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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 6

20 January 1970

I am Mevlana.
It does not happen, no harm comes to maturation:
Hand game does not turn the path of the wool ball, [wool ball==lifetime on earth] [it is thought that 'hand game' includes card games]
[it does not turn] The human of the path [away] from HIS direction
As long as its occupation is short, [as long as it does not take much time]
[as long as] It is not more than entertainment,
[as long as] It does not harm human.
To the one who says, "Would it not be better if it is not played?"
If you have time to occupy [yourself with a hand game],
If you have no loss of time, [if it is not a waste of time for you]
As long as your day, [and] night are not filled,
As long as it does not make you slave.
To the ones who say,
"It does not happen in the home of the faithful human,
Faithful human does not know entertainment": [faithful human gives up, does not care about earthly pleasures, hence he/she should not play any hand games]
My word is to the ones who darken the earth,
My word is to the ones who darken the ambience of the earth:
One does not come to earth for torture.
To live,
To respect the one who lives
[is] The duty of the human.
Each human sees living as beautiful in one direction:
There is human, he/she likes to promenade,
There is human, he/she likes the essence,
There is human, he/she likes saz, [saz=a stringed musical instrument (which somewhat resembles a lute)]
There is human, he/she likes game.
The day on which he/she does what he/she loves,
He/she considers [it] as he/she lives. [he/she thinks that is life, he/she enjoys the life]
I said that it is appropriate
To conform to him/her,
To please his/her heart.
Everything suits soft human
Because he/she does [it] moderately.
I do not slap, I [only] have advice [to give].
I came
Not to beat
But to make 'to love' known.

Do not be mistaken:
There is [only] ascent of the [spiritual] ladder,
[there is] No descent [of the spiritual ladder].
Human who is not worthy
Does not come to the leading edge of the [spiritual] ladder,
Does not take step [in the first place].

Let us bring our word to our saz. [saz = a stringed musical instrument (which somewhat resembles a lute)]
Our saz, [is] our song of heart.
Our song of heart, [is] our driving wheel of the wool ball.
Our path [is to] our Allah.
Our intention [is]
To mature [spiritually],
To give to the one who looks for path,
To say the one that is not convenient. [to warn about inappropriate manners]

Let us plead brightly,
Let us give [HIS] path to the mature one. [let us show HIS path to the one who wishes to mature spiritually]
Omar says:
To make [HIS] path known to the one who knows The Creator,
To put his/her aim on HIS path
Pleases both the earth and here [i.e. after earth life].

My Allah's giving
As well as each one of HIS work
Is appropriate.

The person who increases his/her sip,
The day on which he/she won't be able to wind his/her wool ball,
Is the day on which he/she will migrate to the path [to after earth life].
I said about the path of the mature one.

"If I am, [if I was in your shoes]
If I say your word,
I would say [about] the lamb in the nest," he [Yunus] says. [I would tell the congregation about the lamb]
My Yunus does not say,
"I say, give me the word,
Let me write two lines [for Garib]."
He does not turn our path.
He keeps on saying,
"I did not keep what I said, [I did not keep my promise]
I said three, I wrote four." [I wrote more than I promised]
"If the mature one, [and] the nest [congregation] rejoice,
There is no need for our word," I said, [if the audience liked, you do not need to worry that you talked more than you promised]
I gave the word to Yunus.
He rejoiced, he rejoiced very much.
He said, "Let me write too,"
He took the lamb in hand: [he started to tell about the lamb]
We said, "We do not have any home,"
[hence,] We brought its mother, [and] its lamb
To the dervish lodge.
We drove [a] stake in its garden,
We tied [the sheep to the stake].
It was not necessary to tie [the lamb].
We took her child [lamb] in arms,
We loved. [we patted the lamb]
We left it next to its mother,
[then] We went back to the dervish lodge.
Pir of the soft path,
His Light shone on his face.
He was [spiritually] mature, he knew,
He said, "Untie the sheep!
No stake is [should be] driven into the soil of the dervish lodge.
What my Allah gives
Is not kept as slave at this dervish lodge.
If you will take its life,
Its day is not waited.
Lamb that has mother
Is not tied by the neck."
We returned, we came. [we went back to the garden]
We saw there the lamb with [its] mother.
We looked at its mother,
She was not tied by her neck.
Her ring [of the stake] was not in the garden.
Mother, child were playing with one another,
They were having [a] heart-to-heart talk in their language.
We came to word, [we came to our senses]
We kneeled in the presence of my Allah.
Our pir said like that:
Do not make [a] living [being] [a] slave of you,
Make him/her/it love you.
Let him/her/it stay willingly.
Let him/her/it say, "My home."
If you say, "[it is nothing but an] Animal that takes care of the work,"
Do not say [that]!
Let it do your work
As long as you feed it [with] its rightful due.
What I say [is] the keramet of my pir, [keramet=1. miracle worked by God through a person. 2. the God-given power of working miracles.]
The salvation of the [spiritual] maturation.
The lesson of my word for humans: [the moral of the story is]
One should know the value of the creation,
One should give his/her/its rightful due.
One should make the one that does the work,
Perform as much as the duty is. [one should not give work more than it/he/she is capable of doing]

My Yunus said,
Greeted, [and] went,
He cut his word short.
He made known
The word of his path,
The ornament of the nest,
The peace of the heart.
What [a] happiness for you.
You say, "Branch on earth [is] according to the path." [on earth, specialization is according to the field of study]
[similarly,] You put load on the horse according to its power.
One does not put load on the one that runs.
One does not act pitilessly towards the young horse.
If it is not soft,
If it does not conform to your path,
[do not insist, instead] Give its place to another one.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

22 January 1970

I am Mevlana.
Tie the path to the path,
Set the intentions.
Do not turn [away]
From the soft day,
From the soft word.

The face of the mirror gives your image,
The face of the laughing one gives joy.

There is none that does not come true, it will happen,
His/her prayers will find their place.

Omar says:
When washed [spiritually], [when one becomes spiritually mature]
Human's wishes become essential.
The one who has essential wish
Is quickly reunited with coming true of his/her wish.
If you conform to the flow of the water of the nest, [if you conform to our teachings] [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
If you open your hand, [and] thank God, [to open hand==to pray]
[then] You will have face to wish for the new one. [if you do not thank God for the previous wish, how would you dare to make another wish to HIM?]

Your wish brings good deed to your home.
We presented the right one of the path
To your home,
To the coming of the conforming one.

My Allah, YOU made [it] happen,
YOU made us find Your humans.
From day to day,
HE increases the sip of the path, [sip of the spiritual water]
HE makes [humans] look at the beautiful path.

If I say, "If you spend effort for the trouble of the lonely earth,"
Its day comes too.

The value of the word is to conform human's path
To the day on which he/she matures [spiritually], [? To the day on which he/she is, ?]
To the moment in which he/she stands [he/she is].

If human is asked to change his/her world, [if human is asked to migrate to after earth life today]
[then] It is [would be] necessary to erase
All [humans] from the book of good deeds. ['good deed' section of the 'good deeds-sins record book' would be empty]
Nevertheless each human,
As much as he/she is [spiritually] mature,
Is inclined toward a sip.
For that [reason], the day's [today's] human
Leaves the search of HIS path for tomorrow.
While winding the wool ball,
While earth is being lived, [while life on earth is being enjoyed]
If he/she thinks about after earth life too,
If he/she looks in both directions too,
[then] He/she is [would be] [a] satisfactory human,
He/she knows [would know] the fear of Allah.

Suffering of the day [is] from yesterday. [the suffering that takes place today is the result of yesterday]
Yesterday's human,
Supposedly, his/her path [was] Allah's path.
[however,] Path is
Neither in yesterday nor in [to]day
But in one's heart,
[path is] In the one who has deep love for Allah, who has fear of Allah.

There is no 'yesterday, [to]day, tomorrow':
My Allah is every day's; [my Allah is God of all times]
HE is Allah of all humans
Who came [to earth], who migrated [to after earth life],
[and] Who will come [to earth in the future].

'Lifetime' [is] yesterday's expression,
What is the [current] day's value of the word 'lifetime'?
What does it bring from yesterday to [to]day?
What I said yesterday,
I say [it] today too.
What difference do I see in between?
I could not separate the difference.
I could not favor yesterday over [to]day.
If I could not separate,
How does my Creator separate?
How does HE say,
"My old human, my new human"?
[however,] The human whom my Allah separates [favors]
Is the human who remembers HIM
On every day.
The one who remembers [HIM] with deep love in the heart,
The one who says, "I came from my Allah."

Omar says:
We knew my Allah,
We found ourselves,
We threw
The fear of human [being scared of other humans]
Away from the heart.
The one who hopes to get excited
Does not give your [spiritual] sip.
[real/faithful] Human does not become slave
Of the one whose path is curved [wrong].
My Allah does not permit [such a situation]
As long as your path is right too.
We call "excited" the one
Whose heart gets excited
While winding his/her wool ball.
To the one who wishes for taste, for sip [of spiritual water],
We give [heavenly] wine.
One does not call taste as the flavor of the wine.
The ones who take sip are not pillaged.
One needs to give support to the ones
Whose hearts burn.
[yet such a human:]
He/she does not know that he/she burns [in heart],
He/she does not achieve his/her aim.
[in such cases]
Soft path is given,
His/her heart is cooled.
Such human is called as
Drunkard by you;
He/she is called as
Dervish saint by us,
[they are indeed] Not addicted [to alcohol].

To be filled with Allah's deep love,
To become drunk [with joy].
You call drunkard the one who is drunk.
[how about] The one who is [spiritually] mature,
[the one] Who found [HIS] path,
[the one] Who fell in deep love with Allah in heart.
I told you that
Our nest set the congregation up
With humans like that.

I did not say,
"Erase the earth,
Fall in the worry of after earth life."
One does not say so!
My Allah does not want that it is said [so].
Know to remember [HIM],
Do not forget [about] the after earth life
So that you do not get out of the right path.
The one who knows the after earth life
Does not look at the curved [wrong path].

Wearing green dress, [green==LIGHT color of Prophet Mohammad]
My Yunus wrote the epic.
Since Yunus became Yunus,
[since] His path comes to the nest,
[since] He has been writing our writing,
He has become soft.
He gave his [? HIS ?] path like that.
He left the word to tomorrow.
To the one asking about his smoke,
He said, "The cloud?"
To the one asking about his epic,
He said, "The brave one?"
To the one asking about his tomb,
He was about to speak harshly,
He swallowed. [he held himself]
"Ask the one who knows my path," he said.
Where he [his body] lies down is not important; [where his tomb is does not matter]
What is important is where he stands.
He is sad about that, he gets angry at the one asking [that].
"If it is necessary to remember [me],
Find [a] tree, remember me [there],
Say, '[here is] The tomb of Yunus,'
Call me,
I come,
I answer your prayer," he [Yunus] says.

My Yunus is humble like this:
He goes on foot, [instead of riding on his donkey]
He does not put halter on his beloved donkey,
He conforms his step to its step. [he adjusts his walking speed according to his donkey's pace]
He says for each tree, "It is mine,"
He leaves a pinch of his heart [with the tree].
Of course, the place where he is remembered is
Not one pinch of ground.

Omar says,
"If each human took place in the ground,
[then] There would not be any place [left] for the one who comes."

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel