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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 61

17 September 1972

I am Mevlana.
Each human is HIS;
[yet,] HE is with the one who knows HIM.

When you lean on human,
Not only you stay away from your humanity,
But also you give 'body load'
To HIS human on earth.
Refer [submit/transfer] each state [situation] of yours to my Allah so that
You can say, "I am Your human."

WHAT HIS human takes, is HIS;
WHAT HIS human gives, is HIS.
Only your prayers are yours.
When your prayers are yours, [as long as your prayers are original [not copy, i.e. as long as you pray sincerely]
Your path is open.

My Allah:
HE gives to the one who knows HIM.
HE sees the one who knows HIM.
HE loves the one who loves HIM.
HE loves the one who loves the one whom/that HE created
More than the one who loves HIM [only].
Because the biggest worship is 'to love.'
'Namaz,' fasting, [namaz=praying while prostrating]
Are the debt of the ones who love HIM;
Therefore, it is the worship of the ones who love themselves.

Together with namaz, fasting,
If you also love all [humans],
Then you become equal to HIS angels.

Let it not be forgotten:
Mevlana's word is given through "one channel,"
From The Lofty One to the day, to HIS humans on the day.
One channel is given only to the day.
To be given again, it leans on century. [to be given again will be in the next century]
There are many who write,
There are many who say,
Yet, none of them is connected to [our] channel.
Let me explain:
According to The Giving of the [current] day of the earth, [according to the God-given technology of your day]
Similar to how the ones talking on the walkie-talkie are two persons,
The subject is between two persons only.
You turn on your radio,
You come across [a] walkie-talkie [conversation],
You take [listen to] what it gives. [you capture the transmission, the conversation]
In fact, the subject is between two persons,
[yet,] You can intercept it during the transmission.
The one who sets the intention,
The one who says, "Let me write," writes.
However, what is needed to be known:
It is the one that is not connected to the channel.
As I said,
[our] Channel is laid [set up]. [think of it like a water channel, or like a telephone conversation over a wired line]
The ones who are at the leading end of the channel
Are chosen from century to century. [each human who is at the other end of our channel is chosen from century to century]
The one who is outside of this
Is seen that he/she is carried away by his/her intention.
If you say, "Is it faulty?", no.
However, it is away from the giving. [however, it does not educate spiritually]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

18 September 1972

I am Mevlana.
The one who does not take peace
Is the one who does not conform to the subject.
The one who does not conform to the subject
Is the one who does not know The Giver.
Whatever The Giver gives, it is good deed.

Each human takes his/her duty
According to his/her body power.
Human who says,
"Let me make [it] change, let me give direction,"
Is mistaken.
Because, according to his/her intention,
His/her direction is given to his/her hand, from birth [at birth time].
Who knows the time of the birth,
You or me,
Or The One Who writes human's destiny?

For my Lofty Allah,
There is neither past nor future,
[for HIM]
[there is] Neither "it happened," nor "it will happen."

It can not be said,
"Human's intention,
[is] The intention of The Lofty One."
The Lofty One does not set up intention,
HE just says, "Be!"

My Allah opens two paths to HIS human.
In reality, the path is one. [in fact, there is only one path]
If you go forward, it is to the arrival;
If you go backward, it is to the burning.
What is meant by 'the burning'
Is not 'hell fire,'
But remorse.

All of us, we go for HIM,
We find peace in HIS deep love.
"Thank YOU my Allah, we are Your human," we say.
Neither do we criticize what HE gives,
Nor do we complain about what HE does not give.
My Allah, Your universe is all ours,
Our heart is Yours.

Let there be patch,
Let it cover the opening of my cloth,
It does not matter if its color is contradictory... [even if its color does not match]

The one that is not enough, does not come from The Lofty One.

The being of the one that does not exist, is not searched.
The Being is in The Persona of The Lofty One,
The Being is in the Attribute of The Lofty One,
The Being is in the one whom/that my Allah said to, "Be!",
[The Being] Exists in The Persona of My Allah.
Do you in this moment exist in HIS Attribute?
Of course you do.
Because you are the one whom HE said to, "Be!"
You are the one whom HE gave from HIS LIGHT.

The other meaning of "servant" [is] "ash."
Ash is the saturation state of "be," [ash is saturation/maturation state of 'being/existence']
HE first says, "Be!", HE then makes [him/her] ash.
When HE says, "Ash,"
HE adds to HIS Own Being.
When HE says, "Be ash/servant to HIM,"
You take it as in the meaning of "service." [you wrongly understand as "be servant of HIM"]
In reality, it means, "Join HIM!" [in reality, it is "be ash and be added to HIM!"]

Be entrusted to my Allah,
Let you find the ash-ness in the universe. [let you reach the state of 'becoming ash' during your spiritual education in the universe...]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

20 September 1972

I am Mevlana.
My Allah created you and me and all humans
Neither am I bigger than you,
Nor are you [bigger] than the other one.
Superiority of human to human
Is only year difference. [they come to earth at different times]
For that [reason],
Neither separate the saints [do not think that saints are different than you]
Nor favor humans [over other humans].
Love all of them,
Be among the ones who love.
See all of them,
Be among the ones who see.
If you say, "Let me see,"
Learn to erase.
If you say, "Let me be fire,"
[then] Learn to go out. [learn to extinguish your fire]
If you say,
"Is there fire that goes out?"
[then] I say, "There is mistake in your knowledge."
If HIS human wishes for HIM,
Then he/she first loves the earth, HIS humans,
The ones whom/that HE said to, "Be!", to die for. [he/she loves them all to die for / so dearly]

It is [similar to] the state of burning of the tree as wood:
If it continues to burn in exactly the same way,
It becomes ash, it stays.
[yet,] If it knows to go out, [if it knows to extinguish itself]
It becomes coal.
That is what I say:
First, know to go out, [know first to extinguish yourself]
Farther than that [then], look for spark, [spark==mursheed]
Burn again, you become ember.
Of course you can not find [the mursheed] on the display.
You, wish to my Allah [for mursheed],
HE sends you.
HE gives The Meaning to the one who wishes [for it],
HE gives the matter to whom HE wishes.
If The Meaning is wished for, every [spiritual] door is opened. [if The Meaning is wished, spiritual doors/heart curtains are lifted one by one [by mursheed/saint]...]
If matter is given, every [matter] door is open.

If chat is opened [understood], every curtain is seen, [our chats open the spiritual doors one by one]
Yet, [only] the one who knows to see, sees.
"Who opens the curtain?" is said.
Curtains are under the command of The Lofty One,
Are in the hand of the angels.

Your state in which you go out [you are extinguished], is your state of tranquility [peace].
Beyond that, is your state of ruby.
Ruby is the earth representative of the red.
Pure red is in HIM.

If [our] chat separated you from you,
If it transformed you into the state of ash,
"You found your [right] temperament," I say.

Worship is the one that you know,
Is the one that you read in HIS book.
Koran gives the worship.
There is no form of worship other than that.
"Namaz," fasting are the debt of the human to his/her Allah; [namaz=praying while prostrating]
Whether you are alone,
Or you gather all [humans],
Neither does it decrease nor does it increase. [whether you pray alone or in public, it does not make any difference]
Is your debt bigger than the pardon of my Allah?
The moment in which you take shelter in HIS pardon
Is the moment in which your debt is erased.

No path is opened to what happened:
If it is recorded, it is not erased.

Human's heart is not divided.

One does not know which human has what heart.

One does not wipe the clean glass saying, "Dirty."
Leave it alone a little bit, let it stay dirty,
So that it is not broken saying, "There is no glass." [thanks to the dirt one can see the glass and not walk into it [and break it] by accident]
If it is broken, is the fault
In the glass, or in the one who broke [it by walking into it]?
Is the loss
In the glass, or in the one who broke [it]?
The fault is
Neither in the one who broke
Nor in the one that is broken.
[because] There is none that is broken: it is the one that is divided.
Why is there no fault of the one who broke?
Because he/she did not say, "Let me break,"
Because he/she did not wish to break,
Because he/she did not set up intention to break so that
He/she is faulty.
However, after he/she broke, he/she knew his/her fault,
He/she put his/her heart not to break it once more [again]. [he/she set the intention not to make the same mistake...]

Look over your heart. [? Look over his/her heart. ?]

The support of the one who is faithful
Is the teacher of his/her [HIS] path.
The teacher of his/her path
Is the chimney of the home.
If there is no chimney,
You can not ignite the fire.
If there is no chimney,
You can not give way to the smoke. [you can not get rid of the smoke]

The moment in which you doubt the duty,
You revolt against the coming. [you revolt against coming to earth]
The one who has no duty
Is not thought of being created. [every one is created for a duty, for a reason]

Satan is example of revolt.
If there is no Satan,
You, you stay away from You,
You can not find your Essence.
While saying, "I/me," you can not erase yourself [your egotism].
[hence,] Even Satan makes you win. [even Satan is created for a duty, for a reason]

The moment in which HIS human
Says in the language of The Lofty One,
About HIS word,
He/she does not give the word to Satan. [he/she keeps Satan away from him/herself]
The one who is faithful is not scared of Satan.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

22 September 1972

I am Mevlana.
Did you see the flower on the tree?
Did you love [it] saying, "Beautiful"?
Did you wait for its fruit?
"To wait" is "to find."

If you wait for friendly chat in your mansion,
Then accept also your suffering so that
When it is said, "Enough," you know to walk.

My Yunus says:
I became Yunus, I came [to earth],
I knew the wall as [my] residence.
I leaned my head [against it],
I patched my body.
In my heart, I filled palaces. [I filled my heart with palaces]
I opened the doors to the beautiful ones,
I passed before the ugly ones,
Until I put heart into HIS palace. [until I fell in love with HIS palace]
[then] I demolished the palaces [that were] in [my] heart:
I turned and looked [to see] that,
The beautiful one is even more beautiful,
The ugly one [is even] more beautiful than him/her/it. [the ugly one is even more beautiful than the beautiful one]
Where did I come from, [how] did I see like that,
Which building did I build?
"Did I find the palace in Noah's Ark?" I said.
I was ashamed of my unwariness.
I asked myself:
"Look in the mirror, you unwary!
Are you beautiful?"
When I looked in the mirror, fire burned in heart.
Are you [one] of the beautiful that is not created?
The one who/that is not beautiful, is not from HIM.
"Is there one that is not beautiful?" you say.
"Check with your heart," I say.
If you take affirmative response,
"Congratulate yourself," I say.
There is no ugly heart [that comes] from my Allah.
If human's heart eye is blind,
He/she finds ugly in the beautiful one.

Each extraordinary event that you look [see] with amazement
Is indeed [a] positive event.

The one who says, "Beautiful," to the swan,
The one who finds the chat in the pigeon,
Has he/she [ever] thought?
If my Allah gave all beauties to
[only] One of HIS creations,
Then you could not find the order of the earth.
HE showed HIS each creation
As example of beauty
With one virtue.

The one that is not in harmony, does not come from my Allah.

Faithful human is not offended
By all that come from my Allah. [faithful human knows that all come from Allah, hence, he/she is never offended by any event...]

Trouble is not because of my Allah,
But because of the groundless worry of the human.
If you open your chimney,
Then do not say, "Do I choke because of the smoke?"

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

26 September 1972

I am Mevlana.
In order to find the fault,
It is necessary to fall in fault. ['to find fault' is faulty]

In order to sit at your place,
First, you get ready. [you take your place in after earth life in accordance with your test on earth...]

Each wise [human] who is in body
Is [like a] note [tune/music] that is given to earth.

Why does The Donator donate
After so much Giving?
Donation is, in reality, the coming of the blessing. [? Donation is, in reality, the coming of the rain. ?]
It is human's vision of the earth.
In wise [human], there is worry of
Neither rain nor donation nor display nor vision,
Because he/she made the body and the heart own one another.
There is no mistake:
'To connect the heart to the body'
Is 'to see the earth as donation.'
'To connect the body to the heart'
Is 'to climb above the earth.'
At that time, donation is in the one that is beyond you.
You, you are only in HIM.
'To embrace What comes from HIM'
Is to find the salvation on earth,
Is to reach beyond What comes from HIM.
It is the state of wood and coal. [it is like in the case of wood and coal]
Wood state: to become "hal" in HIS Attribute, [hal==to find Oneself in water, air, sand, soil, tree, leaf…]
Coal state: to come together in HIS Persona.

What [spiritually] matures the hard one is
Neither the smart one nor the saint's tomb,
But only the knots that are on his/her path.
As long as human stays hard,
He/she can not get free of the knots [that are on his/her path].
Knot comes to him/her like calamity.
In reality, it makes him/her find him/herself.
Is 'finding [him/herself]' calamity?
If so, you, break yourself on your own so that
You stay free of calamity.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

27 September 1972

I am Mevlana.
At dawn, the day starts,
On the day, human sets the intention.
The most appropriate one of the intention:
It is necessary to say,
"I conformed to what comes from YOU my Allah,
I found YOU in every event my Allah."
[spiritual] Maturity is
To know that what comes is good deed.

The one who is curious about [what is] behind the mountain
Tries to cross [the mountain].
If you wish to see, learn to walk.

You found HIM in everything that is beautiful.
Why did you not look for HIM
In the one whom/that you said [about], "[he/she/it is] Not beautiful"?
If you look for HIM
In the beautiful one, in the ugly one,
In the good deed one, in the evil one,
Then you see The Endlessness
On the day that you live [on earth].

To the one who is virtuous in the society,
To the one who stays sound when in grief,
Walls come as open. [as if there were no walls...]
Our heart is not erased from the one [our heart does not abandon the one]
Who stays on the surface, [who does not understand [The Meaning] in depth]
Who is useless,
Who falls in HIS manifestation of nothingness.
One does not give up on HIS each human
Even if he/she stays [is] in doubt.

What I take as ill-gotten gain is not mine.
Why? Because I do not take ill-gotten gain.
"What does that mean?" is said.
One spread rumors in my name [about me],
My dress was thrown into the well.
[however,] Let the one who says, say,
Let my Allah be with me. [as long as my Allah is with me]

Be free of worry.
Trust your record
As long as Darling is in your heart,
As long as your path goes to HIM.

I love the shade because of avoiding the sun.
I love the sun, without complaint from the body. [I love the sun when my body does not complain about it] [human should balance earth life and after earth life...] [sun==Prophet Mohammad]

I did not try the patch in my heart
Because I did not open [any] hole for [a] patch.

I wished for desire because of the worry,
[then] In the desire, I found the deep love.
In the morsel that HE made me eat,
In the cardigan that HE made me wear,
I saw HIM.
If my credit was compared to my debt, [if what I took/take from HIM was compared to what I gave/give HIM]
The universe would stay as my debt.
At the arrival, I saw that
My deep love paid off my debt,
My Creator saw HIS weak human as
Worthy to be next to HIM.
To send [me] to serve HIS humans,
HE accepted my intention.
"Thank YOU, my Allah," I said,
I prostrated myself in HIS presence.
One is curious, "Prostration in The Building" is asked; [one asked about what prostration in the presence of Allah meant]
What is meant by prostration is 'high respect,'
What is meant by prostration is 'to love,'
[what is meant by prostration] Is to be One with HIM,
[what is meant by prostration] Is to become ash in HIM.
Prostration is that.

The letter that you do not send
Stays with you.

The flower that blossoms appropriately

Human who finds HIS direction
Does not need any helper.

The one who is soft,
The one who finds HIS path
Has no worry related to earth any more.

I am Yunus, I came.
I put my hand on the jasmine branch,
"My Allah Who created,
YOU gave the smell,
YOU bunched the most beautiful one," I said.
I saw the violet with its neck bent. [I saw the violet as being pitiful]
For jasmine's branch,
I put heart in the state of the violet. [when I compared them, I felt sorry for the violet]
As such, I felt sad.
Then I woke up; [then I came to my senses/I realized]
I said, "Therefore, the beauty
Of the one that climbs,
Or of the one that crawls
Does not disappear. [whether it climbs or it crawls, they are all beautiful]
Even if it crawls, it does not give from Its Essence.
I found fault in my love.
I blamed myself because I discriminated.
[spiritual] Maturity is in loving without discriminating,
[spiritual] Maturity is in praising even though he/she/it may be faulty,
[spiritual maturity] Is in finding the beauty that is worthy of being praised,
[spiritual maturity] Is in saying, "The fault is not in you but in me,"
[spiritual maturity] Is in hearing [feeling] one's own blindness.
If I hear [feel] my own blindness,
Then it means that I am in possession of the eye that sees.

Is what you see as 'not beautiful'
In the beautiful one whom/that you say about, "He/she/it is beautiful,"
Let all [humans] find The Most Beautiful One of The Beauty.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

28 September 1972

I am Mevlana.
Before fruits ripen,
Before jugs are filled,
Before lambs bleat,
Hearts do not know that they mature spiritually.

Paths are human's,
Humans are HIS.

The one who does not sift his/her flour,
The one who does not swaddle his/her baby
Does not know that he/she grows.
Without adding water,
Flour does not become dough.

If you say, "Let me swim, let me stay on its surface,"
Then search the space in the universe.

Fill your heart.
What do you fill your heart with?
It is the fruit that you ripen. [spiritual maturation occurs similar to how a fruit ripens, patience is necessary...]

If you do not see on the outer appearance,
[then] Search in its/his/her Essence.

What is meant by nobility
Should be renunciation.
Renunciation should be filled in your egotism.
It should be [filled] in such a way that
It should eliminate your egotism.

Human whose yeast is not kneaded
Is the human who does not wish for HIS path.

Is it seen any human who does not wish for the sun? [sun==Prophet Mohammad]

Does [would] one set mattress up in the universe? [would one settle down in the universe [while it is possible to wish for HIS path on earth, and to reach HIM?]]
[Previous verse may be better understood under the light of the following information: human is granted a spiritual degree according to his/her life on earth. After earth, one continues his/her spiritual education on other planets in the universe. However, the one who passes the test very successfully may skip the education in the universe and reach Allah right after earth [e.g. like Mevlana]]

The one who is faithful knows:
One rules not our blood but our heart.
The command of The Lofty One is like that.

If you look for [a] miracle in the body,
Did you see your vein?
Did you give the sip to the pharynx?
Did you spread out the body on the sand?

Let it be known that each event is only one.
In Oneness, there is The Essence.
The essence is not to rotate/to revolve, but the going [to HIM] only.

Did you think about what the water gives?
Did you [ever] see that it disappears?
The Lofty One's Giving is like that.

The one who gives way to smoke, [the one who disperses the smoke]
Stays without smoke,
He/she sees the events untie like that. [he/she sees untying of the events without smoke [i.e. without worry/without pessimism]]
[however,] 'Doubt' is human's 'coal state:'
The moment in which he/she burns, he/she gives way to his/her smoke. [he/she produces smoke / doubt causes smoke]

The one who looks for nobility in "keramet" [keramet=1. miracle worked by God through a person. 2. the God-given power of working miracles.]
Hopes for slavery in authority.
Let us open [explain]:
The one who thinks that keramet is in him/her, [the one who thinks that he/she is the one who commands the events]
"I took the authority in my hand,
I rule for your slavery," he/she says. [I am the ruler; you are slave[s]]
[yet,] He/she forgets that both keramet and nobility
Are from my Allah.
Unwariness is that:
To claim the ownership of the one that is given.
Let it not be forgotten that what is given to you
Is not yours but all humans'.
Do not forget that HE gives because
HE loves together with all humans, you too. [HE gives because HE loves all humans, and you are one of them]

If the meaning of the shade is [just] the shade of the tree,
Then I do not stay away from Your sun my Allah. [sun==Prophet Mohammad] [then do not let me stay away from Your sun, my Allah]
If the meaning of the shade is the dungeon,
My savior is only YOU,
Not the key of the dungeon guard.

In the autumn leaf, did you solve the color?

There is no death.
The Being does not enter the narrowness,
The Being does not separate from THE BEING.
The One Who joins THE BEING, is not untied from THE BEING.
For that [reason],
There can not be coming to earth again and again [in body].

My Allah's commands are given in the Koran.
The secret of the universe is collected in the Koran.
However, its key is given to Master Hazrat Mohammad.
He is the only [human who is] cognizant of its secret.
HE made known to HIS human what is necessary.
Because he [Hazrat Mohammad] is the intercessor of Muhammad's ummet,
Its [universe's] secret's key is in him.
What is not known, what is not solved, is in HIS human.
Let HIS human know what is given to HIS human,
Let him/her conform to what he/she knows.
The one who says,
"Let me find the key and solve,
Let me learn its secret,"
Comes to narrowness in its secret,
He/she peels off his/her humanity...
It is only given in the Koran,
One believes unconditionally.
The essence is in it,
The eye is in it,
The universe is in it,
After earth life is in it.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Akşiray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Özel