zekat.

The place [? relevance ?] of the oath, is the basis of the promise; [when you make a promise, take it seriously as if you took an oath...]
[similar to how]
The place of the ship, [is] in the harbor.

At the place where there is logic, doubt is erased.

Why do you build the wall?
Not to be away from the earth,
But [in order] to find your place.

My Allah does not deprive HIS human
Of the value of the day,
As long as human knows [about] the value of the day.

We are on the path of the Koran.

Each one that my Allah gives,
Each one that my Allah makes God-given share for HIS human
Is away from haram.
You eat the date [fruit] saying, "Helal,"
If you picked [it] from your own tree.
Date [fruit] that you picked from the tree of the neighbor is haram .

If my Allah gave grapevine,
Its fruit is not haram.
If you take each one that is given, moderately,
Then you do not reach out to haram. [then you do not commit sin]
Everything that is excessive, is haram,
Even food.

Do not deny [a] generation [of humans] by looking at the outer appearance.

The one who finds The Meaning
Passes [his/her lifetime on] earth in peace. [he/she lives on earth in peace]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

11 October 1971

I am Mevlana.
Earth is human's.

My Allah is with the one
Who knows the path of the after earth life.
[let it not be misunderstood:]
My Allah is with HIS each human.
Yet only if human knows [The Meaning],
If he/she does not say, "I am in the space [emptiness],"
Then he/she is with his/her Allah.
Let us be [one] of HIS humans who know,
Let us know that the earth is temporary.

We come to earth to find our place [in after earth life].
In order to find your place,
It is necessary to know the space,
[it is necessary] To sit on the rule. [it is necessary to obey the rule [to conform to events]]
[however,] If you know HIS Earth yet you do not find the rule,
[then] You turn your path. [you become turned-away]

Let it not be said, "Is it not right?"
The one that is right is the one who comes to earth,
Not the one who erases the earth.
The One Who created the earth is my Allah too,
[so,] Why do you erase [it]?
Yet, let us know The Creator,
Let us burn with HIS deep love,
Let us challenge the sun [in burning].
Sun's fire is external, we see.
What can we measure human's [heart] fire with?

We look out for the appropriateness of the chat
Through heart,
We chat heart to heart with all humans.
We engrave the relevance of the day, in hearts.
We said, "Ya Allah," [ya= O ...!/Oh ...! (used to show strong emotion, especially exasperation)]
We connected our word to all [humans].
Whichever river one may be on, [one may be on any river]
As long as one arrives in the same ocean. [ocean==God]

"Let us stay away from sorrow,
Let us win heart with hearts,"
Says our Resul. [Resul=God's Representative, Prophet Mohammad]

It is the giving of my Allah,
It is "HIM seeing HIS human."
HE does not leave HIS human's rightful due
To HIS [other] human.
HE does not make any one of HIS human[s]
Load on HIS other human. [HE does not let any of HIS humans be a load on HIS other human]
HE gives to the one who says, "He/she became load [on me]," [to the one who complains, saying that another human is load on him/her]
Heavier load,
HE makes him/her turn to HIMSELF
Saying, "My Allah." [by making him/her say, "My Allah."]
[for that reason,]
Let us not complain about the load,
Let us not be loaded with heavy load.

We became ready,
We said, "Eyvallah," to what came from my Resul. [Resul=HIS Representative, Prophet Mohammad]
We greeted in front of the Sultan of Hearts.
Let his greeting, intercession be for all [humans].
Let his shadow not be absent from above us [let us always be in his shade]
On earth as well as in after earth life.

Let one not laugh at the state of the earth,
Let one not say, "Where does it go?"
Earth is the same earth,
What change, are the events.
Wool balls are the same wool ball[s]:
While winding [the wool ball, initially], it comes to the hand as small,
Gradually it gets bigger and bigger.
The wool ball that slips from the hand, breaks loose.
The events [that take place] on the day, are like that too:
Similar to the wool ball that slips from the hand.
Attention is necessary so that no knot forms.
On [to]day it is said,
"Why does the wool ball form,
Let it all stay in hand?" [today human wishes that the wool ball is not wound; then how would human take the test on earth, earn his/her spiritual degree?]

Earth: watching it from the space occurs nicely.

One thinks of easiness in life.
[however,] Each human perceives easiness
According to his/her bodily constitution.
For some of them, as it is said: mechanization.
For some others, it is to move away from all kinds of machines...
[yet,] The outcome is again the same:
Neither that nor this one can reach the outcome,
[neither that nor this one] Can untie the knot of the earth.
What makes one reach [God] is
Not the value of his/her place, [? Not the value of HIS earth, ?]
But the value of his/her Essence.

The one who says, "Is this the earth?"
Is the one who closes the window.
If you visualize earth
While thinking of the other world [of after earth life],
Then you can not have enough of its beauty.
Then, you become the [spiritually] mature one that comes to hand. [come to hand==when fruit ripens, when it becomes tasteful, it is taken in the hand to be eaten; analogy with spiritually mature human...]

HE is Life, Close Friend, Darling Life...
If you ask about the one who is in deep love, to the one who is in deep love,
You smell the scent of the rose.

We said, "Ya Allah," [ya= O ...!/Oh ...! (used to show strong emotion, especially exasperation)]
We opened our door with eye that sees.
If you say, "The one who opens our door, [or] the one who makes our door be opened?"
"The One Who gives permission to the one who makes it be opened," I say.

Is cane not necessary
For the one whose earth eye does not see?
Is mursheed not necessary
For the one who wishes for path to after earth life?

We will come from the earth, we will go to the ocean. [ocean==God]
We will see every path,
We will see and we will know.
What is meant by knowing: we will reach The One That is aimed.

We are hand in hand, let you know.
Heart[s form a] chain, let you hear [? feel ?].
Let you see through the window that is open.

Nevertheless, even though path is necessary for after earth life,
In order to arrive at the place that it is wished [for],
Deep love is necessary.
At the place where there is no deep love, what do I do with [its] practice?

It is neither that path nor this path,
End of the path is the same for each path.
Each path is bright, like in the example of mirror,

If you take The Giver as HE gives,
If you know HIS saint as [spiritually] mature,
Then when the rose sapling gives rose,
You can not have enough of its beauty.
When the day of the rose passes, [if you miss the opportunity to understand The Meaning]
You can not recognize HIS rose.
Let you know the rose like the rose,
Let you believe not in its manyness, but in Its Oneness.
It is The only One.
Is rose garden yours,
Rose grain ours?
Rose garden is God's,
Rose grain is all humans'.
Let all of us be One,
Let us know our rose,
Let us love the roses of HIS rose:
"Ehl-i Beyt." [Ehl-i Beyt=the ones who were close to Prophet Mohammad when he was on earth in body]

He/she/HE is The One Whom you think about
Since you knew the carved design,
Since you took your place.
HE is The One Whom he/she remembers
Since the day when he/she took from the wine,
[since the day] When he/she got drunk [with joy],
[since the day] When he/she fell in deep love.

Hazrat Ali says:
"They do not get out of hearts,
They do not fall from tongues, [they are always talked about]
They do not give up HIS path..."

The one who holds the carved design to his/her face knows,
He/she sees him/herself.
You, if you found yourself,
Do not ask from me.
You, if you knew yourself,
Do not lose consciousness,
Do not be drunk,
Do not get exhausted.
Do not say, "Maybe,"
Do not fall in doubt. [do not doubt]

The path that you look for is not from silver. [silver==matter; gold==spiritual meaning]
You looked for the golden path,
The one who looks for, finds.

Which one is human's:
Earth or cuff?
What he/she takes is
Neither from the cuff nor from the earth,
But from the heart.
What he/she spreads out, is from The Giver,
What he/she puts on the display, is from his/her deep love.
What he/she will take from me, is greeting from my Allah,
[and] Two pairs of kelam. [kelam=1. utterance, remark. 2. Islamic theology. 3. the Koran.]

He/she planted the grapevine, he/she took [good] care of the grape:
Let one say no word about the yield. [let one not talk/speculate about the yield]
[because] Yield's poorness, [or] abundance is due
Neither to him/her nor to the one who waits,
But to the God-given share that you will take.
For that [reason], let one not feel sad,
Let one not fall in worry. [let him/her not worry]

The one who comes [to earth] and the one who arrives [in after earth life] come together of course;
Is the obstacle, the body that is in between?

Burn with deep love,
[hearts] Put lanterns at the end of the path.
When lantern is seen,
When, "It is the end of the path," is said,
Let our utterance end, saying,
"Allah! Allah! Allah!"
Let all of you arrive at the door
In the light of the lantern
So that the door opens with [thanks to] its light.
At the door that opens, our [heart] eye is dazzled:
Let HIS each human get LIGHT from HIS LIGHT.
Let my Allah give HIS each human
Milky Way as God-given share.

The reach of the bright day is one's arrival at the mountain that was on the horizon, [at the end of the bright day one reaches the mountain that was thought of as unreachable]
[The reach of the bright day] Is him/her seeing the purpleness.

Human creates the mystery of the purple color
It is kept as example of the deep love for Allah.
Purple is the one of the lofty mountains
That is seen as unreachable.
[yet,] It is reached step by step.

You, [just] wish [for HIM], HE finds you;
Similar to how we found Garib.
What is taken with hearts, is spent with heart.
Each one who wishes, finds the mursheed whom he/she wishes for,
If [ever] his/her heart path conforms.
If your heart path conforms, you go,
If it does not conform, you seek.
To conform to the mursheed
Is to stay without doubt.
If you have doubt, do not stop, walk.

If you doubt,
How do you take lesson?
Did you forget Yunus who left his place?
Did you forget about his going [moving]
From Hadji Bektas Veli to Taptuk?
Far before, Bektas Veli called, [initially Bektas Veli had called]
[yet,] Yunus was doubtful.
[however,] He conformed to Taptuk's call, without doubt.

There is no rust in heart.
Heart that is of gold, does not get rusted. [silver==matter; gold==spiritual meaning]
Purity of heart
Does not give smoke to human.

Human who sits at his/her place
Is not scared of the wind.

Hazrat Ali says:
Did I not say, "They are the roses of our rose"?
The force that you take, is with him.
Hikmet that you solve, is with him.
One comes to the path [by walking] step by step,
It is solved while walking.

Why is the patience necessary?
When there is no patience,
Is patience not recommended for human?

Is mixed with water,
Dough is made,
Is kneaded with hand,
Is put in the oven,
Is then eaten.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

11 October 1971

I am Mevlana.
Human saddens for human,
"His/her destiny is short," is said.
If he/she knows that he/she is wrong,
He/she would beat him/herself up all life long.
Human can not know human's destiny,
Nobody can give measure to anybody.

One can not doubt my Allah's justice.

Each one who comes [to earth], is one [equal]
As well as the one who knows to arrive.
All [are] one.
If you can return as you came [to earth], [if you can return without wasting the God-given Light that you had at birth time]
What a happiness for you.
If you can love as you see,
What a happiness for you.

My coming is open, I made my name known.
I am together [with you] until the migration [time].
I said at the coming: [I said before]
What I present is HAK's path, without smoke.

The branches of the tree do not occur without shadow.
Stove does not burn without wood.
Chimney does not occur without smoke.
Yet, you make the chimney so that
It does not give smoke to the home. [so that there is no smoke at home]

I gave [you]
Not what I heard
But what I know.
I found what I said when I was mortal
As weak at my coming [to after earth life]. [when I migrated to after earth life, I realized that what I knew as mortal was very little when compared to The Reality...]

I did not turn back since I came,
And I always showed tomorrow to HIS human.
Because my Allah covered the top of the past day with lid:
HE added the night to the day.
How do I open the one that my Allah covered?

I run away from the one that is lie.

We came from the water,
We reached HIS LIGHT.
We did not look for cause.
We said, "HE created,"
We saw as it is said.
We loved as we saw.
While loving, we matured [spiritually],
While maturing [spiritually], we arrived [in HIM].

My coming [to earth in body] was one [once],
My return [to after earth life] [is] like that [too].
Mevlana was said, he was exalted.
Let it not be forgotten:
Mevlana was also one of my Allah's humans.
There is no, "Who are you-who am I?" [do not underestimate yourself by comparing yourself to me]
Loftiness does not enter between us.
HIS each human is one [equal],
Each one who comes [to earth] is offspring of Adem [Adam],
[he/she is] Human of my Allah.

To each one who comes [to earth], the coming is once.
There is mistake, there is no lie.
"I come again," is said,
One prepares [him/herself] for the coming [to earth in body again].
There is human, "I can see better than that," he/she says,
He/she dreams of that path.
Coming to earth [in body] is one [once],
Return [to after earth life] is one [once].
It can not be otherwise.
One spirit can not enter two bodies.
Second time coming does never occur.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel