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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 63

3 November 1972
(Kadir Night) [Kadir Night=the Night of Might (the twenty-seventh of Ramadan, when the Koran was revealed)]

I am Mevlana.
Let greeting be to you,
Let your prayers come to us.
We came, we looked at the faces,
We became [spiritual] washer of hearts.
We did not consider your [spiritual] wash as narrowness,
We did not complain on HIS path.
We did not say, "Interrogation,"
We did not search the final judgment.
We said, "Eyvallah,"
We walked.
We found the salvation in "eyvallah."

If what is searched, is known,
Then one does not go to search.

Fake heart does not give [any] flower.
If you water the steppe,
What it will give, is again steppe.
Fault is
Not in The Giving,
But on the surface of the taker. [if his/her heart gate is closed, spiritual water can not get in]

Our night is in the essence of all nights,
[our night] Is in the eye of the faithful human.
If you say, "The same night?"
The night that matures [tonight], is in the intention.

Refer [submit] the judgment to my Allah so that
You know that it is correct.

In respect of the night,
One coveted the coming of the angels and the spirit, [one desired to learn about the coming of the angels and the spirit]
Point is put there.
Let it not be forgotten: Being [Existence] is ONEness.
If "spirits" is said, [instead of "spirit"]
It is separation;
Whereas what is meant by 'the Night of Might,'
Is the night at which The Creator becomes One
With HIS creation[s]. [i.e. contrary to 'separation']

If you hoist sail,
If you run away from the shore,
What you see is endless.
Hoist the sail of your heart,
Run away from the shore so that
You become One in endless;
Let you know the wish there. [wish to become One in endless]
Is the night at which Darling and close friends become One,
Is the night at which one finds Darling in the life.
It is the night at which one leaves the body on the earth and
Becomes One in HIM.
It is the night at which one finds
His/her wish in green,
His/her wing in blue,
HIM in purple...

Do you expect the opening of the door
That you did not knock on?
Do you hope that the path that you do not walk on
Do you close your eye [do you pass away]
Before finding HIM?
Let my Allah not make us close our eyes
Before finding HIM.
Let my Allah not give way to our migration
Before making [HIM] known on earth. [I wish that Allah does not let us migrate to after earth life before we know HIM while we are on earth in body...]

If we are in shade,
Let HIM not deprive us of HIS sun. [sun=Prophet Mohammad]

Let HIM not make us throw [away] the old one
Before taking the new one. [the new one==ONEness of HEARTs; the old one==previous faiths]

Let HIM not make HIS human's intention
Be sold for money.

Let us digest what HE gives,
Let us not ask saying, "Why?"
If we find the bakery,
Let us not stay without bread... [let us be content with what HE gives us]

If you say,
"What is the hikmet in the rose's thorn?"
"It is hanger for human's faults," I say.
What is rose?
It is the example of courtesy,
Of elegance, of purity.
If you look for fault in it,
Then you fall in fault yourself,
Then you get hung on its thorn.

Do not say,
"Small jug is full, [small jug fills up easily]
Big one stays in empty [is not full]." [be content with what you have...]

If it is said,
"Is the feeling in spirit or in body?"
When the spirit goes,
Does the body not become [an] unnecessary merchandise?

The one who does not take
Does not know [about] the [spiritual] water.
[hence,] He/she does not feel sad that he/she does not know about [it].
Let my Allah make [him/her] know,
Let HIM make [him/her] find his/her [spiritual] water.

Hearts are looked over.
Kaaba is "becoming ONE of the hearts."
The place at which hearts become one
Is equal to Kaaba.

In [when] drinking, one looks for slight drunkenness,
In sayyid, [one looks] for the addition [of HIS Light]. [sayyid=a descendant of Prophet Muhammad / each human to whom Allah added from HIS Light, is sayyid]
What do you search on earth?
Is it not
To know HIS darling, [HIS darling=Prophet Mohammad]
To wish for his intercession?
Each human who is from HIM, is sayyid:
The ones who take from HIS addition [from HIS Light].
If you wish for The Essence of my Allah on earth,
[then] Look at HIS darling. [look at Prophet Mohammad]
If you conformed to HIS darling,
If you took HIS Koran,
If you found in your body, [if you found HIM on earth while you are in your body]
If you say,
"I became One with YOU my Allah,
I conformed to Your spokesperson for the universe,"
[then] Do you not become one of the ones who come from the lineage of HIS darling?
[then] Do you not come as sayyid too? [then do you not become sayyid too?]
The meaning of the 'lineage' is
Not coming from the blood,
But coming from the life.
He [Prophet Mohammad] does not abandon you,
If you knew/know HIM.
Did HE not create the universe for him [Prophet Mohammad],
In him [in Prophet Mohammad] for you [for the rest of humans]?

If you look over your heart,
You find HIM.
When you are hurt,
WHOM do you call?
HE hurts you in order to make HIMSELF found.

Density is not at the place where the bird flies.
"Keramet" is not at the place where human falls. [keramet=1. miracle worked by God through a person. 2. the God-given power of working miracles.]
If you call as keramet
What The Creator gives,
Then you are keramet, yourself too. [human, himself, is an example of keramet]
Keramet is what human can not reach,
[keramet is] What human can not give to human.
You, can you make [build/create] yourself?
Can you give life to a body?

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

16 November 1972

I am Mevlana.
From coming [to earth] until the migration [to after earth life],
Human chooses HIS path.
The one who says,
"Which saint's path do I choose?"
Gets confused.
Because the path is not saint's
But The Lofty One's.

The only being for whom you will say,
"Let me take as example, let me be like [him/her]," [? "Let me mature [spiritually] like him/her," ?]
Is Hazrat Mohammad.
Each saint found HIS path
With one Attribute of HIM. [in Koran, there are 99 Attributes of God]
He [Hazrat Mohammad], he gathered in his bodily constitution
All the Attributes.
Each saint
Complements the dust of HIS path.

Give place
Not to wergeld,
But to intention.
[each [bad] intention has its wergeld; therefore, be careful when you set your intention up...]

When "my Allah" is said,
Each human becomes one.
When one ties his/her heart to HIM,
Each human becomes pir.

Do not look for keramet in the appearance of the one [keramet= 1. miracle worked by God through a person. 2. the God-given power of working miracles.]
Who knows HIS day,
Who takes HIS path.
When we took [HIS] path,
When we filled hearts with The Beauty,
What did we see?
We loved the stone as well as the soil
As well as the leaf that was dry. [as well as the dead leaf]
That means that hearts matured,
They are filled with deep love.

What is seen in each going,
Is "calming down" in [spiritual] maturity.
What is meant by "calming down" is
Being mixed with distilled deep love.
When the sea gets wavy,
Its sand, its litter mix with one another.
[however,] When it calms down, everything takes its [proper] place,
The sea stays again without addition. [sea looks/is again clean]
For that [reason],
Try to be separated from the faults, like in the example of sea.

Faultlessness is unique only to Allah.
When one is human, it is necessary
Not to make the body own the fault.
In other words, it is not like,
"I did so
Because my Allah wanted [me to do] like that."
My Allah does not want you to make any mistake;
[however,] In order to show you the one that is correct,
HE gives [you] permission to make the mistake.

In going around, in seeing around,
One should learn to love.
In mistake,
One should learn to cover.
You, you should not have any place
In seeing [the mistake] and saying, "[this is] Mistake."
Because when he/she makes that mistake,
You can not know his/her intention.
How do you know whether he/she makes the mistake
With good intention or
With bad intention?
You took the branch, you held [it] toward the front;
Once it enters the eye of the one who comes from the opposite direction,
If you say that your intention was good,
Who believes you,
Or the one whose eye got out? [or the one who lost his/her eye?]
Your intention should be knotted with logic,
When mistake is seen, one should warn.
To the one who carries the branch in the hand, one should say,
"Sir, the branch is long,
It may poke the one who comes from the opposite direction."
One should not load the fault on his/her hand, arm. [one should not talk in a manner to blame/offend him/her]

The benefit is for the one
Who becomes fellow of the traveler,
Who knows HAK in the traveler,
Who looks for HAK on the path...

If you say,
"I know my Allah,
I love the ones that HE gives.
In return, let my Allah see me,
Let HIM favor me with HIS favors,"
Then you are mistaken,
[because] You go to denial. [you deny HIM]
My Allah creates HIS each human,
HE confers favor on the one whom HE created/creates.
You, if you saw/see yourself outside of that,
Let my Allah forgive you.
My Allah does not confer favor on the saints differently.
What happens in them, is the opening of their closed [heart] eyes.
Let us say, "My Allah,"
Let us be prayerful for your humanity.
Let us know our humanity,
Let us wish that HE makes us know.
Let us take as guide
Not the path of the one who is shrewd,
But only [the path of] the Koran.

If I came to you,
If I became fellow of your path,
My gain is my joy.
If I reminded the one who goes on the path
About the one who stayed [behind] on the path,
My joy is endless.
Who is the one who goes on the path?
He/she is the one who says, "My Allah."
Who is the one who stays [behind] on the path?
He/she is the one who knows the earth as residence.

Night and day are unique to earth,
Not to the universe.
Earth finds the shadow from its own shadow.
There is no shadow of the universe.
Universe takes its light
Not from the sun
But from The Lofty One.
It is illuminated with HIS LIGHT.
Earth nourishes the matter,
Universe [nourishes] the meaning.
The universe is each one that/whom my Allah said to, "Be!",
That/whom HE created.
Shadow is present in everything that is matter.
Shadowless-ness is unique to the meaning
Because there is no shadow of my Allah.
HE has only HIS LIGHT.

If you are the one whom HE created,
Why do you not love yourself?
If I am the one whom HE created,
Why do you not love me?
If he/she is the one whom HE created,
Why do you not love him/her?
You, if you loved me, him/her,
Since your wish is shadowless-ness,
Then why do you not tolerate HIS shadow?
The one who does not wish for the shadow [on earth]
Does not find shadowless-ness [in after earth life].
The one who does not love earth can not conform to after earth life.

If you find the [life]boat on the ship that sinks,
If you give place to the one who is next to you,
You become HIS human.
If you say,
"Let me save my life,
Let me jump first,"
Then you negotiate for your life.
Whether you get on the boat first,
Or get on later, or even if you do not get on [the boat] at all,
You will [only] see whatever your writing is.
Yet, you will fill your saddlebag
According to your intention. [you will be graded according to your intention/action]
What is valuable in each event
Is submission [to HIM]
For what happened, for what will happen.

Do not look for the rose in matter.
What is meant by the rose: to act like the rose,
To say the word of the rose, from his/her tongue.
The meaning of saying,
"He/she claimed the ownership of his/her thorn":
[is] Not to let the bitter word get out of the tongue. [not to talk in a heart breaking manner]

To wish to the saints, is to use intermediary,
Is to send your letter by post.
Come to HIS presence, wish yourself from the bottom of your heart;
Do not give [your wish] from hand to hand.
If you say, "Is he/she faulty?"
It is in accordance with the intention.
When you submit [your wish] to the saint,
My Allah is still with you.
Nevertheless, my Allah makes humans who do not know [how] to come to their senses,
Come to their senses on that path.
Human who goes to the saint
Connects, in reality, his/her heart to my Allah.
When his/her wish comes true,
He/she thinks that the saint gave [it]:
[in reality,] My Allah gives [it].
However, HE makes the saint be loved by HIS human as well,
HE reminds HIS human of him/her [of the saint] in every moment.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

1 December 1972

I am Mevlana.
We were life,
We said, "Darling."
Saying, "Darling," we burned, we became ash.
We found the life in Darling.
Life, Darling, we became One,
We wrapped all [humans] together.
We mixed human with human's Light.
We gathered human with Darling.
Life, Darling, lives, we became One.
If you look for soil on the ground,
[if you look for] Leaf at the summit,
If you comb your heart with Light,
The outcome is to become ash.

Where did you search, where did you find?
Whichever heart you break,
[know that] My Allah is there.

Did you look for God's compassion?
Did you wait and find?
[yet,] There is no need to wait,
Each human is inside of HIS compassion.
Whether you perceive [HIM] or not,
Whether you ask [HIM/about HIM] or not,
HE is with you.
[on the other hand, for you to be with HIM:]
It is sufficient that you are with HIM too.

Talk about the procedure [method],
[however,] Do not go into detail.
The one who examines the detail, breaks off the rope.
The one who does not know to be patient,
The one who does not tolerate the sorrow
Does not get any news from the relief. [would not get relief]
You say, "Cold," you are cold,
The more you are cold, the more you put on clothes,
In hot [weather], you undress:
The detail is that.
What is essential is: hot and cold.
Because there is human, he/she wears dress,
There is human, he/she wears cloth over [another] cloth. [i.e. multiple layers of clothing]
Each human wishes for what he/she is used to.
However, he/she finds
Not what he/she is used to
But what HE divides [what HE distributes as God-given share]...

Not for difficulty,
But for compassion.
If you do not tolerate what the difficulty gives,
Then wish to be soft.
My Allah knows his/her [state of spiritual] maturation:
HE does not put HIS human who does not tolerate, in difficulty.
HE does not give to HIS human
The one that HIS human begs for, saying, "Let it not happen."

The one who is faithful knows:
It is your right to stay within moderate [limits].
[however,] If you say, "Let me be the one who makes the decision,"
Then you are mistaken.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

7 December 1972

I am Mevlana.
You do not love the wild pear.
[yet,] If you know its connection,
Then you change your word,
You say, "It is beautiful too."
You see the oil lamp as little,
You say, "It gives little light."
When you stay in the dark,
You wait for aid from the oil lamp.
Then why do you complain?

Mind [is] from my Allah,
Idea is from HIS humans.
What is meant by 'idea' is softness.
What is meant by 'softness'
Is to conform to events,
Is to use the mind that my Allah gave,

Each human's path is different.
Let him/her conform according to his/her path,
Let him/her know my Allah as Helper.
When he/she knows like that,
Human does not say about the event, "Trouble."

The one who does not conform to the public,
Is the one who does not listen to the voice.

When referred [transferred/submitted] to my Allah,
Groundless worry is thrown backward [thrown away].

My Allah does not change what HE writes,
HE does not write for HIS human the one that is not good deed.
Each event that you call as 'suffering'
Is the lock of the bright door.
There is lock of every bright event,
Its key is in human's hand.
When human stays away from patience,
Neither can he/she find the lock,
Nor can he/she open the door.
HIS impatient human stalls,
Makes his/her heart muddy.
Let it not be forgotten:
My Allah writes each event
For the good deed of HIS human.
What you see in the surroundings,
What you say [about], "If it does not conform,"
Is because of your groundless worry.

Do you look for benefit in the writing that you do not earn?
Do you plant flower in the soil that you do not dig?
Do you water the soil that is not planted?
Dig the soil, plant the flower, water its root.
Then when it is referred to my Allah,
Your flower grows.
Do not be scared [do not worry] that it dries. [be confident, it will grow]

In any event, do not look for the faulty one,
Because my Allah prepares the events,
Not human.
Can you get out of what is written in the record?
Can you change the order of the earth?
Can you say,
"Let me prevent the one who/that goes, [? "Let me prevent the one who goes [to after earth life], ?]
Let me oppose the one who/that comes?" [? Let me oppose the one who comes [to earth]"? ?]
Can you say, "The food that cooks is mine"?
You cooked, [yet,] let us see if it is your God-given share.
Let us say, "Eyvallah,"
For each event that is from [created by] my Allah.
Let us know that What comes from HIM, is good deed.
Let us not look for difficulty in the delay. [when something does not happen right away, do not interpret it as bad]
To create difficulty does not suit human.

I said, "I am Yunus."
I saw
The green in all [humans],
The yellow in the straw,
The blue in the sky.
To the one who put the heart in the silver, [to the one who desired silver,] [silver==matter; gold==spiritual meaning]
I said, "Let you look at the gold."

Each human who is faithful knows that the universe
Educates human.
The one who takes HIS path at night, with the star, [human who goes on HIS path during the night thanks to the star]
During the day, he/she finds HIS direction from HIS shadow.
Is what is meant by 'the sun,' not HIS Representative?
The one who is on his [Prophet Mohammad's] [? HIS ?] path, finds him/herself.
The one who finds him/herself, determines HIS direction.
Similar to how one finds from the shadow
That the sun gives.
The duty of the star is to make one come to the day.
[Previous verses may be better understood under the light of the following information: during sleep, spirit of the human who has permission from Allah, meets with other spirits of the same spiritual level and/or his/her saint. Human's spiritual education continues during these meetings that take place in Light...] [star==saint; sun==Prophet Mohammad]

The one who stays away from loving,
Day comes, he/she falls in the pain of loneliness,
At that time, he/she falls in [the search of] love. [then he/she starts to look for love]
Love the one that you eat as well as the one that you do not eat.
Love the one that you see as well as the one that you do not find.
Love the one that you hear as well as the one that you do not take.
Love the one that is yours as well as the one that is mine.
Love the one that is not yours as well as the one that does not come from me.
Love so that you reach the salvation in love.
Love so that you find your life in Darling.
In order to say, "I am HIM,"
It is necessary to love the one who/that is from HIM.
In order to say to my Allah, "I am with YOU,"
It is necessary that you join HIM.
It is necessary that you obey HIS attributes exactly. [in Koran, there are 99 names/attributes of Allah]

If you can not do anything,
In crime, you look for the guilty one.
The guilty One is my Allah.
Since each event is from HIM,
Look not for the guilty one of the crime,
But for cover for the crime.
What is meant by 'cover,' [is this:]
Plant flowers on top of it, [so that]
The one who sees, says, "So beautiful,"
[so that] He/she sees the fault as beautiful.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel