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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 62

1 October 1972

I am Mevlana.
We are under the command of The Lofty One,
We are in the heart of HIS human.
We are on HIS path, we trail. [we follow the footprints of Prophet Mohammad]
Our existence is from HIM.
We walked [with] Koran in the hand,
[with] Deep love in the heart.

Do not look for cause [do not question]
In the going of HIS path, [when going on HIS path]
In the driving of HIS herd, [do not question how HE takes care of HIS humans]
In the coming back of the journey. [when one migrates from earth life to after earth life]

The One That is ONE is not questioned in [a] shape. [human who is in body/in matter/in image does not question The Reality]
[because] The Beauty does not fit into description. [The Reality can not be described in the image environment / human who is in the image environment can not visualize The Reality]

Mesnevi is
Not the word of the path,
But the word of my deep love:
It is the description of the beyond of the wall.
If I say, "Describe the egg,"
You can not know,
You can not solve the chicken and the egg.
You can not ask the one who is on the land
About what happens in the water.

You can not conform to the path-master [guide]
Of whom you do not know the temperament.

What comes in moment, does not disappear in conjecture. [event occurs in moment; if you say, "I behaved like this because I thought that what I knew was right," your excuse is in vain...]
One does not look for evil in 'sheep and lamb.' [human is responsible for evil]

The continuation of the universe is endlessness.

If you ask the hal of the silver to the goldsmith, [silver==matter; gold==spiritual meaning]
He/she [just] tells you its [physical/matter] value.

Do not say about the door that you do not open,
"My loss."
Do not be offended by the one that is lost.
Because if it was written to [as] your gain,
The door would open to you.

If the one who says, "Hey," [hey= 1. Look here!/Hey! 2. Hey, ...!/O ...!/Ah, ...!]
Learns to say, "Hay," [hay==human separating his/her heart from his/her body]
Then he/she would keep gold in his/her memory [mind]. [gold==spiritual meaning]
There is
Insult in "hey,"
Salvation in "hay."

In worry, I saw the dawn.
At dawn, I found the sun. [sun==Prophet Mohammad]
In the sun, like in the example of water,
I evaporated and disappeared.
In nothingness, I erased the body.

Do not wait for science
From the pen that you can not own.
In the science that you can not take,
Do not conform to what opens in your heart.

My Yunus says:
In each chip, [shaving of the wood]
I observed the whole of the tree,
I found the taste of its fruit.

In [a] lawsuit where the case is so open [clear] that there is no place for doubt,
One does not look for proof. [analogy with The Existence of Allah]

One does not know the color of the flower that does not blossom. [the color of the flower is not know until it blossoms]

At the place where you heap the straw,
You can not see any vineyard,
You can not find soft path.
At the place where the straw is heaped,
Of course wheat is planted;
For that [reason], no vineyard can be planted.

Can you think that HE does not give [to you] in oil,
[can you think] That you do not take [from HIM] in honey?

What is it that you see in gazelle,
That you love [in it] saying, "Its eye"?
Isn't it only its warmth?

Does the water that you take from the grape, that you distill,
Not make you drunk?
Does the drunkenness not make human known?

Let what you know, stay in you,
Let what you see, stay in me.

Let one conform to each event,
Let one say, "It is from YOU my Allah."

The one that is not from HIM, is not seen. [This verse may be interpreted in the following ways: 1) Every event is created by HIM. 2) EVERYTHING THAT is visible is HIM/from HIM.]

Human's destiny
Is not drawn by his/her own hand.
Let us say,
"What is drawn, [is] from HIM,
What is seen, [is] from HIM,"
Let us know The most Beautiful One like that.

Peace in endlessness belongs
To the one who does not force the rule. [to the one who does not try to change the rule]

The branch that you try to chisel
Gives you sound.
[however,] The sound is neither from you nor from the branch.
The groundless apprehension of the one who says, "By [the change in] air pressure,"
Is that he/she does not know The Giving of The Giver.
Be entrusted to my Allah.
Let you know the improvement in the salvation.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

11 October 1972

I am Mevlana.
One does not knit if there is no wool ball, [wool ball==lifetime on earth]
One does not see [Allah's Attribute[s]] before coming to earth,
HIS Attribute is not known from HIS Persona.
You will see HIS Attribute,
You will untie your knot,
You will arrive in HIS Persona only like that.

Good deed does not take away
What the cruelty brings in.
Cruelty does not erase
What the good deed brings in,

Sin and good deed are not searched
In the [spiritually] mature one.
They are not searched because
The one who knows him/herself does not fall in sin
And does not run away from good deed either.

Human is not without fault;
'To search faultlessness' is the biggest fault.

If you look for power [strength] in the oak,
You see that it is written in its record.
Even though there is leaf on each tree,
[only] Mulberry [tree] gives atlas.
Willow protects the birds.
If you say to swan, "Get out of the lake," it flutters.
[each one that is created is at its place; each one is created for a purpose]

What is behind the wall, is not yours.
Do not think of the one that is not yours, saying, "What is it?"
If you say, "What is mine, is the universe,"
If you find the universe in yourself,
Then you do not count the walls,
You do not measure the ground.

WHAT The Giver gives
Is as much as HE sees as worthy for HIS human.
Human's earth property
Is not the measure of his/her heart.
HE gives
To some, earth property,
To some, load of universe.
The one who leaves his/her load in the universe
Becomes ready for the arrival.

The one who says, "Universe is guilty for my weakness,"
Is the one who finds him/herself in "two." [in not "One"]
Search your weakness in yourself,
Do not find [it] in the universe. [do not blame the universe]
The universe is
Neither weak
Nor does it leave [one] as weak.
Only the one who says, "I am [a] point in the universe,"
Finds him/herself,
If ever he/she could fit the universe into that point.
What is 'to fit the universe into the point'?
[it is:] To love each creation without any reciprocal,
[it is:] To be able to erase his/her/its fault,
[it is:] To be able to see his/her/its beauty...

When you fill the pool with water,
"Let me see the water, let me water my garden," you say.
When its days pass [when time passes], water's color changes,
Insects are filled in.
Can you say,
"Let the insect get its God-given share too"?

What does flow in the torrent,
What does HE put on your roof?
It is HIS rain.
Why do I abstain from the one that comes from HIM?
[why] Do I look around saying, "What happens?"

The one that you say about, "It is not mine," is HIS.
Everything That is HIS, is yours
Because It is [created] for you.

The roof that leaks is retiled,
It is made to look at the going of the path. [the tiles are placed in such a way that they let the water flow easily]
You, let you be among the ones that look, [be among the tiles that do not block the path of the water / be like the tiles that do not block the path of the [spiritual] water]
[let] The one who makes [the tiles] look, [be] from HIM. [let the mender/the saint be assigned by HIM]
Do not say, "Let me be from HIM, let me make [the tiles] look." [do not say, "let me be the one whom HE assigns as mender]
If you are the one whom HE makes look, then you are HIS darling. [if HE assigns for you a mender/spiritual guide, then you are one of HIS darling humans]
To be HIS darling
Is to know you in HIM.
DARLING is mine,
DARLING is my heart.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

15 October 1972

I am Mevlana.
Assembly is the crowd to be conformed to,
You can not get separated.
Yet, if you wish to find yourself, [if you wish to find your Essence]
You find when you are alone too.
There is no need to run away from the assembly.
Assembly makes [one] see,
Loneliness makes [one] mature [spiritually],
Universe fills
[in order] To come from HIS attribute to HIS Persona.

My Yunus says:
In my every belonging that was lost, [whenever I lost something]
I closed my eye, [I did not feel sorry about it]
"My Allah, What was Yours, came back to YOU," I said.
Also, What came [to me], I considered as it was entrusted [to me]:
I loved [it] with my eye,
I caressed [it] with my hand,
I wrapped [it] like in the example of swaddle. [I took very good care of it]
I found The Loftiness of The Lofty One
In each One That HE gave.

In sickness, do not search the death.
When the death comes, when it erases the earth,
It does non search the sick one, the good one:
It finds the one whose record is erased.
It does not wait for you to set the intention up;
It does not come when one sets up [an] evil intention either.
There is no angel more beautiful than Azrael.
No complaint comes from the one who goes [to after earth life].
The one who arrives in HIS presence
Does not think about returning [to earth].
That mistake occurs only on the earth day. [i.e. to want to stay on earth longer]
In the going [to after earth life], there is "finding the freedom."
Each human says, "Let me be [a] bird, let me fly;"
At his/her migration [time], he/she sees his/her wish come true.

Love the flower, stay with your love.
Love the tree, stay in its shade.
Love the universe, take HIS path.

Do not forget: even though bee has sting,
What it gives, is honey;
This is how each human sees...

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

16 October 1972

I am Mevlana.
The one who crouches in the obscure corner
Does not look at the sun. [sun==Prophet Mohammad]
The one who does not look at the sun,
Considers earth as his/her [own] property,
Forgets The Owner of the property.
Let my Allah not make HIMSELF be forgotten,
Let HIM separate the one who does not forget from the one who does.

When suffering, the one that is referred [submitted/transferred] to The Owner of the property
Finds the salvation.

Is each human who says,
"I went to the mosque,
I bent the knee," [I prostrated myself]
Worthy of humanity? [worthy of being HIS human?]
To be faithful takes path [one becomes faithful]
By finding The Giver,
By loving What HE gives.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

19 October 1972

I am Mevlana.
In What HE created without model [precedent],
Is it not seen that HE cared/cares about HIS each human?
Is it not said for each event that has no match [for each unique event],
"Because of HIS blessing"?

What is seen in equality
Is erased in Oneness.

Each event is known [to be] from HIM:
Is difficulty from you? [is difficulty in[/because of] you?]
Is nothingness from me? [is nothingness in[/because of] me?]

The one who says, "Let me be 'serazat,'" [serazat=1) Free [as in freedom]. 2) Worriless.]
Is the one who erases his/her record because of the nothingness.
To be 'serazat'
Is to erase the universe as well as the after earth life:
To put heart in the one that does not happen. [to be obsessed with something that does not happen...]
[Previous verses mean also the following:
? The one who says, "Let me be 'serazat,'" [serazat=1) Free. 2) Worriless.]
Is the one who erases his/her record from the nothingness [space/the universe].
To be 'serazat'
Is to erase the universe as well as the after earth life: [i.e. to skip further spiritual education that takes place on other planets in the universe = to pass the test on earth and to arrive in HIM directly when migrating from earth]
To be sorry for the one who does not mature [spiritually]. [such a spiritually mature human feels sorry for the one who does not mature spiritually…] ?]

In each glass [of spiritual water] that is presented, [in each one of our chats]
There is the spirit of the ocean; [ocean==God]
Even if it is one sip, [even if human understands just a little bit]
It is benefit for HIS human. [it is spiritually beneficial for HIS human]

The one who does not give up the patch
Does not choose the new one.
The one who does not wish for the new one
Does not throw [away] the old one.
What is meant by 'old,'
Is the fish being caught in the net.
Why does one go to the ocean? [ocean==God]
To see its water,
To know to swim. [to swim, to learn to swim]
Why is the fish pulled [caught]?
For the state of the earth. [to fulfill bodily needs]
Ocean feeds both the hungry one
And the full one.
Hungry one finds in fish,
The one who is full, finds in HALIK [God].

One does not wait on [a] ship that is anchored...

Adem [Adam] says:
My word is to the ones who say,
"Did you put caftan on your back, [did you wear caftan?]
Did you find the earth as single?" [did you come to earth alone?]
I did not come to earth as single:
I came knowing that I was in HIS Persona.
I joined HIS Attribute while laughing [with joy/pleasure].
When you know HIS Persona,
You see
Not singularity,
But that you are human.
Oneness is HIM:
To be ash,
To become One with HIS Persona in HIS Attributes...

Human who says, "My Allah,"
Sees "good deed" in the intention. [his/her intention aims to make good deeds]

Do not be curious about what is behind
The wall that you did not cross.
In any case, you can not reach [a] verdict as being human
Because you can not perceive
The Beauty That is here
With the body [on earth].
Can you know The Beauty of THE BUILDING from Its shadow?
From the shadow of a book,
Can you solve [find out] what is written in the book?
If you love the earth,
[then] Be tied to HIS Attribute[s] with deep love.
I told before:
Love is different,
Deep love is different.
Love [is] as much as your heart can take,
Deep love is as much as your life can give...

In the universe where there is no satiety [fullness],
One does not criticize the hunger,
One does not stretch rope at the dome of the sky.

Earth safekeeping is not given [earth matter/property is not given to him/her [to keep it in safety]]
To human who has in his/her heart Allah only;
Even if it is given, he/she does not know.
He/she does not know because
He/she does not say, "I am the owner."
He/she knows its [? his/her ?] Owner,
He/she spends in HIS name,
Not for him/herself.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

2 November 1972

I am Mevlana.
Hearts are Kaaba.
Even if you demolish the body that is from the Light of Darling,
Do not be away from heart's Darling.

Where did you find, whom did you take from
The half of the giving that is counted in the body
So that it is yours, so that you will give [it] to whom? [how come you consider your body as if it is yours?]
Even you, you are not in yourself.
Do not appropriate your body, [do not consider your body as your own property]
Let it not tie [you] to earth.
As much as it ties [you to earth], you stay away from HIM.

You found the ship,
You gave your hand [to HIS saint on HIS path],
[then] Do not think about the storm.
Even if the storm carries [the ship away],
Even if it sinks [it] into deep,
Do not say, "How to escape?" [do not say, "how are we going to survive?"]
Know the escape from HIM,
Find the path of salvation.

Do not ask for support for your suffering,
[saying,] Where does it come from, where does it go to?
If HE is The One Who gives, The One Who takes is HIM too.
Because HE is The Owner of Everything.
Do not forget that HE is even
The Owner of your destiny.
Do not claim the ownership of it [your own destiny] either.
The one that is not written in your record,
The one that is not engraved in your destiny
Is not from you.

What do you search in the corpse
When there is no life?
What do you search in the spirit
When there is no deep love?
If you burn, burn for HIM,
The Owner of the deep love is HIM.
If you turn, turn to HIM,
The Owner of the spirit is HIM.
HE is The One Who makes exist,
HE is The One Who fills [The Universe],
The One Who makes rotate/revolve is again HIM.
There is no place for worry.
[Previous four verses may also be translated as follows:
? HE is The One Who makes exist,
HE is The One Who makes [human] mature [spiritually],
The One Who makes [human] return [to HIM] is again HIM.
There is no place for worry. ?]

In the sheep, there is temperament, [but] no color.
In the flower, there is color, [but] no temperament.
In human, there is both the color and the temperament,
If he/she is [really] human.
Let us be
Neither the sheep [that is] without color
Nor the flower [that is] without temperament.
Temperament: to prepare his/her place.
Color: to conform to the surrounding.
Sheep: to obey the record.
Flower: display without vision. [seeing the 'matter flower' only without seeing HIS Persona in HIS Attributes]
Passage: Spiritual degree [level].

"We came, we saw,
We loved, we found,
We returned, we were reunited," we said.
What humans who are not humans will say, is this:
"We came, we returned for nothing.
On the return [to after earth life], we said, 'Alas!' we burned." [we burned==we regretted]
Let my Allah distribute HIS pardon to the ones who do not know.
Let human who knows, educate the one who does not know,
Let him/her give consciousness to the one who comes unconsciously.

The one who knows his/her [spiritual] washer, does not dive into another door.
There is no coming [back] from the ocean, [ocean==God]
There is only the going to the ocean.
The door that you search, is in your heart.
Search there,
Water there, [water it]
Nourish there. [nourish it]

Do not search faultlessness.
If you say, "I am faulty,"
Do not stay behind of HIS pardon, [do not wait to beg HIS pardon]
Beg HIS pardon.
Say, "I turned my path to YOU,
I knocked over the past day."
Take shelter in HIS pardon.

If you mixed [prepared] the 'sherbet,' [sherbet= any of a number of nonalcoholic drinks made with sugar and spices or sugar and fruit juice]
Do not stay behind in offering [it]. [do not hesitate to share it]

Do we not know
That the universe gives,
That HE spreads [HIS blessings] to HIS humans,
That HE measures centimeter by centimeter, [that HE is very precise/just]
That HE claims [has] the ownership of the faultlessness? [that HE is The only One Who does not make any mistake]

Do not think that HIS giving is [only] the one that you see:
What you see,
What you witness
Is only one curtain of eighteen thousand worlds,
If you are worthy for that curtain.
The earth that you see
Is the shadow of the one that is The Real.
When you see The Beauty of The Building,
What do you find in the shadow of The Building?
Earth is only the shape.
The essence of the merchandise [commodity/material] is its spirit.
Is the corpse not the merchandise of the spirit?
What is the essence?
Of course, it is the spirit.
Yet, the spirit is also tied to the coming [to earth].
If it took its temperament,
Then you can find the place of the merchandise.
You can not give its place
To the merchandise that did not take its temperament.

What is meant by temperament is each merchandise's structure.
[for example:]
Table [is] for food, [table to eat the food on]
Mattress [is] to sleep on.
If it has no necessary place,
It gets out of being merchandise. [it is not merchandise anymore]
HIS darling [Prophet Mohammad] wished to HIM for this,
Saying, "In order for me not to fall in fault,
Let me know The Essence of the merchandise."

Is softness
In the color or in the smell of the violet?
It is in its structure.
Because, despite all of its beauty,
It is crestfallen. [it is modestly reserved]
In the structure of the violet, I saw HIS real human.

Does the one that I say about, "From HIM," turn back [change] on the day?
Does the destiny write differently yesterday,
Differently today?
Be entrusted to my Allah.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Akşiray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Özel