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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 49

15 September 1971

I am Mevlana.
To be one with people
[happens] By knowing HAK's path.
To conform to people's tongue, [to listen to what people say]
To know what comes from people
Prepares human's path.

Each event is resembled according
Not to the giving,
But to the vision. [humans interpret events according to their vision, unaware of Allah's Giving...]

Hat of the one who is majestic,
Even though it may be old,
Is put on the hanger.
Human's dress does not decorate his/her epic.
Human's epic is not read on the day while he/she lives.

Earth coming door: [the door from earth to after earth life:]
If his/her structure is without smoke,
It does not give difficulty to the return.
[in order to have one's structure without smoke on earth:]
Human does not complain about what comes;
The one who says, "My Allah," conforms to what HE gives.
Would my Allah act pitilessly to give evil
To HIS human whom HE kneaded with HIS LIGHT?
Let you know that what is evil for you [what seems as evil to you]
Is the door opening to good deed.

What is it that you call 'trouble'?
Let my Allah not close human's door, [door that leads to after earth life]
Earth trouble is that! [if that door is closed, then you can call it 'trouble,' otherwise,]
He/she/it went, he/she/it came, he/she took, he/she gave are not trouble.

Think of the worse one of each event,
Then be prayerful like that.
If you say, "I am in the worst one,"
This offends my Allah,
[and] HE shows you what the worse [than that] is.

No bird flies without reason.

The one who is mistaken, does not know that he/she is mistaken,
[however,] My Allah's justice does not miss the target [of correctness] not even by [one] centimeter. [my Allah's justice is very precise]

Human whom you feel pity for,
When day comes, he/she does not feel pity for you.
Do not forget:
The only One Who feels pity for us, is our Allah.

Is the wealthy one of the human lucky,
The poor one unlucky?
Earth giving
Is in accordance with the measure of each human.
If you measure the destiny with earth merchandise,
The most unfortunate ones are the saints.
Because they are among the ones who give what they take.

Embroidery is valuable, because it is embroidered.

You say, "Life,"
You connect universe to life.
"Let me take [it] in my palm, let me solve its secret," you say.
Did you ever solve your own secret
So that you grab the universe? [so that now you try to solve the mystery of the universe]
Did you find your personality so that
You come on the scene?
The one who finds his/her personality
Is the one who conforms to the universe.
The one who conforms to the universe
Is the one who knows The Creator.
You conform to HIM
So that the wind does not blow you,
So that the torrent does not take you and sweep [you away].
Not to the stagnant water, [stagnant water==religious fanatic]
But to the flowing water
So that it takes you to the ocean. [ocean==God]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

15 September 1971

I am Mevlana.
I saw nicely. [I am welcomed]

The one who matures [spiritually] in his/her temperament,
The one who knows his/her satiety, [the one who is content with What HE gives]
Does not say, "What is the reason?"

Hayyam says,
"Even if it stays [in it] for years,
Wine does not use up its jug."

Yes, wine is drunk warm,
Yet, it is not drunk in warm [weather].
Because two flames
Do not occur together.

Beauty is not from the one who gives,
But from The One Who makes [it] given.
The one that is given: HE makes [it] given
According to human's vision, knowledge.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

16 September 1971

I am Mevlana.
It is nice to start the chat,
To say for Darling,
To say, "I am in deep love [with YOU]," and to beg HIM...

On earth, let all humans put to the logic: [on earth let all humans use their logic]
Let the rule be 'the peace.'

See his/her word as appropriate
Because of the day when he/she became coy.
The one who is coy: the one who is soft,
The One Who makes one [become] coy, is The Creator.
The one who is coy: he/she is the one who is seen as worthy to be coy.
Human who is seen as worthy:
One does not say [bad] word about him/her,
One does not say about his/her mistake;
What he/she does, is not called as mistake.

We remembered with deep love, we found the chat.
The one who cries out his/her deep love
And the one who calls my MEVLA
Is the one who tries to reach [HIM].

Let "the existence on earth" stay [behind],
Let human be able to erase the matter.
Let him/her become ember, let the fire not be covered with ash.

Let human's heart not be scanned [checked/measured], [let one not gossip about human's heart]
Let there be no one who enters between the heart and my Allah.

What my Allah gives,
Whatever it may be, it is drunk. [one drinks it...]

Human does not choose the congregation [to unite in ONEness];
He/she sits at the place where he/she matures [spiritually]. [he/she takes his/her place in accordance with his/her spiritual maturity]

Ask the everlasting one about the cupbearer
So that you recognize the one who takes the drink.

What the day separates, is not the night.
The one whom the night favors, is not the wrong one.
Whoever looks at the night brightly,
Night favors him/her of course.
Neither does the night separate you,
Nor does the day show favoritism.
Human adds the night to the day
With his/her intention.
If you say about the event,
"[this is how] My Allah saw as convenient,
HE made [the event] turn to good deed of HIS human,"
Then you illuminate your night.
[Previous verses may be better understood under the light of the following information: during sleep, spirit of the human who has the permission of God meets with other spirits of same spiritual level and/or his/her saint. Human's spiritual education continues during such meetings that take place in Light. Human gets the permission according to his/her intentions/thoughts/actions during the day.]

You see the mistake:
Only when everything gets in order,
[then] You say, "Oh! My worry [has been] empty [oh! I see that I was worrying for nothing]."
If you wait for its end,
If you do not give place to worry, [if you do not worry]
[then] You become the winner,
Winning in matter as well as in The Meaning...

Why is record kept?
Why is it recorded in the notebook?
So that human is not forgotten,
So that he/she gives his/her record to the earth.
Be recorded in hearts so that
You are remembered throughout the world,
So that you are loved as much as you love.

The duty of the human is not
To break heart like dropping [a glass on the floor].
If you say, "It happened unintentionally,"
Then you are mistaken.
Of course you do not break the glass while wishing [intentionally].
However, is 'to be careful'
Not your duty?

One does not say at the time of harvest,
"Let it wait until tomorrow."
When its day comes, it is not delayed.

The bad one of the intention, does not mess up the time...
If there is [a] fault on the scene,
Let one look for the one who is right.
If you made two persons claim the ownership of the fault, [if you accuse two persons]
[then] Do not look for the one who is right.
Let the one who looks for fault
First judge him/herself.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

21 September 1971

I am Mevlana.
I saw nicely, [I am welcomed]
I greeted all of you.

I waited for the unripe fruit, [I waited until unripe fruit ripened]
I added to maturity. [by being patient I mature spiritually]

Do not say, "Is this it?",
Do not say [bad] word about the destiny.
The one that is given is the most beautiful one.
[today's] Leaf is the "autumn leaf" of the fall. [human==leaf] [each human lives on earth according to his/her destiny; when his/her time comes, he/she migrates]

What comes out of seeing my face? [why is it important to see my face?]
Is my essence [my real being / my spirit] not with you?
Even if the eye does not see,
Heart feels, conforms to my coming.
Peace is in conforming,
Not in seeing.

No human who came to earth
Could find the complete conformity.
Is it not [a] known event
That I came to earth [in the 14th century]?
Each event that happens, is the same.
There is no 'you-I,'
I did not conform completely either.

Being [HIS] human,
Makes "appropriate remembrance of Darling" meaningful.
[however,] When one comes [to after earth life], it is seen that it was not complete.
[in after earth life:]
He/she arrives beyond 'making meaningful,'
He/she finds his/her ORIGINAL [ESSENCE].

(Question: everything is then our Essence?)
Of course.

In order to know The Meaning,
In order to pass beyond,
It is necessary to feel HIS BEING.
In order to feel HIS BEING,
It is necessary to conform to events.
This is the same for each human.

My Allah kneads HIS each human
With the dough that HE gives from HIS LIGHT.
However, if human smears his/her dough
With earth mud,
Then arrival is [happens] as thought of [as expected]. [then you are right to be scared of death]
If you say, "Is earth, mud?"
As I gave [said] before:
If you do not give direction to the flowing water,
Soil mixes with water, it becomes muddy.
What I say is lesson for each human.

Do not give the word offensively, [do not break heart with your words]
Do not waste the Essence with word. [do not waste your God-given Light by breaking heart]
Offensive word afflicts both you and the one who is offended.

If weed grows in vineyard, of course it is picked [destroyed].
The weed that grows in the field
Is given to the herd.
Neither is the vineyard irrelevant,
Nor is the weed.
Yet, if each one finds its place...

To conform to the religious fanatic
Resembles 'watering the weed that is in the vineyard.'

What is meant by 'long life'?
[it is:] To believe that
Each one that is given, is the most appropriate one
Even though it does not conform to your intention.

Your birth is [in accordance] with your destiny.
Your destiny is wound in accordance with your wool ball,
Each angle is written to your destiny. [your destiny is written from every angle...]
"What is its source?" is said,
It is written since the foundation [of the universe]. [it is written in the book that was written before the creation of the universe]

(It is asked about Koran)
Interpretation is not translation.
Translation is not dependent on Koran. [translation is dependent on the language/intellectual capacity of the translator]
The parts that are necessary to be explained
Are open to human.
The rest [is] beyond human's power.

My Allah Who sends
HIS human to earth for test,
Gives of course HIS book too;
How is [a] lesson taken without [a] book?

Earth: HIS Giving,
Practice: his/her [? HIS ?] lesson.
There is human, he/she earns [wins] from practice,
There is human, he/she earns from science.
To see the juice of the grape that is in the grapevine,
Is to earn in practice.
To reach the science that is in the book, [book== Koran]
Is to earn by the path of science.
Whichever path my Allah made God-given share,
That path is human's path.
Do not be mistaken:
For a path that is empty, [for a path that leads to nowhere]
HE would not send HIS prophet, HIS saint.

You can not change your destiny that is on earth,
Yet, to arrive in my Allah is in your hand.

Each event comes from my Allah,
[yet,] Human blames human.
Even though it is said,
"Human is managed [directed],"
It is the outcome of his/her mistake on earth,
And for the one who dies, [it is] the interruption of his/her image on earth.
What is meant by 'breaking off of the wool ball' is:
He/she has hope to see, [however,] his/her sudden migration [to after earth life]... [he/she hopes to live long, however, he/she dies earlier than he/she thought...]
There are various manifestations of the migration too:
Human migrates knowingly,
Human migrates because of another human,
Human migrates because of [an] accident...

There are various stages of each migration.
There is [this] word on earth:
"One finds from other[s]..." [one suffers because of other humans]
What becomes manifest is, of course,
What the one, who migrates because of another human, did [previously] do or will [later] do.
Which one is not my Allah's writing?
[therefore,] There is no one who kills.
[if someone kills someone else]
He/she sees his/her punishment anyway,
Each event finds its place.
One does not question HIS hikmet.
[it is] The writing of my Allah,
Opening [it] does not fall onto human. [to understand my Allah's writing is not the business of the human]
Yet, each event is at its appropriate place.

We gave up neither the purity, nor the silk [softness].
We took hand from Hazrat Yusuf.
He said:
If the beauty stays in me,
[then] Where is the body?
Body: building,
If its door is open,
What a happiness for you.
Let one look for beauty
Not on the face,
But in the heart.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

22 September 1971

I am Mevlana.
I saw nicely, [I am welcomed]
I greeted all of you.

We are on the soft path,
We are under the command of my Allah.
Koran gives Light to our path,
Our deep love [gives Light] to our heart.

Be scared
Not of the one who is [spiritually] immature,
But of the one who does not conform.
Unripe fruit is not eaten,
Ripe fruit is not left over. [everybody loves ripe fruit/spiritually mature human]

The one that you take from ground, does not return to sky.
The one that comes from ground is earth's;
The one that comes from The Lofty One is yours. [your spirit is yours]
Become adapted
Not to the body,
But to the heart.
Conform the body to the heart.

The going, is the path of the coming, [going to earth, being born on earth as a human in a body, is the path to come to after earth life]
Coming into being, is 'coming from my Allah.'

The one who takes the mirror in the hand
Looks at his/her own face.
Whatever his/her face says,
He/she sees the world like that.

Spoon is necessary to drink the soup.
Osman says:
Carving is not accomplished by bending,
Soup is not drunk with hand.
If you [try to] bend the spoon,
If you say, "Let it stand flat,"
There is no flat spoon.

Human's fault educates human;
The fault that does not educate, grinds.

We come
Not to give the wrong
But to illuminate your path.

Health to you, existence to us.

Each human who comes [to earth]
Is seen that he/she does not wish for the return [to after earth life].
[yet,] Even though his/her [spiritual] degree is not high,
He/she perceives my Allah.

Rather than fighting with the one who is not brave,
To raise flag and to surrender is more appropriate.
In order to win, the one who is not brave
Tries all kinds of tricks.
Tranquility beats the one who is not brave.
If you raise the flag and surrender,
He/she turns his/her back,
Looks for another war.
Then you prepare your defense.

Sea sieves the sand.
HIS rain besmears the mountain,
Feeds the soil, the plant. [? Soil feeds the plant. ?]

Say to the one who says,
"There is soul in animals too."
Human was not created for animal,
Animal was created for human.
My Lofty Allah does not give spirit
To the one that is given to HIS human so that he/she is nourished.
Spirit is only human's.

Each human's good deed is put on the display.
Let one not say, "[how about] The one who stays [behind]?"
Each human gets [spiritual] degree according to his/her heart.
My Allah does not give up
On HIS human whom HE created with HIS LIGHT.

My Allah traces the destiny of the human.
Human decorates each line with flower,
The beauty of the day is there.
There is human,
He/she leaves his/her wall in the dark,
He/she leans unnecessary boards against the wall.
[on the other hand,]
There is human,
He/she decorates the wall with flower.
Human's role in destiny is that [much].

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel