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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 60

24 July 1972

I am Mevlana.
My Allah WHO gives sample,
Says, "Guide of My path,"
Opens [gives] permission to prophets. [HE sends prophets]
The one who is not on my Allah's path
Runs away from the prophets.

"Our Koran, [is] our path," we said,
We went on HIS path.
Where it [Koran] was read, we burned incenses,
'Call to prayers' were listened to,
"In the name of HAK," was said.

When it is read in the language of the Koran,
When its resolution [solution] opens, [when Koran's teachings are discovered/understood]
It excites HIS human.

(here is the meaning of "the call to prayer":)
"My Allah, improvement is because of YOU.
My Allah, salvation is because of YOU.
I found the salvation in Your name,
I turned to the day in Your name.
In the universe that YOU created,
We only knew YOU as The Creator,
[and we knew that] Our intercessor is Your Representative."
The subject was opened [explained],
The essence of "the call to prayer" was given.

Each event is appropriate.

Evil is in human's tongue.

The one who does not know, begs pardon,
"My Allah," he/she says.
How about the one who knows?
The one who falls in fault while knowing,
How does he/she open hand to my Allah? [to open hand==to pray]
My Lofty Allah
WHO created the date [fruit],
WHO added its oil to olive,
WHO covers HIS human's fault
With his/her regret. [when he/she begs pardon]
My Lofty Allah
WHO finds life in egg, [who gives life to egg]
WHO gives life to vinegar,
WHO gives blood to HIS human,
WHO tests the spirit by way of body.

Know yourself so that
You arrive in HIM.

Submit yourself [to God] so that
You find.
Is the last [highest] degree of the earth human.
Yet, the submission should
Not be in tongue,
But in heart.
One should erase the body,
One should abrogate [it].
Day that is lived on earth [days on earth that are considered as lived]
Are the days on which one can submit him/herself.

Submission is
In the one who says,
"I accept without any complaint [my Allah],"
For what goes from the blood, [for what one loses as matter, even if it is blood [i.e. even if one is injured]] [blood implies also human to whom one is tied by blood, i.e. close relatives; this verse may also mean the following: submission is in the one who accepts without complaint when he/she loses a close relative]
[submission is in the one who says,]
"Thank YOU [my Allah],"
For what comes from Darling.
In the one who says,
"Let me gain ascendancy,
Let me rule HIS human,"
There is no trace of any submission. [there is no submission]

If you plead from the bottom of the heart,
It is the moment in which you submit [yourself to God].
If the demand is for earth, [if what you wish for is matter]
It is the property of earth;
Then I say to you,
"Do not get free of submission."
[on the other hand,]
If you say,
"My Allah,"
If you get excited with deep love,
The moment in which you say,
"I found Darling in the life,
I got free of the body,"
Your pleading is accepted.

[if you say,] "What do I say when [I] return to the body?"
Not for HIS heaven,
But for HIS persona
So that you find Darling in HIM,
So that in Darling, you erase the body.

What do we search in deep love?
To get free of the body,
To reach the endlessness that you can not find with the body.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

10 August 1972

I am Mevlana.
The most beautiful of the beautiful:
The roses of the real garden,
[and] Its nightingales at dawn.
With the ones who are on HIS path,
With the ones who are filled with deep love,
Path will be convenient,
Our day will find path.
All of us we came to all of you
With greetings that are in the name of my Allah.
We gave [this] as gift to the ones who are on the path of
Our Koran that we read and understood from the beginning to the end.

Each human
Whom the [spiritual] water flows to,
Who is burned by the heart, [his/her heart burns him/her / each human whose heart is on fire]
Who says, "My Allah,"
Has his/her share in our day.
The day that is given by HAK is
Neither for you nor for me,
But for all [humans].

There is no need for candles to burn in Kaaba
When hearts catch fire.

You, give your heart to HIS rose, as much as it fills.
[when you do so,]
HE knows your value.
If HE says, "He/she can endure," HE gives cheese yeast,
If not, HE adds yogurt yeast.
Do not say, "Why are all [humans] not cheese?"
Is yogurt unnecessary?
HE makes HIS human who does not have power to endure,
Mature like in the example of yogurt.
HE makes him/her roll faster than other human[s].
It is not impatience, but the power to endure the deep love.

If it is armor, if it stays in hand,
It is not necessary for you, nor for me;
[even] In [by] hunter, it can not find the wall. [even the hunter would not hang it on the wall]
I say to the one
Who does not find the value of the word
On the appropriate day:
Is the value of the day [not]
The essence of the Gracious Koran? [does the essence of Koran not give the value of each day?]
Is there in the Gracious Koran any one
That does not fill your heart, that is not on your day?
Each day is written,
Each written one is precious.
Because it is the command of The Lofty One.
The one that we say about, "The most beautiful day of the earth,"
Is it not the birth of the day?
[how about] The next day?
For that [reason], the one that is born is beautiful
As well as the one that gives the birth.
Since each event gives birth to the next one,
It is beautiful too.

Underneath the sky
There are so many roses of the rose.
The hearts of the ones who are not from the rose, are narrow.
Nevertheless, when human says, "I am from HIM,
I am from his ummet,"
Then he/she finds peace in the greatness of the force that
He/she leans on.
He/she knows that the one who says, "My ummet," [i.e. Prophet Mohammad]
Does not leave [him/her] alone,
Does not break his promise,
He does not get out of the command of my Allah.
Let our beautiful day give birth to beauties,
Let it knead the heart of each human.
Let my Allah be pleased with the one who comes with his/her [good] temperament. [? Let my Allah be pleased with the one who comes with his [Prophet Mohammad's] temperament. [i.e. with a temperament similar to Prophet Mohammad's] ?]

I brought to all of you, greetings from your saints
[to whom you make] Wishes to come true,
[for whom] You say, "My Allah, your deep love,"
[about whom] You pray saying, "Let him/her wait by my side,"
At your migration [time]. [about whom you pray saying, "let him/her be with me at my migration time]

Hazrat Meryem says, [Meryem=Virgin Mary]
"We found our roses in human,
We said, 'My Allah,' we prayed.
We took love into our hearts
From the smell of the real rose,
From the structure of Musa [Moses] and Isa [Jesus Christ].
We believed in ONEness.
We all became one
Like in the example of rose bunch.
Structure-wise, rose is [only] one kind,
The rest is graft.
I gave the open one of the thought. [I explained the idea/meaning]
The real one of the path is Allah['s]
And the path is completed with the Gracious Koran.
The Old Testament, the New Testament, the Book of Psalms
Show the entrance to the [HIS] path,
The Gracious Koran, [shows] the arrival.

(Question: Are there any saints from Jews, Christians?)

Of course.
What is looked for in my Allah's human, is
Not being Christian, [or] Jew,
But humanity.
If he/she knew his/her humanity,
If he/she loved HIS humans,
Why would he/she not be saint?
Is there any reason for [him/her] not to be saint?
Each human
Who found his/her Allah, [to love HIS humans==to love Allah==to find Allah]
Who made his/her name be remembered with good deed[s]
Is considered as saint.
Yet, let the aim be
Not to serve the ego,
But all [humans].

When fault is not searched,
Each human is Muslim.
When one falls in fault, [when one makes a mistake]
The one who begs pardon,
The one who says, "My Allah,"
Is helper of Muslim human.
Human who helps Muslim human
Becomes Muslim too.

If I was deaf,
Would my pleading stay behind? [would my pleading with God be less valuable?]
If I was mute,
Could I not say, "My Allah"?
If I was blind,
Could I not know HIS creation[s]?
When my hand held your hand,
Could I not perceive that you existed?
When I know myself,
When I perceive you,
Could I not hear [feel/realize] The Creator?

To the place of the day, [to our chat/to this chat]
The one who sits at the leading edge, in the cool,
The one who sees his 'heart tie' with all humans,
My Yunus came.
What is the difference between
Niceness and drunkenness?
Niceness: to see the beautiful one.
Drunkenness: to drink.
If you say, "What would I drink?"
The beautiful one.
Our difficulty is with the day, not with the night. [This verse may be better understood under the light of the following information: during sleep, spirit of the human who has permission from Allah, meets with other spirits of the same spiritual level and/or his/her saint. Human's spiritual education continues during such meetings that take place in Light...]
Our migration [to after earth life] is with "mey," not with "alas!" [mey=wine]
We became nice, we loved the earth,
When we became drunk, we erased the earth.
This is the niceness and the drunkenness.
To drink: the love of earth, [the love of earth, you drink it]
Niceness is the step of [to] drunkenness.

I became Yunus,
I found on [my] day [on earth],
I came in moment.
I burned in desert,
I stopped at the lake,
I looked for cure to the sickness.
"The cure of your sickness is in the flowing water," they said,
They put me on the path.
I took [heard] the sound of the water,
I turned my day to[wards] there.
When walking, I did not feel any fatigue.
I did not rush for the arrival,
I did not find any good deed in rushing. [I did not think that rushing would be good]
I knew that the [each] section of the day
Was under the command of The Lofty One,
[therefore,] I referred [submitted/transferred] myself to HIM.
I found the flowing water,
I was mixed with the water.
[when I was flowing in the water towards the ocean]
I tripped over the stone as well as
I was pegged into the soil.
"Each one that happens is from The Lofty One," I said.
I found The Lofty One in the ocean. [ocean==God]
"Goodbye," he said
My Yunus walked,
[his] Greeting found you.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

27 August 1972
I am Mevlana.
What human does
Is what Allah says, "Do!"
The crime is the intention of the human.
My Allah does not say, "Do,"
To HIS human who puts good deed intention in his/her saddlebag.
HE does not make him/her servant of such [a] manifestation.
[whereas for human who has bad intention, HE says, 'Do!' because:]
What he/she is made to make,
Is to show him/her how far his/her [bad] intention will take him/her.
The one who dies, will die. [during the realization of the bad intention some humans may die]
This is the rule that does not change.
Do not say, "Was he/she sinful
So that such [a horrific] death was found appropriate for him/her?"
Do not give the measure of the human, in death. [don't give measure to human according to how he/she dies]
[During the realization of the bad intention, some good humans may also die. However, these humans migrate to their spiritual levels...]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

4 September 1972

I am Mevlana.
We do not take sound from the well,
We do not stay away from HAK's path,
We do not turn away from the soft path.
We became fire, we do not go out [we are not extinguished].
We came in HIS name,
We greeted all of you.

"We do not take sound from the well," we said,
"Why?" is said.
Because, from the well you take the sound that you give,
You stay with what you know. [you do not take/learn anything new]
Our aim is not to stay in the caravansary.
We started to walk,
[our aim] Is to find its end.
The aim at the end
Is to arrive in HIM.

We love the night because it has its stars.
My word is to the one who says, "No path is taken during night":
The one who knows the stars as path-fellow,
Finds HIS path, walks like that.
[Previous verses may be better understood under the light of the following information: during sleep, soul of the human who has permission from Allah, meets with other spirits of the same spiritual level and/or his/her saint. Human's spiritual education continues during such meetings that take place in Light...] [star==saint]

In destiny, what is written is seen,
Not what is said in public.
If you sewed the patch onto the cloth,
If you poured the soup into the bowl,
Then you conform
Not to what is in your intention,
But to what is written.
What keeps earth going is
Neither human nor his/her intention,
But only HIS writing.
If human went one step forward,
Then it is HIS command,
It is the one that HE said, "Be!"

There is
Neither disorder in the order
Nor defect on the surface.
Defect is in the intention of the human.
"Do I not want?" you say.
Of course you want.
Yet, what you take
Is not separate [different] from what is given, from what will be given.
If it is like that, why do we say,
"My Allah, be giver,
Make my wish come true."
We, let us give HIM our heart without any addition [i.e. pure],
And let us say for What comes from HIM,
"Thank YOU, I accept without any complaint."
Because there is no end of the wanting.
Since there is no end [of the wanting],
Then heart does not stay without addition.
When the heart does not stay without addition,
Then there is defect in the submission [to God].

Why do we doubt what HE gives,
[why] Do we show path to my Lofty Creator saying,
"Do not give like that, give like this"?
We, do we know our path better than HE does?
Do we take path because we know?
There is no mistake in my word.

Hazrat Meryem says: [Meryem=Virgin Mary]
The one who says, "Let me contribute,"
Is the one who does not see the jug,
Is the one who ties his/her lifetime with knot.
I took the swaddle,
I wrapped my baby.
I asked his name,
They said, "Isa." [Isa=Jesus Christ]
Angels named him.
They [angels] read his destiny on his forehead,
They put him on my lap like that.
His voice and his word came as one. [he spoke right after birth]
His speech was heard
In voice as baby,
In word as angel.
Mother, [and] son hit the road. [they started the journey]
One stopped
At the place where the water flowed,
At the place where it burned the hearts.
Word was said from human to human,
It was said that the newborn said word [talked].
The one who wished, believed,
The one who wished, turned [his/her back]. [some believed, some others did not]
We had no [permanent] home,
It did not stay as tied to the day. [our home changed from day to day]
Day ended,
Heart burned,
What was written, was seen,
Knots untied.
Day that was said about, "Trouble," was covered.
What passes, is forgotten
Because night covers its top.
Our word passed to all [humans], to [all] group[s].
Whatever happens, whatever that does not happen, is from HIM.
What comes from HIM is because of good deed. [what comes from HIM is always good deed]
Say, "I am content,"
Know the peace like that, [be in peace like that]
Find the salvation from there.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

8 September 1972

I am Mevlana.
If humanity was the God-given share of each creation,
Then there would be no value of the earth.
Human would not know the earth as scale.
We came [to earth], let us know that earth is [a] scale.
You are curious about
The reason of being sent to earth.
If the separation of the spirits was done without any scale,
Then one would doubt HIS justice.
For that [reason],
HE gives a lot of suffering to HIS humans who mature [spiritually] on earth.
HE rolls him/her up like that.
At the time when all [humans] become one,
When doomsday is found, [on doomsday]
When sound comes from every floor, [from all spiritual levels/degrees/worlds]
My Allah says,
"I gave you, Yourself,
I made Myself known to you.
I showed [you] on earth My Attribute[s].
If you looked for My Persona,
Then you would come too;
You would not have said,
'Your Attribute is enough,
Let Your Persona be Yours.'
The one who wishes for My Persona
Is the one who enjoys suffering in My Attribute."

Is there any complaint of the one who gets the measure?
Can the student who does not study, say,
"My teacher, give me [good] grade!"?
The Lofty One's chair [school] is like that too.
And the one who consoles him/herself saying, "Evolution of the spirit,"
The one who says, "I will come to earth again and again,
I will find anyway,"
[he/she] Enters the vortex of unwariness.
You know vortex, they are the wells of the sea:
The well of which there is no way out.
'Coming to earth' is once.
Because The Creator is The Lofty One.
HE knows HIS human,
HE makes HIMSELF known to HIS human.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

10 September 1972

I am Mevlana.
If you do not come to the seventh [degree/spiritual level],
If you do not know the sixth,
If you do not stop at the fifth [level],
If you do not see the fourth,
If you do not ask about the third,
If you do not wrap the second,
If you do not stay at the first,
[if you do not get a spiritual degree despite our chats/spiritual teachings]
Then our word becomes saz, [saz= a stringed instrument (which somewhat resembles a lute)]
[then our word/teachings are wasted]
Human's intention becomes coyness.
The one who stays in coyness,
Is human who asks for earth. [is human who is content with earth, with Allah's Attributes, and does not look for Allah's Persona]

What fills the ear,
Is the Koran that comes from The Lofty One.

If you do not say, "To grab [someone else's share],"
If you do not get out of what conforms to your heart,
Then your path is HAK['s],
Your heart is pure.

We came to the seventh curtain. [as Mevlana, I reached the seventh spiritual degree]
After arriving at the seventh [curtain],
If we say word about the first one,
Then our word becomes saz. [saz=a stringed instrument (which somewhat resembles a lute)] [our word would be wasted / it would be a waste [of time]]

If we tin the cauldron, it becomes shiny,
Its image comes as [if it is] of the best quality.
Then do we not cook food [in it],
Do we not make [it] sit [put it] on the fire
So that its image is not damaged?

Kal'em... ['kalem' means 'pen' in Turkish, however, this is kal'em]
Kal: "Specialty of my Attribute," says my Allah.
Earth's secret: "Kal," is said, it is explained.
Em: the key. ["em" means "the key"]
Is the specialty of HIS Attribute not that? [the specialty of HIS Attribute is 'the key [to understand HIM]'?]
Otherwise, did you think that
It is the pen that you write [while holding] in the hand?
Hazrat Mohammad,
Sallallahu aleyhi vesellem, [=may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him]
Is the essence of the science.
He was not given only one curtain
So that he says, "I give HIS science."
He was created by The Essence of The Science.

Our giving occurs without interruption.
Earth mursheed observes the measure through the body,
We [observe], through the heart.
We meet directly with the spirits,
We talk [with them] according to the measure given by The Lofty One.
We discuss the [spiritual] maturity
Not with body,
But with heart.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel