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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 64

11 December 1972

I am Mevlana.
We threw [away] the feverishness,
We chose the peace.
In respect, we chose the border. [we are respectful]

Let the one who wants to take water from the well
Go and get [it]. [water of the lake/well does not flow to the ocean [ocean==God; water of the lake/well==religious fanatic]] [if he/she wants to follow religious fanatics, leave him/her alone...]
Let 'inclination to conform' stay in you. [conform to events]

If you wish to eat the grape,
Do not say, "I will not take my eye away from the vineyard." [I will take good care of the vineyard]
Whether you take [your eye] away or not,
What you will eat is your God-given share.
If you say, "Is no value given to taking care [of the vineyard]?"
When you plant HIS vineyard,
When you give water to its root,
Even though work is yours,
The Giving is from my Allah.
If its soil did not mature,
If it did not nourish its root,
Neither would the water that he/she gave, be sufficient
Nor would the yield of the vineyard, stay. [nor would the vineyard be fruitful]
Know HIM in each event. [know that God is The Creator of each event]
HE, HE is So Great that
HE draws the destiny of
Not only yours,
But also the ant's,
Even of the invisible creation that you call microbe.
You can find the measure of HIS Greatness
Even from there.

You wish to HIM,
"Let HIM give my wish," you say.
Your wish is, in reality, the one that HE wants to give you.
If you say, "[how about] The wish that does not come true?"
Do not wish for what would not come true.
If you say, "Let me oppose the order that is set up,
Let me take place in the order, [let me rule/change the order]
Let me fly to the stars,"
Then you make [a] wish that will not come true.
[on the other hand,]
If you say,
"Let me make what is not sufficient, sufficient,
Let me want from my Allah for more,"
HE gives, because it is HIS own wish.
What confuses HIS human is this:
HE makes HIS human who does not know [how] to want [wish],
Search until HE makes [him/her] know. [until he/she learns]

Wishes come true;
The one that does not come true is never seen.
However, what confuses human in coming true [of the wish] is this:
Sometimes it happens in its moment, [very quickly]
Sometimes it comes in installments,
[sometimes] It does not happen at all during the time of the human.
There is none that does not come true,
Yet, the place at which it is given is different;
In other words, it is seen that it comes true when his/her world changes. [some wishes come true after human migrates to after earth life]

Human thinks, imagines:
'Let me be so powerful that
I hit the one who comes in front of me, I beat [him/her].'
The wish that I wrote is not pleading:
It is within the scope of not pleading but greed.

My Allah draws HIS human's destiny,
HE gives him/her even his/her wish.
When one knows that What comes from HIM is good deed,
When one comes to this degree [to this spiritual maturity level],
Requests leave their place
To conforming to What comes from HIM.
Since HE thinks about me more that I do about myself,
[since] HE unties my knot,
[since] HE draws my destiny,
What is left for me to want from HIM?
Do I have my intelligence to give HIM?
Wishes are in the ones who have not come to this degree [yet].
My Allah makes even your wish be said [by you].
The One Who does not get bored [tired] is HIM, [The One Who does not get tired of making wishes come true is HIM]
The One Who does not complain [about humans' so many wishes] is HIM...

Straightness of your day,
Does not provide 'pelesenk' for the curve [bending] of the night. [pelesenk= word that is repeated again and again]
What is 'the straightness of the day'?
Each intention that is [for] good deed.
The curve [bending] of the night: evil events,
In other words, bad intention of the human.
When the intention is bad
You can not give to view
The good deed that you had to do. [you can not make disappear the badness of an intention by a good deed that you had to do [that you were obliged to do]]
[in other words,]
You can not show the good deed as witness
To [for] the evil that you did.
'Pelesenk' is the word that is said over and over again.
In other words, there is no wergeld of the good deed
That is done as cover to your bad intention.
My Allah does not give measure to HIS human with [according to] cover;
HE weighs his/her intention.

You can not give direction to the ship with temperament.
You only give with "hay." [hay==human separating his/her heart from his/her body]

The tree is not cut before collecting its fruit.
The fruit that is unripe is not collected.
If you do not try to wait,
[then] Its value does not stay. [one does not see its value]

Even if you give direction to the ship,
You can not say, "Stop!" to the ocean:
Its water rises, the ship goes,
When its water lowers,
The ship runs aground.
Its captain should be able to know the events.

If you say, "Let me assist,"
Then you are mistaken.
[because] You become as if you give value to your power,
Whereas the power is only in HIM.
Everything is in HIM,
[everything] Is in HIS Persona.
The universe is in HIS Attribute,
In HIS shadows. [shadow is written in plural]
What is meant by 'shadow' [is]:
When you look in the water, you see your [own] reflection.
In the water you do not see your real self, but your reflection.

My Yunus says that:
If the horse talks to the horse,
If human witnesses this,
Surely, the only word that he/she will hear is,
"Thank YOU my Creator."
If the sheep and the lamb bleat,
What they will say, is again the same.

The one who deeply occupies him/herself with the soil,
Is the one who digs the secret of the universe.

Pamuk Dede: [Pamuk Dede=Cotton Grandpa]
While waiting for Friday,
While adding to Thursday,
While keeping Wednesday,
He did not let Tuesday go out of the heart.
He took place not from the days,
But from the hearts.
He saw garden in each heart.
He was prayerful for the giving,
He found the purity on the cotton branch.
His name was said as Cotton Grandpa.
One used to think that his eye did not see,
That he did not know the universe.
If human knows what matures in the vineyard of the heart,
If he/she does not pity each eye that does not see,
Then he/she would see the place where Cotton Grandpa reached.

"To pity" is not the duty of the human.
Let my word not be misunderstood:
I did not say, "Be pitiless."
Find each event in The Giving of my Allah. [know that each event is created by my Allah]
Are you bigger than HIM so that
You pity What HE gives?
You, do the humanity duty that falls on you.
The one whom/that you see in need for help,
Help according to your power.
What you do is that.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

14 December 1972

I am Mevlana.
The pleasure of the one who is master of hal
Is the path of HAK.
What is 'master of hal'?
It means: he/she conformed to each one that happened.
Yet, when it is said, "He/she conformed,"
It is the decision that comes neither from you nor from me
But from The Lofty One.
Master of hal is the one who
Neither does he/she call the past to mind
Nor does he/she hope from the future.
In the present state [situation/condition], he lives as 'hal.' [hal==to find oneself in water, air, sand, soil, tree, leaf…]
If he/she is on the shore, he/she looks at the ocean.
[yet] There is nothing left for him/her to search from [in] the ocean
Because he/she does not find by searching.
The moment in which he/she matures [spiritually],
He/she is ash in the point.
Pleasure is the phase in which human
Gets free of the matter,
Opens the curtain to The Meaning.
In other words, the [our] chats.
Kal: yes kal is beyond 'hal,'
It is the highest [spiritual] degree of the human who is on earth.
And that was made God-given share of only one human:
HIS Representative.
The verse [of the Koran] that says,
"I gave the kal'em to your hand," [kal'em==key of the universe]
Is that one.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

15 December 1972

I am Mevlana.
If you put "mey" [wine] in the cup,
If you find the one who is drunk with the mey, [if you become drunk [with joy]]
If I ask you what you look for, what do you say?
You find HIM in each one that you look for.
If it is like that, [then] Whatever you look at, Whatever you see
Is only HIM.
What makes HIM exist is your deep love,
What makes you find HIM is your practice [intentions /actions/loving/prayers on earth].
Practice makes [you] find, deep love makes [spiritually] mature,
Mey makes fill [up]...

I am HIM, you are HIM.
The one who does not know him/herself: game.
The one who does not know him/herself, is the one who is in the game.
If you say, "I am enchanted, I found HIM,'
Is there any moment in which HE is not found?
If you knew the life in the life,
If you found the blood in the blood,
It is what you take from Darling.
If you say, "I gave the life to Darling,"
I say, "WHOM did you take [it] from, WHOM did you give [it] to?"

Each one who says, "My Allah," is HIS human.
HE loves without discriminating,
HE protects without favoring [one over another one].
There is no two-ness in HIM.

Do not disdain HIS human
While looking at his/her earth state. [do not disdain HIS human for on his/her situation on earth]
Do not bow to HIS human
While looking at his/her earth state.
Since you are HIS human,
Know HIS human from you:
You in yourself,
Me in HIM,
All [humans] in One.
There is
Salvation in ONEness,
Keramet in ONEness, [keramet=1. miracle worked by God through a person. 2. the God-given power of working miracles.]
Amazement in ONEness,
Reality in ONEness.
ONEness opens each curtain.
The one who divides the ONEness, runs away from what?
From The Reality.

To find HAK in science,
[to find] The Reality in HAK.
The matter of the science leans on The Meaning. [matter=things that are visible to human's earth eye]
The last end of the matter becomes solution in The Meaning.
For that [reason], there is no matter, no Meaning [separation] of the science.
The cradle of the science is the matter,
The mattress [of the cradle is] The Meaning.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

22 December 1972

I am Mevlana.
We did not search in the basket,
We did not say, "What is the reason?"
We found HIM in each event,
We knew that each one that/who came was from HIM.

If you ask from the one who knows [if you ask the one who knows]
What will he/she say as what he/she knows? [what will he/she say, starting with, "here is what I know:..."?]
It is what the one who does not know, asks.
I did not see that I knew, [? I did not see The One That I knew, ?]
I did not say, "What do I know?"
I took as much as given,
I did not look beyond,
I did not turn back.
In the moment, I knew the hal: [hal==to find oneself in water, air, sand, soil, tree, leaf…]
I put the point there. [I became One]

If you do not count the page[s], [if you are patient]
If you do not have enough of The Beauty, [if you can not stop loving The Beauty / if you love all creations of Allah]
If you do not conform to each word, [if you use your logic/mind and screen what they say]
Then you are among the ones who take HIS path.

We walk around the surroundings,
We have heart to heart talk with HIS each human.
If you say, "How about the body?"
We stay away from the matter.
The body does not know the body,
The body does not erase the event.
The one that knows as well as the one that erases, is the spirit.

If you look for the defect that is in the body,
Comb your heart.
Separate the ego from The Self [The Essence/Spirit],
Get The Self free of the body.
Without saying, "I/me," see HIM.
Mix me, [and] you in HIM.
Whatever there is
In HIS Giving,
On HIS Display in the universe
Is for you.
Do not say,
"HE discriminates HIS human, [HE discriminates among HIS humans]
HE favors HIS human whom HE loves [over other humans]."
There is none whom HE favors.
Only the one who loves, sees HIM.

If you do not open your door, do you take the air [in]?
Do you see the sun?
You sit in the dark,
You only see the dark,
You [only] know the dark.
Whose fault is it?
If you say, "There is no sun, no air,"
Then look forward to correcting your mistake,
To opening your window, your door so that
You see HIM.

The giving of the sun [sun==Prophet Mohammad]
Is the wrapping of the universe.
Sun was created too.
Each being that is created, is The Creator's.
The One Who is not created, is only my Allah.
I arrived in HIM,
I became One with HIM.
I set up the connection through the heart that became One [with HIM].
Event is only this.

Our chat is [about]
Neither you nor me
But HIM.
I [am] in HIM,
You [are] in HIM,
All of us [all humans] [we are] in HIM.
All of us are rose in HIM.
We came together, we are reunited
In the color of HIS rose,
In the harmony of HIS deep love.
The giving of the body is from HIM.
The love of the earth is from HIM.
If it is like that, let us love HIM on earth too.
Let us give HIS value while [we are] in body. [let us value HIM/perceive/understand/love HIM while we are on earth in body]

In order to arrive in HIM,
It is not necessary to treat the body roughly
Since your body is from HIM too,
[since it] Is from HIS giving.
If my eye saw, it is HIS eye,
If my hand held, it is HIS hand,
If my intelligence is sufficient, it is HIS intelligence.
There is none that is mine.
"We are pitiful," is said.
Why are we pitiful?
Since we own HIS Attributes,
We are happy, we are blessed.
Because we are HIS human.

If you say, "Our mistakes?"
We take shelter in HIM.
When we take shelter in HIM, we stay away from mistakes.
In the case of mistake[, say,]:
"Your human begs my Allah's pardon." [in the case of mistake, beg HIS pardon...]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

25 December 1972

I am Mevlana.
The one who does not say, "My Allah,"
The one who does not wish for HIS path,
The one who does not know HIS human
Is the one who does not thank HIM saying, "My Creator."

The one who tries to educate human with human
Is the one who tries to grind his/her existing Light
With matter.

Advice is human's HAK path.
Infliction is wool ball's knot.
If the light that the candle gives, is not enough,
Burn torch. [if human does not see under the light of the advice, he/she is given more light [in the form of infliction]]
Look forward to being soft.

Do not say, "The one that I give,"
Think of The Giver.
Do not say, "The one that you eat," [remember that what he/she eats, is given by The Giver too]
Do not fall on [a] path that is different of The One Who gives the permission.
HE gives, HE sees, HE protects.
Every path is under HIS protection.
You say, "My child," you try to protect [him/her].
Let it not be forgotten that The One Who protects, is HIM.
HE does not discriminate, HE does not favor [one human over another].
HIS Being is in HIS each human.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Akţiray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Özel