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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 54

22 October 1971

I am Mevlana.
Let no broken piece[s] of heart be spread
On the path of the human.

Let our breath be taken, [and] given
[while] Saying, "Allah."

Do not put the oath on your path,
Do not make human witness to what my Allah [already] knows.
My Allah does not need any witness.

To give the sip is our duty.
If there is litter in the sip,
To clean [it] up is our duty too.

It is known that our deep love is
More inclined to give than to take.

Let us think
Not of the good manners,
But of the judgment.
If we walk [on] our path saying,
"We will be judged,"
We abstain from mistakes.

You, do not blame the one who makes mistake,
[because] My Allah sees.
To say word about what my Allah sees
Is to attribute partner to HIM.

I told before,
I gave from Koran on our day.

Let my Allah be pleased with all of you.

Neither the standing of the [window] glass
Nor the descent [closing] of the curtain
Covers the worry of the heart.

For the wall that you can not cross,
Do not say, "Let me make [a] hole and pass through [it]."
Make [a] tour around the wall,
You surely find its door.
You can not know what there is behind the wall,
For that [reason], search its door.
[for example]
You enter saying, "Rose garden,"
You run into thorn.
For that [reason],
If you want to enter the rose garden, you [first] search.
When you see the roses, you enter through its door.

The road that human will take [you] is not evident.
For that [reason],
Claim the ownership of the openness.

Why do you jump to the other side of the wall?
To get inside, of course;
However, it is secrecy.

My Yunus says:
You find HIS rose from its smell.
You walk without doubt
To the place where the smell comes from.
We walked, we arrived,
We found Tabduk. [Tabduk Emre was Yunus' mursheed]
"Our heart," we said, we spread [it] out in front of him.
"Let me know," he said, he dug its ash.
Yunus went, [and] came,
He crossed mountains,
His little heart was not covered with ashes.
He considered the day on which he found the mature [wise] one
As his birth.
"Let our breath take, [and] give my Allah's name," we said.
We did not say,
"Let [our breath] make the word fall on HIS human." [we did not say: "let our breath gossip about other human[s]"]
Me finding the [spiritually] mature one, [was] the favor of my Allah.

I looked
At the value of the day,
At the saddle of HIS human, [and] I came.
Do not think that I did not know to say.
On my day [when I was on earth in body], I considered earth load as saddle.
I reflected [thought], I stopped in front of the tree.
The moment in which my Allah orders the shedding of the leaf,
No one leaf stays.
The moment in which the tree dries,
Leaf does not abandon it,
It dries with the tree.
That kind of deep love is the [most] appropriate one.
Let me give the meaning:
I made loyalty be known.
The loyalty of the one who arrived [in HIM], [and] who found [HIS path/HIM]
Is not temporary.

We have set up from our tree; [we used to be the loyal leaf on our tree, now we have set up such a tree with you [i.e. you are the leaves of our tree]]
You, work not to make the mistake:
You too, dry together with us.
The [our] tree does not give its leaf
As long as the leaf does not break off.
My word comes as harsh, [what I say may sound as harsh]
[yet, it is soft] Like the stuffed pillow.
I do not throw stone.
I became leaf that did not break off,
I became soil that was not planted.
Do not say, "If you did not plant the soil,
What did you hold?"
I fell in love with HIS tulip, HIS hyacinth.
I was mixed with them,
I made bunch, I embraced.
It should not be said that I was tired while going-coming.
I was interpreted while being said about, [people interpreted what I said:]
"The breath of my Yunus,
His cage is his body."
'My turn is over, word ended,' he [Yunus] said,
He withdrew himself.
He greeted you.

Hazrat Omar says,
"My Allah is so Lofty that
HE looks at each prayer of HIS human,
Yet, HE does not say,
'Let him/her take [it] and go,
I do not care what happens to him/her when his/her wish comes true.'
[instead,] HE gives the one that is good deed for HIS human."

Human's heart does not become muddy from [at] the place
Where the water flows.

Before taking the fruit,
Before seeing the tree,
Do you know its taste?
We presented the fruit,
We lowered our branch,
We offered [it] to HIS human.

Let my Allah be pleased with all [humans].

Is there any need for any ship in the small river?
River does not give place [river does not accept it]
Because the ship does not fit.
If the ship does not fit,
Isn't there path to the going? [can one not go on the river by other means?]
One rides on the raft,
If none is possible, [then] one holds on the trunk [of a tree to float and pass].
I said about the going of the path,
About his/her [? your ?] arrival in my Allah:
Some humans are in [a] big river: he/she goes on the ship,
Some of them are in [a] small river: he/she goes on the raft,
Some of them arrive with their own power [effort].
[in any case,] Arrival is one. [they all arrive in the same ocean] [ocean==God]

There is no place for loneliness,
Let the one who comes, come, let him/her get his/her God-given share.
Our wish is all of them, however, [we wish that all humans join us]
What is wanted, is that: [however, the most appropriate is that]
The wish of all [humans] is with us. [all humans wish to join us [not that we wish for them]]
Let human pass [the wish] through his/her heart, that is enough, [let human just wish from heart, that is enough]
Our light grows in front of him/her.

The one who protects his/her purity
Is the one who plates his/her little heart with gold. [gold==spiritual meaning]

Let the one who says, "I am deceived," not be mistaken,
Let the one who says, "I cheated [him/her]," not rejoice.
It is easy for human to be deceived,
I do not know his/her heart.
My Allah does not write good deed for the one who is unjust:
Gain and loss become evident there. [when good deeds and sins are weighed at the migration time...]

The one who finds the shore, looks at the open sea,
"I will go," he/she says.

"Worship," is asked,
"Its time?" is said. [one asks about when one should worship]
If you worship on time,
Its good deed [merit] is big.
Let me open. [let me explain]
When you say, "I [will] worship,"
Then you talk more than [it is] necessary:
How do you know that you will stay [alive] at that hour? [do not wait for a certain time to worship...]

The worship that you perform while shouting
Is like the merchandise that is put on the display for sale.

What is important is
Not that the notebook is filled, [Mevlana's chats have been written in notebooks]
But that they [the chats] stay in hearts.
[what is important is that our spiritual teachings reach the hearts of humans]

Snowy mountain is lofty.

At the place where there is sand,
[going on the] Path does not come as difficult.

When our rose calls,
When he calls saying, "My ummet,"
Let our direction be towards him,
Let our night turn to day,
Let the one who is proper, rejoice.
The one who is proper:
The ones who walk on the path of my Allah, without doubt,
The ones who bring together the deep love and the path.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

24 October 1971

I am Mevlana.
We found the peace in heart,
"What a happiness for HIS human," we said.

The one who sieves his/her sand
Is the one who swaddles each human. [is the one who considers/treats/loves each human similar to how one loves a baby]
Is there any human whom we did not know?
Is there any human whom we did not love?

My Owner is my Allah,
The One Whom I am the owner is my Sultan. [The One Whom I am the owner==my Life/my Darling]

Patched cloth
Does not come with the one who adds onion [to bread]. [does not come with the one who eats only bread and onion] [a poor human does not necessarily wear patched cloth]
Its coming is according to how he/she wishes to mature [spiritually].
The one who is faithful knows.

Nasrettin says,
"You [are] poor, I [am] poor,
Then they see [us] as worthless.
You, let you be rich so that,
Since I am already poor,
You complete me,
I do [complete] you.
Let both of us be one body."

The event that is referred [transferred/submitted] to my Allah,
Finds the most suitable path.

Peace does not come to you,
You, you find the peace,
You put [it] in heart.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

27 October 1971

I am Mevlana.
As long as one does not act wrongly in respect, [as long as one is respectful]
Your heart's measure finds appropriate path.

The seeing of the fault
Is human's own mistake.
Give the value of the human
Not according to the fault,
But according to the merit.
Then you spread love
To the universe.

Fault stays in the body,
Heart is from Light.
Do not measure the fault of the body, with the heart.

Love the one who says, "He/she does not love," [love the one who does not love]
So that he/she learns [how] to love.

To discriminate human, to favor the one who is loved,
Is not the fault of the body of the human,
But of the shade that falls on heart.
How does the shade fall on heart?
The shade falls on the heart of the ones
Who use their word like in the example of bee's tongue [sting], [the ones who hurt others with their words]
Who break hearts,
Who look for fault in human.

If the season makes your face laugh,
Do you rejoice because of the season,
[or] Because of the giving of The Giver?

There is no flower that does not wilt.
[similarly] Human does not stay on earth as star.
To conform to return, [? To conform to the spin [i.e. to events], ?]
To find the heaven in hearts
Be your God-given share.
Heaven is in the heart of the human.

My Yunus says,
"From the flow of the water, its bigness is evident.
Each bride girl is adorned when she goes [to the wedding].
When rain loses its tranquility, it is torrent.
Let us not be torrent, let us not destroy,
Let us not be wind, let us not 'pass and go.'
Let us be human who loves,
Let us be loved and migrate [to after earth life like that]."

The love of my Yunus
Is in the heart of all humans.
All humans' heart, is in my Yunus.

The importance of the effort: to look at the summit,
From the summit, to admire the surrounding.
Is the beauty there,
or [is it] in looking from there?
When you are inside the beauty,
You do not know the beauty,
You do not reach its secret.
When you reach the top,
When you look around,
[then] You say, "[what a] Beauty!" you are amazed.

I am Mevlana.
Our left Niyazi, our right Yunus. [Niyazi is on our left, Yunus is on our right]
The ones who give path to the flow of the water,
[the ones] Who open the path for each one of both humans,
They all came,
"Selam [peace/greeting]," they said.
They gave flower to the beauty of the night,
They spread [the flowers] out in the nest. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
At the place where the water flows,
They dived into the water;
They connected every water to one another.

We all have been prayerful for the prayer
Of the one who concentrates on the names, [in Koran Allah is referred to by ninety-nine names/attributes, each one describing one attribute of HIM]
Of the one who says, "My Allah Your Name."

The difficulty is
Not in climbing [the spiritual ladder],
But in deciding to climb.
Once you take your step, you can not turn back,
You can not run away from HIS beauty.

Lokman Hekim
[used] To take from the earth,
[used] To give from the hand,
[used] To erase doubt.
He did not say, "What is it?"
He did not take from mey, [mey=wine]
He did not ask the flow of the water about HIS secret.
He came [to earth] long before
Our Master Hazrat Mohammad,
He looked for the language of the flowers with [through] heart.
[about] What he took through heart,
He said, "The universe," he spread [it] out.

Even bird is talked about:
You say, "Microbe," you know the bird as the cause. [you blame the birds as the cause of some diseases]
Then what do you say about the cure that comes from the bird?
Is it known
That it brings when it returns,
That it throws to the human of the meydan,
That it knocks over so many troubles?
Let one not ask saying, "What?"
Let it be known that the bird was not created as [an] ornament either.

Our path is the path of deep love.
One dives into the deep love, with chat.
Jug to earth, heart to Darling...
Darling is turned
Towards the one who takes soft path,
Towards the one who remembers HIM from heart.

Do not fall in the interrogation
Of the event of which you do not know the cause.
Do not dig the underneath of the one of which the top is covered.

Not at the secret of the earth,
But [at the secret] of the universe.
The secret of the universe is concealed
In each one of the stars. [star==saint]
Since earth was displayed [created],
Until the day that you think of, [i.e. doomsday]
With the permission of my Allah,
Stars pour their secrets one by one.
If one matures [spiritually] as much as to come there -to the stars-
Then each human becomes saint.
The beauty of the day is manifested in that moment.
Similar to the blossoming of the rose,
The beauty of each creation is seen
While passing toward the specialty of the path.
What is entered, is the garden of deep love.
One enters with [through] heart,
One matures spiritually with chat,
One walks with [on HIS] path.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

2 November 1971

I am Mevlana.
I knew [how] to love, even with the one who did not love.
I fell in HIS deep love, even with the one who did not conform.
I found HIS path, even with the one who did not see.
I gave to the congregation, even with the one who did not hear.

If human hears the one that he/she wishes for [that he/she likes],
[and] Does not hear the one that he/she does not wish [like],
Then he/she can not take what the society gives.
If he/she says, "I became human," and mixes with the congregation,
He/she should be ready to conform unconditionally.

The very first path of the one who is faithful
Is 'not to act wrongly in respect.'
What is meant by respect is
Not to button up, [to button up his/her jacket as sign of respect, without really meaning it...]
But it is
To know that what is being given is HAK's word,
To drink sip by sip, [to digest, to understand the teachings]
To thank God,
To put the knee on the ground,
The get free of your ego, [and] to find your Essence.

The one who says, "I/me," the one who gives rank to the body
Resembles the one who tries to buy the earth.
Is the body yours?
If he is sultan, if there is throne too,
Is the throne his?
He takes as much as his God-given share is.
Earth knocks over so many sultans:
Sooner or later,
HE makes HIS human turn to HIMSELF.
If the sultan is sultan of heart,
Then he turns around the earth like in the example of star,
[he] Ornaments HIS human's night.

"Fahr-i Alem," we said,
We loved the most beautiful one of the roses
Because we found in him
The spokesperson-ship of the universe.
What does "Fahr-i Alem" mean?
'Spokesperson of the heart' of the universe.
What does 'spokesperson of the heart' mean?
To connect human's heart, [and] path
To my Allah.
And this duty is given only to
Our Master Fahr-i Alem.
Each prophet shows one path,
Our Master Fahr-i Alem
Connects all paths.
All paths find the same ocean. [ocean==God]
Each prophet takes his own ummet behind [him],
[then] Takes his place in the presence of our Master Hazrat Mohammad.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel