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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 5

13 January 1970

I am Mevlana.
We came to [your] day with word,
We gave the path with [in] essence.
We passed the test at migration [time]
With the 'faith and trust in Allah' that is in heart.
We came to you in the name of my Allah
WHO gave us our path that is in mouth,
WHO stamped us with the seal of "saint."
[We come]
To give [you] path,
To illuminate your path,
To wish for bright day [for you].

Earth is temporary.
The coming day [is] heart warming.
[there is] No word about the one that passed. [do not talk about the day that passed]
Its end [is] finder of my Allah. [each event educates human in such a way that it leads to arrival in Allah; at the end human finds Allah]

We said already:
The test is over,
He [we] arrived in Lofty Allah,
He [we] arrived, he [we] found the day.

So Sublime is my God.
HE gave HIS human preferential treatment on the [current] day too.
[to]Day's human says,
"Yesterday's human [was more] lucky,
[because] He/she [was] closer to my Allah."
Yesterday's human,
[to]Day's human,
Coming one's [coming day's, tomorrow's] human,
All [of them are] my Allah's Light.
No word from yesterday. [do not talk about yesterday]
It is enough that you turn towards [HIM],
[and] Say, "My Allah created."
Say [so], so that you arrive [in HIM].

Let you know that it is me:
My personality
Is not Garib's identity.
What is dignified [what is real, what counts], [is] the service given to human.
I said service, I rushed [the word],
[what I really mean is that]
On the path of my Allah,
It is
Not service
But deep love.
It is practice that comes from the deep love. [it is serving with deep love/passion]

Why does it matter if the writing is like that, [or] like this?
You [have] read Mesnevi on day,
What have you understood?
What have you said about what you understood?
[today] I write for the [current] day,
I make known from my Allah. [I make known in the name of my Allah]
My duty, my deep love.

I looked at the flow of the water,
I died [before dying]. [to die before dying==to know The Reality while one is on earth in body]
I looked at the going of the path, [I looked at where the path was leading to]
I burned [in heart], I ran,
"Let me arrive [in Allah]," I said.
In order to arrive, 'to mature [spiritually]' is necessary.
In order to mature [spiritually], 'to know' is necessary,
'To wash what one knows' is necessary.
In order to wash, mursheed is necessary.
I found mursheed,
I washed from [in] heart. [my heart was washed]
They said, "Ladder," they put me at its leading edge; [they put me in front of the spiritual ladder]
'To climb' is necessary.
If I say, "I climbed one by one," I did not know, [I did not know if I was climbing]
I found myself in The Lofty One,
[I found myself] In the presence of The Lofty One.
I found, I became drunk [with joy].
My Creator, I am reunited with YOU,
YOU made me reunited in one moment.
Send me to Your humans,
Let me call [them] to Your path.
Let me turn the one who is confused about his/her path,
Let me turn [him/her] to Your LIGHT.
I burned, I took [the spiritual water] into the mouth,
I poured into the heart.
I came to the nest with the permission of my Allah. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
When I come, [it is] with one sound.
The coming of the sound
Is when my Allah is remembered from heart.
I took [heard] the sound, I took, [I heard the sound again and again]
I said, "My Allah,
Send me
To the sound that comes from the heart,
For the breath [that is] wished to YOU,
Send me too.
Let me be helper, [let me help them]
Let me go there."
My permission is from my Allah.
I came, I gave my word. [I have been teaching you]
Event is this.

I laughed,
I said, "I liked,"
I descended into human's heart.
In order to see, it is necessary to descend,
In order to descend, purity is necessary.
I saw the hearts as pure,
I laughed, I rejoiced.
I rejoiced because they [humans] came
Not to my path,
But to my Allah's path.

I used to be an unable human of my Allah too.
I arrived in HIM, [then] I was called, "Saint."
If you say, "What did you do to arrive [in HIM]?"
I fell in deep love with my Allah.
Event is this.
[my] Deep love is not only for my Allah
But for all of HIS creations
Whom/that HE made reach His Light That HE gave/gives.
Among the living one[s] that HE created/creates,
Among the lifeless one[s] that HE created/creates,
I did not see any ugly one.
To the one who turned his/her path [away], [to the one who is on the wrong path]
I did not say, "You are bad."
I do not say [so] because
There is
No badness in the one whom HE created,
But [only] turned-away-ness [from God].
It is necessary to turn the one who is turned-away,
It is necessary to make [him/her] know my Allah.

My Yunus wishes for word,
"Let me come, let me say," he says.
Word to my Yunus.
I am Yunus, I came,
I said [so] to Hazrat Mevlana.
Let me say to the one who asks,
Not to anybody, but to the [attendants of the] assembly.
My place is asked [about], "In pleading," I said.
My path is asked [about], "In the nest," I said.
My birth is asked [about], "In the air," I said.
To the one who asked about his/her place, "On earth," I said.
To the one who asked about my migration, "To MEVLA," I said.
To the one who asked about my tomb, "No need [to know its exact place], [Exact location of Yunus' tomb is not known. There are many towns in Anatolia where it is claimed that Yunus' tomb is there...]
[it is] On the convenient path," I said.
[each person,] He/she wished, remembered, knew [it] there. [each person who remembered me, let him/her think as if my tomb was there]
[my tomb is]
At the place where he/she knows,
At the place where human puts [me] in his/her heart.
As much as he is loved,
He occupies [that much] place in his/her heart.
The soil of my homeland, [and] of my place are all one [the same]. [my tomb is everywhere on my homeland]
Wherever it is, know [it] there. [wherever you think it is, know that it is there]
If knowing [the place of my tomb] reunited human with MEVLA,
My God would have made my [tomb's] place known.

Are you the one who knows [knew] Musa [Moses]?
Are you the one who sees [saw] Isa [Jesus Christ]?
Are you the one who arrived at HIS prophet?
You know from heart, you love,
[then] You arrive [in God].
If you know your place,
Do you find your God?
Not your place
But your deep love that is in the heart
Makes you arrive [in God],
Makes you find my Allah.

They say, "Kaaba,"
They visit.
Is each visiting one
[a] Faithful human of my Allah?
It is necessary to remember from heart.
To remember [HIM] abundantly,
To please the heart that is the Kaaba of my Allah
Is more preferred [by God] than visiting Kaaba [physically].
Visiting of Kaaba is [a] religious duty [of the body],
Visiting of the heart is the circumambulation of the building of Allah.

The pleading of the writing,
The remembrance of The Beauty,
Talking about Allah, with deep love.

Prayers are received in [the same] moment.
When you remember [God], it ties your path to HIS path.

[mother or father, when he/she passes away:]
If I say, "He/she cries [sheds tear] for his/her child," [that is] wrong
Because he/she arrived in his/her Allah,
He/she saw what has been happening. [he/she learned The Reality]
He/she knew that
Allah gives hand
To HIS human.
[then] Why would he/she be sad, burn [in heart]?
The one who arrives in his/her Allah knows,
He/she feels sad
About the one who is on earth,
About the one who puts worry in his/her heart
He/she has no power to warn him/her;
He/she has no power to make him/her know about
What comes from his/her Allah.
If he/she makes him/her know [about it], then he/she feels [would feel] relieved,
He/she makes [would make] human feel relieved too.
That is what I say to humans,
To the ones who live on earth:
Do not be carried away by earth trouble,
Wait for its end.
Good deed happens [at the end],
Human sees,
When he/she sees, he/she rejoices.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

14 January 1970

I am Mevlana.
I took in my hand,
I gave to his/her tongue.
I presented my word,
I washed [spiritually] his/her essence.

It is necessary to pass [leave behind, forget, ignore] the one that happened,
[it is necessary] To welcome the one that comes.
It is necessary to be ready
For the coming of the beautiful day.

When I wind the wool ball with you,
I present the writing in meter. [I present the chats in rhyme, like poems]
Let me be the rolling pin,
Let me roll the dough thin.

I took from what is given,
I said farewell,
I migrated from the earth.
One says,
"Let me come to the earth once more,
[then, after that] I am asked [about] my coming." [some humans say, "if I could be on earth once more [so that I make up for my mistakes], and I am interrogated after that]
He/she wishes differently than it happens
As if he/she would be more comfortable like that.
If there is [was] 'coming,' if path is [was] open, [if coming back to earth in body was permitted]
Earth human
Does [would] not wish to come to earth [again].
He/she does [would] not wish because
He/she does [would] not take the risk of the trouble that is on earth.
Coming to earth as well as returning [to after earth life] is one [only once].
[in after earth life:]
There is no one saying, "Let me go back [to earth] once [more]."

[during the lifetime on earth:]
The one who is faithful says, "To the help." [he/she asks for help to Allah]
[on the other hand,]
The one who turns his/her path away [from HIS path],
He/she runs away from the one that bothers
The skein of his/her wool ball.
If I was ready,
I would mature [spiritually] in one coming.
Even if coming is many, [even if there were more than one coming]
Human's turned-away heart does not change.
For that reason, my Allah
Does not send HIS human
To earth again and again
As human.
There is 'coming of the spirit,'
One conforms to human's heart. [in accordance with human's heart]
[yet the spirit comes to earth] Never [again] as [a] mortal.

We wish for humans,
"Right path," we say.
We help in accordance with our power, [we help as much as we can]
[we help] As much as my Allah permits.
Who can dare talking about the force of my Allah?
If the answer to your question is [a] miracle,
It comes from the angels.
Inspiration to your common sense
Comes from us.

You make mistake, you forget,
"Ah! It came to my mind," you say.
Have you [ever] thought about
WHAT makes [it] come to your mind,
[WHAT] Makes [it] be put on your path?
"Coincidence," you say, you rejoice.
We are under HIS command.

If I am spokesman for [on behalf of] Yunus,
If I say, "Advance courier for HIS path,"
Do [would] you not say, "Who are you?"
Who is Yunus? Who am I?"
He is my Allah's human too.
My Allah's darling humans:
All of them whom HE created.

See the miracle
On the path,
In the other human,
In the rose,
In the water;
See, so that you know. [vision==to see HIM in HIS creations]
Know, so that you mature [spiritually].
This was what I did on earth.
If you see too, you mature [spiritually too].
[Previous verses may be better understood under the light of the explanation about Allah's LIGHT]

Do not say word
To humans who put smoke [in their hearts],
To humans who throw the [spiritual] sip [away],
To humans who sell the wool ball. [wool ball==lifetime on earth]
To sell the wool ball
Is to grab his/her conscience.
To grab his/her conscience
Is to choke it.
Wool ball is sold like that.
[this is how] Human stays as slave of the human.

Mevlana gives path,
My Yunus tells about his day
Not as [a] tale
But he makes his [? HIS ?] path known.
You knew me because of you,
You said, "Guest," for Yunus.
For that [reason] you are connected to me,
You tolerated my Yunus.
Path does not conform to path. [paths are not the same]
Each path does not educate human.
Soft word, soft essence educate human,
Make him/her find HIS path.

You know about
My [spiritual] maturation on earth, my giving,
My teaching on my day [when I was on earth].
You also know that my Yunus
Removed the curved [wrong].
He makes [It] known to the one
Who is not on HIS path,
[who is not] Under my Allah's command.
He presents harshly
He is amazed at the one who does not see his/her Allah,
He is amazed, he gets angry,
"Let me take him/her to [HIS] path," he says.
If he was on earth on the day, [if he was on earth today]
He would make all [humans who are not on HIS path] wear fetters.
When he winds wool ball according to his purpose,
When there is fault in the wool ball,
He says, "Ya Allah,"
He takes shelter in The Creator,
He unties his wool ball with patience.
He expects the same from each human.

I said, "Path,"
I said, "Traveler,"
I tied his/her path to the nest: [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
My Yunus gives [HIS] path too,
He turns the one who does not know [to HIS path].
There is such human that
He/she matures [spiritually only] according to my Yunus[' way]. [some humans only understand the hard way; they understand only in the way that Yunus teaches]
If you say softly, he/she does not know [understand],
He/she does not enter the [HIS] path.
I came, "I am Yunus," I said,
I loved your path very much.

Cheating does not give path,
[it] Does not give any peace to human.
There is no roughness in the brave one.

Let us be smokeless,
Let us climb the [spiritual] ladder.
"Ya Allah," we said,
We climbed the step [of the ladder],
We took the step.
To the one who said, "Wing,"
"Inshallah," I said. [inshallah=it happens if Allah gives permission]
To the one who is on [HIS] convenient path,
"Mashallah," I say. [mashallah=how wonderful, let my Allah protect him/her]

Is the tiring of [to]day more than yesterday? [do we get more tired than you used to get tired on your day?]
Is the vision of [today's] human less than yesterday's? [do today's humans know less about The spiritual Meaning than yesterday's humans?]
Would there be any hunger for the one
Who worked on my day [when I was on earth],
Who got tired, who wore away?
Would he/she wind his/her wool ball in exile?
[as humans] You used to eat yesterday as much as your God-given share was;
[as humans] You eat as much as your God-given share is, on the day [today] too.
Aims do not change.
To conform to the day
Does not make [one] forget Allah.
Does my Allah forget HIS human so that
HIS human forgets HIM?
On the day [today], you ate your food,
You opened your head and eyebrow, [today you do not cover your head as humans used to do in the past, i.e. you wear no hat, no veil]
Did you get [a] stone at your head? [was your head hit with a stone / were you beaten because you opened your head?]
Did you eat the stone as food?

Let human not be mistaken:
Let him/her not say, "Allah burns." [Allah punishes]
Let him/her run away from the evil,
Let him/her see the good.
Let him/her love the creations,
Let him/her open heart.
Let him/her run away from haram.
What is meant by haram [is]:
Human's right [rightful due, God-given share, justice]!
Not [according to] the earth eye. [human's right according to God's standards, justice]
If your intention is bad,
If your wergeld is hard [painful],
If your food at your home is bitter,
Then look forward
To heading for your Allah,
To finding the right path
So that you are soft,
So that you find the peace.

In order to see my Allah,
It is not worth going on [a] journey:
Open your arm,
Choose your vein.
Fold up your sleeve,
Spread your heart.
Look at your hair.
Look at the crop
That you take from the soil,
That you bury in the soil.
Are they not enough [for you] to see The Creator?
[Previous verses may be better understood under the light of the explanation about Allah's LIGHT]

You have eye[s]. [thanks to your eyes you see HIM in every moment]
Does the one who does not have eye[s], not know [HIM]?
Does he/she not look into his/her heart?
Does the one who has [HIS] path not see?
Does he/she not open his/her [heart] eye?
What a happiness if he/she opens [his/her [heart] eye], if he/she sees.

I am Yunus.
I fell on the path, [I started going on the path]
On the path, I fell in worry. [I got worried]
"If night comes, if day ends,
If wolf comes, if it sits on my path,"
I said, I took fright.
I wished to the path for [a] traveler.
[however, instead of a human] A dog appeared in front of me.
It made my path [its] path,
It went with me. [dog kept me company]
I was ashamed of my fear.
I said, "My Allah,
From your human,
From me who did not wish for protector [to YOU],
What [kind of] usefulness [may come] from me to YOU?
I could not be as much as [a] dog
That does not [even] know the [Your] path.
I became traveler,
[however,] I could not protect my heart.
If I took shelter in YOU, I would not worry.
[it is] Not word, [it is] not tale,
[it is] The result of me being mortal."
I say for that purpose:
[you should understand that:]
To deny my Allah is
Not 'to be mistaken,'
But 'not to know that he/she is mistaken.'
'To be mistaken' [is] for human,
'To come to his/her senses' is for faithful human.
My Yunus came to tell about how he matured [spiritually], [? My Yunus came to tell about what happened, ?].
My Yunus pleased your hearts.

Our wool ball makes our day be loved,
Makes the one who is big, be respected.
His/her day [is] big, not his/her [spiritual] degree.
Who is on the path of my Allah,
Who is full of deep love,
His/her [spiritual] degree is not considered;
There is no [human] lord of him/her.
Human [being] superior to human
Is the earth's aim. [is an aim on earth [only]]
Let it not be forgotten:
What my Allah gives for earth,
What is taken on earth,
What[ever] is owned [on earth],
[is] The property of the earth.
Its owner [is] The only One.
Human is mistaken,
"It is mine," he/she says.
So, what did we come [to after earth life] with?
What did we make our name be remembered with?
Coming [to earth], returning [to after earth life]: naked. [we come to and migrate from the earth in a naked body]
The one whose spirit is pure
Returns from earth with profit:
He/she gets degree from here. [he/she gets his/her spiritual degree in after earth life].

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

18 January 1970

I am Mevlana.
The one who wishes for path [that goes] to the palace,
Tries to conform to the palace manners.
The one who wishes for path to [reach] Allah,
Learns HIS path.
One does not start going on the path without [having a] path [to walk on].
On the [HIS] path, one does not come to narrow. [one does not get in trouble on HIS path]
The one who does not know the path,
Can not arrive at Its End. [can not reach HIM]

If the branch of the tree is lined up with abundant leaves that are soft, [and] thick,
Then my Allah makes 'taking sip,' God-given share of all of them.
My Allah does not give anyone's God-given share to anyone else.
On no day HE gives up on HIS creation. [HE never gives up on HIS creation]
I am amazed at the human who falls in doubt [who doubts],
I am amazed at the human who forgets about The Giving of Allah.

Omar says:
My Allah sees HIS human who pleads [with HIM],
HE hears his/her wish.
HE gives [makes true] the the one that is appropriate,
The one that is good deed for HIS human.
If HE asked the reason to human,
If HE did as human said,
Then chaos occurs [would occur] on earth.
My Allah's giving,
HIS view is never mistaken.
The one who increases his/her sip,
The one who says, "It comes from my Allah,"
Is human who is kneaded with patience.
[on the other hand,]
The one who says,
"Let it be, so that we see,
Let Allah give, so that we know [we believe in HIM],"
Is the one who turns his/her back to HIS earth.
If he/she does not turn his/her back to HIS earth,
If he/she looks once, around him/herself,
Then he/she sees [may see] WHAT my Allah gives.
Then he/she is [would be] carried away by WHAT he/she sees.
Then he/she realizes
The Existence of his/her Allah, [as well as]
The narrowness [irrelevance] of his/her question.
Then he/she begs [would beg] his/her Allah's pardon.

Heart is not measured with matter.
Matter does not always give happiness to human.
[do not be mistaken:]
I did not say, 'Comfort.'

If remembrance of HIS name in the home
Is [a] cause for prayer,
Then you are [a] happy human,
Then you are [a] darling human of your Allah.

My Yunus says,
"If I feel like longing for my home,
[then] I would burn with the nostalgia for my mother.
[however,] I became Yunus, I grew up,
I said, "My home," I looked for [it].
If it became true, [if I found my old home]
I do not know if I would be happy.
It is like that:
Human has tendency towards the one that he/she does not have.
Instead of embracing the one that he/she has,
He/she thinks that the happiness is
In the one that he/she does not have.
The essential is
To be content with what you are.

If the perception of the beauty
Was in accordance with the perception of the faithful human,
Then beauties would make human find What he/she hoped for.
Peace would be present in such [a] home.
I am Mevlana, I have the word.
My Yunus [is] next to me.
I am next to the human
Whose winding of the wool ball is soft,
Whose name is said to be 'Garib.'
I am always in her heart.
I made known that she matures [spiritually].
I said, "The one who comes next to me,"
I pleaded.

Smoke does not enter the nest.
Your day does not darken with smoke.

There is vision of the coming, [vision==to see HIM in HIS creations]
There is 'knowing Allah' [of the coming]. [our coming/our chats help humans to see and to know Allah...]
There is
'Drinking of faithful humans from the wine of heaven.'
You are the ones who know these,
[you are the ones who know] The writings from the Koran.
I can not say farther, [more than this]
I can not give word from the day.
If more than what is known
Was necessary to be said,
Then my Allah would have made [it] known,
HE would have given the word to Hazrat Mohammad.

We began to mature.
We kneeled to prostrate ourselves,
We put our forehead on the ground.
"My Allah," we said,
We arrived in HIS Beauty.
In the name of The Beauty,
We added our prayer
To the prayer of the [spiritually] mature one.
We did not say, "Have mercy," [we never complained].
We did not know the time. [we did not rush / we were patient]
We put my Allah's name
In the heart.
We remembered with mouth,
We knew What we remembered.

Coming [realization, becoming true] of the intentions
Is forceful
According to how he/she drinks from HIS [spiritual] water.
Intentions come [become true] like that.

If the collar of the brave one is open,
If his/her sleeve is filled with snow,
He/she does not say, "I am cold."
He/she shakes his/her sleeve,
"It is soft," he/she says. [not only does he/she not complain, but he/she also appreciates the softness/beauty of the snow...]

Climbing up his/her [spiritual] ladder?
Since he/she matures [spiritually],
We climb slowly, slowly.
We all become one,
We wind the wool balls on HAK's path.

We are helper to you.
What your [spiritual] maturation makes you earn
Is favor.
Favor of my Allah.
You found
Not from us, [not thanks to us]
But from your hearts. [but thanks to your own hearts]
However, you leaned on us,
You reached peace.
You climbed the [spiritual] ladder.
I made known the climb,
I gave you light.
What I did, is this much.
The rest is the gift of your hearts.

'To make mistake' happens to human.
Return is necessary to [HIS] path.

The coming of the event
Not give sorrow to human. [do not worry about events].
Let him/her say,
"My Allah gave, [the event comes from my Allah]
It will go well again,"
Let him/her not occupy his/her mind with it.

However, the coming true of the aim,
[the aim] Finding you,
Wants [requires] patience.
To hope is beautiful,
To find is beautiful,
Patience is more beautiful than all.
Patience is necessary everywhere.

My Allah knows,
The one who is called, comes. [when time comes, one migrates to after earth life]
What happens if the coming [time] is known?
The taste of the earth goes sour. [if one knew when he/she would die, than his/her life would be thrown into disarray]

My Allah knows HIS each work appropriately, [my Allah knows what is appropriate for each one of HIS works]
HE puts [it] on its path. [HE puts it in order]
The one who votes for the path,
The one who expects good deed from the path, [he/she] finds.

I waited [for you] to mature,
I added my path to your path.
Your hearts made [you] find the [HIS] path.
We came [responded] to your pleading,
We gave [HIS] path.

My Yunus wished,
Wanted the word.
I [Mevlana] said, "Let [it] be short."
I [Yunus] said, "Let me say my word,
Let me fill three pages."
I came, I am Yunus.
[even] If I come softly, my temperament is harsh,
My pen does not soften.
To the one who says, "Your mature path": [to the one who says, "your path was good, you were lucky, your path led you to spiritual maturity"]
I matured [spiritually], [however,] I did not know [realize] either.
I did not solve the giving of my Allah. [I did not know how spiritual degrees were granted]
Weakness is not the story of the human,
Sainthood is not the sleep of the human.
The one whose dream is abundant,
The one who is crowned in [his/her] dream,
He/she wakes up,
He/she falls down from the throne,
His/her head swells. [he/she hurts his/her head and has a bump on his/her head]
His/her hope turns out to be nothing.
"Even in [a] dream,
Don't let me sit on [a] throne;
My Allah, do not give big [much] hope
To the porter [carrier] of the wood,"
I said, I pleaded.
My pleading was for [my] earth [life].
I did not think about the place of my after earth life
Because I did not find my heart as worthy.
I did not know that
My view, my appraisal
Were not asked [taken into account] by my Allah.
My Allah does not say to HIS human,
"What is [in] your heart?"
To the one who winds his/her wool ball,
To the one who goes on HAK's path,
To the one who says, "I have my Allah,"
His/her [spiritual] degree is given,
The door to after earth life is opened [for him/her].
To think about,
To be put [accepted] to after earth [life],
I did not [even] think about [it] not to revolt against The Meaning.
I bent [my] neck forward, [I bowed to God]
I waited for the decision.
[it turned out that] I had matured [spiritually], I had not known [that I had matured].
[it turned out that] I had passed three pages [spiritual levels].
In the name of the mature one,
My word to Hazrat Mevlana
Is up to this page.

I am Mevlana.
To the word of my Yunus,
His path is open to his essence,
[even] If he wears cloth with patch,
His heart merits palace.
[Yunus' clothing may look old [may be poorly looking], however, his heart is huge, so beautiful]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel