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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 56

26 November 1971

I am Mevlana.
Why is silver searched? [silver==matter; gold==spiritual meaning]
If you say, "Let me take the earth,"
Silver is already earth's.
If each human says, "Earth is mine,"
It is his/her right [to say so].
Come to the mountain on your own, [and] say,
"My Allah, I am the owner of the earth,"
[then] You see yourself like that.
Is earth not created for you?
[then] Of course it is yours.
The point that each human finds in the moment
Is his/hers.
[earth is just a point in the universe; human's lifetime on earth is like a moment when compared to after earth life; therefore, the point [earth] that each human finds in moment [during his/her lifetime on earth] is his/hers]

The one who is poor
Is the one who tries to take [own] property on earth.
The one who is worthless
Is the one who sees him/herself superior to every human.
While [the whole] earth is yours,
To take a piece from it
Is poverty.
While being created from Light,
To waste It with ego [is]
On his/her day, to think about his/her tomorrow [is]

The one that is kneaded with yeast
Is the one that is inclined to turn sour.
Put the bread in the oven before the yeast loses its effect
So that it becomes [cooked] appropriately.

The One That exists is The One That is seen.
If you say, "I do not see The One That exists,"
[then] I say, "Open your eye!"
My Allah says,
"I gave to the universe from ME,
If you do not see,
I say that it is
Because your eye does not see,
Because your heart is not open.

Why do you search the after earth life,
Why do you comb the earth?
If you try to open the heart eye,
Then you put the earth as well as the after earth life on one side.

Is Yunus not human of my Allah?
Does each human not cook in the same oven? [is each human not cooked in the same oven?]
Does each human not fall on the same earth?

I took loaf [of bread], I stood on the path.
I said, "Is there any one who wishes [for some bread]?"
Neither did loaf [of bread] finish
Nor did human;
It was enough for each one who wished.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

7 December 1971

I am Mevlana.
The [knot of the] wool ball
Of the one who pleases neighbor's heart,
Of the one who gives hand to the one who stays on path, [the one who helps a troubled traveler]
Is untied by us.

The persona of my Allah:
The sand being on the earth.
The Attribute of my Allah:
HIM supporting HIS human.

Everything that is exceptional,
Even if it is not visible to the eye,
Does it not point out where it comes from?
When saying, "Sand,"
Does each one of its particle[s] not come
In front of your eye?
Does the sand not give from each one of its particle[s]?
Is it not even cradle for the sea?
Is it not bed for the rivers?
Human's being equals to the sand.
The moment in which he/she departs from the sand,
[human's being] Equals to The Creator.
What is meant by, "Equals to The Creator":
We are close to HIM
As much as HIS Light that we do not waste on earth.
Does the name of 'closeness' not mean 'equal'?
Even though we may be very small,
We come closer to HIM as much as our pleading.

The blessings that my Allah gave/gives to earth
Stay [are] too little when compared
To HIS creation of HIS humans.
Because HE gives HIS humans from HIMSELF,
[HE gives] The earth from HIS Power.
The universe is already HIS Property.

His patch [is] on his cloth,
His each word [is] in my epic...
My Yunus,
Since the day he took HIS path,
[since the day] He said, "Tabduk Emre," [Tabduk Emre was the mursheed of Yunus]
He did neither lose HIS path,
Nor did he dig the soil,
Nor did he run in hurry,
Nor did he get excited without knowing.
Yet, the moment in which Himself was given to himself,
He was amazed.

If you run, you fall.
If you stop, you stay.
If you go step by step,
Let you know that you [will] arrive.

If you see traveler on the path, do not poke,
He/she is not [a] checker's piece.
Do not be hard for each mistake, [do not react harshly to each mistake]
Maybe the mistake is in you. [may be you are the one who made the mistake]
Do not say word without consulting,
Maybe it is [a] lie.

What is the mold?
The body.
What is the spirit?
[spirit is] From Light.
What is beautiful?
[beautiful is] From the one who knows his/her Light.
The one who knows that he/she is from HIS LIGHT,
Works not to let any stain fall on his/her Light.
In reality, LIGHT does not take any stain,
[but rather] Puts curtain between The LIGHT and the spirit.
Spirit is The Being;
HE nourishes The Being with HIS LIGHT.

The one who takes big step,
Is the one who arrives quickly at the place where he/she goes to.

The one who gives place to the smoke [the one who does not get rid of the smoke]
Is the one who does not see The One That exists in him/herself.

The path of the after earth life is found with the one who knows HIS path,
Not with the one who loves the earth [only].

Heart that is full
Can not find place for earth greediness
Because thanks to deep love, there is no place left in the heart.

Human does not say, "Bad,"
About the food that he/she did not/does not eat.

He/she does not blow his/her smoke to your face. [when we say 'smoke,' we do not mean 'matter smoke,' but 'heart smoke'...]

Do not say, "The one that I take from mey," [mey=wine]
Do not tie your heart to mey.
If there is [flame] in the heart, then mey gives you.
If there is none in the heart, it knocks [you] down to the ground.
Each one who takes [drinks] mey, gets drunk:
[yet,] Some of them whirl with deep love,
Some of them are knocked down to the ground.
[he/she is knocked down to the ground because]
Either he/she is the one who does not know [how] to drink,
Or he/she is the one who does not have in the bodily constitution. [his/her heart door is closed]
Do not force the one who does not have [in the bodily constitution],
[because] It resembles filling the [dry] well with water from outside
Saying, "[it is] Empty."

Each creation knows his/her/its Origin [The Reality].
If the noble does not count on his/her ancestors,
He/she knows my Allah [too].

If we say for the origin of the sand, "It is the stone,"
Then we respect the stone too.
Since the origin of the sand is the stone,
[then] The trouble that my Allah
Gives to HIS human on earth
Is like in the example of the stone hitting the stone.
If you say,
"I am set to arrive, let me hit, [I intend to arrive in God, therefore let me hit/let me be hit]
Let me be sand at the end,"
If you tolerate the hitting,
Then when you become sand,
You do not feel
Even if stones are piled up on you.

You can not stop the horse that is ready for the race.
[on the other hand,]
You can not make the one that does not intend to run, run:
It throws you [down from its back], it goes back. [analogy with human whose heart door is either open or closed...]

The oak on the mountain,
The grapevine in the vineyard.

The sand on the earth,
The end in the root.

If human loves the after earth life
As much as he/she loves the earth,
Then he/she erases the earth from the heart,
[then] He/she assigns to duty, only the body.

Why is human unhappy on earth?
Because the body and the heart are in war.
Does not give consent for the action of the body,
Does not tie itself to the universe [that is matter];
It [heart] says,
"I came as free, I entered the cage,
Let me not be the slave of the action of the cage,"
It fights.
The one that is strong, wins the war.
Be entrusted to my Allah.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

10 December 1971

I am Mevlana.
We love the green color,
We see that it is the equivalent of the peace.
We love pink,
"It is the equivalent of the rose," we say.
We fall in HIS deep love, in red.
In orange, we find HIS Might.
In purple, we look,
"We passed through all of them,
We stopped in purple," we say.
[in] The blue: we fasten the sea and the sky with [a] knot.
We wrap the yellow around our heart
Like in the example of bundle.

Master Yahya says,
"Let the orphan's sorrow
Worry each human.
Let him/her give his/her hand,
Let him/her wipe the tear that is in his/her eye so that
There is also someone who wipes the tear that comes to his/her own eye."

Master Merkez says,
"The one who gives [a] drop, from the bottom of the heart, [the one who gives a drop willingly]
Takes [it back] with jug. [is given back by God in jug, i.e. far more than he/she gave]
The one who knows his/her place
Accepts humbly his/her destiny."

Eyup Sultan says,
"The one who finds with patience,
Laughs in the Palace.
Even if his/her day [on earth] is hell,
HIS heaven is his/her tomb." [he/she is permanently in heaven]

Hazrat Musa [Moses] says,
"If you take the ship,
Do not think about its course:
Make it find its balance, that is enough."

Let human not be stuck with the event,
Let it not be driven like [a] stake. [let the event not stay like a stake driven into the ground/forget about past events]

Public should be the measure of the human.
Human's 'good manners' should conform to the public.

God-given share is footed: [God-given share has feet]
It finds human at the place where he/she sits too.

Table is used by faithful human
As well as the one who is not faithful.
Yet, the one who is faithful
Does not boast,
Does not beat him/herself up when he/she loses [it].

Without fault, human does not mature [spiritually]. [? There is no human without fault. ?]
Nevertheless, one does not prevent one's [spiritual] maturation. [? Nevertheless, one does not run away from what will happen. ?]
When you are not rough, do not worry.

It has been centuries since the day of
"One morsel, one cardigan" passed [is gone]. [one morsel, one cardigan=old proverb implying that one should keep him/herself away from earthly pleasures in order to be closer to God]
On the [current] day, human conformed [conforms] to the public.
It is beautiful as much as you conform,
The rest is distraction. [? The rest is [like] the dry leaf of autumn. ?]

In your life, do not be load on [another] human, that is enough.
My Allah does not create the one one who is load on him/herself.
HE does not keep the one whom HE created away from HIMSELF.
And human's load is
Not on my Allah,
But on the earth.
Yet, earth also
Takes its measure with human.
If there is no human, it stays [would stay] in the middle [of the universe] like in the example of [a] ball.

The most beautiful one of temperament is in the one
Who can say to the bad-tempered one, "You are beautiful,"
Who can find beauty in the bad-tempered one,
Who can help him/her to untie the knot.

I checked Garib's heart,
I smelled saying, "Flower."
I said,
"My Allah, in Your measure,
YOU are neither mistaken nor deceived.
YOU know the one whom YOU choose."

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

28 December 1971

I am Mevlana.
Our path became long,
It wrapped the universe,
It arrived beyond. [universe is matter; our path reached beyond the matter [i.e. God]]
At the place where it wrapped, he/she saw.
At the place where he/she saw, he/she heard.
At the place where he/she heard, he/she burned.
What burns, is not the body:
Heart caught fire.

Each matter gets lighter [less heavy]
At the place where it burns
And goes upwards.
What is meant by 'upwards' is
Not the place where it is,
But the place where it arrives at.

I say, "Welcome," to all of you,
I wrap all [of you] with deep love.
What I wrap are not the bodies,
But the hearts that burn with deep love.

When each matter that is separate, burns,
It becomes one single flame. [when they burn, they become one flame]
Voila, 'becoming one' of the spirits is that!
When burning, the weed as well as the tree
Become one in the same flame.
Let our deep love become one in the same flame.
Let all of us come together when arriving [at HIM].

Erase the questions that are in hearts,
You too stay [be] without question.
Stay without question so that
You find without question. [to find without question==without interrogation that takes place in the moment of migration from earth to after earth life].

The secret of the universe is in HIM only.
Do not say, "It is in the hand of the saint."
It is only in the seeing eye of the saint.
What is in the eye, is not given to the tongue.
Universe's secret is not solved
With the question of the human.
Within the question, one thousand one [==infinite] questions are hidden.
Each one of the question[s] has also one thousand one questions.
If you take one of the one thousand, [if you have one answer to one of the one thousand questions]
That one [that answer] has one thousand one questions too.
Find yourself
Not with question
But with purity.
Purity is 'to be free of sin or guilt.'

The One Who gives is
Not Mevlana,
But The Lofty One.
Mevlana is spokesperson from [on behalf of] The Lofty One.

He/she orbits like in the example of 'pervane,' [pervane==a bug that flies towards/around the light]
He/she burns with HIS deep love,
He/she burns in summer,
He/she burns in winter.
Is [the fire] in summer my Allah's fire,
And in winter human's fire?

You pruned the grapevine,
You burned its branch in the stove:
When you get warm, is it because of you?
Neither is the one that is on the earth, yours,
Nor is the one that is in the sky, mine:
All of them belong to HIM only.

Whether you burn in the stove,
Or you wait from the sky,
The fire that you get
Warms only the body.
What warms your heart
Is the fire of deep love.
What warms the heart is
Neither in hand nor in tongue.

My Allah does favor for the one who wishes:
HE gives
The [spiritual] Meaning to the one who wishes for [it],
The matter to the one whom HE wishes.

My Yunus says:
If there is Kaaba, if you [want to] circumambulate [it],
Yet, if you put the heart aside, [yet, if you do not do it from the bottom of your heart]
You can not find [it] when you search [it].
If the body circumambulated the body,
Do not search the path in the body.
Exceptional human is the one
Who leaves the body,
Who circumambulates with heart.
What is 'circumambulation with heart'?
The one who finds [HIM], without performing his/her pilgrimage,
The one who dies before dying, [to die before dying==to know The Reality while one is still on earth in body...]
The one who loves [HIM/HIS creations] without seeing [HIM],
The one who reaches HIS science without feeling [HIM physically]."

It is said, "To arrive [in HIM] is [a] giving to soft human." [only certain humans who have the God-given share of reaching HIM can arrive in HIM...]
See after you please heart,
See after you love HIS human without expecting [that he/she loves first],
See after you give without taking:
Then you become as if you circumambulated so many Kaabas.
[if you give] Without saying about what you give, [not talking to other people about something that you give to someone]
[if you love] Without knowing that he/she loves,
[if you welcome the events] Without being obsessed,
[if you welcome the events] Without complaining about what HE gives,
[and also] If you welcome the patch without complaint,
Then you see. [then you will see that you arrive in HIM]

If you say,
"I gave, I did not see [its reciprocity],
I did not get its reciprocal,"
Then you throw the patch [away]. [then you become as if you complain about your patch]
If you expect its reciprocity, then do not give [in the first place]!

Why do you take the mirror in your hand?
Why are you curious about your face?
When you saw, what did you find?
Mirror helps you to find Yourself,
[mirror helps you] To see What HE gives.
Whatever [kind of] eye you look in the mirror with,
You see that.
If your ego looks only for eye on your face,
Then looking beyond does not come to your mind. [then you would not remember to look and see beyond your eye]
First fight against your ego,
Then look in the mirror.

Nothingness is in the body.
The Being of the spirit is above the universe. [the body as well as the universe are of matter; spirit is from Light...]

I took the mirror for my spirit,
I contemplated [while looking] in the mirror,
I stayed as ignorant of my body.
I did not think of being its omniscient anyway. [I did not expect to be an omniscient who knew everything about the body...]
Not Islamic theologist,
But omniscient tried [to understand] the science of the body:
And that one found one of the one thousand secrets,
[yet] One was deprived of one thousand of the one thousand one again.
What did he/she look for, where did he/she find [it]?
Even the one who found, was amazed at what he/she found. [? When he/she found, he/she was amazed at what he/she found. ?]

The path on which the bird goes, is not traced.
One does not say [to the bird], "Fly straight."
Yet, no bird is confused about the place where it goes to.

My Yunus says:
I followed the water like in the example of deer,
I looked for my path like in the example of pheasant.
Neither did I find like I looked for
Nor did I arrive like the pheasant.
The place at which there was my Allah's command, [at the place where my Allah ordered]
I woke up.
Your path is found in the moment in which
It is ordered.
[if you try without waiting the order, then your]
Efforts resemble rowing the boat
That is anchored.
Word is open [clear]:
Set the intention to the going,
Yet, do not measure the arrival; [i.e. do not say, "I will get such and such a spiritual degree."]
Intention is in you, measure is in my Allah. [Allah grants spiritual degrees]

"Life is beautiful," is said,
Earth is shown as example for living.
In reality,
Earth is the examination room
Of the ones who set the intention to live [in after earth life].
You enter through its one door,
You get out through its other door.
What a happiness for the ones
Who bow to heavy [difficult] examinations [who accept hard examinations without complaint]
Saying, "From my Allah."

The only topic on which all [humans] are ignorant is
'Not knowing where one lives.'
Find yourself, yourself, [you, find yourself]
In the moment in which you fall in the mud.
Each one
Who wanders around the garden,
Who says, "Beautiful," to the flowers,
Sees only the flowers.
He/she finds him/herself in mud only.
The one who finds him/herself
Is the one who falls in deep love.
The one who falls in deep love, is the one who is love-crazed.
The eye of the one who is love-crazed, sees
Neither the flower nor the bug.
What he/she sees is
Where his/her heart reaches,
What The Creator gives,
That he/she erases the earth.
The one who erases the earth
Is the one who reaches the spiritual maturity.
The one who reaches the spiritual maturity
Is the one who reaches HIS Cemal. [to reach HIS Cemal = Appearance of Allah’s Attributes in a human [i.e. human being compassionate, forgiving, etc…]]
What does he/she do with the flower?
WHOM does he/she take [it] from, WHOM does he/she give [it to]?
If you give flower to the one who dives into the ocean, [ocean==God]
What does he/she do with the flower there?

I looked at the sun,
I put the flower onto the collar.
I gathered the moon and the stars,
I gave [them] to the ones who love.
I spread the universe in the heart of the one who took.
I put spark in the heart of the one who loved.
To the one who said,
"I passed through the moon,
I passed through the stars,
I chose the spark,"
I said, "What a happiness!
You became equivalent of the stars too,
You became sibling of the moon,
You became abdomen-fellow of the sun." [you shared the same abdomen with the sun] [star==saint; moon==Hazrat Ali; sun==Prophet Mohammad]
Voila, didn't I tell you at the beginning of the word [that]
There is neither small nor big one of the fire.
When they burn, they do not get separated.
Is it not the light of the sun that illuminates
The moon as well as the stars?
Are they not the ones
That break off from the sun?
The one who breaks off from him
Is the one who is abdomen-fellow of him.
This is the display of the artwork that is in the universe.
It manifests exactly the same in spiritual maturation too.

Prophet Yahya [John The Baptist] says:
Neither eye's tear
Nor human's head [intelligence/social status]
Saves one from where he/she reaches. [changes the place where human reaches spiritually]

We took word from Gani, [now, here is what Gani says:]
We wished for God-given share:
"The eye of the deep love is not blind.
Deep love exists in each human
If it is dug before it is covered with ashes,
If its spark fell [on time].
Each human sees [The Reality only] when he/she migrates [to after earth life]."

Our wish [is]:
To reach the migration before migrating, [i.e. to die before dying==to know The Reality when one is still on earth in body...]
[our wish is:] To mix the helva of deep love, [helva=halvah, halva, halavah (a sweet prepared with sesame oil, various cereals, and syrup or honey)]
To erase the fear from the heart.

We came, we will go [migrate].
It means:
We are in deep love, we will find our Darling.
The moment in which you say this,
Let you have no doubt that you will find.
It is necessary to put this
Not in your tongue
But in your heart.

To die on earth does not happen by pushing [refusing] your God-given share.
The God-given share that is given to you, is yours.
Neither is it thrown [away] nor is it added more onto the top.
Neither does one complain about less [if it is less]
Nor does one get in trouble for more [if it is more].
Wool ball stays
Not at the place where he/she says, "Enough,"
But at the place where God-given share is cut. [wool ball==lifetime on earth]
What is given, is also as much as his/her God-given share.

If you say, "Is 'more of [it]' sin?"
If you interpret it as trouble,
Then you fall in doubt
About my Allah's giving.
Let the one who does not divert from the right [correct]
Be free of doubt. [let him/her be without doubt]

Mansur says, [Mansur Al-Hallaj [858-922] was a Sufi saint who was killed because he said, "Ana al-Haqq," literally meaning "Truth is me" or "I am God"]
"I said that I knew Myself,
I was stoned by people.
I took the stones like in the example of rose. [stones came to me as if they were roses...]
Do not think that I died with the stone. [do not think that stones killed me]
In the moment I got [was hit by] the stone, I matured [spiritually].
My [spiritual] maturation is my finding. [me finding HIM/The Reality]
With one rose
Neither the end of the path nor the beginning of the lifetime
Is written;
Yet, [with one rose,] human's being
Is engraved in hearts.
If I did not know that I found Myself,
I would not have said [it].
If I did not say,
I would not have been stoned.
If I was not stoned,
I would not have been engraved in hearts,
I would not have been written about in epics.
Not my death
But my birth was because of the stone."

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Akţiray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Özel