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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 7

24 January 1970

I am Mevlana.
There is no "my coming," there is "my writing"; [I do not come to earth again in body, however, I write using Garib's hand]
There is no race with one another, there is spiritual maturation;
I have many words for the ones who come.

Do not think that it would be better
If fortune conformed to your intention
Rather than to the blessing;
What my Allah gives
Is better deed than all.

You wind your wool ball, [wool ball==lifetime on earth]
You watch my path. [you look forward to my coming, my visit].
There is no need to shout,
You conform from [through your] heart.

You say,
"I became soft,
I found my way,
[however,] You have not tied your pen to me." [why am I not like Garib?]
The aim is
Bond [connection] of heart
Rather than [bond of] pen.
Pen does not come to each human.
Each human does not reach the answer.
Even if you wish, it is not enough.
What my Allah gives
Belongs to the human whom HE sees as worthy:
The writing, the word, the vision. [vision==to see HIM in HIS creations]
The writing, the word of the writing, [==interpretation of our chats]
The eye [is] in the wise one. [the one who is wise sees HIM in HIS creations...]
It is made known to all [humans].

We said, "From the wool ball,"
We conformed to the going of the path. [we conformed to events, knowing that they are created by Allah]
We have not said
About the patch, about the soft word,
We have not said about the mature one.
It is said that:
"If human wears patch[ed cloth],
If he/she gives up his/her earth[ly pleasures],
Then it is evidence that he/she is spiritually mature.
The one whom you see is wise,
He/she is [a] saint who dived into HIS [spiritual] water."
Isn't there any [spiritually] mature one who wears dress embroidered with silver thread?
Can't there be [any]?
Does my Allah not put on the scale? [does my Allah not weigh hearts?]
The one who is sightless, the one who is called 'blind,'
Black curtain on his/her eye[s],
Where is his/her vision?
Where can it be, it is in his/her heart. [he/she sees through his/her heart eye]
The one who knows his/her Allah,
The one who is tied [to Allah] with all his/her heart,
The one who knows that what comes, [and] what goes are from HIM,
Of course he/she matures spiritually on HIS path,
He/she gets the degree of sainthood.
Neither what he/she wears, nor what he/she sees
Turns him/her away from HIS path.

You ask about how it is read [prayed]:
"My Allah,
I take shelter in Your Force that YOU give.
I trust Your Loftiness."

Lofty presence of my Allah:
Let me use up
The Force that comes from HIM
On HIS path.

No [bad] word about the one that does not happen. [do not complain if your wish/intention does not come true]
I call
The one that comes [true] as intention,
The one that goes as fortune [destiny]. [I call fortune what does not happen, I do not complain, whine about what does not happen]

If my Allah wishes, HE makes [it] happen.
HE creates cause for the one that goes.
Being good deed of the one that comes
Is the work of my Allah.

If the one who does not know the right one of the path, comes,
If he/she says to you, "[right] Path?"
If he/she says, "My path is your path," [I will follow you, I choose your path as mine]
What do [would] you say?
One does not say, "My hand is yours,"
[because] Our paths do not conform [to one another].
Greatness is this.

The measure of heart is
Not in the one who says word according to HIS human,
But in the one who holds each human as one [equal]. [in the one who does not discriminate]

To see [spiritually] mature one on HIS path
Pleases you.
Seeing [spiritually] immature human
Not make [you] feel sorry.
Human's Creator
As well as HIS creation
Some humans are turned-away:
His/her smoke surrounds his/her head,
Closes his/her eye.
To be helper to him/her,
To make human win [to bring such human back to the right path]
Should give pleasure to the human [who helps].
Our duty [is]:
For the deep love for my Allah,
To give [show] [HIS] path to the one
Whose heart is confused.
[to give HIS path] It is the duty of each human
Who conforms to [HIS] path,
Who knows his/her Allah.

My Yunus [is] in the nest. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
His hands [are] in the air,
He says, "My Allah," he prays.
He wants the word from me.
[however,] To give the word to my Yunus
Is not with my permission.
At the leading edge of the bridge,
I present [spiritual water], I connect the paths.
I give the word to the ones
Who have my Allah's permission.
My duty is to give [HIS] path to the [spiritually] mature one.

Human Yunus of my Allah
Took the path on the day when he matured [spiritually].
On the path, he found [a] faithful human.
[there was a] Jasmine branch in his hand.
He talked about the day,
He had [a] heart-to-heart talk about the path.
He started the word
Saying, "My Allah."
My Yunus took the word:
I am Yunus.
I conformed
To the wish of the faithful human
Whom I met on the day
When I came to the air of the nest,
[when I came] To the halfway of my path.
I moved away
Not from the nest
But from the dervish lodge.
With the permission of my pir,
I hit the road. [I started to go on my path]
My pir said,
"[a] Human came.
He/she is washed [pure] in heart,
He/she wished,
[he/she] Asked for path from the dervish lodge.
To send [a spiritual guide] is our duty.
'Being guide' fell on you." [you will be his spiritual guide]
Yunus opened his hand[s],
He said, "Thank YOU my Allah,
[because] YOU deemed your human [called] Yunus as worthy [of being guide].
YOU made [me] serve Your human."
We hit the road for HIS path.
On the road,
[I saw a horse]
That was burned in the sun, [was hot due to the sun]
That took shelter in the shade of the tree.
It forgot [about] its mother.
Horse became soft.
Do not say,
"Does horse become soft?"
The hard one, sit on its back,
[then] You [will] see [what soft means].
"[horse] With soft manner,
[horse that] Forgot [about] its mother," I said.
Its turn came, [it was this young horse's turn to work]
It is made ready for harness.
[however, the horse] It saw [felt] the effect of the heat
On its back;
It crouched in the shade of the tree. [it took shelter in the shade of a tree]
I saw its owner,
He carried the load on his back,
He was on his way.
I asked,
"You have your horse,
[how come] Your load [is] on your back?" [Why don't you let your horse carry your load, instead you are carrying it yourself?]
He said,
"If I have my horse,
I also have my Allah.
To place packsaddle on the fresh [young] horse,
To put load on it
Is to act pitilessly towards its life.
Its life is entrusted to me, [God entrusted that horse's life to me],
I do not betray the one that is entrusted [to me].
If you say, 'It has no tongue,' [if you say, "put your load on it, it can not speak, it can not complain about you to God"]
I do not doubt my Allah." [I know that my Allah knows everything]
Faithful human of my Allah!
My Creator,
Where did he find his [spiritual] washer?
His heart is washed with the hand of my Allah.
What value does it have
If it is said with the tongue of Yunus? [Yunus saying about this event, is far from explaining his feeling]
I thought about the day when he matured [spiritually],
"Tell me about your path," I said.
To tell [is] the way of mouth,
To feel [is] the way of heart.
He said, "Wait,"
He told about his [spiritual] maturation:
"On [that] day, I came from the field,
I took the filly from the tent.
To wind the wool ball,
To wash the heart [to clean, purify the heart]
Happens from Allah. [happens by permission of Allah]
I tied the filly to [a] tree.
I took the bucket in my hand.
While saying,
'Let me give her [some] water,
Let me put her feed,'
She grew up.
She served me a lot.
She gave birth, she protected her child.
She did more work than she had [to do]
So that I did not take her child,
[so that] I did not put load on it['s child].
She looked at my face like [a] human.
She passed away before her day. [the horse passed away early]
Her child became [a] memory [of her].
I became its mother,
I have put its load on my back."
[as Yunus,] I said, "My Allah,"
I covered my face [with my hands],
I lost consciousness. [I was deeply affected]
My love for Your human is a lot.
My deep love for Your path is a lot.
Deep lovers of your path are a lot.
How Lofty YOU are my Allah.
My Yunus gets excited,
Loses his consciousness.
He leaves his word there. [he does not say any more]
To tell is not enough for human. [one can not understand from words alone]
Human does [can] not endure this situation.

Ripe apple does not stay on the tree.
There is no taste in the unripe apple:
Neither does the hand come to pick
Nor does the tongue come to eat.
Leave [it alone], let [it] ripen,
Let [it] see the sun, [so that] it ripens fast.
If you open the path to its sun, [if you make arrangement for the apple to see the sun]
[then] You will have done [a] good deed too.
What human will do is that much. [as a human that is the most you can do]
[In the previous verses please note the analogy between unripe apple and spiritually immature human.] [sun==Prophet Mohammad]

Because he/she does not mature [spiritually],
[because] He/she does not know HIS path,
[because] He/she wishes for path,
Do not turn your back [on him/her].
Tell [him/her] HIS path,
Give [him/her] your hand,
Explain the right one.
Do not let him/her say,
"How about the earth, the taste that is on earth?"
The taste of the earth,
The name of the after earth life
Happen with the right path,
[happen] With the open heart.

In HIS both worlds, [i.e. earth and after earth life]
My Allah
Gives human's reward
In accordance with his/her heart
As long as one goes according to HIS path,
[as long as] One runs away from haram.
If you ask what haram is,
[it is:]
To get unjustly someone else's share,
To try to grab [another] human's rightful due.
With your money [that is] in your pocket,
You live as you wish,
You spend as much as you have.

Do not be mistaken,
Do not be carried away by the [spiritually] immature religious fanatic.

I used to be human of the day as well as of yesterday.
On my day I got many words. [I was told many things]
Why did I not say any word? [Why did I not answer?]
"[wrongly talking] Human's heart is turned-away,
He/she is unwary," I said.
I conformed to him/her.
I took him/her to my path
Not in moment
But when its day came. [on convenient time]
I convinced him/her according to his/her way.
If what he/she remembers is game, [then] play [with him/her].
When its hour [time] comes, jump [make your move].
"You are [spiritually] washed now,
Wish to your Allah," I said.
He/she entered my path slowly,
[however, once] He/she entered, he/she ran.
Our path happened like that.
Your Mevlana gave path.
It happens like that on the [current] day too,
Hearts are [spiritually] washed according to their path[s].
Do not be carried away by the [spiritually] immature religious fanatic,
Do not put the superstition onto your path.
Let your direction be in your heart.
Your Allah knows you.
Open your heart.
Run away from the lie.

Earth [life] is not 'after earth life.'
Body does not rise to 'after earth life.'
Prepare your heart.
Body, cage: [the body is a cage]
Does [a] bird fly with the cage?

The coming again of the day, [day coming after day]
The spiritual maturation of the immature human
Occur on earth.
Let [him/her] not stay in the soil.
What I said is not understood: [let me explain:]
When the apple ripens, it falls,
It is taken by human's hand. [human takes the ripe apple and eats it]
The one who eats it,
The one who says about it, "It is thanks to HIS path,"
Is known.
[on the other hand,]
Unripe apple,
When its time is up,
When its tree is shaken,
It stays unripe,
It becomes the property of the soil.
Spiritually mature one of the human,
The one who knows his/her Allah
Arrives in the presence [of God],
Gives his/her taste.
[spiritually] Immature human stays in the soil,
Does not come to hand,
Does not give taste to mouth.
My Allah Who gives taste to the mature one,
Does not give hand to the immature one.
[similar to how] No human hand touches [the unripe apple],
Of course, my Allah does not give hand and take.
HE makes human, cause, [HE creates cause by using other humans]
He/she gives his/her hand. [HE makes another human give hand]

I am Mevlana.
Beyond this, there is
Not me
But my Allah.
I am HIS human.
I am under HIS command.
If I am in HIS human's heart,
My peace increases.

You asked [about] Yasin, [Yasin=the thirty-sixth surah of the Koran (usually recited either when someone is on the verge of death, after someone passed away, or on a holy day's night).]
You wished to remember.
You read as you wish.
You wish for the consent of your Allah.
You say,
"My Allah,
In order for my pleading with YOU to be open [clear]
[in order] To give [YOU] what comes from my inside, [in order to express myself clearly]
I read [pray] in accordance with my [native] language,
I arrive according to my heart.
When it is not [in] my [native] language,
I sleep like a tale." [if I do not pray in my native language, I sleep similar to how I would sleep when I listen to a tale [i.e. it is a waste of time]]

The sleep [is] earth vision,
[is] The worry of the human.

If you read [pray] as you know,
If you open your heart,
It is your good deed,
It is welcome.
To remember your Allah,
To conform to what HE makes happen
Is your duty.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel