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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 48

26 August 1971

I am Mevlana.
As long as life is in body,
As long as, "Earth is beautiful," is said,
To walk around and see is helal.

One's rightful due does not go away from the hand.
The one who conforms according to HAK, is not mistaken.

Even though it may come as [look] wrong,
Even though the car's wheel pops out,
Path goes exactly the same,
Human continues on HIS path.
[some events may appear as being cruel, however, they are part of the test of the human; they are created by God, nothing is without reason...]
You eat your food,
"So sweet," you say.
[however,] In order to give its taste, [in order to make it tastier]
You put hot pepper too.
The taste of life
Is known as much as
Pain is mixed.

Do not feel sad when it is scarce,
Do not stretch [do not be arrogant, do not brag] when it is abundant.
The day on which you trust the beauty,
You sign [the contract of] its loss.

WHAT I took from HIM initially, [HIS Light That I took from HIM when I was born on earth]
WHAT I gave in my last breath,
WHAT I saw saying, "Earth,"
Was always HIS LIGHT.
HIS Light stayed in the heart.

If you do not come from pomegranate [human souls are like the grains of a pomegranate; human souls reach Allah all together like a pomegranate; if you are not one of the grains of the pomegranate,]
[the above verse may also have the following meaning:]
[? If you do not come from fire ?] [if you do not burn in heart with the fire of HIS deep love,]
[then] You can not know HIS LIGHT.
If you do not bear HIS coyness,
You can not find Darling.
Earth life is HIS coyness.
Whatever you see on earth,
Whatever you bear [on earth]
Is the coyness of the earth toward you.
Difficulty is until the smoke disperses:
Similar to how when you ignite the stove,
Its smoke fumes, its smoke passes [fades], it becomes ember... [when it becomes ember, its smoke disappears...]

When the jug is empty, the sound that it gives, is noisy. [when you tap on an empty jug, the sound that it gives, is noisy]
If you say, "Let it be filled," it is the path of your destiny.
[however,] If you tie the beauty of your destiny
To the emptiness or fullness of the jug,
Then you are mistaken:
[then] You spend one morsel of bread
For one lifetime.
It is learned slowly and slowly,
'After earth life door' is added. [the more one matures spiritually, the more doors leading to higher spiritual levels open]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

27 August 1971

I am Mevlana.
Vision is in the one
Who sees and loves,
[and] Who knows The Giver.

In the event that is referred [transferred/submitted] to my Allah,
No wrong sentence is given.
If you fall into the well at the place where you say, "My Allah,"
You find ladder [in the well].
For that [reason],
Why is it asked, "Is it like that, like this?"
The only Sentence Giver is my Allah.
The moment in which you lean on [HIM],
You find the salvation.

Horse sees the weed that it eats as beautiful.
Why does human find fault in the one that is given?

Stomach: faultless mill,
It grinds what you give.
Brain: faultless machine of calculation.
[yet,] Human makes irrelevant calculation,
Looks at the neighbor's calculation:
Gossip, wrong judgment...

Ground, [is] earth's,
Human, [is] his/her Owner's.
What comes from the earth is yours.
What is yours, is your life.
Your life belongs to Darling. [? Your life is your Darling. ?]
Let the one who comes from the life
And the one who finds the life, be one,
Let every path find the ocean. [ocean==God]

Let fault not give passage. [let one not pass the bridge of fault / let one not make mistake]
The one who knows to come to his/her senses: [is] wise.
The heart of the one who comes to his/her senses
Is of course big.

The one who prunes the grapevine is called 'grape grower,'
The one who presents the wine [is called] 'cupbearer.'
Where do you look for the wine?
In "meyhane." [meyhane=bar/restaurant like public place in the 14th century where wine was served]
Meyhane: the caravansary of the human who looks for meydan,
[meyhane:] Stop [rest area] of the one who proceeds on [HIS] path.

Let the one who seeks rightful due [? justice ?]
Not knock on the door of human,
Let him/her not say, "My rightful due is in you."
Let him/her wish to my Allah,
Let him/her take shelter in HIS justice.

The one who loves is not confused,
The one who loves does not fall
Because there is his/her [hand] holder, path shower.
The one who loves is loved, as much as he/she is loved, he/she is remembered.

Human worries about the event that does not conform to his/her wish:
He/she either blames human,
Or makes him/herself worry about it.
What will happen, happens whatever you do,
[even] If you build wall in front of it, it collapses.
For that [reason], each event should be welcomed with "tevekkul," [tevekkul= 1. putting oneself in God's hands, trusting that God will arrange things for the best. 2. resigning oneself to one's fate, resignation.]
One should say, "It is from my Allah."
The one who conforms him/herself to the night, to the day,
Should also be subordinate to the event.

The leaf that is on the mountain that you see its majesty
Does not conform to the one [that is] on the ground.

Does the going of the ship not come to human? [does the ship not take human to human?]
Why does one embark on [a] ship?
Not to stay in the sea;
The ship will come to the harbor
Even if there is storm.
When the ship starts the journey,
"Permission is from my Allah," you say.
[however, if something happens,]
You load the event onto human. [you blame human]
Why do you not connect the event
To The Giving of my Allah too?
Connect even the smallest event to HIM so that
You find its solution.

Let you not stay at the same place like [a] caravansary boniface [boniface1].
Caravansary boniface [boniface1] builds his caravansary,
He is always at the same place.
Humans come, go, boniface [boniface1] waits.
However, boniface [boniface1] does not know that he is on duty too.
He [boniface1,2] does not interrupt the service to the traveler who goes.
Boniface [boniface2 of the spiritual caravansary] is the boniface of the path that goes to my Allah.
[however,] What makes him/her [boniface2] be assigned to his/her place [post], is human.
Mursheed [boniface2] who serves human, is the one who shows [HIS] path.
Boniface [boniface1] does not show path;
The one who goes to him, goes by [already] knowing his/her path.
[In the above verses, there are two types of caravansaries. The first one is the hotel-like buildings that used to exist in the old times. The second one is a symbolic caravansary on the path of Allah, of which the boniface is a saint. Some humans come to this second type of caravansary, some others pass without entering. Boniface1 is believed to be the boniface of the first type of caravansary, boniface2 is believed to be the boniface of the second kind of caravansary.]

If path is soft, walking comes as beautiful.
However, in order to build soft path,
It is necessary to clean its stone[s].

Let one not say, "It gives no passage."
The moment in which human wishes [to Allah],
[the moment in which] He/she wants from my Allah,
Passages come as flat [straight/easy],
Flat one of the path gives enjoyment.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

28 August 1971

I am Mevlana.
The going
Of each human who is faithful,
[the going] Of the open path that is looked for
Is not difficult.

We have our word for each human
Who finds the [spiritual] table [of the saints],
Who says, "Let me take [your] word."
We have our eye on his/her path. [we watch his/her path, we help him/her]

Let one not be feverish,
Let one not create sorrow.

Did you take permission from The One
WHO mixes his/her yeast,
WHO gives his/her prayer? [WHO makes his/her wishes come true?]

While the caldron boils, it overflows around.
While the fire dies out, it becomes ember.
Do not leave it [ember] to be covered with ashes.

Small jug is not wished for.
However, each human
Does not find the jug that he/she wishes for.
What comes to hand is
The one that is your God-given share.

The one who comes to the flatness, is the one who is helper.

Do not say, "I have no blood."
I have my life.
Blood [is] in the body,
Life [is] in hearts...

We did not come from the ground:
We came into existence from LIGHT,
We have been kneaded with LIGHT.

Sleep, fatigue: to the body,
Hunger, fullness: to the body.
Whether you eat less,
Or you eat more,
You will still conform to the one who goes [to after earth life].

I do not say, "Let it be convenient,"
To the one who makes feverishness worry. [to the one who worries because of the feverishness]

If I say,
"Would the grain of the sand diminish,
[or] Would the house of the heart become wealthier?"
It is not irrelevant.

When 'smoke' is said,
When body sees [the smoke],
It gives distress;
Only the one who sees it, knows it.

Earth merchandise belongs to earth.

The one who covets [another] human's God-given share
Is unaware
Not of the identity,
But of The Existence.

Path of the swan is on the lake,
Path of the sea gull is on the sea,
Path of the partridge is in the heath,
Path of the gazelle is in the forest.
You can put neither this one there
Nor that one here.

The one that is permitted, is said, [we say as much as God permits]
Do not think that earth gets covered with ashes. [do not think that we burn earth [with our chats]] [we give fire only to hearts]

Each human walks [on] his/her [? HIS ?] path that is traced.
You can not roll up the one that happens,
You can not disrupt the order,
You can not solve the reason.
The one that happened, it happened, it found its place.
[The last verse may also be translated as a single verse as follows:
? The one who matured [spiritually], found his/her place [in after earth life]. ?]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

1 September 1971

I am Mevlana.
We have not been longing,
We have not said, "Where?"
We stayed together in each moment.

One does not arrive in the ocean before crossing the river. [ocean==God]
Before the river is found,
Human can not know where he/she is going to.
He/she can not resist the wind.
However, the one who finds the river,
The one who finds support for HIS deep love,
His/her patience falls, of course, short. [his/her patience wears thin]
If there is no deep love, what does [would] he/she do with the practice [of the patience]?

How is the rule broken?
By claiming the ownership of What is given.
What is meant by beauty is to say:
From swaddling cloth to the going of the sky, [from coming to earth to the events in the sky/in the universe]
To conform to its going, [to conform to all events in the universe]
As well as to the going [to after earth life],
[for all of these, one says,]

"My Allah, Your Command."

You tie the horse so that it does not run away.
You hold the colt, so that it does not kick.
[yet,] If there is 'running away' in its God-given share, [if 'running away is written by HIM as its God-given share]
Its rope breaks off, it runs away anyway.

Our heart is clear like the flow of the water.
Our path is open like the return [to after earth life] of the wool ball.

One does not abstain from the one who goes [to after earth life],
Nor does one say [bad] word to [about] the one who comes [to earth].
Anyway, earth is [a] guest house.
The one who comes, waves hand at the one who goes.
It has not been seen that the one who goes [to after earth life], looks back.
Nevertheless, soul walks and goes
From the earth [? the place ?] where the body stays,

Body: home of the soul,
Its house on earth.
Let the house not be in ruins,
Let it not give difficulty to human.

If 'to dress' increased the beauty,
Then my Allah would have created HIS human as dressed.
What I say [is] not cloth but heart dressing...

HE elaborated as much as HE created,
HE did not say, "No more, that is enough!"
HE did not feel fed up to give up.

HE separated what from what,
HE favored which human?
It is said,
"Divine injustice is seen on earth."
HIS justice is so lofty that
Neither you nor I can evaluate HIS interrogation.
We can not measure what is given.
Nevertheless, let what my Allah gives
Not be measured on earth.
From where HE makes HIS human rejoice, is not known.

Two pans on the balance:
One [is] The [spiritual] Meaning, one [is] the matter.
Some humans win in The Meaning,
Some [humans win] in the matter...
Some [humans balance] the two in the middle.

When your power is enough,
You help according to your power.
When jug is enough,
You help according to the jug.
Let the help that you give
Stay between you, him/her, and my Allah.
Because what you do, is for my Allah.
Human's appreciation does not make you win.
[further than that,]
There is no need to say to my Allah either,
[because] HE [already] sees.
HE gives the God-given share that HE [? he/she ?] wishes
To HIS human who is worthy.
HE shows the force of giving
To the one who loves to give.

Let my Allah be pleased with all [humans].

You enter the sea,
"Let me pass to the other shore [side]," you say,
You check your breathing.
[however, if you are a human who knows HIS Meaning]
The One Whom you remember with submissiveness,
The One for Whom you burn with HIS deep love,
The One Whom you run to, saying, "Darling,"
My Allah, sends you ship,
Makes you land on the other side.

Be productive like the bee.
Ant [works] for itself, what it takes is according to itself too.
My Allah gives it that much God-given share.
Because it only thinks about itself,
It works for itself.
It is not left hungry,
It does not find a lot.
Bee is productive,
It is charming as much as it gives.
Of course, both its honey and its attitude are loved.

Feast is each human's own God-given share:
You say, "Feast," you prepare,
[however, ] He/she eats [only] if it is his/her God-given share.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

8 September 1971

I am Mevlana.
Peace is not at the place where it is looked for,
But at the place where it is put in heart.
The ones who disrupt the peace
Are the ones who are in the middle of the smoke.
If you say, "How is one in the middle of the smoke?"
One enters inside [it] knowingly.

Let one not worry,
Let one not say, "What will happen?"
It will happen, the most appropriate one will be given.
The one who makes the body owner of the doubt
Will feel sorrow
Because he/she gives smoke to the event.

Let it not be forgotten:
What happens is the one that is written.
The one that is written, is the most beautiful one.
Whatever he/she does, human can not change the one that is written.

HIS human who enters HAK's path, can not become corrupt:
[because] What he/she takes, [is] from HAK's hand,
What he/she says, [is] from the tongue of the essence.

There is no human without fault.
While life is in the body,
While body falls in fault [makes mistake],
Life becomes load on the wool ball,
Wool ball is loaded with trouble.

The star that is in the sky,
Each dust that stands on the ground
So that you choose What is given,
So that you pass the test.
If the test is about the earth, it comes as difficult;
If it is about The Meaning, it comes as nice.
My Allah takes to test
HIS human who is worthy.
Is it not like that on earth too?
Does human take the test of every school?
Some stay in elementary school,
Some can go to middle school, some to university.

If it is not said,
Discriminate against HIS human
On the basis of the love of my Allah, [discriminate against humans according to their loves for Allah]
Favor HIS human over HIS [other] human,"
Then he/she takes his/her place appropriately,
[then] On earth, human connects to one another with love.
Love even if it is said,
Love even if he/she turns away. [love even if he/she is turned-away [from God's path]]

The one that is good deed, is given,
Open your eye and see.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

12 September 1971

I am Mevlana.
"Worlds," is said,
One talks about the return [to after earth life].
Body belongs to earth.
Spirit wanders in the universe.
Of course it is not bodied.
I already told you, didn't I,
Spirit gets out of the cage once.

You consider what pine gives as inferior,
You can not find it worthy for your body. [i.e. pine tree gum that has a sour taste]
If you knew what is worthy,
Then coming to earth would not be important. [then there would not be any need to test human on earth]

"The flow of the water
Is according to the view of the human," I said.
There is human, he/she seeks wideness [openness],
There is human, he/she seeks wealth.
Do not say, "Wideness of what, wealth of what?"
He/she sees the water,
"This water is small," he/she says,
He/she looks for the big one.
[however,] He/she forgets that, that water
Is the arm of the big one.
If he/she conforms to that,
If he/she knows the water,
He/she comes to the big one.
Even though he/she sees the water,
Even though he/she knows that it is water,
He/she changes his/her path.
When we see the water,
Let us not say, "Small-big,"
Let us conform to the flowing water.
[however,] I said before:
Skip the stagnant water. [stagnant water=lake, well, etc.==religious fanatic]

Stagnant water does not take you [to the ocean], [ocean==God]
It does not make you arrive at the place where you wish to go,
Yet, it is water too.

[stagnant water:]
It extinguishes your fire,
It makes you rejoice saying, "I found water."
However, it is not useful for walking; [it does not help in walking on HIS path]
Because deep love does not let human stop.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

14 September 1971

I am Mevlana.
Do not think about the well as if it gives sound:
The sound [that it gives] is your own sound.
Do not give your intention not even to the well,
It tries to get [it] from you.
No one can give your intention, except my Allah.
Do not put [use] intermediary,
Do not [even] shout your intention into the well.
Wish directly to my Allah
Because your heart connection with my Allah
Is already present.
HE takes in moment what you say,
Refers [it] to one's [relevant] post [i.e. saint].

My Allah's every human is blessed
In the moment when HE entrusted/entrusts HIS Light.
Each one who comes to earth
Is born with my Allah's Light;
[however,] With earth's greediness,
He/she wastes my Allah's Light.

My Allah's justice shows itself
In human's birth as well as in his/her death.
I said, "Death,"
I said according to human's language.
The beauty of the birth
Is the same for the rich as well as for the poor.
The Light Radiance of the death is also the same
If you have not wasted [HIS Light]...

Erase the fear,
Long for death.
Long [for it] so that you find the arrival.
Because longing is for HIS deep love.

You become [love-]crazy
Because of your love for earth human;
How come you do not long for HIS deep love, for arriving in HIS LIGHT?

When I used to seek peace, [while I [Mevlana] was on earth in body]
I used to think about death,
I used to imagine to arrive in HIM.
I did not make [the] being [of] Mevlana [a] name for my wool ball
For the sake of "musalla." [I did not become Mevlana for my body] [musalla= area within a mosque courtyard or garden where funeral services are performed]
[I took] The soft path
Not because I was saying, "Let me get [spiritual] degree,
Let me be among the saints,"
But to arrive in HIM...

Trust, religious belief are tied with love.
If one [of them] is untied,
The other one is useless for you.
And love is the love for The Meaning,
Not for the matter.

Who kneads the yeast?
Who spins your wool?
Who educates HIS human?
Always the one who is master.
The one who is ignorant demolishes the earth.
Master looks for the after earth life.
The one who looks for, finds.
Give hand to the one who looks for so that he/she takes you too...

The one who says, "My Allah,"
And the one who says, "Be prayerful to my Allah [for me],"
One [the same]?
My Allah gave mouth,
Why do I not say [myself directly],
[why] Do I refer [it] to you,
[and, as such why] Do I put distance in between [my Allah and me]?

It is good to be prayerful for the one who moans,
Yet, not by proxy...

The mistake of the one who is human
Is in The Lofty One's pardon, [may be pardoned by The Lofty One]
[as long as] Human does not put load on human,
[as long as] He/she does not put stone in his/her stove.
What does the stove burn with?
What is meant by stove [is],
If you put stone in the chimney,
Then smoke fumes at home.
Human cleans that,
However, it takes away his/her peace of mind.
[on the other hand,]
The one who did [it], stays [is stuck] with what he/she did.
When going [to after earth life], that stone
Comes in front of him/her,
Blocks his/her path.
In earth structure, stone is cleaned,
However, the stone of the path of the after earth life, never.
The path, of which there is return, does not come as [is not] difficult;
[however,] The path of which the going is final, [the path that is one-way, without any return, i.e. migration to after earth life]
[it] Does not end easily.
The path that is cleaned while going and coming back [on earth],
Gives comfort, makes the going [to after earth life] easy.

"Ayyam" is [means] the soft intention of the wool ball.
What is 'soft intention'?
You plead with my Allah,
You say,
"Everything is as YOU know.
What YOU give is the beautiful of everything
Even though it does not make me rejoice.
What YOU give is the most appropriate
Even though it does not make me regret..."

Let us take with
Not eye,
But Light,
Let us become the owner of What we take.

Let us not draw line onto our path,
Let us not say to HIS human, "Walk on the line!"

If I look at someone different than I [am], [if I look at someone else]
Then I confuse my own path.
If I join the one who knows the path,
Then there is no need for me to look at someone else anyway.

Bird's meat is [becomes] evident with [when] eating;
Bee honey is sweet with [when] eating.
If you do not eat,
You can neither know the flavor of the bird
Nor the taste of the honey.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel