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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 8

25 January 1970

I am Mevlana.
My foot, my path
Are not different from their view.
As we came, as we found. [we did not waste our initial Light that we had when we were born on earth; when we migrated to after earth life, we arrived in the presence of God, we found HIM].
We washed [spiritually] as we took [HIS spiritual water].
The one who does not mature [spiritually] does not come,
My Allah does not give permission.

It is necessary to say word about what one hopes for,
[it is necessary] To leave the word in good. [one should be optimistic]
[because] Whether it happens like that, or it stays like this,
What will happen is good deed.
Let the doubts disperse.
Let human forget the evil.

The ones who wish to mature [spiritually]
Are the ones who prune the grapevine.
The one who sacrifices the leaf
Gives way to the flower.
If the tree is pruned, it refreshes.
The one who does not come to his/her senses, sleeps,
Stays away from HIS path.
What I present is to the assembly, [not to one person, not just to a small group of people]
To the faithful humans of my Allah.
The society resembles the vineyard,
Grapevines resemble the human.
Pruned tree,
Vineyard that is taken [good] care of
Are fruitful,
Their yield is abundant.

Do not look below, you [may] fall;
Do not look up, you [may] turn [go back].

Winding the wool ball, [wool ball==lifetime on earth]
Giving the sip [of spiritual water]
Are sufficient for human,
If he/she opens his/her heart on his/her day [while living on earth],
What does [would] he/she ask from the path?
The ones that are asked are for the path.
To swallow [the sip] is for [up to] human.
If you find the one who washes [spiritually]
What a happiness for you.

"I found [spiritual] washer," he/she says,
He/she rejoices.
He/she turns his/her direction on the day when he/she finds.
It is a pity for such [a] human
The one whom he/she knows as [spiritual] washer
[is] Religious fanatic.
He/she [the religious fanatic] does not put him/her on the right [path].
He/she [the religious fanatic] does not know him/herself,
How can he/she put [another one on the right path]?
What does [can] he/she say about the right path?
For that [reason],
Let human wish
Not to human
But to Allah.

My Yunus set [his] intention,
He became soft bridge for the nest. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
I am Mevlana.
He gave path to the mature one;
[as such] My Yunus wished.

Omar says,
"You tied the pleading of the path
To the pleading of the human;
You spent your power like that.
What a happiness because
You have not been the head of the religious fanatics,
[you have not been] The sibling of the [fake spiritual] washer.
You gave your [spiritual] water
To the one whose wish was to [reach] Allah.
You said your word
Only to the one who said, "Allah."
Do not open ear [do not listen] to the religious fanatic,
Do not shoot your arrow at him/her [the religious fanatic];
Leave [him/her alone], my Allah thinks [about him/her]. [you leave him/her alone, do not worry, God takes care of him/her]

I said the word at the beginning,
I told the assembly.
Religious fanatics surround from all directions.
The one who opens his/her hand, [to open hand==to pray]
The one who covers his/her head,
The one who takes the word of Allah to the mouth
Comes forward in the public square.
[the fact] That he/she takes [other people's] sip,
[the fact] That he/she eats haram [that he/she grabs other human's/humans' shares]
Is not noticed by him/her. [by the religious fanatic / by the human prey of the religious fanatic]
[however, do not worry:]
My Allah does not let [him/her] go unnoticed.
[for that reason,]
Do not take charge of the struggle [of taking care [of the religious fanatic]].

My Allah is not incapable.
There is no struggle.
Cause comes from my Creator.
To the one who winds the wool ball,
HE gives what he/she deserves.

We remembered his name,
We wrote his epic.
We talked about his heart.
"Let him come and say," we said.
[when you say so]
Does my Yunus not come?
Does he not run with heart? [he is very happy to come]
I am Yunus, I came.
I crossed over the mountain road.
I consulted with the girl [I chatted with the girl]
Who was returning from the mountain,
Who was singing [a] song.
"What is in your basket?"
She said, "It is grape."
I said, "What [is] on your face?"
She said, "It is my eye."
You passed through the water,
You chose the path,
[then] What is the one that alights on your dress?
She said, "It is my dust."
"Did you drink your water?"
She said, "It is my habit [to drink my water];
I drink [the water, then], I pass [through it].
I shake the dust in the public square.
My eye saw, I chose.
My God gave the grape,
I ate, I loved,
I took its taste.
I brought [it] to my home.
To the mouth of my mother,
To the nose of my father,
Its taste came nicely.
My mother ate the grape.
My father drank its juice,
He lost consciousness,
He became drunk.
He remembered his Allah,
He burned [in heart] for the beauties, [he fell in love with all the beauties that Allah created]
He awakened us too. [thanks to him we realized these beauties too]
He said, 'See the beauties!'
Drunkenness from the deep love [he was drunk with joy due to deep love for God]
Not from the grape juice.
My basket [is] full of grape[s].
I say no word to [about] [I do not question]
The word of the saints,
To [about] their place in the heart.
I do not tease the bad human.
I took the grape[s] from our vineyard.
I took my load in my hand."

"Yunus your path became long, [you are late]
Your mind stayed in the basket," [Yunus, you are late; however, you think about the grapes]
I said [to myself], I walked.
I thought about The One Who gives the sip.
Grapevine [is] trunk,
[from it] YOU [my God] gave 'katik.' [katik=a food (such as cheese, grapes, or olives) eaten with bread]
When Yunus stands up,
What is on his foot [feet]?
It is patched shoe. [is is a pair of patched shoes]
If the path conformed to the intention,
If HIS human knew its path, [the path that goes to vineyard]
[then] He [Yunus] would go to the grape vineyard.
You said in moment,
You mentioned it,
[similar to what you thought] Yunus walked on the path.
He searched on the beautiful day,
[however, it was so hot that] He burned in the sun.
[then] He saw the grapevine branch.
[however, he thought:] It is not appropriate to encroach, [it is not appropriate to take a branch that is on someone else's property],
[Yunus'] Hand does not reach someone else's branch.
You burned, let [yourself] burn [more].
To the one who [spiritually] washes human,
[to the one] Who says, 'Basket,'
"Let us proceed on the path, one does not turn [back]," we said.
[by saying so,] We dived into unwariness.
"Hey silly! Wish to Allah!
You know that whatever you wish to human
Is in vain.
[if] You believe in your Allah,
Why do you lean on human?
If the hand does not reach the grapevine,
Does it not open to your Allah either?"
I said [to myself].

[at that moment] I saw the father of the girl who went.
"You are traveler, you burn,
You wish for some grape.
You pull some water from the well,
You pour [it onto] your fire," he said. ["...get some water from the well, drink it, wash yourself, extinguish your fire," he said.]
What I have been looking for was found, [what I wished for, came true]
It was taken from the mature human.

Yunus washed himself in the water.
Heart burned,
[Yunus] Remembered his Allah.
He dived into the chat with the owner of the vineyard. [he started to chat with the owner of the vineyard]
"I do not stay in the sun; [I do not go out when it is sunny]
I stay during the sunrise,
[and] During the sunset,
[at which time] I collect the grape[s] from the grapevine.
[however,] Today, it was called to [my] mind, [today, I had a dream]
'[a] Guest comes,' was said,
I stayed for that [reason],
I waited for the guest," he said.
I [was the] guest. [Yunus was the guest]

Our chat continued for [a] long [time],
[then] My path stayed. [I could not continue my journey]
At night Yunus was made guest. [at night Yunus was welcomed as guest]
"Because of the one who comes," I said.
He [the host] said, "No, he is the one who burns;
My guest is the one who remembers his Allah.
My dream was not for nothing.
If you did not come, my day would not be nice.
I saw you, I rejoiced.
I said, 'Thank YOU my Allah.'
YOU made him burn,
YOU made him turn to my path.
If he did not burn, he would not look [at my way], [if he was not hot, he would not look for shelter, and he would not have come to my place]
He would not have passed by the front of my vineyard."

The existence of the earth,
What it [? HE ?] gives to humans [is]:
HAK's path is solved with the causes [that God creates].
The ones who know
Open hand and beg [HIM]. [to open hand==to pray]
He/she leans
Not on human
But on his/her Allah.

I am Mevlana.
My Yunus tells nicely.
"My life [is] empty," he says, he tells.
He makes analogy [analogies],
He educates human's heart.
Such [a] village for such [a] human.
In his village, he gathers all [humans around him],
He tells, he makes [himself] be listened by the one who does not conform,
He makes the one who does not turn [to HIS path], turn.
I said at the beginning,
He gets very angry.
Yunus' anger does not fall on the human who does not mature [spiritually]:
It is against himself.
He has not beaten anybody.
He has not [even] touched anybody with hand [with bad intention].

I am Mevlana.
If you have word, [? If your word becomes true, ?]
If your hand takes,
[then] You [would] write night [and] day:
Word to [for] the patience,
Hand to [for] the soft human.
"Am I [spiritually] mature?" you say.
I came to make [you spiritually] mature,
[I came] To give you from HIS LIGHT.

Do you have doubt?
[when] You ask about the [spiritual] ladder,
[then] You fall in fault. [then you make mistake]
Of course one climbs [the spiritual ladder].
[however,] You are mortal, how can it be seen? [however, how do you expect to see as a mortal?]
[on the other hand,] It is easy to prove that you climb:
Look over your heart.
Does it not get more [and more] excited from day to day?
Does its fire not grow bigger [day by day]?
This is the proof that you get closer to your Allah.
[when you get closer to Allah,] It makes you feel fresh inside, erases your fear,
[this in turn,] It is your evidence of getting closer to your Allah.
On [his/her] day [on earth], stairs that are climbed
Are not known by the human.
Stairs do not say,
"We are climbed every day [that much]."
You look over your heart,
You understand your level.

They say, [they call him] "Yildirim (Beyazit),"
They remember his name like that.
[Yildirim Beyazit (1360-1403) was the fourth sultan of Ottoman empire. He was taken prisoner after the Ankara war against Timurlenk. He died on the seventh month of his captivity.]
His captivity was difficult,
[however,] He saw [spiritual] maturation there.
My Allah forgave [him],
HE erased his sin[s].
My each word is for [a] lesson.
I do not come to tell tale,
[I do not come] To scribble on [a] notebook,
[I do not come] To kill human time.
Yildirim did not get spoiled either;
[however,] He leaned on his [own] power.
[on the other hand, ] If he leaned on his Allah
[then] His path would be opened.

I say not to you but to the eye,
[I mean] To the one whose [heart] eye sees,
To the one who puts in the ear. [who listens seriously]
If I tell after it is done
[then] I tell in vain.
I put in the ear, I educate you.
The one who matures [spiritually] is known in moment,
HIS day is added to your night according to your day. [Previous verses may be better understood under the light of the following information: during the sleep, spirit of the human who has Allah's permission, meets with other spirits of the same spiritual level and/or his/her saint. According to one's spiritual education based on each day's events, one is granted the level of the spiritual education that he/she would have during the sleep...]
Let writing-drawing be sufficient,
Let what is taken from the [HIS] path, educate according to one's day.
Even my Allah separated the time:
HE divided the time into five for human.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

28 January 1970

I am Mevlana.
I came, I laughed,
I saw Garib.
Let her joy be abundant.
Garib knows herself.
She draws the path of her earth.
It has not been seen that she neglected her after earth life.

He/she has not used up his/her [spiritual] maturation.
Remember HIM so that it happens, [? Remember HIM so that one matures [spiritually], ?] [? Let it happen in moment, ?]
So that his/her word passes to his/her day. [so that he/she influences the events of his/her day]
Human prepares his/her day,
Draws his/her path.
For the event that does not give good deed,
His/her saint puts obstacle. [if an event is going to be bad for a human, then his/her saint places obstacle so that human is kept away from the event]
[We interpret previous verses as follows: when human wishes to Allah, Allah takes his/her wishes into consideration when HE designs future events. In other words, human prepares his/her day, traces his/her path...]
Your essence, your word, your [spiritual] maturation
[are] Under the command of my Allah;
[however,] Your will [is] in your hand.
Why do you use [your Light] up? [why do you waste HIS Light that was given to you when you were born on earth?]
Why do you make the heart sad?
Your [spiritual] maturation is seen,
Life is built variously. [according to one's spiritual maturation, God designs and creates the events...]

I say in essence, I take the word. [when you wish, I take/hear]
I give [spiritual] guidance to [for] the path.
You wished, I come,
Mature heart opens,
Day is chosen from the mature one[s];
We presented the [heavenly] wine, one drinks.

To be victorious in this world
Is found [is possible] by living [on] earth victoriously.
Living victoriously is
Not being superior to [other] human[s]
But [it is] to climb above the earth worries.

There is no defeated one among us.
Each human comes from one [different] direction,
[and] Finds what he/she searches.
The one who takes all the ones who come from all directions,
The one who is guide to HIS path,
The one who conforms to my Allah's command:
[is] Me [Mevlana].
We said the [spiritual] ladder,
We brought [the ladder],
We placed [it] at its place.
We climbed to its top.
We cross from day to day.
We presented [spiritual knowledge],
"Path [is] convenient," we said,
[however,] We took our hand back from the one who is confused. [our teachings are only for the one whose heart door is open]

The one who wishes for the [spiritual] water,
Let him/her want from Allah.
[only] What my Allah says happens, if it [ever] happens;
Do not say, "It does not happen,"
HE gives.

Earth's account stays on the earth;
[however, ] Human's debt comes on his/her neck. [human's debt goes with him/her to the after earth life]
Omar says,
"[even] If your debt is from the mouth, [even if your debt is because of what you say]
What you get is [a] written due. [even when you promise with words, think of it as a written contract; you have to pay your debt back, keep your promise]
The one who says, "I can not pay [back]," [and] turns, [turns around to find a way to pay back]
[the one] Who wishes to his/her Allah [for means to pay back],
He/she finds [what he/she wished for], he/she pays [back] on its [due] day,
He/she erases his/her debt [while he/she is still] on earth.

Even if it is difficult,
Its end [is] delight to [for] you;
We said about the earth.
We educated the human [spiritually].
I made Garib, teacher.
Guide is needed
From the earth [life] to the word,
For the difficulty that is because of the after earth life. [human who does not know The Meaning is scared of after earth life [==difficulty that he/she experiences because of the fear of after earth life]]
I came,
I took Garib to my path.
With Garib, I gave hand to all of you.
There is no 'back, front.' [among us there is no 'back place/front place']
In the middle [there is] Darling,
Around HIM: Lives.
We became one circle,
We gave hand in hand.
The event is this.

My Allah is everywhere.
THAT does not fit in any scale,
THAT hearts do not take, [hearts take and take, yet, HIS LIGHT never ends]
THAT one does not get out of HIS path, [HE is always in complete control]
THAT is arrived at, when one matures [spiritually].
My Allah,
I did not try to reach YOU,
Because I can not arrive [in YOU].
I gave my heart to YOU,
[but] I did not try to wrap [your LIGHT]
Because I can not wrap [IT].
I remembered YOU from heart.
I did not try to call [YOU] [because]
The moment in which my voice reaches [YOU],
My heart is amazed at the event:
[because] Even without my voice going out
My Allah gets my voice.

Coming to earth
Educates human's heart.
The one whose [spiritual] maturation is beautiful
Knows earth [as] good.
He/she climbs above the [earth's] worry.

My Yunus wishes for word.
"Write," I said.
I am Yunus.
Feverish day's night,
Its syllable is beautiful. [at the end of a tiring, difficult day, chat is delightful]
Yunus [is] wild duck hunter.
If our aim was hunting,
Yunus would hunt himself. [he would hunt on his own]
Our path passed through [a] bulrush,
[our path also passed] Through the water [that was] under the bulrush.
"Let the bulrush give passage," I said,
"Let the word give the path." I said. [let our story give a spiritual lesson]
Ducks flew [up] from the water.
[I said:] Let me get a few turtledoves from the path,
My fellow traveler said, "[it] Does [would] not come."
He [also] said, "[it] Does [would] not stay in your hand."
Be on your [? HIS ?] path
The traveler of the path.
Let its egg stay in its water.
Do not say, "Does it stay in the water?"
It leaves nearby the water, [mother duck lays her eggs by the water]
When its day comes [when it is time], it gives [a] push,
The one next to it, knows,
Foot pushes,
Egg goes,
Stays in the water.
Wretched Yunus sees, takes,
My Allah sends his God-given share.
We [have] hit the road with [a] path-fellow [travel companion],
With [a] fellow by his [Yunus'] side.
Duck opened the word. [chat started by talking about ducks]
"How many were its eggs?" he asked,
"As many as its God-given share," I said.
"How many is its child?" he said, [how many babies [ducklings] does it have?]"
"As long as it lives," I said. [as long as they live]
It gives path to its baby,
It teaches its path in the water.
When its day comes,
It lets [it] go to its path.
Man['s] child knows the path,
Finds the direction.
[however, human thinks]
As if he/she did not lean on [his/her] mother [and/or] father,
He/she would fall over.
Poor unwary humans,
How they are mistaken!
Give hope to your children,
Not bad example[s].
Make [him/her] know [about]
The existence of Allah,
Not your own bigness.
Teach your bigness by being [a] wise [person].

Is there anyone among you who is not traveler?
The passport of the traveler goes through
Not me
But [the angel who is called] Azrael.
For that [reason], know
Not the end of the path
But your day.
Long one of the life is
Good deed day[s] that you pass.
Good deed day is the day
That gives you joy,
That is far from the evil;
It is the day on which one climbs above the [earth] worry.
When one is faithful, [then] days are lived.
My Allah gave so beautifully,
HE adorned human's world.
To the one who sees[, and] finds,
To the one who says, "YOU created, thank YOU,"
What a happiness.
If I [could] wash you [spiritually],
What a happiness for me.

I am Yunus.
I am tied to your word,
I am cauterized with your deep love.
I played my saz, [saz = a stringed musical instrument (which somewhat resembles a lute); saz==song of heart]
I said my word.
I saw the [spiritual] water, I dived,
Not to swim
But to put myself out. [to extinguish my fire]
I drank from the [spiritual] water,
I got excited, [and more and more] excited,
I dived into the water,
I got further drunk [with joy].
I wished for you too.
I got permission,
I distributed [some spiritual water] to you too.
Hazrat Mevlana saw,
"My Yunus, your haste is a lot," he said.
[I said:] Let me distribute from the abundant water.
If I give more from the present [water],
Then he/she would mature [spiritually] quickly,
Human's power is [would be] abundant.
"Do not be mistaken my Yunus:
It is given to human moderately," [spiritual knowledge is given to humans slowly]
He [Mevlana] said, he took the word from me.

I am Mevlana, I came,
I saw the hearts.
I am happy for humans
Who conform to my Yunus,
Who say, "Give [us] more."
However, let me tell you:
[if] You eat salted food,
[then] You wish for water from heart;
[then, when you find the water] You drink as much as your stomach takes.
Heart water is like that too.
It is given as much as the heart [can take].
My Yunus says, "Let us share,"
[however,] His water goes excessively. [more than the heart could take].
Do not say, "Does Mevlana not allow?"
I came to give you [spiritual water] too.
I say:
Let it not be for his/her harm, [let it not be harmful [to humans]],
Let it increase from day to day.
I accustom your heart. [I make your heart ready for more]
My Yunus forgot [about] his life that he spent [on earth]. [my Yunus forgot about how long it took him to mature spiritually while he was on earth]

If it was not like that, [if one could spiritually mature quickly]
[then] He/she would take the permission of the path from his/her day, [then he/she would have permission to go on HIS path when he/she was born on earth, since his/her first day on earth]
[then] He/she would come quickly after his/her migration [to after earth life]. [then he/she would reunite with God without spending time for spiritual education on other planets]
[however,] His/her coming [as spiritually mature is] with my word. [however, on earth one matures spiritually thanks to the teachings of ONEness of HEARTs]
Our nest opens the path to our sip [of spiritual water]. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]

To be tolerant
Makes human be respected.
The one who walks on HIS path calmly
Finds peace.
The one who creates the event,
Comes face to face with [other] events.
The peace of the nest
[spiritually] Matures humans.
Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel