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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 45

16 May 1971

I am Mevlana.
Faithful wool ball looks for flat [smooth/stoneless] one of the path,
[so that] He/she combs his/her wool ball on flat path.
Meydan [is] human's, human [is] path's.
Let smoke not wrap the wool ball.

Do not say, "I did not know to take."

The mistake of the one who is human,
Is to know his/her mistake [and still make it].

To conform to the love letter, is his/her wisdom.

Fruit is on the lofty branch;
If you wait, it comes to hand.
Do not forget:
The one that comes to hand from the lofty branch
Is riper.

Beech tree grows later, [slowly]
However, its root is in deep.
The one of which the root goes to deep
Is both with long lifespan and strong.

Oak's wood is useful to burn,
Pine's wood [is useful] to inlay,
Walnut's [wood is useful] to eat as well as for the nest [home].
Each tree is appropriate according to its place.

Each one that is given, is seen when it is gathered together,
[then] Its value is known [understood].
[for example,]
Child's value is known when he/she finds him/herself,
When he/she takes word of mother, father.
Say to child, "Why does human come to earth?"
[then give the answer as follows:]
To see beautiful day on earth,
To know the after earth life,
At the end, to arrive [in Allah].
What you do is
Neither to live on earth
Nor to reach the after earth life.

You do not get free of your load
By finding fault in human.
You can not throw away your sin
By saying, "He/she caused [it]."
If he/she caused, he/she bears the consequence of his/her sin too.
He/she does not find the fault in him/herself,
He/she loads [it onto] the mother, the father [he/she blames the mother, the father]
Because it is easy for him/her like that.
Even if there is [a] mistake of human to human, [if a human makes a mistake toward another human]
If you do not see [it], you become wise;
Because sooner or later you find [reach] HIS value. [you become worthy human of God]
Where the water flows, no dirt takes shelter in.

The one who desires to deck him/herself out
Is the one who is in love with beauty.
Do not see [him/her] as bad.

The one who says word about 'getting tired of,'
Is the one who revolts against his/her Allah;
He/she is the one who says, "I did not like what YOU gave/give."

Does each one who wishes, get what he/she wishes for?
Does each human find what he/she looks for?
Does each human who comes, know his/her world?
What is 'to know'?
Is it 'to find each one that he/she looks for'?
Each one that is given, is given for HIS human,
However, each human gets as much as his/her God-given share.
My Allah deprives none of HIS humans.
Do not think that the one whose earth share is scarce
Is deprived.
Let my my Allah not give deprivation of after earth life,
Let HIM not make HIS human sorry for that reason.

The crime of the one who commits [it]
As well as of the one who makes him/her commit [it] are definite.
However, the crime of the one who knows his/her mistake
Is silent.
Looking at the mistake of the one who is in front of us,
[and] Saying, "He/she caused [it],"
Does not lessen your crime, [on the contrary,] it increases;
Because accomplice is searched for your crime.
On the other hand, if you say,
"My Allah, fault is mine,
I took shelter in Your Loftiness,
I asked for Your pardon,"
Know that you will be forgiven.
On the other hand, if you say,
"My Allah, I made [a] mistake,
However, ask the one who caused [it],"
Then you make mistake twice, or rather three times:
One: my mistake.
Two: [putting] load on the one [who is] in front of me. [blaming another person]
Three: to show to my Allah;
My Allah knows [already] who is faulty.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

20 May 1971

I am Mevlana.
The one who asks for the path of the peace
Is the one whose heart is covered with smoke.
The one who finds soft path
Is the one who gets free of the smoke.

Earth is this: it is the test of the human.

The one who says, "What happens is good deed,"
Is the one who is reunited with the peace.

Whatever comes [is] from HIM:
Whatever is said by me
Is because of the command of my Allah.
No cause is searched,
It is not asked from human;
Similar to how earth has
Mountain as well as sea,
Plain as well as plateau
Because of the loftiness of The Giver.

Human's night is covered,
"Moonlight," is said,
Stars are sprinkled down from the sky.
Human does not love the night
Because he/she does not know what the night gives.
If night does not occur, moonlight is not seen,
Star[s] are not gathered. [star==saint; moon==Hazrat Ali; sun==Prophet Mohammad]
[Previous verses may better understood under the light of the following information: during sleep soul of the human who has Allah's permission, comes together with other spirits of the same spiritual level and/or his/her saint. His/her spiritual education continues during these meetings that take place in Light....]

"It does not happen," is said;
It should be known that the one that does not happen is good deed for human.
The one that is referred [transferred/submitted] to Allah
Finds the most beautiful path.
If human knows that each event is from his/her Allah,
He/she is reunited with comfort. [then, he/she finds peace of mind]

My Allah Who gives God-given share,
Gives the God-given share to HIS each human.
Faithful human knows, he/she says, "Thank YOU,"
He/she is prayerful.
Turned-away human sleeps, complains.

Each human comes from my Allah.
In [initial] creation, the value of all of them is one [equal/same].
For that [reason], saying word is not appropriate for human,
Because human does not become slave of human.
The one who makes human slave for him/herself
Is the one who becomes [a] candidate to be slave.
The one who claims to be superior
Is the one who decreases his/her [own] value, like the value of the gold. [gold==spiritual meaning]

I came
Not from the earth [the ground]
But from The Lofty One.
I was full from the earth that The Lofty One gave/gives.
What I was full of was not oats, wheat
But the deep love that HE gave.

Earth is for body,
Deep love is for beyond the body.
As long as HE placed cage onto my life, [as long as HE put my soul in the cage called body]
I considered the body as [being] in my safe keeping.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

21 May 1971

I am Mevlana.
You throw the fishing line into the sea
In order to take [catch some] fish;
[however] You catch whatever your God-given share is.
On the shore, you think about the air [atmosphere, prevailing emotional state].
If you took what you hoped for,
You say, "[it is because of the] Acceptance of my prayer."
Let it not be forgotten:
Acceptance of the prayer
[occurs only] If it is [for] your good deed.
Do not forget that Your Creator
Thinks about you more than you do [so about yourself].

[spiritual] Maturity is
Not in saying, "Beautiful," to the beauty,
But in looking for beauty in each creation.

If you hold up the mirror to my face,
I see myself.
Hold [it] up to your face so that
You see yourself.
See in yourself, the life,
See in the life, Darling.

Why do I say,
"Let no measure be given to human,
Let human's heart not be broken,
Let it not be said, 'He/she became love-crazed'"?
[because] The one who says, "I am Allah,"
Is the one who considers him/herself as none.
To separate your path from your ego, [when you get free of your ego]
The one that is lifted is earth load. [you get free of earth load]
The moment in which you get free of the earth,
Is the moment in which you say, "I am Allah." [? Is the moment in which you say, "My Allah." ?]
What does it mean to say, "Let us return as we came"?
When you say, "I came from my Allah,
I will arrive in HIM,"
[then] You get free of the earth,
[then] You know the life cage as [a] load on you; [then you realize that life cage [i.e. body] is [a] load for you]
Yet, you wait for the command of my Allah.
The one [i.e. body] that is entrusted [by Allah]
Is of course kept safely accordingly. [it is taken good care of / do not harm your own body [or someone else's body]...]

Wish for The Meaning to my Allah,
HE sends mursheed to your foot.
[if you do not wish for The spiritual Meaning to Allah, then at least]

Search the earth with your logic,
Even though it is scarce. [even though without spiritual guide, one can not make much progress...]

You know the one who/that will come,
You wait with hope.
Let scarcity not be in the heart.
Beauty is in looking at the future with hope;
It is not [appropriate] to say, "What is going to happen?"
What will happen?
What my Allah gives
Is the best deed.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

1 June 1971

I am Mevlana.
His/her peace is asked neither from you
Nor from me:
[for peace,] We expected from my Allah,
We made prayers for HIS humans.
Peace was taken away
Neither from the one who comes, nor from the one who goes.
[however, in the case of the one who was not in peace:]
No place was given to patience.
[peace is reached]
Neither with power
Nor with vengeance;
[peace is] Never [reached] by giving place to depression.
[the path to peace:]
It is by finding the [spiritual] maturity.
How is the [spiritual] maturity found?
By saying not "me/I," but "all [humans]."
When you take the apple
Can you distribute all of it?
What "all [humans]" means, is that.
It is not saying, "Half to you, half to me."
If you want to prepare a place for yourself [while you are] on earth,
You will say, "All [humans]."
If you do not love, you can not say, "All [humans]."
If you think of all [humans],
[then] The Creator of all [humans] thinks of you too.

"Do not separate me from The One Who gives to all [humans].
Do not favor me over all of Your humans;
The moment in which YOU favor, I become sad,
I see myself as away from them."

See [him/her], even if he/she does not see you,
Hear [him/her], even if he/she does not look.
Not because he/she is human,
But because he/she is the artwork of The Creator,
Even though he/she may be quite faulty.

Your duty is
Not to roll its end,
But to fold and iron,
To transform [it] into [a] usable state.

My word is to [for] the one who goes to the mosque,
Who listens to the preacher.
Let my Allah be pleased with all [humans].
His/her [preacher's] word should be "the beauty," [he/she should talk always about the beauties that God created]
His/her essence should know The Truth.
His/her eye should look
Not at the fault,
But at the good.
Let him/her enter the mosque like that,
Let him/her say his/her word to the assembly [like that].

To make [The Meaning] known to the one who does not know,
Is the duty of the one who knows.

To the one who says word about the deep love of [for] Allah,
No one comes close [to harm him/her].
It is sufficient
That you say, "My Allah," and take shelter in [HIM],
That you say word about the deep love of [for] Allah.
My Allah is at the place
Where HIS name is remembered,
Where HE is put in heart.
HE is helper of the one who remembers HIS name,
Who puts [HIM] in heart.
Does my Allah become helper of the one
Who tries to make my Allah's name, commerce?

What I say is open [clear]:
The one who can not cross, stays,
Takes his/her place [accordingly].
The one who crosses and passes, walks,
As much as he/she walks [on HIS path], he/she sees.
What does the one who stays [behind], see?
Soil in the ground,
Leaf in the air. [human who does not know The Meaning thinks that after death he/she will see [from his/her grave] the soil in the ground, the leaf in the air...]
Why does the load come up to the shoulder? [why does human feel earth as load?]
Of course, the load of walking. [human who walks on HIS path [feels the earth as load]]

If you wish for [a spiritual] washer,
Of course you find.
You even open hand to the falling rain,
Flowing water is not absolutely necessary...
[if you can not find flowing water to clean yourself [spiritually], you will use rain water; one way or another God will send you your spiritual guide]
If you become faithful,
If you stay soft,
You come also to the flowing water. [flowing water flows to the ocean] [ocean==God]

To all [humans]:
It is beautiful to wish to read [prayers],
[however,] If you think of being useful,
Can you put load on the shoulder?
Can you help with the load of all [humans]?
Can you take step for all [humans]?
Can you think
Not of your name,
But of your homeland?
Then you can say, "I lived for all [humans]."
If each human says, "All [humans],"
Then no war occurs anyway,
No one hits one another.
If one says, "My Allah created [him/her],"
No bullet is shot at HIS human.

If one looks at the past,
[then] One does not struggle on the [current] day.
One says, "Civilization progressed;"
[does civilization mean] To kill human?
Even that, is also by the command of my Allah. [even when a human kills another human, remember that this happens also according to the order of my Allah]
If human does not kill,
Then another way is found...
The day's human is in test like that.

The path of the sand does not get old,
It is not said, "It is out of date."
Because it conforms to every day.
Whether tank passes over [it],
Or camel walks on [it],
It does not change.
It does not quit meydan's human,
It makes [him/her] find the place where he/she will arrive.
What I say is open [clear]:
Sand path takes to HIS rose.
The one that the rose shows,
Is the one that he calls, "Koran,"
Educates HIS human on his/her day too.
Neither going to the moon
Nor descending into the sea
Changes the heart of the human.
Other than Koran, no other book gives path
To human whose heart is open.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

4 June 1971

I am Mevlana.
Let all [humans] open hand, [to open hand==to pray]
Let all [humans] run away from the curved [wrong].
Let them find the right [correct].
Let them say, "My Allah,"
Let them be prayerful for the curved one [for him/her to find HIS path].

Let one wish
Not for curse,
But for good deed.
The one whom you curse
Is my Allah's human too;
He/she is HIS creation.
[let one wish for good deed]
Neither for that one nor for this one,
But for all [humans].

If you say to the [spiritually] mature one, "Stop,"
It is irrelevant. [because spiritually mature one keeps on walking on HIS path, you can not stop him/her...]
If you say, "Beautiful rose,"
It is without root. [because you are not talking about a plant]
If you say, "Turn," to earth, it is without driving wheel.
It has no driving wheel, yet, it spins,
It grinds the good one as well as the turned-away one.

There is door to [for] the fortress too.
If you try to enter without [using its] door, you fight.

Criticize neither the young nor the elderly.
Look at the events with binoculars'
Not zooming out lens,
But zooming in lens.
Zooming out makes smaller,
Zooming in makes bigger.
Let it not be forgotten:
In flower garden, there is thorn
As well as weed spreads.

If sheikh comes to the middle, [if the sheikh comes into the play]
If the one who sits [as sheikh] is evident,
[then] Word falls on nobody. [if sheikh merits to be sheikh, then no one has anything to say]
If the sheikh
Gives word to each human, [if the sheikh lets each human speak]
If he/she respects his/her word,
Then he/she is worthy of sheikh-hood,
"He/she is human of HAK," is said.
If he/she says,
"I got the rank of sheikh-hood, word is in me. [I am the only one to speak]
I give path,
I see human, [I favor human over other human]
I remove the one who does not serve [HIM/me]
From the [HIS/my] presence,"
Then he/she is not seen as worthy for sheikh-hood,
Such [a] dervish is not loved.
Path is human's,
Sheikh-hood is path's,
Word is all's [all humans'].
If the one who comes to sheikh-hood rank, does not give word,
Then he/she opens the path him/herself [for his/her removal from the rank].
He/she is said about, "Let one be soft,
One enters between Allah and human."
If 'to say the truth' becomes crime,
Then the truth is said with [by] force.

Earth was founded neither for you nor for me:
It belongs to all HIS humans.

To say to guest, "Please come in," is good deed,
The one who takes sip [from the spiritual water], knows.
Nevertheless, the faithful one's guest
Is never absent. [he/she has always guest]
Presence of the guest
Is heart measure of the human.

You look as far as your eye sees.
You listen as much as your ear takes.
Do not think of its beyond. [do not think farther than that]
Do not depart from the measure that my Allah gave.
The place that your eye does not see
Is beyond the wall.
If you say, "Let me climb and see,"
If you eavesdrop on neighbor's door,
Then you go beyond good manners,
In that moment, you choose the evil.

Our vineyard, our melon field
Are remembered when they are pruned,
One expects [them] to give fruit.
When fruit ripens, one rejoices.
Let what you eat, be in you,
Let what you remember, be in me.

Past day
Resembles [a] book of which the page is turned.
You open as much as you read, [you turn the pages that you read]
You pass the one that is read.
The past page resembles
The old day that is remembered.
One is amazed at the day
That passed with your wet eye. [when you were crying]
Let it [tear] be shed, what is wrong with that?
Eye tear that is not shed, [it] burns.
"Let eye tear not be shed," you say;
[whereas we say:] Let it be shed for HIS deep love.

My Yunus says:
It is appropriate for the one
Who sheds eye tear,
Who is sad saying, "Deep love." [it is appropriate to cry when one is in deep love with HIM]
My Allah saw as appropriate,
HE gave [tear],
HE set up [placed] the depot [of the tear] in the eye.
If it was not necessary to shed, HE would not give [it],
HE would not put human in sorrow.
He/she will feel sad,
He/she will cry,
He/she will shed the poison of the body.
He/she will know the beauty of the day
That he/she sees.

Law does not pass any sentence on earth.
If you say, "Why?"
Because sentencing [power] is neither in you nor in me,
But in my Creator.

"If you hold mirror up to the day that passed,
It takes path to the day that will come," you say,
You [try to] write the history again. [you try to guess the future by looking at the history / you think that history repeats itself...]
What is written, is not changed. [however, only what God writes, happens...]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel