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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 4

11 January 1970

On [this] day we saw the special nest, [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
We found the [spiritual] air in the nest.
[in the nest there is] Faithful human
Who says, "Allah,"
Who opens his/her hand, [to open hand=to pray]
Who runs away from lie. [who does not tell any lie]
We [have] set up the congregation to unite in ONEness.
We wished for the one who does not mature [spiritually]:
"Let him/her become [spiritually] mature," we said,
We pleaded [with God].
My Lofty Allah gave,
HE made the nest take Light,
HE illuminated with HIS LIGHT.
HE made this nest
Our haunt.

[similar to the case of] The cane of Moses,
The one who is addicted to Mevlana,
The cure of his/her addiction [is]
My Allah's lofty name.
The benefit of studying [our chats]:
[spiritual] Education of the human.

Osman cleared the smoke.
Omar drew the sword,
Talked about the justice.
Ebubekir, gave his soft child
To the [spiritual] washer.
The one whom Ali took [the lady whom Ali married]
Was the child of the [spiritual] washer.

Glorious prophet:
No witnessing is necessary for the event,
The one who knows the [spiritual] meaning does not give up.

We chose the path,
We said, "Allah's human."
The one who said, "Close friend," to Yunus,
The one who gave him dervish-hood: Daptuk Emre. [Daptuk [also written as Taptuk] Emre was the mursheed of Yunus]
He says, "Hu," [hu==there is only One to be worshipped, and Allah is The One to be worshipped]
He submits himself on HIS path.
Human who wishes for sip, [the one who wishes for The Meaning]
The one who says, "I reached the sip,"
Kneels down,
Says, "My Allah."
Yunus kneeled down too.
He did not say, "One does not mature [spiritually],"
He began to mature.
He did not say, "He/she does not come,"
He offered the bowl [of spiritual water] to the one who came.
If sherbet came, [if there were some sherbet] [sherbet=any of a number of nonalcoholic drinks made with sugar and spices or sugar and fruit juice]
If Yunus drank [some sherbet],
If he poured its taste into the heart,
He says, "So beautiful!
My MEVLA gave [it],
Its taste has matured." [it tastes so good]
Even if what comes in the bowl is poison,
Yunus drinks [it], pours [it] into the heart.

One wishes to mature [spiritually],
Yunus' path is known like that.
My path is tied [connected] to humans
With Milky Way.

I am Mevlana, I came,
I took the word from Yunus,
I did not interrupt my Yunus,
He finished, I took [the word].

The ones who wish for grandpa [Mevlana],
The ones who want his word,
If they knew the hearts,
[if they knew] That they [hearts] are always one,
[if they knew] That they [hearts] tie paths [to one another].
Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

12 January 1970

I am Mevlana,
We kneaded the dough of your yeast,
We separated [lifted, moved] the obstacle.
With faithful humans,
We set up the congregation.
Let our congregation be blessed.

We reached HIS LIGHT,
We saw [HIS Light] in humans.
We separated the ripe [spiritually mature] one
From the unripe [spiritually immature] one.
We answered his/her pleading
[for him/her] To find here [in after earth life].

The one who is ready knows
The word of Mevlana,
The voice of Hazrat Moses:
They peel human off
From the worry of earth.

We came from which day,
We said, "From this moment."
We presented from The Lofty One.
We remembered in syllable(s),
We said, "Allah,"
We became drunk [with joy].
We came to the nest, [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
We saw so nicely. [we were welcomed]
We gave [spiritual] water to the [spiritually] mature one.
If it was [regular] water, he/she would have enough [of it], [if it was physical water, he/she could only drink until his/her stomach was full]
We presented the wine of the heaven:
Not only they could not have enough, but they burned [in heart].
The more they burned, the more they remembered,
They remembered, they got enthusiastic,
They ran to Allah.

My Yunus comes,
Wishes for my word.
My word is yours my Yunus.
I am Mevlana.
My word does not end, [word==chat]
Lands, skies are not enough for my word.
Mevlana does not go away from the nest.
Let us give the word to my Yunus,
Let us listen to him a little bit.

I am Yunus.
I came to your prayer. [I came because you wished me to come]
I said, "My word is a lot." ["I have a lot to say"]
I said,
I wished to Hazrat Mevlana.
Is word, respect?
What he presents is [HIS] path, what he took is [HIS] path.
[yet,] His heart is full of worry.
He is worried because
He wishes that all of HIS humans
Are respectful to his Allah.
I came to the congregation,
"Let me give my word," I said.
Let my Allah be also pleased
With the ones who listen.

If I took [a] miracle, [if a miracle happened to me]
If answer came to my prayer, [if my prayer was answered]
Then each human coming to earth
Would be saint.
He/she would arrive in his/her Allah
On the day when he/she comes to earth,
I said.

If each wish of the human came true,
Then earth would turn once to that side,
[and] Once to this side.

What a happiness for the human
Who disperses his/her smoke [from the heart],
Who whitens the home. [who purifies the heart]

Let us come to word, [let us come to the point]
To wretched Yunus.
Let us keep our word, [let us keep our promise]
Let us throw one page from the lifetime. [let us have a look at one page of Yunus' life on earth]
They call my pir, Daptuk.
Humans call my sweat [that is] on my path,
"Big patience."
What does the patience do to human?
Do not say, "What will it do?"
See what it does:
We went,
We lay down for many hundreds of years,
We stood up, we looked,
We gave the word.
Did we lie down?
One says like that,
Human is consoled [like that].
The meaning of the grave [is]:
The guesthouse of the human.
Isn't that so?
It is not 'meyhane' [meyhane=bar/restaurant like public place in the 14th century where wine was served]
So that you drink [wine and] become drunk,
[and] Go sideward on your path. [and walk sideward like a drunk person]
The obstacle
Of the one who is yeasted,
Of the one whose dough is kneaded here
Is not the meyhane.
The fear
Of the one who takes from heart,
Of the one who finds HIS path
Is not the grave. [he/she is not scared of death]
[on the other hand,]
What does Yunus say
To the one who finds the meydan, but passes [without staying],
To the one who chooses tipcat in the meydan,
To the one says [bad] word about the brave one? [what can Yunus say to that turned-away person?]
Let him turn to his word. [let Yunus go back to the subject:]

Our congregation is selected.
Humans are measured from heart. [humans are measured according to their hearts]
He/she is called "faithful," he/she is loved.
Hazrat Mevlana set up
His congregation to unite in ONEness, in the nest.
Our congregation is happy.
Let my Allah be pleased with the ones
Who set up the congregation,
Who gave the word to us.

I glanced at the plain,
At the nest on the plain;
"You set the nest up,
You laid the child in,
You put the [protective] obstacle,
[tell me then] How did you protect [the nest/the child] from the human?," I said.
I was curious, I withdrew back to a corner.
I say about the field bird,
I say about its [her/female bird's] nest.
She opened the sand of the crop,
She ran away to a corner.
She looked, she looked around.
She thought of her [child's] attractiveness, of her child.
She consulted with her spouse.
I perceived like that. [my thought was like that]
She talked over about the situation.
She sat in the nest,
She laid the egg[s]. [she started to brood]
Poor one, she thought:
"I can cover [the nest/eggs] with the crop."
Her creation [as bird] makes her mature that much,
Makes her see her world this much.
She can protect [the eggs], however,
If the harvest time does not come on time... [if the harvest time comes before the hatching time, she can not protect her eggs]

I am Mevlana.
We come
Not to name the mature one,
Not to say word about the shouting
But to give path to human.
My Yunus tells about the nest,
[he tells] About the child [bird] in the nest,
[he tells about] The sound of the child [bird],
[he tells about] The world of its mother.
[Yunus] He keeps on thinking,
He arrives in his Allah.
"My Allah,
Make us reach Your humans who arrive,
Clean us with Your LIGHT."

We have no separation:
Our congregation is under the protection of my Allah.

Let homes be bright [enlightened],
Let smokes be dispersed.
The ones who make the event bigger, [the ones who exaggerate the event],
The ones who talk about patience,
Let them look for the path of the patience.
Let them wish to Allah.

Human's lifetime does not pass without event.
One does not say word about the one that passed. [one does not talk/think about the events that passed]
The coming of today, [and] tomorrow,
Being bright of the illuminated path
Is in accordance with human's own mind.
[in fact,] Each day of my Allah is bright.
You say event,
You occupy yourself with earth's trouble.
Do not say, "Is there not any trouble?"
Of course there is.
[however,] For trouble, there is also patience,
For trouble, there is also remedy
As long as one heads for [HIS] direction.
One should look for Allah in all directions.
This is the beginning, this is also the end,
No [more] word. [this is the essence]

The One That makes unripe [immature] one, ripen [mature],
The One That stops the one who does not give,
The One That makes the one who does not hear, turn,
The One That makes the one who does not take, love,
Is The strong Creator of which force?
One word: Allah!

I say,
My coming is [about] path, not hal,
[my coming is about saying] Word about "hal." [hal==to find oneself in water, air, sand, soil, tree, leaf...]
Allah, again Allah,
Whatever I say, [again] Allah...
Let us arrive in my Allah,
Let us remember HIM without stopping. [let us always remember HIM]
Let us know [that] every work [is] from HIM. [Allah creates all events]
Let us believe in the goodness of the one that comes. [HE allows only the events that are for good deed; let us believe in this without any doubt]
Know that
The one that you say about, "Bad [thing] happened,"
And you feel sorry about,
Has so big good deed for you.
Do not be mistaken and do not be deceived.
Do not be fooled by saying, "Trouble."
Do not take the trouble onto yourself.
[just] Say, "My Allah."

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

13 January 1970

I am Mevlana.
Wool ball of human
Who is traveler of the [HIS] path
Is entrusted to my Allah.

Do not see yourself as small.
Do not see yourself bigger than the saint.
You are human of The Creator.
[however, as human,] You are obstacle for the [spiritually] immature one, [human who does not know the spiritual meaning may see other humans as obstacle/opponent in competition]
You are question [puzzle] for the one who does not laugh.

My Allah makes [one] become [spiritually] mature,
My Allah makes [one] laugh;
Do not ever think [about if this is true],
My Allah gets offended.
[because] My Allah thinks [cares] about HIS human
More than human does [so about him/herself].
To do what you think of
Is not [in] your power.
You [just] refer [submit/transfer] [it] to your Allah.
Turn your direction to your Allah.
You will see
That your day is brighter than yesterday,
That beautiful days find you.

Not from human,
But from Allah so that
You see what comes.

I am Yunus.
If I say, "I was not mistaken,"
Then I lie.
The one who is mortal makes mistake.
He/she sees the path with [in] smoke.
If there is one who holds his/her hand,
If there is one who shows him/her the [HIS] path,
He/she becomes darling human of my Allah.

"It does not mature," I said about the building, [the building==human] [I said about human, "he/she will not mature [spiritually],"]
"It does not give [passage]," I said about the door,
"He/she does not hold [hand]," I said about the baby.
My Allah made all of them come true,
HE made me know that I was wrong.
The day on which I knew that I was wrong, I cried [shed tears].
I begged my Allah's pardon.
[from that moment on,] I did not say,
"This may be-this may not be," once more [again].
I referred [submitted/transferred] to my Allah,
I [just] waited saying, "It happens."

If you work, you take.
It opens your path to my Allah,
Evil runs away from you.

Mature one of the wool ball,
Wise one of the path:
One conforms to the happening of the day. [spiritually mature human conforms to events]

Fashion means:
To conform to the day.
On your day, is there one that you conform to,
That you like?
One does not conform to the one that is 'none.'
One does not call that 'fashion.'
The traveler of each path is not one [is not the same].
To conform to the one who goes on the muddy path
Is to get muddy.
[to get muddy,] It does not conform to you. [it is not appropriate for you]
[HIS path:] It does not give way to evil. [it does not let evil occur]
Conform your foot to your heart,
Not to the one who goes. [not to another person]

The one who has heart dirt,
Whatever he/she washes him/herself with, does not have Light [of Allah],
[because] Allah does not give [from HIS LIGHT].

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel