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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 55

4 November 1971

I am Mevlana.
Hazrat Adem [Adam] did not bow to HIS human,
He did not say, "Bow before me!" [either]
[even though] He did not find [spiritual] washer,
He did not interpret.
Introduction to the subject is 'to bow to The Lofty One.'
When The Lofty One said, "Bow to Adem!"
It is the evidence that HE gave from HIMSELF.
HE created Adem,
"[he is] From my LIGHT," HE said.
HE devoted HIS angels to HIS human.

'Human bowing to human' is mistake;
Because each human's creation
Is the wisdom of my Allah.
Adem is different, HIS angels are different.
HIS angels are in service of the after earth life.
To HIS human, HE gives from HIS own LIGHT,
HE bodies [him/her] on earth.

Each step that is taken in the name of my Allah
Is the path of HAK.

HE illuminates with HIS Light
HIS human whom HE created,
HIS path that he/she loves.

"Angels?" is said,
Let us give with example.
Similar to how there are protective soldiers
Of each country,
Angels are the soldiers of the universe.

It is said that the body comes as small [is small].
What is meant by body is
The building of the heart,
The door of Darling.

In the moment of the meeting, [in the moment of migration from earth to after earth life]
If you say, "Let me give from the lifetime,"
It stays very simple; [it makes it sound very simple/basic]
Because that moment
Is so lofty that,
Comes like moment, [lifetime seems to be like a moment]
Spreads to the universe.
At the arrival [at HIM], let us be prayerful,
[so that] There is no space in between, [space==the universe]
[so that] The moment of meeting does not get longer,
[so that] The waiting occurs softly.
[The previous and some of the following verses may be better understood under the light of the following information: at migration time each human is granted his/her spiritual degree and continues his/her spiritual education on a planet corresponding to his/her spiritual level [there are 18,000 spiritual levels]. At the end of the successful spiritual education, human arrives in Allah. The test on earth is very important because one may pass all levels and arrive directly in Allah, as Mevlana achieved. If one is at a lower level, one would continue his/her spiritual education and, therefore, there would be more waiting time until being reunited with Allah...]

HE is seen before the arrival.
At the arrival, one refrains from what will be seen.
If you say, "Why?"
[because] It is difficult to separate [be away] from HIS LIGHT.

In order to reach the vision, [the vision==to see HIM in HIS creations]
It is necessary
That there is God-given share,
That the sun rises in HIS human's heart
Like in the example of the sun and the moon,
Like in the example of the stars that come into being thanks to the sun...
The stars, the moon decorate HIS human's night;
During the day, is there any need to ask?
If there is the sun in your heart,
Then you know that you take from his moon,
You say, "It comes from the sun."
[Previous verses may be better understood under the light of the following information: during sleep, soul of the human who has permission from Allah meets with other spirits of the same spiritual degree and/or his/her saint. Human's spiritual education continues during these meetings that take place in Light...] [sun==Prophet Mohammad; moon==Hazrat Ali; star==saint]

The one who imitates the stars
Resembles the lamp that is on, on the street.
Stars are the saints.
Light beam of the wool ball: the sun,
Our Master Prophet,
Prophet of the worlds.
His place does not change.
The one that comes from the moon, is the one that conforms to Ali.
The one that comes from the star, is the one that conforms to the saint.

Logic works until it distinguishes between
The earth and the after earth life.
When it connects to the path of the after earth life,
Logic leaves its place to heart.
Deep love does not accept any logic.

The one who dives into the ocean [ocean=God]
Is not scared of death.

You make your logic work
Until entering the heart garden,
Saying, "Where do I enter,
How do I arrive?"
When you arrive, you do not see anyone
But the rose.
You listen to nothing
But the nightingale.
What will you do with the logic over there?

What is not necessary, is not given to earth.
The one who does not make his/her body claim the ownership of what is given,
Does not know the earth.
[yet,] The one who matures without knowing earth
Resembles the fruit that does not come to hand. [he/she is like an unripe/a tasteless fruit==spiritually immature]
The one who matures while knowing the earth
Is the one who gives to earth from him/herself.

Let us distinguish between the ego and the breath:
Let us look for modesty in the breath,
Fruitfulness in the ego.

Beauty should be wished from heart.
One should see in the soil
Not the mud,
But the rose.

If you perform the worship saying, "My debt,"
Then you pay your debt.
[yet,] If you perform [it] with deep love,
Then you reach HIS LIGHT.
Whatever your plain language is
Let the heart say [in] that [language].

Worship is as ordered,
As written in Koran.
Pleading is in accordance with your plain language.

The one who takes sip by sip,
The one who feels the deep love in heart,
The one who knows his/her Owner...
His/her Owner said,
"Even the one who comes to his/her senses in the last moment
Is accepted by ME."

Repentance is
To wish for the pardon of the fault that you committed knowingly.
The one who commits the fault and repents:
His/her fall in the same fault [again] [if he/she makes the same mistake again]
Is to keep my Allah away from him/herself.

When repenting,
"My Allah, I take shelter in Your pardon
For my faults that I do not know.
Do not let me fall in fault.
Even though, sieving of Your sand is in me,
Giving the sieve is in YOU," you say.

Repentance that is performed with [through] heart [is more likely to be accepted],
Not because of staying away from The One That is in heart,
But because he/she does not take any [other] human
Between him/her and my Allah.

You wish for sieve to my Allah,
You sieve HIS sand.
Then if you mix them together, [then if you mix the sieved and non-sieved sands together]
What is the usefulness of your sieving?
Begging HIS pardon, [is] the same.
It is known that the pardon conforms to the repentance.
When you beg [HIS] pardon, if you do so because you know your fault,
Then falling in the same fault, [then to make the same mistake]
Is to know my Allah as away.

[here is how human sieves HIS sand:]
Sand is the action of the human.
Sieve [is] his/her distinction.
Logic distinguishes between the good and the fault.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

5 November 1971

I am Mevlana.
Without knowing the fatigue,
The taste of resting is not taken.

We love the flower bud,
We wish that it blossoms.
If we caress the flower that blossoms, with hand,
We consider [it] as worship.

Soft chat
Softens the human who is not soft too.

The one who says, "I am powerful,"
Is the one who protects the weak one.
[however,] If you show your strength to the weak one and say,
"I am powerful,"
Then you fall in doubt about your power, yourself.

The one who is not able to take from people
Takes from HAK.
If law is insufficient to protect one's right,
Then HAK's justice is manifested.
HAK's justice
Is manifested when it is right. [? Is manifested in the one who is right. ?]
HIS balance has not made any mistake
Since the foundation of the universe until today.
It [HIS balance] did not cross beyond the right [correct].
Human who embraced HIM, did not fall down.

To know to take,
To ask about the one who knows,
To solve what is given
Is to serve HIS path.

My Yunus says:
The one who knows [how] to love
Is the one who works to see.
The one who tries to knit [the one who tries to hold hand in hand]
Is the one who is ready to die.
Let our migration not come as difficult, [let us not find our migration as difficult / let us not be scared of death]
Let the one who waits [for death] not be sad.

Do not put the honey at the place where there is oil.
Do not lay the rug at the place where there is pileless carpet.
If you say, "Why?"
Honey is not eaten with oil,
If there is pileless carpet, then there is no need for any rug.

Do not give up 'a little,' do not run away from 'a lot.'
My Allah gives what is God-given share.
Human gets
Not what he/she wishes for,
But as much as his/her God-given share is.

Human who thinks about the one who is in open [in cold weather]
Feels cold [even though he/she is] under the quilt,
If he/she is [a real] human.

Bird that eats its feed,
Sees beautiful dream.
If its feed went more, [if it ate more than regular, it gets fat]
Then the hound says [to it], "Run!" [then the hound chases it]
Eat neither a little nor a lot.
There is no harm for the one who takes in between [moderately].

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

7 November 1971

I am Mevlana.
The one that is nice, is the one that gives peace to HIS human.
The place where you take [find] peace, may be the vineyard as well as the mountain.
The one who nourishes his/her heart with peace
Is the one who decorates HIS path with flower.

Even though close friend says bitterly,
He/she makes HIS rose known to HIS human.
If you take the bee in the hand, [consider the bee:]
If you see its yield,
Then of course you obey to what is said.
[the bee,] It runs after the one who runs away, it shows its sting.
Yet, it also gives its honey
To HIS human who is from HIM.
Do not run away so that you are not subject to its sting.
In close friendship, there is no 'getting angry.'
Close friend only loves.
Run far away from the one who says
About your mistake, "I don't care."
If he/she said [to warn you about your mistake, then],
He/she proves his/her love.

Why does the rose have thorn?
So that rough hands do not pluck [it].

Difficulty is in finding the easy one.
[because] Before searching its each direction,
The easy one is not found.

WHAT is seen, is
Not what the eye gives,
But as far as where he/she arrives at. [WHAT is seen, is in accordance with one's spiritual maturity]

In order to find [spiritual] maturity,
It is necessary to walk on HIS path,
It is necessary to make its interpretation. [it is necessary to understand The spiritual Meaning]
[about Hazrat Mevlana's spiritual teachings:]
Of course, we plant the tree,
We water its root.
[however,] Taking care [of it] is up to the human. [it is up to human to study and understand our spiritual teachings]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

8 November 1971

I am Mevlana.
From the flow of the [spiritual] water,
From the look of the human,
His/her heart curtain is known,
[it] Is partly opened in the direction that he/she wishes for.

The one who wishes for path, walks on the path.
The one who wishes for deep love, he/she connects through the heart.
Human gives lesson to human, shows path.
Yet, human finds the deep love him/herself.

Our aim is
Neither heaven nor hell,
But to become one with HIS LIGHT,
To melt our being in HIS deep love.

Mursheed is the one who ignites the deep love
Of the one who is inclined to deep love.
The one who does not know what he/she searches
Is the one who conforms to each one who comes to his/her path.
We become mursheed of the one who conforms, [and of the one] who does not conform.
We hold light for HIS each human;
Maybe it catches his/her eye, [maybe the light calls his/her attention]
[and] He/she looks forward to conforming.

The one who does not know before crossing [before migrating to after earth life]
Is the one who does not fall in HIS deep love.
The one who does not fall in HIS deep love
Is the one who does not take from the [our] chat.

The yield of the grapevine shows HIS human
The soft path.
Human who takes the soft path
Learns [how] to love.
My Allah makes him/her be presented from HIS wine,
[my Allah makes him/her] Fall in HIS deep love.
If the one who does not know [how] to love, says,
"I am in deep love,"
Do not believe.
Was Mevlana not human either?
Did he not learn [how] to love on earth?
We took from Darling,
We conformed to HIS Representative.

Corruption of the corrupt one
Is due to the breaking down of the one who would conform.
Even though "yashmak" is for head, [yashmak=the veil worn by Muslim women to cover the face in public]
If you do not put [it] appropriately, you fall in word. [other humans start talking about you]
The day on which you fall in word,
You become out of [HIS] path, you become corrupt.

One should know to come to his/her senses,
One should take the word
Not from the ground,
But from the society.
The one who does not conform to the society
Is the one who tries to plant firewood in the soil.

If you say, "The cover of the day, [is] dawn,"
It is known that dawn is the door to the sun.

Let the fire of my Allah burn me.
On my earth day,
Since I burned with HIS deep love,
[since] I found HIS Being,
I have been trying
To give soft path,
To ignite HIS human too.

The one who says, "Let me cook,"
Is not scared of burning...

Voila, that is the long lifetime:
For the one who falls in deep love,
His/her living comes as long.
Each human who wishes for long lifetime
Says that.
Yet, he/she is unaware of what he/she says.

One does not detect fear of inappropriateness
From [in] the one who is faithful, [faithful human is not scared of being inappropriate]
[because] No discord is added to his/her chat.
If you say, "Why,"
Because he/she does not let [it] be added.

The one who knows his/her Owner,
Does not say word about Who/What comes from HIM.

If you say,
"[let me give him/her,] Let it be my good deed, let it please HIS human,"
[before all] Know HIS giving yourself. [know that HE is The Giver]

The flow of the water does not go, of course, to the field of the one
Who conforms to his/her intention. [water does not flow to the place where human wants it to go]
Water takes path on soft soil
As it knows. [as it likes]
If human wants from the water,
He/she softens his/her soil.
To the one who does not take from the flowing water,
My Allah presents from HIS blessing too,
HE gives the rain.
If you can not still adjust the soil,
Then its yield is poor of course.
[analogy between physical water and spiritual water...]

You, be mature so that
You find the mature one.
If you are mature,
Then you do not conform to the mistake of the one who is in front of you
And you make him/her mature too.

The one who stays [is] without water
Surely loves the one who gives water.
The one who stays without word
Loves also the one who takes [accepts] [him/her] to his/her chat.

If you try to fill the missing direction of the one [if you try to help him/her correct his/her mistake]
Whom you call 'close friend,'
Then you win his/her close friendship.

If the full one of the jug was the sign of the beauty,
Then palaces would be full of saints.
The palace of the saint is the universe.
For that [reason], they are very rich.

If it does not harm human's personality,
Then it pleases, it stays where it is.
[however,] If [bad] word is said to his/her being,
That comes as difficult to my Allah. [that offends my Allah]

Is value given
To the color or to the equivalent
Of the flower?
Its color is in my eye, its equivalent [is] in my heart.
I discriminate neither its color nor its equivalent.
I love [it] as it is, even its root.
Root of the rose [is] from HIM.
What is given to HIS human from the root soil,
What all [humans] take,
WHAT one says about, "I love," is
Neither the flower nor the leaf,
But 'to see The Creator in the flower.'
For that [reason], you can discriminate
Neither its color nor its equivalent.

Why does the one who takes the mirror in his/her hand
Look at its face? [why does he/she look at the face of the mirror?]
You take the mirror to look at your face of course.
There is a saying:
"There is no one who sees him/herself as ugly."
Of course there isn't any because there is no ugly one.

Mouth is door,
Heart [is] fruit tree.
If you say about the word that gets out [of the mouth] as unripe,
"It fell before ripening,"
If you take like that, [if you consider it like that]
Then you do not find fault,
[then] You do not break heart.
Glass is the window of the home.
If you break [it], cold comes [in].
[similarly,] If word breaks the heart window...
Let us not break the window,
Let us not use the word in lieu of the [beating] stick.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

10 November 1971

I am Mevlana.
Leaf does not fall in vain. [leaf does not fall without reason]

If fruit ripened, if it took its taste,
Its eating is pleasant. [it is nice to eat it]

Do not say, "Lifetime walks emptily." [don't say that life on earth is without reason/purpose]
My Allah does not give lifetime that walks emptily. [my Allah creates each human for a reason]

Bird does not sing out of season,
Waiting is not in vain.

Bird flaps wing[s] to fly.
Fish strains water to swim.
Human falls in deep love to find [HIM].

Human's door opens to his/her Allah.
Earth door opens, from my Allah. [my Allah opens the earth door]

We said, "Worriless," about the worried human.
Of course 'worriless'!
[because] There is solution as well as cure of the one that comes
When it is wished to my Allah...

Measure The Being of my Allah with heart,
Not with image.

Love even the mud
Because it is given for a reason.

Do not withhold your greeting from human,
Do not say, "Who is this?"
Whoever he/she is,
It is sufficient that he/she comes from my Allah.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

13 November 1971

I am Mevlana.
The moment in which you say,
"I should have taken, I should have tied to wool ball,"
Is the moment in which you forget The Giver.

The one who says about, "Under the sky,"
Is the one who puts the universe inside [a] frame.
There is
Neither under nor above of the sky.

The one who is real is the one who sits at his/her place.
When human says, "[it happened] Because of me," [==I made it happen]
[it shows that] He/she does not know his/her place.
The one who knows his/her place, is the one who conforms to what happens.

The one who prepares the cage,
Is the one who waits for the bird.
Cage: action of the human,
Bird: his/her desire.

There is no place [relevance] of the end.
When 'end' is said,
It is seen that they/you fall in fault.

Is there anyone who takes the earth from its place?
Is there anyone who puts nail to the universe?
What changes is human's earth unwariness.

The one who wants a lot of merchandise on earth
Resembles the child who says, "Let me have a lot of toys."
Even if you make [a] lasso, [even if] you take your merchandise next to [with] you,
It is not needed when coming [to after earth life].
Even if it is in your pocket, [and] comes also with you,
Here it is [would be] thrown away saying, "Pollution."

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

15 November 1971
(Kadir night) [Kadir night=the Night of Power (the twenty-seventh of Ramadan, when the Koran was revealed)]

I am Mevlana.
[even] If we wear patched cloth,
Let us say, "Our God-given share."
Whether you eat from [a] gold pan,
Or eat from [a] copper one,
The taste of the food does not change;
What changes is the one that makes [one] boast.

To boast about the one that is not mine,
When other human does not have [something similar],
Necessitates beating oneself up [in regret].

[above verses may also be translated as follows:]
[? To boast about the one that is not mine,
Necessitates being regretful
When it is not in hand [anymore]. ?]

The value of the moss
Is as long as it is at the bottom of the sea.
When it climbs to the surface of the sea,
It becomes pollution.

The one who makes the effort
Is the one who knows [how] to swim in the sea.
The one who wishes for the shore
Is the one who gets out of the sea. [ocean/sea==God]

Why do you run away to the shade? [why do you take refuge in the shade?]
So that the sun does not burn [you].
[however,] Has it ever been seen that the sun burns
If you make yourself used to [it]?

Osman says:
One should be prayerful saying,
"Let me stay as I was born,
Let me arrive as I stayed."
Let us find
Without wasting my Allah's Light.
Let us see earth's beauty like that.

Gani says, "Earth is door threshold of the after earth life;
Yet at the same time, it is the cradle of the God-given share."
Each door that opens, is for HIS human,
For HIS soft path."

If you say, "It is not given before taking,"
Then you become as running away from the giving,
Then you fall in doubt.
There is nothing without reciprocity;
Yet, expect the reciprocal
From my Allah.

Choose the fruit from the fresh one[s],
[and choose] The stayed [old] one from the dried one[s].
The one that stays without being eaten, is the one that gets stale.
Dry the one that you will not eat, do not decay [it].

Border of the imagination does not come to interruption. [there is no border for imagination]

The one who comes to the sea at dawn,
Is the one who sees that roses blossom in [on] the sea.

Day's night
Is the heart window of the human.
Look out from the window,
Do never close [it].
What you will see is not the darkness.
Because the one whose heart is bright
Does not see the darkness.
If there is no darkness,
Then stars are not known.
If stars are not seen
Then night is not loved.
At night, the shadow of the star does not fall
Onto the ocean.
[The above verses may be better understood under the light of the following information: during sleep, soul of the human who has permission from Allah comes together with spirits of the same spiritual degree and/or his/her saint [star==saint]. Human's spiritual education continues during these meetings that take place in Light...]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel