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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 44

17 April 1971

I am Mevlana.
We became ready, we found the congregation,
We all came to the nest. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
Greeting from all of us, to all of you,
To the ones who come, to the ones who take,
To the ones who say our word.
We are together
With the one who says [our word],
With the one who does not say [our word],
With the one who looks for the illuminated path.

Do not say, "It is the suffering of the one who is soft,"
Do not feel pity for that human of HIS.
In What my Allah gives, what is there to feel pity for?
Give love to human.
The one who is in a situation that one feels pity for
Is the one who does not know [how] to love.

'To love' is the path of logic.
To use the logic
Is in human's own hand.

One asks [about] destiny.
What is necessary [is]
The ruling of the logic over the destiny.
How does the logic rule over the destiny?
When you believe unconditionally
That everything comes from Allah,
Then your logic makes you arrive in peace.
The ruling of the logic is just this much,
The rest is from my Allah.

Human complains
About the one that is sufficient as well as the one that is not sufficient,
About the one that is left over as well as the one that is thrown out,
About the one who goes as well as the one who comes back...
He/she opens the event like in the example of [an] old [worn-out] linen bundle,
He/she scatters old linens, spreads [them] around, [then he/she] looks for cause.
Voila, this is how he/she creates uneasiness.
To gather what he/she spread, comes as difficult,
Then it spreads and spreads.
The outcome gives word to the surrounding, [the outcome is such that other people start to talk/interfere also]
The event gets wider like that.
Of course, when it is in the bundle, [everything is/looks] tidy, well-organized;
Once it spreads around, [everything is] multicolored,
An old linen in the hand of each one,
And it gets wider,
One bundle is divided into so many pieces.
[the one who does not know that everything is from Allah, who complains about everything, confuses other humans too...]

In the event that is referred [submitted/transferred] to my Allah,
Do not put human as intermediary;
Do not be the one who puts the intermediary.
In the event, everyone takes the lesson that falls onto him/her, [during the event everyone takes his/her own lesson]
Its reason is good deed.
My Allah sees,
HE protects the one
Who conforms to HAK's word,
Who goes on HAK's path.
HAK's path is faraway from danger.
If the one who goes on HAK's path is scared of danger,
Then one doubts his/her path.

Keep your heart at ease:
The one who is mistaken, will know that he/she is mistaken.
Do not ever reproach him/her,
Do not say, "You are the faulty one!"
Tolerate even if he/she thinks that you are the faulty one.

Human's gain is from human.
Some [gain] from the [spiritual] meaning, some [gain] from the matter.
If you turn your face away from human's fault,
If you say, "I did not see," for what you saw,
"I gained," he/she says;
The one who gains, is you.
You gain from the meaning, he/she gains from the matter.
You gain from the meaning
Because you showed patience.
"I made him/her do what I say," he/she says,
He/she gains from the matter.

No bridge is built from night to night,
Human's lifespan is not always night;
Night is tied to the day.
Let it not be forgotten that
On [during the] day, remedy is searched for the night.
Logic is this:
Not to erase the night
But to keep his/her own surrounding illuminated.

I said before:
HE gives the matter to the one whom HE wishes,
HE gives The [spiritual] Meaning to the one who wishes [for it].
It is said, "How about the one who works?"
Of course, HE loves HIS human who works,
However, does HE give to each one who works?
I said about the one who works for the matter.
There is human, [he/she is] manual worker,
He/she works excessively during his/her lifespan
For one morsel.
His/her God-given share is that much.
There is human, he/she works for one morsel of food,
[however,] His/her God-given share smiles at his/her face,
Scented water comes out of his/her head. [extraordinary thing happens to him/her]
It is not the outcome of his/her work
But the increase of his/her God-given share.
Let one not think that human is faraway from my Allah's love
Because his/her God-given share is scarce.
Let my Allah's love not be measured
With HIS giving.
To the one whose eye is closed, to the one who does not see the earth, [to a blind human]
My Allah gives force from another direction.
Do not think that HE makes HIS human regret;
HE makes HIS each human rejoice appropriately.

Do not comb the earth, [do not try to untangle the knots of the earth / do not try to correct the events]
Do not look for faulty human.
Look for the fault in yourself
Even though you may not be faulty.
Wisdom covers the fault.

The one who knits the embroidered wool ball,
The one who sees his/her intention as bright,
Is not mistaken.

The place where the water comes from, is asked [about],
"What is the reason of coming?" is being said.
One says word about the current.
Let me explain how 'the taking-the giving' is. [? Let me explain how 'the reception - the transmission' is. ?]
You, as body, you turn on your radio,
You take [? receive ?] the sound.
[the person that you hear on the radio]
He/she does not say to you by being next to you.
There is a giver [? transmitter ?] of each taker [? receiver ?].
In order to take [? receive ?]
It is not necessary to know the location of the giver [? transmitter ?].
In this moment, the distance passes million kilometers. [in this moment, the distance between Garib and me is more than millions of kilometers]
The [transmitting] station is given to Garib through hand. [Hazrat Mevlana used to write the chats using Garib's hand]

[what we teach] It is as close as faithful wool ball takes [can take],
[what we teach/where we are] It is so faraway that turned-away human can not arrive...

No station is needed to arrive in God.
[because] Your heart is next to HIM in each moment.
Station: stages through which humans go on earth.
Each human who wishes to arrive, arrives in his/her God.
God's door is open to HIS each human.

Brain: taker [? receiving ?] station.

You say, "Spirit":
It comes, it is among you,
It gives you many thing[s].
You know this sometimes,
Sometimes, you trust your mind.

In reality, everything comes together in the spirit.
Taker [? receiver ?], and it makes the body appropriate:
The brain takes from the spirit.

Miracle that is given on earth [is]
Once in a million, and that is not secret, [Miracle happens seldom on earth. Few miracles that happened [like in the cases of Abraham, Moses, Jesus] are not secret...]
[miracle] That human says about, "It can not be."
[note that] I did not say, "It can not be [happen] in the universe."
It is not permitted that it comes to human.
Yet, it is [permitted to come to human] as much as human
Not gives
But takes.
[each human may experience his/her own miracle[s] [through his/her wishes, prayers] according to how much spiritual water he/she takes...]

I have not seen Satan.
The ones who see him, the ones who know his being as holy
Are the spirits that do not descend to earth.
"Jinni," is said, no.
The spirits that are forbidden to have body.

What is freedom?
Democracy is the freedom of the society;
Freedom of the human
Is his/her breaking away from the earth.
Do not tie your freedom to earth so that
You can find the heaven that you wish for.

The one who says, "I did not worship,"
When he/she cringes because of his/her debt,
HE decreases his/her debt by half,
He/she is subject to the pardon of my Allah.
Angels worship for the worship that you could not perform,
[however,] Not for the one that you did not worship [intentionally].

Even leaf bows to what my Allah gives.

Let us wish to my Allah.
The one who wishes, finds.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

25 April 1971

I am Mevlana.
The coming of the soft path
Is evident from how human laughs at the coming.
The event of the exceptional day
Is the one that is expected from the magnificence of The Giver.
Be among the ones who do
Not expect
But see.

Why do we come to earth?
Less time is wool ball's,
More time is spirit's.
The one whose heart eye opens, notices.

You, do you not know whether the lofty being is
The one that comes, or
The one who is created?
The one who is created, of course.
The one that comes is also from [among] creation, comes for service. [all others besides human, are also created by God]
It means that the creation is worthy so that
My Allah sends.

Look at the one that your power suffices for,
Do not think of its beyond.
If it is explained, do you get [it]?
Can you appropriate [it] for yourself? [can you claim its ownership? / can you understand?]
What you will do
In order for the ladder, which you will climb, to be high: [for you to have a higher spiritual degree/level:]
Prayers and 'to love, to love, to love.'
To love everything that God has created,
Not to tie the love to one tree.
What is meant by tree [is]:
Not to attach your eye to one tree. [do not look at one tree only]
Because my Allah
Did not give [only] one tree to the earth,
HE did not stretch curtain over human's eye saying, "Do not look."

HE did not regard human's wish as inferior
Saying, "[he/she is small like] The grain of the sand."

My Allah gives to HIS each human what he/she will succeed [in].
Does each one who eats the fruit, get the same taste?
What do
The One Who gives the grapevine,
And the one who takes the wine
The One Who gives the grapevine thinks about the God-given share of HIS human.
The one who takes the wine, [thinks about] his/her ego.
Before you [yourself],
Can you think of the one that comes from HIM?

What is being said is in accordance with the power of the one who takes.
Each word is for one meaning,
However, the one who takes [it],
Interprets [it] according to his/her ego.
What I say is this:
If human does not say "[my] Life" first, then he/she wins him/herself.
Becomes holy [when it is together] with all [humans],
Finds Darling like that.

I wandered around the bazaar, I strolled through the market,
I searched on each display:
Let me see if peace is sold,
[if it is sold] Let me say to the one who wishes [for peace], "Run and get."
I could not see.
"My Allah," I said, I prayed:
"Make Your human who searches, find.
If his/her wish is jug, fill [it] up.
Take the fever away from the one who is feverish
So that he/she sees What YOU give,
So that he/she knows that the peace is from What YOU give."

Do not think that our coming is for wedding festivity:
[we come] To be prayerful for the wish of the ones who come.

Why is holiday celebrated?
[because] Human's day is illuminated.
What is given, is the measure of the faithful heart of the human.
If you say, "What is it?"
Human shares human's God-given share;
This sharing is celebrated,
[like] The Holiday of Sacrifice, [like] The Holiday of Ramadan...
Who kills an animal as sacrifice?
The one whose God-given share is abundant
Shares with the one whose [God-given share] is scarce.
Wealthy-poor, young-old have heart-to-heart talk with one another,
They forgive one another through heart.

The moment in which your pleading is
Not for yourself
But for all [humans],
Then your sadness is irrelevant.
[on the other hand,]
If you said, "Everything on one side,
You [? YOU ?], give all of them to me,"
Then I would say to you, "Be sad son."

Nobody bears any loss for anybody,
[because] My Allah's treasure is not used up.
If darkness is predestined for him/her,
You can not put cover. [you can not prevent it]
[if you try to put cover,]
What you do, resembles
Lighting [a] candle in the wind.
"I think about HIS human,
Let him/her not be harmed," you say.
If loss is [in] his/her destiny, you can not prevent [it]:
It either burns or goes back,
No matter what, it goes away from his/her hand.

Do not show human as witness,
[because] Your heart is [already] known by my Allah.
If you say, "My Allah traces my path,
The one that is not my God-given share, turns back," [what I do not have, is the one that is not my God-given share]
Then your sadness stays as irrelevant.

The cover of the one that passed, is 'to forget.'

Meydan: [is] the stop of the human,
Destiny: [is] the hammock of the human.

If you take what is given,
If you wear [it] on your ear [like an earring], [if you keep our lessons in your mind]
It will be useful to you on the [current] day as well as on coming [day].

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

29 April 1971

I am Mevlana.
What is the intention for, whom is the wergeld for? [God designs the events according to each human's intentions; good intention leads to good events, bad intentions have according consequences...]

Hal [is] convenient.
I saw the one whom HE created as beautiful,
[I saw the one] Whom HE tied HIS path to his/her wool ball.

Each event that you abstain from seeing, is [for] good deed.

The one who fights bravely, wins bravely.
The one who fights toughly, he/she is broken him/herself too,
He/she breaks the one who breaks too.
What is appropriate, is to fight bravely.
What is difficult, is
Not bravery
But toughness.
The decision of bravery [the decision to be brave], is the loss of toughness.
If you say, "The one that comes as difficult, why?":
While your inside boils, [while you feel so angry]
If you say, "No, I will obey
Not my ego
But my logic,"
Then you win the first war in [against] your own ego,
[you win] The outside war in the society.
Otherwise, if you are carried away by your ego and join the war
As it comes to your mind,
You lose, you see the punishment of the toughness. [you lose, you are punished for your toughness]

If you could not reach your [spiritual] washer,
Then you can not catch him/her even if you run,
Even if you catch, you can not take:
Because he/she goes while sowing and sowing the seeds that are in his/her saddlebag.
At the place where he/she comes to, everything grows [it is very fruitful].
What is given to him/herself, is one saddlebag.
The end of the saddlebag, is the migration of the [spiritual] washer.
The seed that he/she sows, is to [for] the owner of the field;
You can not reap that.
When he/she [spiritual washer] comes to your field
Try to catch [him/her] so that you find [attain] your aim,
[so that] You reap what is sowed [in your field].
To the one who wanted from me,
I gave with saddlebag,
"Take the saddlebag, give [it/from it] to the one who wishes," I said.
The one who wished, took, "Let it stay with me," he/she said.
[however,] The one that stays, does not give. [the one that is not sowed, does not give crop]
If you sow in your field more than what is sown, [if you sow more seeds than your field can accommodate, then]
What does it give?
One comes on top of another, the one that is in excess decays. [if you are greedy, you keep and sow all the seeds in your own field; however, your field has a limit, whatever you sow above that limit is wasted]
[on the other hand,]
If you give, it increases, it widens,
It pleases you as well as the one whom you gave.
Everything is done appropriately:
The one who sows, waits for its yield.

If the building of the body
Does not close the heart door,
If each human wins the fight against ego,
Then neither would war occur,
Nor would human challenge the world.
Because neither did human build the earth,
Nor can he/she abolish [it].
What human does, resembles only
The human who moves from one house to another house.
"Your force, my force," he/she says,
He/she struggles with the neighbor.
One forgets that the force is in The Lofty One.
The one who is faithful, knows,
It is called, "Happy-go-lucky."
Of course, happy-go-lucky occurs,
Because he/she trusts my Allah.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

2 May 1971

I am Mevlana.
Let your day go to good deed,
Let your water go to the ocean. [ocean==God]
Let the one who comes, find.

Do not say, "If it does not happen?"
Do not make your heart decay.
After each wishing,
Do not say, "Does it happen, [or] does it not happen?"
Neither does it happen late, nor does it come as difficult.
Each event gives its time. [each event happens when its time comes]
Human knows The Giver,
[he/she] Takes from the place where HE creates cause.

The one who cries, sees the one who laughs,
"His/her luck [is] superior to mine," he/she says,
He/she stamps with the seal. [as such he/she concludes]
[however,] The luck of
Neither the one who cries
Nor the one who laughs
Is bad.
Each human's God-given share is abundant
As long as he/she knows The Giver;
Because his/her peace is at his/her place. [he/she is in peace]

Say to the one who says, "Round word." [round word==[Turkish idiom] speech in which the details are not given]
Of course [it is] round.
Everything spins
To arrive in one point.
Each event is one circle:
It starts from one point,
Return is again to the same point.
Yet, it starts with [from] [a] point,
Traces one circle;
[then] You arrive at the same point again.
What stays in your hand, is only the circle.
What is meant by arrival, is vision,
The equivalent of vision, is 'knowing [The Meaning],'
The circle to all of them, is 'loving.'
"To love" expands the circle,
Fills with respect to its wideness.
What I present is not 'theory,'
It is nothing but the reality itself.
Because I am in it.

I loved HIS mountain too
Not for its tree, its flower
But because The Creator gave [it].
I loved the flower
Not for its scent, its color
But because it is given to HIS human.
I loved the sea
Not because the fish takes shelter in [it]
But because of the space that it fills,
Because of The Giving of my Allah. [because it is given by my Allah]
I loved HIS human
Not the one who is beautiful, [or] ugly
But because he/she comes from Darling,
Because he/she will arrive in Darling.
DARLING: HIS Love [is] farther than life['s].
DARLING: HIS Vision [is] farther than life['s].
Life's worry is because of Darling.
Life's worry:
"I wish I can arrive in Darling,
I wish I am closest to HIM,
I am HIS human, I wish I can reach HIS LIGHT,
I wish I can also love the Lives as Darling does..."
The love of the life [i.e. soul], which is in life [i.e. body], ['the love for Darling' of the soul which is caged in the body]
Is as much as the life; [is limited by the body]
The love of the human, who is in life [on earth/in body], is as much as his/her blood.
[on the other hand,] The love of Darling is as much as HE can create;
The love of the life [soul] is as much as he/she can add to the heart.

Thank YOU my Allah
For what YOU gave me.
Our yeast is kneaded with HAK.
Let my Allah be pleased
With the hands that knead,
With the tongues that say word.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

8 May 1971

I am Mevlana.
If you wish to take peace, [if you wish to be in peace]
Refer [transfer/submit] to my Allah.

Ready path;
Human prepares the path that does not mature [spiritually].
Some humans spend [the] lifespan to prepare path,
Some humans [spend the lifespan] while walking on the 'ready path.'

Be proud
Not of the one that passed,
But of the one who matures [spiritually].
Be proud
Not of the one who spreads out [to display],
But of the one who gives.
What is 'the one who spreads out-the one who displays'?
Display is for showing.
To give is to distribute.

Beauty is
Not in making the intention come true,
But in being able to conform to the one that happens [when the intention does not come true].
When "sorrow" is said,
When the event is exaggerated,
Then you wind the wool ball uneasily.
You [should] look for soft direction;
Let it not be forgotten that there is morning of each night.

Numan says:
To be faithful happens
Not by joining hands [to worship],
But by opening your heart door to my Allah.
Hand is body's, heart is yours.
You are the owner of [your] life only:
You can turn [it] to the direction that you wish.

If you say, "What happens is good deed,"
You find the one that is the best deed.
What is given, is the best deed.
Let one not complain about what is given.

My Allah loves HIS human more than you do:
You are safe keeper, HE is his/her Owner.

Peace is neither sold in the market,
Nor put on the display.

HAK is at the place where there is no room for sorrow.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

12 May 1971

I am Mevlana.
Look for the beautiful
Not in line, [not in outside appearance]
But in the specialty.

What does belong to you?
Is it not your Essence?

Beauty [? BEAUTY ?] is on earth, [is] in the sky,
[is] In everything that is created.
The giving of The Essence [WHAT The Essence gives]
Equals to the vision of the human. [vision==to see HIM in HIS creations]

Let you have no doubt on
The love of my Allah for HIS human.

The one who turns to my Allah,
The one who knows that each event is from HIM
Is the one who knows HIS path,
Is the one who says, "My Allah."

Do not give measure to human on earth,
Do not say, "Is his/her suffering because of his/her sin?"
The measure is neither in you nor in me,
[it is] In my Allah only.
Human is sick,
Further, the sickness is more [worse] than expected.
"He/she suffers because of his/her sin," is said by human.
Human bears suffering
For the pardon of the sin of [another] human too.
Human who loves, sees the pardon of his/her beloved ones
With [after] the test that he/she takes successfully on earth day;
[as such] He/she attends his/her migration [to after earth life] with ease of heart.

The one who knows to love
Is the one who wishes to be loved;
To make the one who does not love, regret. [the one who does not love, regrets]
Let me open [explain]:
The one who loves, he/she wishes that
His/her beloved ones love one another too.
Because the one who loves, perceives his/her Allah.
He/she expects that they love one another
In the name of Allah.
Let us love so that we win too.

What you own is your life.
The place where you will go to, is your Darling.
What will bring [you to HIM], is your good deed.

Mevlana fell in HIS deep love;
His [Mevlana's] greatness is not in himself
But in his deep love.

Each human whom my Allah created/creates
Is Mevlana:
[he/she is] Lover of beauty.
In order to see as beautiful
Of course, one has to be in love.
There is human, he/she enters the rose garden,
Makes thorn excuse; [uses thorn as an excuse not to like any rose]
There is human, he/she sees the thorns,
[yet] He/she is amazed at its greenness, falls in love.

Heart is not put on display:
[hence,] Human does not know [about] the [spiritual] measure of the human.

Do not be harsh on the one who is brave.
Do not hit with stone the one who goes with his back turned away. [do not hit with stone from behind]

On my earth day, I did not know [how] to get angry,
I did not leave HIS human with [in] endless sorrow.
When I was overwhelmed with HIS LIGHT,
I tried to keep anger away from human.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel