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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 57

30 December 1971

I am Mevlana.
Before going [to after earth life], I did not think about coming [to earth].
I did not separate my heart
From your hearts that remember me.
When being prayerful to The One
WHO gives life to the leaf,
WHO makes the blood move in the veins,
Why did we look for so many things in the hearts?

Each heart
Should be one like in the example of corn,
Should gather on the cob. [all hearts should gather as "one" like the kernels of a corn being together on one cob]

Our deep love is
Neither like the one that goes out [that is extinguished]
Nor like the one that turns [away] from HIS direction;
[our deep love is]
The one that burns the blood that flows from [in] the vein,
[like in] The example of fire.

Neither you nor I know
The one who commits sin.
Even human him/herself does not know.

The one who embroiders,
Takes [chooses] his/her thread.
However, he/she does not know the measure [length] of the thread,
He/she does not think about where it will stay. [he/she does not know how long it is, therefore, he/she does not know if it would be enough for the whole job] [analogy with the wool ball [wool ball==lifetime on earth]...]

The one who says, "I conformed to Satan," [even as a joke] [to conform to Satan=idiom in Turkish meaning, 'to yield to temptation']
Is the one who takes my Allah out of his/her heart.

If you do not look for HIS secret, [if you do not look for HIM]
If you do not ask about the display, [if you do not try to find HIM through/in HIS creations]
Because what you hope for does not happen [does not come true],
Do not say, "My Allah does not love HIS human."
"To love" is The Loftiness of my Allah.

You can not make the ox-cart go
Without spending effort.
Yet, you can not come to the place where you go to
Before the [time that is] God-given share.
You set up the intention,
Then you refer [transfer/submit] the measure to my Allah.

Do not collect the unripe fruit,
Do not roll up the linen that is not ready,
Do not mix the soup without salt.

Do not sadden yourself,
Do not ponder saying, "Earth is bad."
The aim of living [on earth is]:
To know that everything that happens, comes from HIM,
To believe that what comes from HIM, is good deed.
The day on which you know this,
You see earth like in the example of mirror,
You get free of groundless worry.

Cold makes [one] look for hot.
[similarly,] Suffering makes [one] find Allah.

Hazrat Yahya says,
"The eye that sees is more blind than the one that does not see,
If he/she does not know The Giver.
If you do not know The Giver even though you see,
Then be scared of saying, 'I am HIS human.'"

My Yunus says:
I said, "Let me cross,"
I crossed one mountain.
"[it was] Like if I walked around the [whole] universe,
I saw so much," I said.
I was blind until [that] day.

Event does not fall to the shade.
Food is not cooked in the shade.
Rule is not bent.
Law does not change.
Food that is cooked, does not stay in its pot.

Chats are permanent
Until Garib's migration day is written.
The One Who gives the path of the [spiritual] water
Thinks about the takers too.

The one who conforms to the public
Is the one who gives value to the path of the water.
Be entrusted to my Allah.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

31 December 1971

I am Mevlana.
The one whose love is for all [humans],
The one who loves all [humans] saying, "My Allah created,"
Does not look at HIS human as adversary.

The one who looks for the fault in him/herself,
Does not fall in fault. [does not make any mistake]

Let one not say, "There is no close friend of the one who falls down."
My Allah is Close Friend
Of all humans whom HE created,
Even though he/she is [may be] turned-away from HIM.
The moment in which he/she turns his/her face towards HIM,
HE laughs at you,
HE showers HIS LIGHT [on you].

If you look at the events saying, "It comes from HAK,"
Then you do not fall in worry,
You do not say, "Bad luck."
Because each door of evil
Opens to good deed.

Let the one who is ready, know,
Let him/her conform to the one that happens.

Let him/her not say, "I have no strength,"
Let him/her wish for energy to Allah.

Neither let one sadden about the one that does not happen,
Nor let one fall in sorrow saying, "How come [it happened like that]."
It will happen, what is written will be seen.

Each human's writing is beautiful,
Yet, whatever face you look in the mirror with,
You see like that.
Look while laughing,
Believe that you will laugh,
Stay away from doubt.

Do not take the fear to your heart, for your path.
[because] Fear does not take place [there is no fear]
At the place where my Allah is.
Human does not stay as sad.

Why is smoke put in the heart
Saying, "It does not happen"?

Hump occupies him/herself with the worry that there is load on his/her back.
[however,] Let the load not be in the heart of human.
Earth [life] is short, day comes, passes [goes],
Human migrates [to after earth life] anyway,
Hump stays on earth,
Heart chooses the after earth life.
For that [reason],
Do not occupy yourself on earth
With the worry about the one that does not conform to your intention.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

14 January 1972

I am Mevlana.
Depression is born from pessimism.
The one who draws line for his/her intention, [the one who makes plan]
Is the one who believes that he/she is the one who prepares the event.
If you use your mind
Not for the connection
But for the order of the event,
Then you find the peace.

In order to get rid of 'being particle,'
It is necessary to look in the mirror, at the reflection of oneself.
[Previous verses mean also the following:
? In order to get rid of 'being particle,'
It is necessary to look in the mirror, at the opposite. [i.e. look not at the matter but The Light...] ?]

The one who takes path to dancing [the one who intends to dance]
Plays his/her saz too. [saz= a stringed instrument (which somewhat resembles a lute); saz==heart song]

The fish that is in the lake,
Becomes the feed of the fish that is in the ocean.
Do you not know the ocean?
Do you not see the lake?
Fish of the ocean is the one that matures with its salt,
[it is the one] That overflows because of its abundance.
The fish that is in the lake, is the one that is amazed in the ocean.
Saint gives from the ocean. [ocean==God]
Religious fanatic, like in the example of the lake fish, knows [only] that he/she conforms.
What does he/she know so that what does he/she give, [he/she does not know The Reality him/herself, so, what can he/she give?]
WHAT does he/she see WHERE?
Where does he/she come to the measure?

What is 'our giving'? [what do we teach humans?]
The one who enters the sea without knowing [how] to swim,
[he/she] Drowns.

Prophet Yahya [John The Baptist] says:
When human longs for his/her migration [to after earth life],
Know that gold is sprinkled onto his/her path. [gold==spiritual knowledge]
When earth tie is untied,
Wings are placed on his/her back.
Do you long for your migration
Despite the love of earth?
To long for the migration is
Not to die from earth suffering,
But longing to arrive in HIM
Despite the love of earth.
The day on which
I long [for HIM],
[the day on which] I envy to arrive in HIM
Is the day when I mature spiritually.

There is
Neither early nor late one
Of the migration [to after earth life].
For that [reason], it is irrelevant to take precaution
To avoid death.

My Allah sees each event.
The One Who makes HIS human, God-given share for HIS human
Sees [of course, also] the one who goes for ill-gotten gain.
My Allah Who judges,
Makes him/her find his/her balance.

Narrowness [poverty] in the one who comes from nobility,
Wealth in the one who is said to be degenerate
Is seen as odd
As if human distributes the God-given share.

The hand of the one who takes and the one who gives, should stay open.
It should come from one hand,
[it] Should be given with the other hand,
[it] Should see HIS each human.

My Allah creates HIS each human
With the same heart.
[however,] Human educates his/her own heart.
The one who starts with patience
Finds the key.
In the [after earth] world that he/she wishes for,
He/she stands at his/her equivalent [level]. [he/she continues his/her spiritual education/maturation on another world corresponding to his/her spiritual degree]

If I could give [explain] to human
The moment in which I got free of the cage,
The excitement in that moment,
[then] He/she would not give [any of] his/her particle[s],
He/she would not waste his/her Light.
Birth is such one moment that [birth==entry to after earth life, migration from earth life to after earth life]
To learn [how] to live,
Voila, it is known in that moment.
Resolution of Being Existent
Is seen in that moment.
Birth: the return door of the earth.

What makes earth covered with smoke
Is the unwariness of the human.

The path of the taking is not closed.
The jug of the one who takes, is not broken.
The heart of the one who loves, is not broken.
Do not say, "Is every human not one [same]?"
Of course, they are one.
Yet, the one who loves
Is also darling of my Allah.
If you break the heart of the one who loves
Then you break my Allah's heart.

Osman says,
"There is the one who knows to love and the one who does not know to love;
There is no one who does not love, there can not be."

My Allah does not stay away from HIS creation.
Of course, we love [while] saying, "HIS giving."
We see HIM in HIS each creation.
With HIS deep love,
We die before dying. [to die before dying==to know The Reality before migration, while still on earth in body]
When we migrate, we find HIM,
"We knew YOU from earth too," we say. ["we knew YOU while we were on earth in body," we say]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

21 January 1972

I am Mevlana.
No shadow falls on our word,
No smoke comes to our eye.
There is no amazement to our essence.

We came [to earth],
We returned [to after earth life],
We arrived [in Allah].
Because of the arrival, we took duty
To prepare HIS human to return.

In the event that we can not avoid,
Let us not hold responsible the one who is in front of us,
Even if the fault is in him/her. [even if he/she is faulty]
It is necessary to try
Not to see the fault,
But to forget [about it].

If the path of each one who goes was flat [smooth, without stone],
Then there would not be anyone falling.
[yet,] If human did not fall,
He/she would not learn to walk properly.

If you fall in fault,
Let your sadness be due to 'not knowing.'
If you know [realize] your fault, you should be happy.
The one who does not fall in fault, does not take shelter in HIS pardon.
The one who takes shelter in HIS pardon, does not stay in sadness.

Let the one who falls, fall,
Let him/her learn not to fall.
If you hold him/her by hand,
If you say, "Let me take [you],"
The day on which you can not hold [his/her hand], he/she falls again.

We became ready,
We said, "My Allah created,"
We loved the ant too.

There are many close friends of the one who loves.
Each human whom you love
Becomes your close friend.
Because your love shows you like that.

Do not be sorrowful.
The place of the sorrow
Is on the day when human does not know his/her humanity.

You can not prevent what will happen.
If you know yourself as ready,
If you take shelter in my Allah,
[then] The event passes you tangentially.

The one who kneads the dough
Scours his/her hand.
What is in hand, is not stain but skill.
What is important:
Let the stain not be in heart,
Let your tongue not be with thorn. [do not hurt/break heart with your words...]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

23 January 1972

Owl is said [about]: beauty.
Yet, in human's tongue: messenger of death.
If you take the death as bad, than it is like that.
If you fall in deep love,
If you burn to be reunited with HIM, [if you look forward to being reunited with HIM]
Owl's voice
Comes to you as good news.

There is no bad event on earth.
Human creates [the bad event].

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

26 January 1972

I am Mevlana.
Before becoming soft, path is not loved.

Herd is not entrusted to the one who does not know path.

The one that reaches the shore is not considered as wave [any more].

In the period when the sea looks as high [during the tide],
Its water does not increase.

Let human be frightened
Neither by the abundance of the wave[s]
Nor by the sound of the wind.

Let the one who starts the journey not say, "Storm comes." [let him/her not be pessimistic]

The one that is said in Mesnevi,
The one that is searched in the herd saying, "Dog;"
Let one not consider the dog as guard.
Nobody can be the guard of anybody,
[nobody] Can turn [change] the one that comes [the future event].
Our only Guard Who eliminates human's worry
Is our Owner.

If you could only give your one deep love,
[then] That is your reunion with HIM.
You take [it to HIM], you say, "I presented my Allah."
Say, "I brought my deep love that I can give YOU,"
Your interrogation stays there.
That deep love should be able to transform your heart into ember,
[that deep love should be able] To erase the hell [while you are] on earth.

Spirits are always together.
However, they come together and separate
In so short periods that you can not [even] measure.
In human [who is on earth in body], [there is] discontinuity,
[whereas] In us, in every moment.
[in earth human:] In moment together with us, in moment with the body;
The moment in which it enters the body, it is curtained from us.

It is known that
All skills are not given to one human.
So that there is service of human to human.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

3 February 1972

I am Mevlana.
If you put the hand on the wing of the bird,
Neither does it fly, nor does it pass.

Human chooses his/her pleading from Koran.
The pleading with my Allah
Does neither have any measure
Nor is it ignored [by Allah].

To take the one that is rightful due,
To find HIS pure path,
To know HIS Science,
To conform saying, "The Merciful:"
This is the essence of the Kevser sura. [Kevser=Al-Kawthar, 108th sura of Koran]
Human finds his/her [own] essence in this.
In the Kevser sura, there are conditions of the conformity:
Not with the body but with the spirit.
The one who is faithful takes [understands].
The one who takes the Kevser sura into his/her essence
Conforms without doubt.
There is certainty in its essence.
There is certainty
That makes human find human,
That makes known The Essence That is in human,
That makes the word mature in the tongue,
That makes the events happen,
That freezes the one who does not conform.

If you are not soft in hard
Try hardness in soft.
Softness does not come to each human, [softness does not suit each human]
He/she does not find what he/she looks for.
If you throw the stone to the sand, does it break?
Stone is only broken in stone. [stone is only broken when it hits another stone]
When you throw the stone to the sand, only its hole stays;
Wind comes, flattens that too.
Do not refrain
From the food that cooks,
From the stone that breaks.

Do not put earth's worry
Around your waist
Saying, "Belt." [like a belt]

You find my Creator with awe.
You know HIS creation with respect.
Respect is the artwork of the love.

There is nothing that one gives to the degenerate one.
What the degenerate one gives to the noble one
Is 'to serve as lesson.'
These are the manifestations of the earth.
The degenerate one makes the noble one valuable.
If there is no degenerate one, then the noble one does not take his/her name.
Let me give [describe] you the degenerate one:
The one who does not know that he/she came [to earth for test],
The one who does not conform to where he/she will go [i.e. not conforming to events].
The noble one is the one who says,
"I came, I saw, [I came to earth, I came to my senses, I saw HIM in HIS creations, in Me]
I conformed to the return." [I conformed to events, to my destiny without any complaint]

On my day, I did not become [a] 'tarikat' master. [tarikat= 1. tariqa, tariqat, Sufi path. 2. tariqa, tarekat, dervish order, dervish fraternity. 3. a religious denomination in Islam.]
Tarikat is the flow of the water to the ocean. [ocean==God]
Each flowing water comes together [with one another] in the same ocean.
Does the one who does not join the flowing water
Not arrive in the ocean?
We arrived, didn't we?
Tarikat makes [one] find [the path],
Yet, it does not make [one] spiritually mature.

Each prayer is welcomed by my Allah
If it is good deed for HIS human.
If human wishes for the suffering of HIS [other] human,
To say, "Acceptance of my prayer," is irrelevant.
Intention for the good deed
Is the sign of the good deed.

You can plead [with God] in your plain language too.
Your Allah Whom you lean on
Takes your prayer while it passes through your heart.
What is left for your tongue?

You love the neighbor saying, "Neighbor."
[yet,] You turn your face away from the one who is not Muslim,
Does my Allah discriminate when HE creates?
Does HE favor [one] saying, "[this is] My [preferred] human!"?
Do not choose [among] the neighbor[s].
My Allah created the universe
Neither for you nor for me
But for all [humans].
Each human found by the path of heart.
If [only] tarikat made [one] find the path,
Then the heaven of the one who is not Muslim
Would be closed.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

13 February 1972

I am Mevlana.
To the one who says, "I am the owner,"
Without being the owner,
Sleep of unwariness comes as sweet.
[however,] When he/she wakes up,
He/she says, "I rowed in vain,"
He/she feels deeply sorry for his/her past day[s].

From whichever station you get on,
You arrive at the same end
As long as you are able to catch that train.

If hearts were [like an] apple,
If each one who comes, takes one slice,
What is [would be] left for you?
Its seed is left.
Each seed grows one apple tree.
For that [reason], do not say, "All [of the apple] goes,"
Do not take offense at the one that goes.

Let the one who wears patched cloth
Not be ashamed of his/her patch.
Let the one who says, "Mine" about his/her being
Be ashamed.
Because The Being is not yours but HIS.

The path of the improvement
Is in the one who knows HIM,
Is in the one who gives his/her hand to human,
Is in the one who shares the light that he/she takes with the one who wishes.

It is seen that what I write is taken by
Instead of the sleeping one, [instead of the one who does not come to his/her senses while he/she is on earth]
[by] The one who migrates [to after earth life].
The one who falls in unwariness [while he/she is] on earth
Tries to take when he/she migrates.
[however,] To give light to the one who migrates
Is in the power of my Allah [only].
'Taking from us' of the one who migrates from earth
Is cut;
Similar to how earth's light illuminates only the place where it is. [like a street light]
[similar to how] When [an] airplane that takes off from the ground
Stays away from the earth light.
When human migrates,
He/she stays away from the earth light too.
There, he/she is with his/her Allah
Only in accordance with his/her [spiritual] degree.
[spiritual] Degree is taken on earth.

Spirits find relief
Thanks to the enlightened spirit of the earth human.
"Let HIM see HIS human,
Let HIM grant his/her [spiritual] degree on earth," we say,
We pray to my Allah.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel