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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 43

6 April 1971

I am Mevlana.
Peace is
Not in the one who searches [the peace],
But in the one who finds [HIM],
In the one who says, "I am in [HIM]."
The one who knows WHAT he/she searches
Does not stay away from the peace.

Wool ball is wound with patience.
Each human is given
From one direction, patience,
From [another] one direction, the path of the patience.
The one that my Allah gives, that human calls as "trouble,"
Is because of the love of my Allah for HIS human.
Human who has no trouble, forgets my Allah.
Trouble, makes my Allah remembered further more.
"Why?" is being said.
My Allah's saint human is troubled,
His/her earth tie is untied.
How is the one who takes trouble, tied to earth
While the earth is temporary?

Before one's appointed time comes, death does not occur;
When death comes, human can not prevent [it].

Yunus Emre
Bowed to each one that my Allah gave.
[you too] Bow to the one that is given.
To bow is not 'to descend.'
To bow is to arrive in The Lofty One.
He bowed not to arrive, but with deep love.
He bowed, he found,
When he found, he saw himself in The Lofty One.

Say, "To love," because it is from The Creator.

Let one not say, "Ugly."
Each creation possesses the beautiful and the ugly.
However, cover the ugly with the beautiful
Similar to how you give [every] possible effort to your home:
You decorate,
You say, "Let [it] be beautiful."

The one who says, "I know a lot,"
Is in the paw of the ignorance.
[on the other hand,]
Expect many thing[s]
From the one who complains that he/she does not know.

Look not at yourself, but at the one who is in front of you so that
You adjust yourself.
Human does not find mistake in him/herself,
[however,] He/she sees the one [mistake] of the one who is in front of him/her.
[hence,] You adjust yourself according to him/her.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

? April 1971

I am Mevlana.
We passed in front of the rose,
We chose from the lifespan of the pine.
We stopped in front of the water,
We drank from [using] the palm of the hand.
I did not take from the rose
What the vineyard gives.
I did not find in the honey
What the rose gives.
I did not see the loftiness of the sky
On the earth.
I did not find the generosity of the earth
In the ocean.
If you say, "What did you search, where [did you search]?"
They all are beautiful at their places.
The Giver is beautiful at HIS summit. [? The Giver is beautiful at HIS display. ?]
What is the summit [? the display ?] of The Giver?
The Universe.
Who is The Giver?
My Allah.
Where is HIS summit [? HIS display ?]?
In the universe.
Does HE not make HIMSELF known with the universe?

We said, "Fahr-i Alem," [Fahr-i Alem=Pride of the Universe==Prophet Mohammad]
We loved the most beautiful one of the roses.
Why did we love?
Because we found in him spokespersonship of the universe.
What does Fahr-i Alem mean?
Spokesperson of the heart of the universe.
What does 'spokesperson of the heart' mean?
It is
"To connect human's heart, [human's] path
To my Allah."
And this duty is given only to our
Master Fahr-i Alem.
Each prophet shows one path.
Our Master Fahr-i Alem
Connects all paths,
All paths find the same ocean. [ocean==God]
What I say is that:
Each prophet
Takes behind him his ummet,
[and] Takes his place in the presence of our Master Hazrat Mohammad.
What he calls "my ummet," is that.

Question: ( Does our Master say, "My ummet," for all humans?)

Of course.
Think once:
What is the sin of the ones who came [to earth] before him?
And my word is that:
Whoever one is, whatever one is,
Let him/her find him.
Because he is neither yours nor mine,
He is Fahr-i Alemin. [he is the spokesperson for all universe, of all humans]

Each human finds with his/her heart.
What a pity for the ones
Who lose what they find,
Who dissipate The Light that is given,
Who become orphaned of my Allah.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

8 April 1971

I am Mevlana.
With the one who falls in deep love of [HIS] path,
With the one who is cooked in the fire of the deep love,
One promenades in rose gardens.

Give place to pleading. [plead with Allah]

Neither did we abstain from the wind,
Nor did we refrain from the torrent;
We kept on running for the sake of Darling.

[spiritual] Maturity, [is] neither in hand nor in tongue
But in human's heart.
Where is heart? In Darling.

I asked the one who was promenading, "What did you take?"
He/she said, "I am tired."
What a pity.
If you looked [around] while you were promenading,
If you burned fire in the heart,
Then you would not say, "Tiredness,"
You would not complain.

Even leaf turns green in the spring,
It turns yellow with the fire of the sun.
What direction does human seek,
Where does he/she find?

Do not sleep on earth,
Open your eyes.
Do not say, "Is it in hand?"
Of course it is in hand:
If you have the intention,
[then] My Allah is in your heart.

If you say, "My Allah," when you fall in trouble, [when you get in trouble]
HE is so lofty that HE helps.
HE does not say, "My human seeks ME [only] when he/she falls in trouble,
He/she asks My Name [only] when he/she is in trouble."

If human knows that he/she is guest,
Then he/she has no tie on earth.
Let me give example:
In the home where you go to as guest,
Do you sprawl and spread yourself around? [do you act as if you were at your own home?]
Do you settle in each room?
Earth is like that for human.

The one who comes [to earth], migrates [to after earth life].
There is 'migration,' not 'death.'

You wind wool ball, you untie the skein.
You say, "It ended,"
The trouble ends, [but] not the wool ball.
You transform the wool ball into various shape[s].
This is the lifespan of the human.

Of course, one Adem [Adam] came to earth,
It [number of humans] exceeded thousand too, it passed million too.
Did always the one who went [to after earth life], return [to earth]?
Because [of the fact that] The Being exists,
There is return
Not to nothingness
But from one world to the other world.
The one who comes to this world [i.e. to after earth life]
Does not return [to earth] once more,
He/she can not be bodied [on earth].
[yet,] There is coming, as we are in this moment... [similar to my coming, spirits may come and visit earth]

You separate the worlds
Saying, "Spirit world, body world."
You are the one who is in the imagination [? the image ?], [? You [spiritually] mature in imagination [? image ?], ?]
You are the one who finds with the imagination [? the image ?].
Ourselves, we found The Reality.
From the imagination, [? From the image, ?]
The Reality is found.
One does not return from The Reality to the imagination [? to the image ?].
The event is this.
What is being said [is]: within imagination, imagination is seen. [? What is being said [is]: one sees image within image. ?]

I was empty until I saw Shems, [Shems=spiritual guide of Mevlana when he was on earth, in body]
I was not even stone, soil.
When I saw [him], I ran to him;
I was filled, filled...
Then I knew that I was living.
The life that passes emptily, is not counted as 'lived.'

"We take, we find," we said,
We asked for your patience.
Easiness is neither from you nor from me,
But from my Allah.

"Justice is seen on earth."
What [a] bizarre view:
What is it the one
That human takes,
That he/she calls as 'trouble,'
That he/she complains about injustice?
There is a filled one of each emptiness. [for each one that is empty, there is a corresponding opposite, 'the full one']
The intention of the poor is the rich,
[however,] It increases his/her wergeld.
Was any sultan who suffered
Not seen on earth? [wasn't there any sultan who suffered? / even sultans had troubles...]
Human should know to want,
[human should know] What he/she wishes for.
"Let this wish of mine come true,
[in return,] Let what is in my hand, go away," he/she says.
[however, when his/her wish comes true, and]
When what he/she has in hand goes away, he/she laments.

What you call 'knowledge,' is found at the place where you search [it];
It does not come to you, to your foot.
[only] The one who searches [it], finds [it].

Once you put the love within yourself,
Even garbage comes as [looks] beautiful.

Voila, the justice is there:
Each one that is given, is in accordance with your worth.
My Allah does not separate [discriminate], human separates [discriminates],
"My akin," he/she says, he/she favors [him/her over other humans].
If each human says, "First all [humans],"
Then he/she finds the justice in his/her heart.

If place is given on earth, to the word of earth, [if you only pay attention to earth life]
Then one does not think of after earth life.
The moment in which you think [of after earth life],
Then no unripe word is poured out of the mouth. [then no heart breaking words would come out of your mouth...]

To his/her honesty, with honest word;
However, let one not turn to curved [wrong path],
Let human's rightful due not be grabbed... [one may sound as if he/she is honest when he/she talks; however, this has no value if his/her actions are wrong, i.e. if he/she grabs someone else's share]
I call faithful
Not the one who says, "HAK,"
But the one who is not unjust.

"To proliferate" happens with the command of my Allah.
If HE did not wish for the proliferation,
HE was not incapable of stopping [it].
In any case, The One Who adjusts the population
[is] My Lofty Allah.
What was determined is this:
The calculation of the earth was made.
Its adjustment is like this:
Birth is of course more than the death.
How much ever one seeks remedy for the death,
Birth will decrease, death will increase.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

15 April 1971

I am Mevlana.
It is not asked from one's Owner.

It is not paid with past day. [? What passed is not paid by day. ?]

If it does not happen, you are [should be] content with what there is [what you have].

Soft human prepares the peaceful home.
Human who is feverish
Calls the one that comes as 'trouble,'
Looks for the one that passed.

If one is prepared, is it in hand? [? If it is prepared, is it in hand? ?]
Is our intention in tongue?
Is your path in heart?
Preparation is in accordance with
Not the intention
But the God-given share.
You prune the grapevine, you throw [give] its medicine.
[however,] The fruit that it will give is in accordance with
Not what you hope for
But as much as the God-given share is.

Stay away from oath.
Do not wrap my Allah's name
Over the one that happened,
Over the one that comes; [over the one that will happen]
Do not mix the mud with my Allah's name.

Neither you nor I prepare the destiny;
How dare we call The Preparer to account?

Do not curse, [on the contrary,] wish for goodness to your Allah so that
Goodness is found.

To hope is beautiful.
If HE does not give what you hope for,
To conform is even more beautiful.

The one who comes from [to] the water, rolls up his/her trouser leg sleeve
Saying, "Let my cloth not get wet."
What happens if it gets wet?
It [just] gets some water,
Do not take offense. [do not complain]

Do not wait for its end with doubt.
Say, "I made my preparation,
I referred [transferred/submitted] to my Allah,"
Erase the doubt.
My Allah does not mislead HIS human who doubts,
In his/her doubt. [HE makes what he/she doubts, come true]

[spiritual] Maturity is necessary,
Not crestfallenness.
If you bow to the destiny,
You find soft path.
There is morning of the night too.
Luminousness covers darkness.

What "seymen" gives, [seymen= young man who is traditionally dressed, armed, and mounted (in order to celebrate a festive event)]
You can not take it from "neyzen." [neyzen= player of a ney] [ney= nay, a reed flute (often used to play Mevlevi music)]
What neyzen plays,
You can not find it in seymen.

Be entrusted to Allah.
Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

16 April, 1971

I am Mevlana.
To take path bravely
Is the power of the brave human.
The fear of the one who leaves braveness [the fear of the one who is not brave]
Is his/her migration [to after earth life].
Braveness claim of the one who is scared of migration
Is the dream of his/her heart.

Do not mention the event: it is the test of HIS human. [do not question the events; each event is for a reason, for the test of HIS human]

To worship my Allah, is the debt of HIS human.

If you say, "The one that is one's rightful due, is from HAK,"
[then] It is reality.
If you separate the one that is one's rightful due, from rightness,
If you favor human over human,
Then you tread on the path of HAK,
You crush the flowers.
Think [about it]:
Even though there is [a] walking path in the garden,
If you pass through the flowers,
You crush [them], your foot gets muddy,
Your clothing gets dusted.

Curse: waiting for evil. [to curse==to wait for evil]
It is not fault of the human
But shortage of faith.

My Creator is my Giver,
Is The One Who sees my each difficulty.
HE creates its cause,
HE makes HIS human laugh [happy].
We have no doubt.

What the one that comes from ney, gives to ear, [ney= nay, a reed flute (often used to play Mevlevi music)] [what ney sound gives to ear]
Is due
Not to the specialty of the ear,
But to the loftiness of The Creator.

Try to resemble the one that comes from the water,
Not the one that is blown by the wind.
Is the melon that grows on the ground, not loved?
Is it not eaten saying, "It is on the ground"?
Give the measure of value according
Not to its place
But to its taste.
Let us come to the essence of the word:
What is the essence of the word?
It is the [spiritual] degree that is granted.
When [ripe] fruit is eaten, it is said, "So beautiful,"
It comes to mouth so nicely.

The writing [i.e. our chats] that is written to [for] you,
Is according to the day that passes.
On each day that passes, the sound of the flowing water increases.
Because of the waters that come.
They come from many paths, from each arm,
[and they all] Become one.
It means this:
What I say,
I do not say [it] at once, I consult with the ones who come.
The one who is ready, knows:
You take the taste of the earth from the name of the after earth life. [you enjoy earth when you perceive after earth life]
You mix together what is given [i.e. earth life and after earth life], [then] [? You are content with the one that is given, [then] ?]
You turn your back to earth trouble.
Of course one turns [his/her back to earth trouble].

One doubts whom?
My Allah Whom I wait for, protects me.
My Allah Whom I lean on, stops my fall.
The one who has no fear of future
Is the one who trusts
Not the matter
But my Allah.
According to its size, [even] the sparrow overcame the fear:
Neither did it try to go [to after earth life],
Nor is it upset by the return [to after earth life].
Thanks to my Allah's giving
Neither did it freeze from cold,
Nor did it burn from heat,
Nor did it die from hunger.
My Allah gave its God-given share.
Does HE not see you?
Let alone HE created the earth for HIS human... [would HE not see HIS human for whom HE created the earth?]

The one who looks for happiness,
Let him/her not comb the earth. [let him/her not try to untangle the knots of the earth / let him/her not try to solve the problems of the earth [on his/her own without leaning on HIM]]
Let [his/her] hand be
Not on the head, [put the hands on the head==as one does when he/she regrets because of failure]
But [open] to The Lofty One. [to open hand==to pray to God]
Let [his/her] eye be [looking]
Not at the fault
But at the beauty.
Let [his/her] tongue be not only with food,
But let it say sweet word.
Bitter [bad] word burns you as well as the one whom you say to.
It should not be forgotten that
Its harm damages the place where it touches.
The place where bitter word touches
Is your own tongue.
Let you learn [your] lesson not from your tongue, but your heart.

One walks step by step,
Lesson is learned from each event.
If fault does not occur, you can not find the right.

Open the door to the coming of the day
With bright heart.
Let us connect the night to tomorrow,
Let us not give place to sorrow. [let us be without sorrow]

I said before,
"Do not look for your God-given share
Neither in human nor on path;
Lean on my Allah."
I [also] said,
"My Allah does not mislead HIS human who doubts,
In his/her doubt."
I do not put heart at the door that my Allah closes [I do not desire something that my Allah forbids]
Because I do not fall in doubt. [because I do not doubt]

Let you be entrusted to my Allah.
Let you not wait for bad day.
Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel