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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 50

27 September 1971

I am Mevlana.
We all became one in the name of Allah
Like in the example of [a] roe.
The ones who come, the ones who remember,
The ones who conform to our deep love of [for] Allah,
The ones who feel the [burning] oil lamp in their hearts.

The place where we come to
Is the place
Where the sand and the ocean embrace one another, [ocean==God]
Where the one who is on the sand, falls in deep love saying,
"Let me dive into the ocean."
In other words,
With the ones who remember with deep love saying, "Allah,"
We embraced one another.

God-given share of my Allah is very abundant,
[yet,] It is not known where it will come from.
My Allah opens the door of good deed
Even for the one who does not worship so that
He/she covers the missing worship. [so that he/she makes up for the worship that is missed]

Voila, two small proofs
Of my Allah's Bigness:
[The Giving of my Allah:]
It does not end by the taking [of the human],
It is not used up by the giving [of the human].

The one whom you remember [? The One Whom you remember ?]
Does not stay away from you.

If fire becomes ember, it is not covered with ash in the heart.
Let you be at ease.
Ask about the fire, the one that is bellows. [ask the bellows about the fire]
My Allah does not ignite your fire,
Fire is your property.
The one who ignites your fire is your saint.
What makes you find your saint, is your path.
What makes you find your path, is your heart.
What connects your heart to your path, is your deep love.
All of them become chain,
They keep on turning within the same circle.
Let my Allah be pleased with all of you.

Deep love occurs in heart,
Chat [occurs] in tongue.

My Allah opens door of good deed to HIS human,
Yet, if that human passes through that door...

The one who is monk [priest],
The one who enters within four walls, [the one who encloses him/herself within four walls]
The one who erases earth from his/her eye, [the one who gives up earthly pleasures]
Are they saint humans of my Allah?

At the place where the sand is,
Rain falls as well as wind blows.
It takes the sand from its place,
Gives [it] to another direction.
In the direction that it goes,
Is the sand unnecessary?
Of course not.
What HE gives,
My Allah gives [it] of course for [a] reason.
What is given, is the one that fills the space.
The space that occurs at one place
Is balanced with [an] increase that occurs at another place.

Beauty is not the cause of your deep love,
But your deep love is the cause for beauty.
One does not fall in love because [the other] one is beautiful,
One is seen as beautiful, because [the other] one is in love.
What it means is:
It [love] shows everything as beautiful.
Do not say, "Is it[/he/she] ugly?"
Of course it[/he/she] is very beautiful.
However, the one
Whose eye is covered,
Whose heart is closed,
Where would he/she see, [and] what [would he/she see]?

I gave [the meaning of] the sand with word[s]:
Sand is the path
That takes to my Allah,
That makes all humans, one.
I told already:
Sand and ocean come together. [ocean==God]
The ones who long for the ocean,
Wait on its shore.
Exceptional humans are the ones who,
Similar to the captain of [a] ship on the ocean,
Show humans who wish, around [the ocean],
Without diving into the Ocean.

My Allah sends guide to the one
Who looks for HIS path.
The guide who is sent, is,
Either saint,
Or HIS human,
Or her arm, [? Or his [Mevlana's] arm, ?]
Like Garib. [Hazrat Mevlana used to write the chats using Garib's arm/hand]
To read [is] from human, [human reads what we teach]
To walk [is] from the saint, [to guide is from us/the saint]
To take from the arm.

Take what you wish for, to choose is in you [the choice is yours].
[however,] If you wish to my Allah
For the choice of what HE will give,
HE gives the most beautiful one.
[on the other hand, instead of wishing to Allah,]
If you put yourself to seek, [if you seek on your own]
Then you first take from human.

Does the moon get offended and go [away]
When you do not watch the moonlight?

What you wish to happen,
What you say about, "Let my Allah make [it] heard,"
Is of course made heard when its day comes.

My Allah brings your God-given share in front of you
With [on] [a] tray.

Blue is the one
That HE gives to the sea,
That HE shows nicely to HIS human's eye.
Is there color of the sea?
Is there color of the sky?
Therefore, The One That exists is The One That is visible to the eye.

The one that gives honey, is it the bee, [or] the flower?
My Allah [gives] to the flower,
The flower [gives] to the bee,
The bee [gives] to human.

The one that you do not withhold from all [humans], leads to abundance.
The one that you withhold, [leads] to narrowness [scarcity].
To the place of the one that you give with glass, it comes [back] with jug,
[this happens however,] If you do not say, "It lessens."
Human whose giving is equivalent to his/her vision,
Finds his/her filling. [what he/she gives, is given back to him/her...]

If day's meal
Was equivalent to sand's path,
Then human would every day eat what he/she loves.
However, every day's meal is different,
It gives human different nutriment.
Day's chat has been like that too:
Summary of the past days were given to tongue [expressed].
Like in the example of swaddling cloth,
One edge is folded toward inside.
I did not say, "Like in the example of bundle."
Bundle's four edges are tied together,
And what happens then?
It is put in trunk.
[whereas] Swaddling cloth walks around in hand[s],
As much as it grows, human is revealed.
[each one of our chats is like a baby in a swaddling cloth:]
When one swaddling cloth grows up,
When it descends from hand to hand,
New one comes to hand.

Does the baby in swaddling cloth not carry [have] spirit?
Is there death in spirit? [does the spirit die?]
[of course not!]
If so, there is no death for our chat either.
Chat: it grows up, it develops,
It gains meaning. [its meaning is understood]
Each subject is [like] one swaddling cloth.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

28 September 1971

I am Mevlana.
When peace is acquired,
When its ownership is claimed by the body,
Then the beauty of the earth is seen.

At the home of which you opened its roof,
You look upwards,
You try to cover [it],
In order to protect the home from the one that comes.

The one who takes HIS [spiritual] water, has no fear of [from] human,
[because] It is known that the one that comes, is not from human. [the one who is spiritually mature, is not scared of human because he/she knows that everything [either good or evil] comes not from human, but The Creator]
When you see that the fault is not in human,
Then you stay away from evil.

Our theme is
For human,
For human's path.

To put lid onto the one that passed [on past events]
Should be the duty of each human.

If your wish does not come true,
Do not say, "My bad destiny!"
If you know the one that did not happen, as good deed, [if you know that it did not come true for your good],
Then you find peace.

My Allah always protects HIS human.
HE gives one knot to the front of HIS human, [HE puts a knot in front of him/her]
[HIS human] While trying to untie [it],
He/she forgets [about] him/herself.
When human sees the knot in front of him/herself,
"Bad luck!" he/she says;
He/she does not know that it is good deed for him/her.

At the place where there is peace,
Earth is seen as paradise.
At the place where there is war,
Hell is lived.

Does one say, "Soft," because of his/her temperament,
[or] Because of his/her path?
If temperament is not soft, path is not found.
Why is the path of the saints, soft,
[and] Is tied to Milky Way?
Because saints pass their test
Without interrogation too, that is why.
They do not say, "Why?" to [about] any event,
They do not question HIS hikmet;
Because of that the interrogation door is not opened to them. [interrogation that takes place in the moment of migration from earth to after earth life...]

I gave the purple [color], "I love," I said,
Until the blue.
Between purple and blue
There are all colors.

Let it be known that
Each one that is given to the human of meydan,
Should be cause for thanking Allah.

Hayyam says,
"Let me drink the wine
Until I forget the earth,
[until] I look at the universe,
Let me lose my consciousness..."
Is it not the fact that
I present the wine that you wish?
Is it not known that
Each one that is given
Is given by the command of my Allah?
Is it not said,
"From my Allah
Everything [is] with moderation."? [? Everything according to HIS decision."? ?]
We give as much as it is moderate,
Every time we increase [by] one sip.

My Allah gives each creation
As much load as his/her/its power [is];
HE does not give [a] load that he/she/it can not carry.
Let me be crushed under the load that my Allah gives,
Let me know that I die for YOU.
I was thirsty to die for YOU
Since my earth day.
I reached the deepest location of the ocean, [ocean==God]
Even then, I found [it] as insufficient.
Thank YOU that I arrived in YOU.
I came as helper to the ones who wish to reach [YOU].
Make turn [to Your path] all the ones who do not conform,
Let them be wrapped in Your deep love, [make them fall in Your deep love]
Let them be wrapped so that our peace is even bigger,
So that on doomsday, our neck is not bent [we do not feel sad].

Do not say,
"You arrived [in HIM] already, what more do you still wish for?"
I already said,
"My deep love wraps [covers] the universe."
With the ones whose necks are bent, [with the ones who are sorry, i.e. for the ones who failed/fail their test on earth]
My deep love stays without wing too. [I feel sorry]
[because] My deep love is for HIM as well as for HIS creations too.
I, who reached this love
While being not even [a] point in the universe,
Your Creator, which one of HIS creations does HE give up?

The bird sound that I heard at dawn,
I did not hear [it] at sunset.
The same bird did not give the same sound.
It opens the day by saying, "Selam [peace/greeting]."
When singing in the evening, it looks at its faded color,
It says, "Be ready for the bright day."

Neither is the black of the night, ugly
Nor is the old one of the human.
Of course not [ugly] for the one
Who knows [how] to see,
Who reads human's history.
Because each human records a history on earth,
Gives example to the human who comes,
Gives him/her the right to choose path,
Each human takes according to his/her bodily constitution...

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

29 September 1971

I am Mevlana.
In order to be victorious,
It is compulsory that you rely
Not on yourself,
But on your Allah.
Even if you are defeated,
It is compulsory that you conform to
The one that is right [just].
When you are defeated,
You will conform to the one who is the winner.
You will say, "Eyvallah," to what he/she says.

To open his/her eye towards the meydan
Is not within the power of each human.
To open his/her eye in the meydan
Is the favor of Allah.

The one who puts out to sea, [the one who sails away from the land]
Is the one who says, "Let me pass to the other side." [is the one who wants to reach the other side]
[however, this is only possible]
If you find [HIS] path, if you take God-given share,
If you wish to pass from the bottom of the heart.

The one who ignites the stove, says,
"Let me cook food, let me warm body."
[yet] If he/she touches with hand, he/she burns.
To his/her human who exceeds his/her moderate limit,
My Allah shows his/her loss.
Tie each event to sweet so that
So that you take its taste,
So that you come out to the day brightly.

If you say, "Ya God-given share!", [ya= O ...!/Oh ...! (used to show strong emotion, especially exasperation)]
[and] If you throw the fishing line into the sea,
Do not belittle the one that comes...

It is purple saying word to green.
They are all colors decorating the earth.
I consulted Numan about the blue.
"The leading edge of the colors," he said,
He spread all colors to the surroundings.
He stretched green color on the roof,
Added color to the stars.
On convenient day, we give that too. [when its time comes, we'll explain this too]

The One Who gives leaf to the grapevine,
The One Who ripens the grape,
Is The One Who measures your patience.

Of course one matures [spiritually] on HIS earth;
To the place of the one who stays [on earth],
Sand, hole come.
What the sand gives, is what human opens:
If you open path, it becomes path,
If you open hole, water comes.
My Allah makes each event happen for HIS human,
HE makes good deed door open.
What matters, is to come to one's senses;
Otherwise, what one says about, "It happens,"
Is in fact your destiny that was written long [time] ago.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

30 September 1971

I am Mevlana.
The one who is cruel gives way to [creates] atrocity,
[however,] He/she is used up on the way.

Say to the one who says, "Have a heart-to-heart talk with the one who finds 'kuffun.'"
'Kuffun' means equivalent of yourself.
Kuffun is each human who is created.

The confidant [of each human] is my Allah.

Say to the one who says,
"The one that [? THE One That ?] I do not believe, is in my mind":
At the time when you will believe, your mind does not serve.

Each one that my Allah gives, is appropriate, [? Each one that my Allah gives is on HIS Earth, ?]
The display of the human is in his/her eye. [human sees The Giving of Allah with his/her eyes / human sees WHAT Allah shows him/her as image [i.e. matter]]
[however, instead of perceiving The Reality,]
Human takes the matter, spreads [it] in front of him/her,
He/she wishes that it does not get out of his/her sight. [spiritually immature human runs after the matter...]

Heart is not measured
With what happens, with what does not happen.
One does not say,
"Each event is [a] punishment from my Allah."
Even if it is punishment,
It is given for your [own] good deed.
Similar to how mother, [or] father,
Punishes the child for his/her fault
In order to discipline him/her,
My Allah also puts obstacles in front of HIS human
So that he/she corrects his/her stony path.
If human's heart is open, he/she conforms to the one that happens.

Grape [is] in grapevine,
My eye [is] in HIS vineyard,
My Essence [is] in all of you [humans].

Read the notebooks, [Mevlana's chats have been being written in notebooks, read them]
Find the one that is opened.
What is meant by reading
Is to find the path that is opened.
On our path, there is no turning back.
Let our word be in the name of our Allah.
There is no word in our name, there can not be. [all we say, is in the name of Allah]

Where is the value of the water buffalo?
Its body [is] appropriate, its skin [is] on itself;
Yet, do not stand at its anger. [do not be around it when it is angry]
The one who does not know its value,
May throw the water buffalo into the water because of its anger,
[however, as such]
It may block the path of the water.
For that [reason], choose
Not the anger,
But the soft path.
Display your giving [skill/talent] that is valuable.
Tranquility increases what is given to your path.
Anger, like in the example of wind,
Spreads the sand onto the scene.

The one who does fine work on carved design, chooses the wood,
"Let it not be hard," he/she says.
Knotty wood is not is not suitable for carving,
It is suitable for burning.

The one who climbs onto the roof, is the one who looks from above.
The one who looks from above, is the one who sees farther more.

The one who kneads The Meaning, is the one
Who takes the [spiritual] water,
Who knows [how] to knead.

Mevlana's apparition is
Not in his eye,
But in his Essence.
Neither my Essence to my face, nor my face to my Essence... [Previous verses may be better understood under the light of the following information: face=what one sees in the imaginary matter environment; The Essence=human's Reality [Spirit] That is from HIS Light...]

Let it not be forgotten that
All of us [humans] are from THE LIGHT of my Allah.
You are from Light as well as I am from Light,
Because you have not wasted your Light. [if you do not waste the Light that is given to you at your birth time]
If you have one big cruse of gold,
If you change the gold with stone, with soil, [gold==spiritual meaning, silver==matter]
If you spend [your gold for] your blind ego,
It is seen that the gold is used up.
Similarly, if you spend What my Allah gave
With [because of] your ego,
[then] What stays [is left] in hand?

My Allah creates HIS human with Light.
There is human who adds Light to Light,
There is human who spends [wastes] his/her Light with his/her ego.
The event is this.

Each human who is created, is from [HIS] Light.

The measure of patience is not asked from human.

Human is not criticized based on the word of the human.

Seed is
Not to swallow,
But to sow.
What is meant by swallowing is:
'Not to understand the essence of our word.'
The essence of our word
[is] Similar to the seed of the fruit.
You eat the fruit and [you] pass.
[yet, when you sow its seed:]
You wait that its seed matures.
And then you collect a lot of fruit[s] from it too.

Of course I open [explain] the one that is necessary.
The one who looks for ready,
Resembles the one who says,
"Let me sew [a] quilt for the sea."
Search! Find!
[seed,] Even if it does not mature in moment, it matures [eventually].
Do not say,
"Let me get many words,
Let me see the nice day."
Take a little, look for its essence [? your Essence ?].
[Previous verses are thought to be about how to read and understand the chats...]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

1 October 1971

I am Mevlana.
At the place where there is consciousness,
There is also peace.

Each human takes from my Allah what he/she wishes for.
The one who says, "Will I take?",
Is mistaken.
If your wish is for good deed,
Of course, my Allah gives.

Why is the pious deed done?
[is it done] To be remembered on earth?
[is it done] To serve HIS human?
Of course, [it is done] to serve HIS human.
There is no need for you to give your name.
My Allah engraves
The name of HIS human whom HE sees as worthy
In hearts.

Are the mountains that do not give [that do not have any] passage
Not crossed?
Does one not pass to the other side?

The one who fills his/her place, [the one who is worthy]
Is the one who erases the space. [he/she takes his/her spiritual degree in after earth life...]

Each event finds its appropriate place.

The one who says, "My Allah," [? The one who says, "I am Allah," ?]
Sees the earth brightly.

You find what the mursheed gives,
Not as much as you wind your wool ball,
But as much as your love increases.
Mursheed shows HIS path,
Teaches how to walk.
[however,] Your heart creates your deep love.

Let us come together in the same ocean, [ocean==God]
Let us be reunited with my Allah.
[in order to achieve this goal:]
Let us erase the earth worry,
Let us not question HIS hikmet.

Let you be entrusted to my Allah,
Let you see the after earth life [while you are] on earth.
Let you choose not the ugly, but the beautiful one;
Let you know that there is no ugly on earth.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

4 October 1971

I am Mevlana.
My Allah gives permission
To climb the ladder,
To look from the lofty one.
Each one who wishes, finds;
Yet, let the heart be stainless,
Let one show each human as witness. [as long as all humans witness that he/she is good / there is no human whom he/she broke the heart]

The rule does not change:
No leaf falls without [Allah's] permission.

My Allah shows two paths:
The path of mercy, the path of difficulty.
Human chooses his/her path him/herself.
[however,] The one that is written for his/her wool ball, is seen, [? The one that is written becomes visible to your wool ball, ?]
Not the one that is put in intention. [not what human sets his/her intention for]

It does not happen with effort,
One does not command the God-given share.
If 'to eat the fruit' is your God-given share,
My Allah ripens [it].
[however,] If it is not [your God-given share],
It is not useful [it does not help]
Even if you water,
Even if you fertilize [it].
Either cold hits,
Or it melts because of heat,
Or HE gives disease,
HE shows [you] your God-given share.

Let one not say, "Power is in me [I am powerful]!"
The one who says so, is crushingly defeated.
If he/she knows the crushing defeat, [if he/she takes his/her lesson]
He/she may still turn. [if he/she realizes God after the defeat, if he/she begs HIS pardon, he/she may still be pardoned]

Numan says,
"There is no path within path.
Human does not enter inside human. [human can not read the heart of another human]
No [bad] word is said about human who is loved,
Even if he/she is loved because his/her saint.
My Allah saw him/her as worthy of that love so that
HE created that opportunity as cause."

Assembly is set up
[at the place] Where my Allah gives as God-given share,
Not [at the place that] human wishes.
[human joins the assembly] If his/her heart conforms.
It happens
Not by law,
But by the favor [of Allah].
My Allah knows the human whom HE gives.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel