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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 9

? February 1970

I am Mevlana.
There is no reason to mature [spiritually] the [spiritually] mature one.
There is no power in human to ripen the unripe one.

'To please heart'
Connects human to [HIS] path, [connects HIS] path to human.

I am Mevlana.
Feverish path does not conform to the home.
Convenient pleading opens the home,
Human runs away from the evil.

Crying [shedding tears] is sign of weakness.
My Allah makes one spiritually mature according to his/her force,
HE makes the one who wishes, find.
Do not cry,
[instead,] Wish to your Allah for force.
Do not doubt: HE gives.
HE makes happen what you hope for.
Patience makes human spiritually mature.

Read [pray], wish to Allah.
Do not say, "What is written does not change." [destiny is already written, it can not be changed]
You can not change the writing,
However, The One Who writes
Changes as well as crosses out [deletes], [? Changes as well as traces [re-draws], ?]
As long as he/she heads for his/her Allah,
[as long as] He/she knows [how] to wish.

My Yunus says:
We all pray for the one
Who drinks his/her [spiritual] water,
Who chooses HIS path.
We are helper to his/her path. [we help him/her on HIS path]
Let my Allah be pleased with all [humans].

My Allah creates cause.
If it is wished to Allah
For [a] sea on top of [a] mountain,
Would his/her prayer be accepted?
Of course not.
Allah does not give [it].
Not because HIS force is insufficient
But because human does not know to wish.
Not the creation to you,
But you run to the creation
So that HE looks for you. [you love HIS creations first, before waiting that you are loved by them; then you are on HIS path, and your wish may be accepted by God]
My Allah takes your prayer [wish];
HE sees what happens at your home:
You have been patient, HE gives your reward.

Make your pleading,
Wish for the convenient path.
My Allah creates the cause,
Without you knowing [it], HE puts [it] in front of you.
Do not say, "Coincidence,"
Know [that it is] from your Allah.

Let my Allah be pleased with all [humans].

We passed through the water,
We held [raised our] skirt [not to wet it].
We passed the water,
We drank as much as we presented.
We presented according to the wish of the one who wished.

[one asks about the health of a human]
You asked from the path,
I knew from the human.
I wish for [a] cure,
I say, "My Allah,
One asks me,
[by doing so, indirectly,] One wishes to Allah.
They say, 'Will it be?'"
Not by 'wishing that it happens,'
But by God-given share.
Human does not command his/her lifetime.
Do not say, "Will he/she be saved if he/she undergoes surgery?"
When there is death, why is there need for [a] surgery?
Do not be mistaken, I did not say, "Because of the death."
If there is death, [when it is time of death]
It [death] comes whether he/she undergoes the surgery or not.
If there is no death, [when it is not the time of death yet]
He/she is saved whether he/she undergoes the surgery or not.
Let the death not come to mind.
If my Allah makes cure, God-given share,
HE creates its cause,
HE puts [it] in your thought.
Wish to Allah.
The reason of what is asked, [response to the question is that:]
Human's God-given share is not cut. [human's God-given share continues to be given]

Would ever prayer be harmful to human?
One reads [prays] when passing by [a] grave [tomb].
Souls gather around,
[they] Become your protector.
Pray while passing through the water,
It [water] gives you way.
Pray while passing over [a] mountain,
It repels the one with bad arrow. [repels human[s] with bad intention]
I said, "Goodbye."
I come to the nest,
I find pure love.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

1 February 1970

I am Mevlana.
I am the teacher [spiritual guide] of the ones
Who come to the night of the matured day. [of the day that ends]
Let my Allah be pleased with all of you.

He saw the [spiritually] mature one,
My Yunus adorned and said.
Do not be mistaken:
What he adorned are his words,
Not the event.
Meryem [Virgin Mary] comes with her LIGHT,
[she] Says the one that is convenient.
"My Allah gave the word to me as my God-given share,
[HE gave] The good news to you [as your God-given share]," she says.
She greets, she goes,
She talks about the God-given share.

My verse gives light to the nest, [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation] [our chats/teachings enlighten our congregation]
My LIGHT [gives light] to the event. [my LIGHT helps you with the events / I help you as your saint with the events]
'To learn' happens by searching [and thinking/reflecting].
If I say, you wait readily, [if I say openly, then you would not think/reflect]
You run away from searching [and reflecting].
Beauty is seen by searching.
The wish of the ones who wind the wind wool ball: [wool ball==lifetime on earth] [the wish of humans who live on earth, is]
To learn what is ready from the one who says. [you are trying to learn from us without thinking, understanding]
Herding on the [current] day is backwardness. [being guided without thinking [like animals] is backwardness]
While there is 'going forward,' [while it is possible to go forward by thinking and learning about The Meaning]
[instead] To say, "My Allah, give me as ready!"
Does not happen. [is inappropriate, and it does not occur]

I do not dive into the word. [I will not be the only one who says word, who talks to you]
Meryem [Virgin Mary] came.
"Word from me,
Good news from you," she said, she went.
And the patience fell on you. [you have to be patient]
My Creator wants like that.
My wish [to Allah]: show to Your human quickly.

Musa [Moses]
Takes the path to the nest from the ocean. [ocean==God]
Wish is from the [current] day to tomorrow.
He wishes for blessing for your butter, honey.

My Yunus comes.
He thanks my Allah.
He laughs at the event.
One of the humans asked:
"Why are great [higher level] spirits
At higher [location]?"
How does Yunus tell,
[how does he] Make it known to earth human?
"Let me tell, let him/her understand," he said,
He took the word.
He showed the air as example:
Fire burns in the room,
Heat goes up,
Cold air stays down.
Heat is light [not heavy], [therefore] rises.
"[like in] Summer," you say,
You say word.
[by saying so,] I am scared that you stay below. [you stay at a lower spiritual level]
There is no skirt here. [don't compare to the skirt of the mountain: here, there are no walls separating the levels]
I am saying [a] joke. [I am joking].
There is no one staying below among us,
Thank YOU God.

Each human takes place according to his/her weight.
I am saying so that
Telling gives [you] path. [I am telling you about some events so that you take spiritual lessons]
[I say] To the one
Who wishes for sip [of spiritual water],
Who says, "Let me take":

I said, "What is your God-given share?"
He said, "Three plum trees,
One unripe-grape tree,
Three sheep, one goat."

I said, "Means of subsistence for whom?" [how many people does your share feed?]

He said: "Three girls,
One boy,
Spouse, her path-fellow
Being her abdomen-fellow." [my spouse's sister]

[I said,] "Is it enough?
Do their stomachs get full?"

He said:
"Thank YOU my Allah.
My sheep are milked,
Their wools are spun.
My goat gives abundant milk,
Our daily God-given share is [such] gotten."

"When children grow up?" I said.

[he said:]
"Sheep grow up too,
Their children [lambs] increase [in number too].
Allah gives one's [our] God-given share according to [the need of the] day.
My wish is for the [HIS] path,
Not for what happened. [not about past events]
My Allah knows what comes,
[hence,] It is not from the wrong one. [it comes from God, therefore, it is good deed]
My deep love for my Allah
Is not from the faded ones.
I wished that you show my path,
My tree is not from the ones that stay [behind]."

[he was trying to learn from the saint[s], however, he was already spiritually mature]

"My Allah gave you HIS path,
What are you asking from me?"
I said, I walked.

[thanks to him,] I saw the one who prayed [and thanked God] because
His God-given share was enough for his home, [and] there were [some] leftovers.
[then] I thought about my situation,
I found myself guilty:
Yunus has food,
His stomach gets full at the dervish lodge.
He only burns saying, "My Allah." [all he does is to burn in heart saying, "my Allah"]
I don't know, if I was like that,
If I opened [had] [a] home
With three sheep, one goat,
[and if] I took care of seven lives,
Would I think like that human?
I said, "My Allah,"
I begged HIS pardon.
The one who takes shelter in his/her Allah,
The one who says,
"HE knows better than I do,"
Is not mistaken.

Yunus does not separate from you, [Yunus does not leave you]
Our path is all one. [our path is the same]
"Our word is enough," [we told enough] says Hazrat Mevlana.
I am Mevlana.
My Yunus takes [step on] the path,
He drags humans with him too.
What a happiness,
He pleases the hearts.

Word gives way to word. [chat leads to chat, i.e. humans are inclined to talk]
[yet,] To remain silent increases the respect.
The one who remains silent
As well as the one who looks [and sees the beauties that God created], wins.

I also like advice because it gives path to human.
However, I [only] give [it] to the one who follows [it].
Word should not stay at the place where it is said;
The one who takes his/her [spiritual] water, should know.

Let my Allah give together with the patience,
Softness too.

Let grandpa go to the one who waits for HIS path, [grandpa==Hazrat Mevlana]
Let our assembly be joyful.
"Let Meryem [Virgin Mary] come to the nest," [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
Is said, it is wished, she is remembered.
I came to the word,
I stood on the flatness.
I looked at the face.
To the one who says, "She resembles,"
I gave right. [he/she is right]
"Meryem" is my name,
I am said to be
Isa's mother, [Isa=Jesus Christ]
[I am said to be ] [a] Christian saint.
I am called.
I love all humans.
To the one who asks about my place, my lying down [my grave],
To the one who comes and visits,
Do I not go [and return his/her visit]?
I am
Not in the ground
But in heart.
My earth home is very small, however,
My heart is enough for all [humans].
Distinguish Yourself, [find Darling Who is in you]
Open your forehead, [keep away from sin]
Run away from lie.
The moment in which you do these three,
Why would there be any need for any advice?
It is said, "Meryem gave birth to Isa [Jesus Christ]."
On my day, I ran away from the evil.
I opened my heart to my Allah.
"Ya Meryem!
I gave you MY LIGHT,
Pray to ME.
Let you have no fear from human,
Let the earth not wrap you. [do not be carried away by the earth]
The one whom you made [your] child,
The one whom I gave life to;
Birth of Isa [Jesus Christ],
Salvation of Meryem,
Establishment of Christianity."
[then] Islam was founded,
"The loftiest religion," was said.
Of course, the founder of Islam
Was the beloved darling
Of my Allah.
Meryem ran away from humans.
Do not say, "Why?"
When one is mortal, one acts in accordance with its requirements.
If you say, "Allah would protect [her] if she did not run away,"
My Allah [is] my protector,
Of course HE is.
However, first, human should avoid. [should protect him/herself]
If you enter the fire,
[and] If you say, "Allah protects me,"
[then] You are mistaken.
Miracle happens for a purpose,
It does not give way to show [entertainment]. [miracle is not worked to entertain humans]
I am Mevlana, I came.
I am happy about Hazrat Meryem's word.
Be entrusted to my Allah,
Stay [all] healthily,

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

4 February 1970

I am Mevlana.
"Let my Allah's name,
[and] The intercession of our prophet
Be upon you," I said,
I started the word.

Convenient: the path of the nest. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
Undecided: my Allah's human.

Omar says:
You, do not separate the justice from your path.
Do not worry saying, "Unjust."
[justice] Finds its place sooner or later. [divine justice surely occurs]
My Allah's justice is never wrong,
[however,] It comes with some delay.

One needs to swallow,
One needs to try to swallow.
Stomach does not take the bad one anyway.
Stomach, [is] made by Allah.
Bakery, [is] made by human.
If yeast is soft,
Bread does not stay as dough,
[bread] Does not hurt human's stomach. [if yeast is as it should be, then when bread is cooked, it does not stay as dough, and it is digested easily]
You ask for the meaning, let me open [explain].
I told you,
Stomach [is] made by Allah.
If bread stays as dough,
That is, [in other words,] if work is corrupt,
[then, when] You eat, you disturb your stomach.
Similarly, [a] work that is wrong on earth
Disturbs human.
The outcome of the analogy:
To run away from haram,
To open your day to good deed.

Heart purity
Is in fact free of God-sent blessing.
Search [The spiritual Meaning]:
Do not be 'traveler of the ready path.'
The one who searches, finds.
The one who sets the intention to be [spiritually] mature,
Looks forward
To being pure in the heart,
To arriving in Allah's beauty.
Each human who searches HIS path is not pure in heart.
[there is] Human [who] says, "My Allah,"
[who] Worships night [and] day,
[who] Devotes him/herself to his/her Allah.
[on the other hand,] There is human
Who burns [in heart] for the beauties that Allah gave/gives:
"Heart purity" is said for that one.
Of course, to be in deep love with what my Allah gives
Is to acknowledge in every moment, What my Allah gives.
[to acknowledge] From the mouth, it is not enough,
[it is necessary] To remember from heart.

Is there any difference between worshipping
In [a] small mosque
[and] In [a] big mosque?
Of course there isn't any [difference].
Worshipping should be
Not from the place,
But from the deep [of the heart].

The Creator gives easiness
To the knot of the wool ball, [wool ball==lifetime on earth] [his/her wool ball's knot is easily untied]
To the touch of the God-sent blessing. [God presents him/her HIS blessing with ease]
Easy: [in order to be subject to easiness:]
[the one] Who did not let the evil enter him/her,
[the one] Who took Light onto his/her face. [human who did not waste HIS Light that he/she had when he/she was born on earth]

[the] Selection of the one who matured [spiritually], who came [to after earth life] is done
Not according to your love,
But according to your [spiritual] measure.

My coming gives joy to humans.
"[tell us about] The one that has not happened [yet]," you say. [you ask me to tell fortune]
[however,] We come
Not to play
But to [purify your] heart.

Voice: respected,
Writing: holy. [writing==ONEness of HEARTs]
Because we remember my Allah.
Our word is
Not the subject of yesterday
But of the [current] day:
[our word is about] Human's fear of Allah.
Let the one who has fear [of Allah] in him/herself [in his/her heart]
Know that his/her path is open. [clear, without obstacles]
If he/she wishes for exceptional path,
The moment in which he/she comes to his/her senses,
The day on which he/she searches,
He/she knows that he/she arrives.

One does not give up earth, [one does not give up earthly pleasures]
One does not say bitter word, [one does not break heart with words]
Human's face is not hit with his/her fault. [human should not be reproached for his/her mistake]

Omar says:
Lifetime is human's notebook;
Writing [in the notebook] is human's pair of scales [for spiritual measure/degree].
Put good deed [onto the] heavy [side of the pair of scales]
So that your notebook is rolled well,
So that human is remembered on earth for [his/her] good deeds.

If mouth's path is silver, [silver==matter; gold==spiritual meaning]
[then] Word comes out like that too.
[however,] Soft word
Flows from golden heart.
Beautiful one of the word is according to
How the sip is taken, [sip==spiritual water/knowledge]
Beautiful one of the sip is according to
How it is put in the heart.

Our writing:
To praise my Allah is possible [only]
Not by seeing,
But by loving the ones that/whom HE gave/gives.

I crossed the stone of the path.
I passed by the leading edge of the bridge.
I glanced; "Your path-fellow who passes by, [fellow traveler of the path who is nearby]
My Allah, YOU presented,
What I took, I gave [it/them]," I said,
I rejoiced.
[because] My Allah made [me] present [give].
What I gave HIM, you took [it],
You came to my web, to my remembrance.
[however, this] Web is not a woven web [like a spider web].
I say, "My Allah," I cry [shed tears]. [the word 'ag' has two meanings in Turkish: the first one is 'web,' the second one is 'to cry;' here the meaning is 'to cry']
I cauterize my inside. [I burn in heart]
You asked
At the time
When I was crying,
[at the time] Of Deep love that I felt for my Allah;
You sent your prayer to me.
I took in moment, I remembered.
I set the intention for you,
I prepared the coming.
Our coming
Is to your call [that you made] with deep love.
One should cry, one should remember,
One should wish to Allah.
One should think
Not of his/her day,
But of his/her moment.

Your heart is closer to me
Than you [are].
My heart is
Close to all [humans].

One should wash [him/herself spiritually], one should set up [the intention to arrive in HIM],
One should know its moderateness,
One should separate earth and after earth life: [one should consider earth life and after earth life moderately:]
Do not pass from the after earth life while saying, "Earth," [do not give up/forget after earth life by taking seriously only earth life]
[similarly,] Do not erase the earth by turning to after earth life [only].

To erase the ego
Happens when one knows Allah.
[when] You know your Allah,
Why do you look at your tomorrow with doubt?
Because you are mistaken.
'Hard to untie knot' that is called as 'ego'
Is untied with patience.
All humans who know this
Enter the bad day softly.
[in fact,] There is no bad one of the day.
If his/her day that does not conform to his/her wish,
Human calls [it] as 'dark day.'
If he/she enters softly,
He/she gets free of the smoke.
The moment in which he/she believes in his/her Allah,
Each one of his/her day[s] looks beautiful.
Are you suffering [from something]?
Take shelter in your Allah,
HE stops your pain.
If you say word to human being, [if you ask a human for help]
What does [can] he/she give you?

You went beyond the head, [you worked hard [during the day]]
You ate the food,
You delighted the path during the day,
[you delighted] The human at night.
[then just rejoice, because] You got good day from my Allah.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel