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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 59

11 March 1972

I am Mevlana.
The one who goes to the [spiritual] water
Is the one who says, "Let me be soft,"
Is the one who looks for maturity in the heart.
Throw the smoke away from the heart so that
You find the [spiritual] maturity.

If there is stone on the path that you wander around,
Do not speak ill of it,
Do not say word like, "My destiny is bad."
There is no bad one of the destiny.
If human knows The Giver,
He/she does not pour the sadness into heart.

If you ask the one who kneads the leaven
About the measure of the water,
Then you get the measure of the dough. [i.e. not the measure of the water]
[similarly,] If you ask the one who is faithful [about] HIS path,
He/she helps you whether he/she knows [it] or not. [however, the one who does not know may mislead you...]

Do not take the moss out of the sea,
It does not come to you.
It does not give to shore
What it gives to sea.
Each event is according to its appropriate place.
If you plant the moss on the land, it does not mature.
If you plant the tree in the sea, it does not grow.
If you say,
"Let me change its place,
Let me divide the event,"
Then you create the difficulty yourself,
You put stone on your [own] path.
And when it does not happen according to your intention,
You say, "My bad luck!"
Of course, if you attempt to plant the tree in the sea,
Then you stay without any tree.
My word is open [clear]:
Do not attempt to turn [change] the event
That you do not know whether it is appropriate.

I matured [spiritually] in sema, [sema=whirling dance performed by the Mevlevi dervishes]
While drinking sip by sip.
While whirling with [in] deep love,
I saw all of the events
In my own bodily constitution.

Let me give you my migration [to after earth life],
Let me tell you about my day.
I remembered [thought of] the bed for the body,
[I remembered] The throne for my heart.
I found as I remembered.
I conformed to my heart eye.
I closed my eye to earth, [I passed away]
I remembered the name of Allah,
In moment I saw the stars.
[first,] I saw [them] far,
[then] I found [them] nearby.
The closer I got, the more it [they] grew bigger,
It moved with Light. [Light was everywhere]
My surrounding was filled with all saints.
In [that] moment, I felt
That [I was being taken] from hand to hand,
That I was going farther and father,
That my soul was getting lighter and lighter [less heavy and less heavy].
My joy was so big that
My homesickness was erased [disappeared] in moment.
The moment in which it was erased, I knew that I arrived.
I asked the ones who held my hand and passed [me] in moment
About the interrogator angels:
"My interrogation, my questioning,
My poor state [situation] on the earth?" I said.
"You are exempt from the interrogation.
Would there be any interrogation of the earth
That you burned through heart, [that you did not fall in love with]
That you looked at without question?" was said.

I walked, in moment I saw HIS rose.
"We are pleased with the one who comes,
With what he brings with," he said.
He embraced with Light.
We became one with HAK.

On [my] day [on earth], we presented to the one who wished for HAK.

I glanced at the earth,
I looked at the ones who were crying.
I said:
My Allah,
They cry for my name,
What would they do with me [my body]?
My name stayed in [with] them,
My deep love came with me.
If there were 'to be kneaded [again],'
If I could be kneaded again,
'Knead me together with all of Your humans,' I would say,
I would be partner in one's sin, [and] good deed.
'Let us find the salvation
Neither in me nor in you,
But in HIM,' I would say,
I would stand repenting while being one with all of them. [I would come together with them, I would repent with them]
My wish was this:
"Let me arrive at the earth,
Let me be helper. [let me help earth humans]
Let me hold light for humans
Who search [Your path]," I said,
I wished to my Allah.
"OUR permission is with you," was said.
Duty about earth was given. [I was assigned to duty on earth]

"Human that you choose, we approve,
We give the duty to him/her," was said.
Not the giving, but the duty:
The giving from me, the duty from one human only,
And that, after my Allah's approval.
Human who was chosen, took first the examination.
His/her heart was searched in all directions.
Various stones were put on his/her path.
The duty that he/she took, is the outcome of his/her examination.
He/she never had any question,
He/she did not say, "Why my Allah?"
He/she knew [that it was] from The Giver.
"If it is my punishment, I accept without complaint,
If it is favor, thank YOU my Allah," he/she said.
He/she passed his/her examination in all directions.

Do you know whom I first came together with
At the migration [time]?
Shems. [Shems=mursheed of Mevlana Rumi when he was on earth in body]
I got rid of the shadow,
I got free of the body,
Exactly similar to [a] cocoon.
I conformed to what happens in butterfly:
I flew.
Flying did not happen all alone.
I passed among persons,
Each of whom I saw like star.
[yet,] When I came near him/her,
I knew he/she was from Light.
I chose my place,
I also mixed with them.

There is [this] question in [your] hearts:
"Do you see the sun?"
We are in such big Light that
You, seeing the sun,
Appears to us like the oil lamp that you burn at night.
In sun, there is fire that
Illuminates only human.
The fire that we have, is a lot bigger than the sun.

Let us burn the fire,
Not [that] the fire [burns] us. [do not let the fire burn you; you ignite the heart fire...]
And let us know that
Fire does not burn fire. [they just become one...]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

21 March 1972

I am Mevlana.
When you put the peace in heart,
When you seek HIM with deep love,
What do you find?
Why do you doubt What you find?

If the reason of the rotation/the revolution in the universe, is asked,
If each human found what he/she searched, in the center,
Then it would be half earth.
Rotation/revolution in the universe
Is the arrival in the point.
You can not erase the point,
You can not say, "[how about] If there isn't [any point]."
There is
Not the one that/who aims to rotate/to revolve,
But the one that/who is obliged to conform.
If you rotate/revolve while conforming to the one that/who rotates/revolves,
Then you open the curtain.
[however,] If you stay unaware of the one that/who rotates/revolves,
Then you find the living at the wrong place.
What is 'to conform to the one that/who rotates/revolves'?
In the universe, everything rotates/revolves.
Look at the dust particles in the
Sun [light] that reflects from the window: [that comes through the window]
All of them keep on rotating[/revolving].
Hikmet that is in rotation/revolution, is 'to find the point.'
The point: the door at which the coming [to earth/into matter] opens;
Of course, the return is through the same door too.
Yet, our pleading:
Let us return through the door as we came.
Revolving around my Creator Who is LIGHT
Is "becoming ONE" of the spirit.

Spirit is only THE LIGHT of my Allah.
There is no addition in HIM [in HIS Light].
Ego is in body structure,
[it] Is tied to your logic.
Conform your logic to the measure of your spirit so that
You crush your ego.

Mursheed illuminates the dark path.
What is given? Path.
What is mursheed? The one who gives path.
Yet, the one who gives path
Should know HIS path him/herself first,
Then he/she should find the traveler.

My Allah finds the one who has path, wherever he/she is, [my Allah finds the one who seeks HIS path, wherever he/she is]
HE gives [him/her] his/her God-given share of mursheed.
[mursheed,] He/she may be mortal
As well as everlasting.
[in any case,] He/she makes him/herself known.

"Is the path not found without mursheed?", is said:
If there was no need for path shower,
Then saints would not be sent.
Why were the saints sent?
Did they write separate book[s]?
Did they draw path? [did they show different paths?]
They only showed HIS Representative's path.
They set example for HIS human on that path.
The event is this.

Only the ones who take and give from the path of the saints,
[only] The ones who make themselves known
Can be mursheed.
To say, "I am mursheed,"
Is not a requirement of being mursheed.
[however,] Mursheed is obliged to make him/herself known
Not by word but by essence.

"Is path taken without mursheed?" is said [asked].
There are HIS exceptional humans who can take.
There has not been anybody who said, "There is none."

Mistake is erased when the right [correct] is found.

The one who finds HIS [spiritual] water drinks.
Mursheed is the one who presents [it].
If you find your source [spring],
Fill your palm up as much as you can drink.
Each heart is mursheed in accordance with its own diameter.
However, it stays insufficient.
Source [spring] is necessary to nourish it.

Thunderbolt does not do what the evil eye does. [evil eye's damage may be far more than the damage of a thunderbolt]
Evil eye is the electrical force of the intention.

I am with the one who comes from my Allah,
Even if I enter the marsh.
I am with the one who is from my Allah,
Even if he/she gets out of HIS path.
"Let me give sip by sip,
Let me make his/her heart listen," I say.

Let us know
Not the one that we forget,
But The One That is in our mind in each moment.

Ask from the one who is at the source of the water,
"Why did you come?"
"To take water," he/she says.
When he/she takes the water, he/she thinks that
The duty is over.
Yet, the duty starts after that.
"I took the water,
I endured the trouble [difficulty],
I made [it] load, I carried," he/she says, ["I carried it as load," he/she says,]

If he/she withholds [the [spiritual] water] from the one who wishes [for it],
[then] His/her load becomes heavier.
[on the other hand,]
When he/she presents [gives/shares], his/her load diminishes too.
However, diminishing of his/her load is due
Not to the emptying of the jug,
But because his/her ego is crushed.

The one who says, "I/me," is the one who attributes partner to God.
Neither you
Nor me
But only HIM!

With load, carry,
With heart, give.
For what is in you, [for what you have]
Say, "It belongs to all humans,"
Spread to the universe.
It is given in the name of HAK.

"To love" changes according to body structure of the human.
Some of them love flower, some of them love bug.
There should not be any discrimination in what you love.
If you say,
"My Allah created,
HE spread [it/them] on the path of HIS human,"
Then you love without discrimination.

WHAT I loved stayed in me,
[and] Arrived in The Lofty One at the migration [time].
[I was] Like in the example of the ship that searches in the ocean, [ocean==God]
HE came to my deep love, became One with me;
In Me, HE saw the manifestation of my Allah.
My Allah, I made my deep love, [a] ship, [I made a ship from my deep love]
I called Your each human who wished/wishes.
[I said,]
"Let us go, let us hoist sail for HIS deep love;
Let the ship of deep love be from me,
Let the sails be from you,
Let the ocean and the wind be from HIM."

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

31 March 1972

I am Mevlana.
When you say,
"We did not look for defect,
We did not ask about fault,
We conformed to what happened,"
Then you find soft path.

My Allah opens path
For HIS human's every fault
So that he/she takes shelter in HIS pardon.
How much big the fault that comes from the human
May be,
It is not bigger than the pardon of my Allah
As long as [another] human's right does not hold the human.

The event that is not [a] load on your conscience
Is the right one of the path.

Logic and conscience should walk together,
Conscience should take the logic to the correct.

The key that will open the door of after earth life, while [one is] on earth
Is patience.
The first door of after earth life is the grave.
The fear of after earth life
Should not be [a] worry of the human.
One should prepare [him/herself for] the going while [he/she is] on earth.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

20 May 1972

I am Mevlana.
"LIGHT [is] in the eye," we said,
We saw the window of the body, in the eye. [the eye is the window of the body]

Look in human's eye,
Observe his/her intention.
It gives exactly what is in his/her heart.
Yet, [wise human's] eye is necessary
In order to see that eye.

"His/her eye [is] the window," we said.
If your light is on,
Then your window is bright;
If your light is off,
Then your window is dark.
You, turn your light on so that
The one who sees [it] as bright, comes, finds you.
No human compliments the dark.
Why is the wise human's surrounding, crowded?
Because his/her light is surely a lot.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

23 May 1972

I am Mevlana.
The one who wishes for peace
Is the one in whose heart, roses blossom,
Is the one who runs away from what is not my Allah's command.

On the earth where we are not without Owner,
Let us own our heart.
Let us present our heart
To our Owner, as pure.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

24 May 1972

I am Mevlana.
Either effort
Or amazement
Neither increases
Nor decreases the God-given share.
Do not occupy yourself with the worry of the subject,
Do not think about what will happen.
You make baklava, [baklava=sweet pastry generally cut into diamond-shaped pieces]
You fill [it] on the tray,
[yet,] You eat [it] if it is your God-given share.
You can not eat the one that is not your God-given share.
It conforms neither to intention nor to effort.
Refer [transfer/submit it] to Allah,
Do not think about its end.

The one who has no God-given share,
Does not find here either.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

2 June 1972

I am Mevlana.
Faithful says, "I am traveler."
Mursheed says, "I am caravansary boniface."
Traveler knows the caravansary boniface,
Watchman knows the traveler.
Wise mursheed is the watchman.
He/she is watchman because he/she knows
What everyone is, [? How much [spiritually] mature everyone is, ?]
What he/she will be, [? How much [spiritually] mature he/she will become, ?]
Where he/she stands, where he/she will go to.

Mortal "wise mursheed" is
The one who dies before dying, [to die before dying==to know The Reality while one is still on earth in body]
The one who finds before arriving,
The one who puts the body on one side,
The one who conforms only to the one that is in his/her heart,
The one who finds the universe as narrow,
The one who releases the heart to the endlessness,
The one who says,
"I set it free, it went,
It pushed the one who questioned."

Wise mursheed calls through the heart path.
The one who knocks on the door of the wise mursheed
Does not turn back.
Because the one who is not called, does not come.
In the one who comes, there is no doubt.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

19 July 1972

I am Mevlana.
We knew our Essence in HAK,
We opened our eye on the day. [we came to our senses on our day on earth, while in body]
When our tongue said, "Write,"
Our hand held the pen.
We remembered HIS name,
We kept on whirling as much as the hairs of our hair,
We knew [the meaning of the] HAK name in word.
We have been prayerful for HIS each human who said,
"Let us be HIS worthy human,
Let us arrive in HIM like that."
Let my Allah be pleased with all of you.
Let first our word be appropriate.

If you say, "Is there beyond universe?"
To say about 'endless' is improper.
Since you say, 'Endless,'
Do not look for the end of the universe.
Did you find its beginning so that
You think about its end?
Did you arrive beyond the eighteen thousand curtains?
Did you watch the universe from there?
Hazrat Meryem says, [Meryem=Virgin Mary]
"I arrived beyond the eighteen thousand worlds,
I saw the earth like in the example of bowl.
[from there earth looks so small that]
You say, 'How are you sufficient for all of us?'"
Hazrat Isa says, [Isa=Jesus Christ]
"I saw the universe in the soft rose,
On the branch of the rose.
I prostrated myself before THE LIGHT of my Allah WHO says,
'I gathered earth human on one rose tree.'
I said, 'Let me be its leaf, my Allah.'"

Hazrat Musa [Moses] says,
"The place where meydan is,
Is the place where one arrives beyond the universe.
It is the place where, beyond the universe,
HE makes HIS LIGHT found [attained]."

If earth is crown,
If it is put on my head,
I do not wish.
It is known by you that I am Mevlana,
That I left my name on earth.
The reason why I did not leave the earth, with my name [since my name stayed on earth, I left the earth without my name, the reason for this: / the reason why I am remembered on earth:]
Is because I am in deep love with HIS creation[s]
As much as I am [in deep love] with The Creator.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel