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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 10

5 February 1970

I am Mevlana.
Our path is [to] The Real Meaning,
It is cause from Allah. [it is permitted/caused by Allah]
Allah does not give up on HIS human,
On the day HE sends. [on human's day on earth, HE sends spiritual guide]
To the one who shows devotion,
HE makes HIS path known,
HE sends [him/her] the one who makes [HIS path] known.

The one who goes to the [spiritual] water, fills [his/her jug with] water.
He/she passes the sand, [he/she goes on the soft path]
He/she becomes pilgrim.

Density [majority] [is] in the wild,
Minority [is] in the shepherd.
You ask about the 'wild.'
Wild: [is] to commit sin,
[is] To interfere with the earth on his/her own. [to try to change the events on his/her own].
Wild: the one whose maturation is mixed with mud.
Shepherd: the one who stays away from the earth worry.
It is said, "He/she won,"
Human name is said,
My Allah's giving is forgotten.

Do not forget the word of the [? your ?] wise one,
Do not take his/her advice out of your heart. [do not forget his/her advice]

Ocean, inside of the ocean,
Earth, inside of the universe.
Earth in the universe:
[it is like a] Toy in the hand of the universe.

Whom [the earth] makes [spiritually] mature,
Whom [the earth] makes ask to his/her [spiritual] washer,
Whom [the earth] makes reach devotion [to God],
His/her path opens.
On return from the earth [at the migration time],
One gets out [of the body/cage].
This is the moment in which you exist. [this is the moment when you get out of the imaginary cage and learn The Reality]
[when human is on the earth, in the body:]
Similar to how earth's rotation does not stop,
Human's vision becomes confused
[when looking] Toward HIS path, toward his/her Allah.

What is the one
That the [spiritual] table takes at the end of the path,
That it gives to human? [what does the spiritual table give to human, and take at the end of the path?]
[saints of the spiritual table give The Meaning to human while he/she is in body, on earth; at migration time, human gets his/her spiritual degree, joins the spiritual table [the spiritual table takes another saint]...]

Humans ask:
Which one of the saints is at the highest level?
I say,
All rivers flow to the ocean.
It should not be mistaken:
Among rivers, there are
Small ones, big ones,
Yet the result is the same.
[but remember,] The bigger the river is,
The more its arms are. [more small rivers flowing to the big river]
What is meant by 'arm':
There are his/her mureeds.

We opened [started] the subject,
We said about HIS [spiritual] water,
We found the ocean. [ocean==God]
We asked Yunus who dived into the ocean,
"What did you find in the ocean?"
He said,
"I ran, I ran, I burned [in heart].
I drank from the ocean as much as I could. [as much as my heart could take]
[then,] I thought about the path that I arrived at. [I thought about where I reached spiritually]
I said, 'My Allah,
YOU gave Your human so much,
[however,] Your human gave YOU only his very small heart.
[even though it was so,] YOU revived him with Your Greatness.
YOU prepared me for the coming
Of my path.'"

You came next to us,
You said, "Our grandpa," you remembered. [grandpa==Hazrat Mevlana]
My Allah.
I pray for your prayers:
I wished
That I come to your path [while you are on earth],
That I welcome you when you come [to after earth life].

The end of the word
As well as its beginning
Are in my Allah.

I told [about] my wish.
Wishes became God-given share of
My Allah's convenient humans.

Even if he/she wears [a] helmet,
Even if he/she covers his/her face,
If he/she speaks his/her mind rudely, [if he/she breaks heart with his/her talking]
Even if his/her blood does not touch either, [even if he/she does not hurt the other human physically]
Neither does the path take [him/her] [no path will accept him/her as a traveler]
Nor does the human give [him/her]. [no human can help him/her].
[if one breaks heart, even if he/she does not harm physically, he/she won't be able to find the right path]

Let us pray for the intention that we remember; [if one wishes for something, let him/her pray for it to God];
Let us give protector to the intention that we take [aim]. [let us give protection by prayer; the following is an example:]
Let us open hand, [to open hand==to pray]
Let us touch the face.
Let us say,
"My Allah,
I remembered what you presented/present
For the intention of generosity;
I wished in the name of my Allah.
Its cause is from YOU,
From Your LIGHT,
From the dough that my Allah gave/gives.
I have no doubt.
If I am mistaken, make me turn.
If I am deceived, divert me.
I believed in what YOU gave/give,
[even if] I lost before I touched with my hand. [if I do not get it, I know that it is good deed for me [because YOU only allow what is good deed]]
I shed my forehead's sweat,
I obeyed Your command.
For what happens: I said, 'From YOU,' [YOU create all events]
I bent my neck [forward], [I submitted myself to YOU]
[I wish for] The pardon of my fault,
[I wish for] The return of the event to my rightful due.
My Allah, YOU know [the best]."

It is the command of my Allah:
[it is] The poison of the evil eye.
[here is how the evil eye works:]
It does not make the one that flows, flow; [it does not cause one to bleed, however,]
It makes [him/her] shed his/her sweat, [although one works hard]
He/she can not take what he/she hopes for; [his/her effort is in vain]
It renders him/her helpless.
Let him/her be prayerful,
Let HIM place wall against the evil eye.
[remember, only] Prayers stand against [it].[only prayers can prevent the evil eye]

My Yunus says.
Say in my name. [say to him/her what I tell]
Let him/her not be sad in vain:
What one human gives is not sufficient
For the future of the earth.

Whatever [spiritually] immature one says to the [spiritually] mature one,
[the mature one] He/she does not bend [his/her head forward]. [he/she does not conform to the immature one]
If you give what you take in moment,
[then] He/she [the immature one] does not get out of your word [he/she obeys]. [it is very easy for immature humans to become servant of other humans]

I am Yunus, I took the word.
I said, "I burned,"
I took the saz. [saz=a stringed musical instrument (which somewhat resembles a lute)]
I passed through the bulrush.
I reached the water.
I conformed the foot to the flow of the water.
I said, "The haunt,"
I got out of the water,
I came to the place where I take shelter.
I say, "To take shelter,"
Human thinks
As if I am the only one who takes shelter.
[tell me] Which one took his/her property [with him/herself] to after earth life?
[on earth,] Everyone found a place,
He/she took shelter [in there].
Do not look at each one who says that he/she is poor. [do not pay any attention to the one who says that he/she is poor]
Poverty is in all humans who come [to earth].
Some of humans are entrustees:
He/she uses [the entrusted things], and comes [to after earth life like that].
[on the other hand, the] Saint who passes through the earth
Thinks about these:
Do you use the one that is entrusted by Allah
On HAK's path [justly]?
[or] Do you fawn on the [spiritually] mature one?

My peace is on the day
When I divide what I take from my Allah
Into three convenient parts;
When I look at my right, at my left
[and] I pay back my debt.
My debt to my Allah does not end.
If human is [was the lender], he/she does [would] not forgive;
[on the other hand,] Forgiveness of The Lofty One is lofty too.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

8 February 1970

I am Mevlana.
The one who winds the wool ball: [wool ball==lifetime on earth]
Let [his/her] mouth not open the bad,
Let it not choose human's path.
Of course not the one that Allah gives,
However, let him/her not say [about] human's fault.
[human should not tell about human's fault [at his/her face and/or should not gossip], however, he/she may talk about what God gave/gives]

My Allah forgives the one whom HE created.

Coming of the word does not change every day. [word==ONEness of HEARTs chats]
To the one who is not seen as suitable,
"You have [spiritually] matured," is not said.

Do you have doubt about your deep love for your Allah?
I said to you many times
[about] The greatness of my Allah,
[about] The abundance of HIS forgiveness.
As long as hearts are not spoiled,
As long as intentions do not go nuts, [as long as intentions are not bad/illogical...]
Human's path does not change, [human stays on the right path]
Satan does not reach him/her.

I gave the word to Yunus.
I am Yunus, I came,
I gave my [spiritual] water.
[in fact,] There is no need for me [to give you any water]
[because] I saw the one who gives [the spiritual water to you, i.e. Mevlana].
If he/she burns while winding the wool ball,
I said [to myself], "Let him/her get one sip from me too,
Let him/her be prayerful."

Ask Yunus softly.
Think about
Not the value of the place where he lies down [i.e. his grave]
But the value of the place where he arrived at.

I said to the one who was climbing to the monastery,
"What are you looking for?"
He said,
"[I am looking for] The God."
I said,
"[at] Your home?"
He said,
"Do you have word for HIS convent?" [are you criticizing our monastery?]
I said,
"[HE is] In openness, [HE is] not on the run."
I said,
"[HE is] Nearby, [HE is] not far."
He said,
"[the monastery is at a] High [place in order] to go closer to my Allah."
I said,
"Is HE not in your heart?
When you descend [from the monastery], does HE stay [up] there?
HE comes with me to the place where I go.
I carry HIM with me, in my heart.
I look for the building to put my head in." [I use the building as a shelter for my body]
He said,
"What are the mosques?"
I said,
"Worshipping place, [mosque] does not climb to the mountain,
It does not stand on the plain,
It is open to all [humans].
In order to mature [spiritually], why is it necessary
To climb,
To stay away from the earth?
Did you find HIS path,
Did you remember Allah?
If you remember the water, if you cross the sea,
If you look at the bird, if you climb to the sky
All of them show [Allah],
[all of them] Make HIS Being known."

Yunus' path finds the mature one.
I came to the word,
I said to you:
Why did you come to earth?
How [much] did you know Allah?
[some of you,] You fell in worry, you turned [away from HIS path].
[on the other hand, some of you,]
You begged, you burned [in heart],
You turned to the deep love of Allah.

Even if you ask sometimes to [a] confused one,
Even [if some of the] hearing ones ask, [even humans with common sense may ask]
Do not conform to the [their] word. [do not follow spiritually immature humans]

To the one who says, "Let me write": [to the one who says, "I can write like Garib"]
It is easy to write,
[however,] It is difficult to conform.
It is easy to wish,
[however,] It is difficult to mature spiritually.

[what is important is]
Not the lie but The Reality.
The one [the lie] that passes through inside of you, throw [it] to the street. [do not keep the lie in you, keep it out of your mind]

What is real, is the coming of the [spiritual] water.
Water flows everywhere;
Turn its path to your garden.

Do not ask the cause like that.
Allah knows,
HE gives to the one who is worthy.

It is easy to migrate from the earth [to after earth life]:
One breath is enough.
[however,] To come [to after earth life], to arrive in [the presence of God]
Requires hundred faces. [to have face==not to be ashamed] [if one was on the wrong path, committed sins etc., he/she would be ashamed to be in the presence of God]

The giving of my Allah does not fall on human, [the giving of God is not human's business]
Human does not say word to human.
Do not bend your mouth, [as when one gets angry / do not get angry]
Do not pull ear, [do not punish]
Do not say, "Have mercy," [to human] [do not beg human for mercy]
Do not divide the time. [do not think that God discriminates among humans according to time, i.e. do not think that humans in the past were luckier, or humans today are luckier]
Earth is a round ball:
Some [humans] fall, some [humans] get up.
My Allah knows,
HE disciplines HIS turned-away human.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

12 February 1970

I am Mevlana.
Laugh, say,
Carry out the one that
Is required by the age. [enjoy earth life according to your age...]

The one who goes [to after earth life], does not come back [to earth].
The one who climbs [the spiritual ladder], does not descend.

The one who consults, is not mistaken.

If it was as you think,
My being would not appear.
There is no end of the path:
There is no death, there is migration [from earth to after earth life].

Omar says,
"Search the justice in your conscience:
If it gives [you] fear, run away.
[by fear I mean] Not 'the fear of human'
But 'the fear of Allah.'
Your Allah Whom you take shelter in, protects you."

Do not wait from human,
Wish to Allah.

[it turned out that] It was my God-given share
To go on my Allah's path,
To link arms with HIS humans.
"Thank YOU my Allah," is said.
I came, I went, [I came to after earth life, I went back to earth],
I became path to the nest, [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
I gave path to the one who wished, to the one who called.

Plead with my Allah,
Say, "My Allah,
My pleading is with YOU,
My wish is to YOU.
YOU have been so kind [to us], YOU gave.
'My good luck,' I said,
I ascribed [him/her/the baby] to myself.
Spare your entrusted one for me.
Let his/her breath be abundant.
Let his/her soft heart please heart[s].
Let his/her path be convenient,
[let] His/her body be orderly.
I wished my Allah,
YOU know my RAB
Let his/her name be in accordance with his/her essence," I said.
[a prayer recommended for expecting mothers, fathers]

My human drinks his/her water,
He/she goes on HAK's path.
Make him/her rejoice,
Give [tell] him/her his/her good news.
[however,] Interpret the good news
Not for earth
But for after earth life.
The good news for after earth life
Is the loftiest of [all] good news.

The day on which he/she owns
My Allah's Light,
[the day on which he/she owns a] Piece of HIS LIGHT,
One does not ask [about] the path of the human,
One does not doubt.
My Allah shows HIS biggest favor
To the one who carries [a] piece of HIS LIGHT.
[because] HIS concern:
With his/her life, he/she owns the one that is entrusted by Allah.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

14 February 1970

I am Mevlana.
Mecelle: [used to be] convenient law. [Mecelle=[law] civil code that was devised in the nineteenth century and that was in force until 1926].
Convenient law
Is the law that conforms [adapts] to the day.

Worth of the silver, [is] in [its] bigness; [silver==matter] [value of silver depends on its quantity]
Worth of the [this] writing, [is] in [its spiritual] value;
Worth of The Meaning, [is] in seeing; [vision==to see HIM in HIS creations]
Worth of the one who sees, [is] in spiritual maturation.
I am Mevlana;
My worth is in loving
My Allah,
[and] The creations of my Allah.

We tell from Mevlana's branch.
We have [a] heart-to-heart talk about knowing my Allah.
Our spiritual value is convenient,
Our congregation is set up.
We chatted.

We do not choose the metal
Because it gives sound,
Because its sound separates the heart,
Because it turns [diverts] the path of the faithful human.

We love the [spiritual] washer, because he/she warns,
Because my Allah separates [changes the direction of] my path,
Because HE turns [my path] towards the prayers that I receive.
[when a human looks for The Meaning, prays to find the right path, God allows Mevlana [and/or other saints] to help that human]

To take is beautiful,
To give is beautiful,
To mature spiritually in What HE gives is beautiful;
To love my Allah
Is more beautiful than all.
My respect for the one who loves is a lot.

The leg of the [spiritual] table:
If you take the writing to your destiny, [the writing==ONEness of HEARTs]
[then, the leg of the table] Does not become torch.
If you burn [the leg of the table and], if you illuminate your home,
[remember that] Four legs are needed for the table.
My word is to [for] all [humans].

My Allah puts what is appropriate [for you]
On your path.
Do not say, "Why?"
Do not ask [the] cause.

I am together with all [humans],
I am next to the one who is right [correct].

Omar says [about the leg of the table]:
For just [righteous] human: support;
Injustice [for human who is not just]: stake [for punishment].
The ones who conform
To the one who is faithful,
To the one who walked on the path of HIS path;
The ones who take share [lesson] from my word
Are convenient traveler[s].
We rejoice, all of us,
We conform to soft hearts.

My Yunus wishes for the path,
He says, "Let me take the word."
I am Yunus, I came.
I saw the nest. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
I gave the soft word.
I said [to myself], "Let your word be short,
Let my essence be real."
If advice educated human,
[then] One would forbid on earth
To get out of the advice. [if advice alone was enough to educate human, then 'to follow the advice' would be mandatory on earth]
The ones who take the word onto themselves [the ones who take the word seriously]
Would conform to [follow] the advice.
[however,] No human
Takes [the responsibility of] the fault onto him/herself,
And the one who does not take [the responsibility]
Does not need any advice,
According to his/her own thinking.

I am Mevlana, I came,
"Our word is short," I said.
We gave path to the advice, [we gave advice]
"Take share [lesson] from each word," we said.
Do not say, "I do not take [this] upon myself,
I am not like that."
Listen like [a spiritually] mature one.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel