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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 42

8 March 1971

I am Mevlana.
I came from the [HIS] path, I held the hand.

What is remembered, is from empty word.
I came for the [current] day,
Not for the day that passed.
I gave [in] Persian in the past,
On the [current] day, I said [in] the language that is remembered.
What do you want as proof?
My being is here,
My name is Mevlana Celaleddini Rumi,
What I say, is the answer of the [? your ?] question:
'Mevlana' means 'deep lover of Allah.'
Nevertheless, I passed my Allah's test.

What is given to human is word, [word==ONEness of HEARTs / Mevlana's chats]
What arrives in The [HIS] Presence, is the essence. [the essence==the soul]

Comes, [body is born on earth]
Takes life, [takes the human soul]
[human soul] Sees [HIM in HIS creations],
Arrives. [soul returns to after earth life]
[arrives] Where? The place where he/she is called to.

With the permission of my Allah,
I have a question for you:
Earth human came as one [person],
Increased [in number] to billions.
[I am talking about the ones who believe in reincarnation:]
Going-coming, where did the increase occur? [Going to after earth life - coming to earth again, then how did the number of humans increase?]
How did it increase?
Its answer is not sufficient by human. [reincarnation belief can not answer this question...]

Mevlana took, knew what he took.
We look
Not at what we passed
But at the one that will come.

Is the end of life, in the hand of the human?
The one who lived for so many years, did he/she end?

It is written in the Koran:
My Allah,
With the Koran, and HIS other books,
Makes known
Oneness of the coming, [as well as]
The [order for] peaceful coexistence on earth.

Do you believe in evolution
By the coming of the spirit again and again?
Do you believe in the interrogation of the human
As it is written in Koran?
If you believe,
Then for how many bodies do you answer in interrogation?
If interrogation ends after evolution,
If human evolves completely,
Then is there any need for interrogation?

Earth is a caravansary
That has entrance and exit door[s];
Beyond earth: migration [to after earth life]...

Did my coming occur again with body?
Was Mevlana born once more?
[let us assume that Mevlana was born again:]
Even if he had [a] different name, Mevlana would exist, [i.e. would prove/show himself as Mevlana]
Would make himself heard on earth.

Let the existence of the sun [sun==Prophet Mohammad]
Not be ladle for the narrowness. [==let it not nourish the narrowness]

Voila, mistake is this:
You did not say,
You did not open [explain] the increase in population.
We gave [explained] the flow of the water:
[it is true that] We came for [spiritual] evolution.
[however,] "To be born again" is this:
[it is] Not to be bodied [on earth again].

Bigness of the universe is evident:
Even as many as the ones who come [to earth], go [to the universe],
It is not filled. [it can not be filled]

Founding of the assembly, does not bear empty word. [meaningless word is not allowed in our assembly]
Chat is not subject to examination. [we do not test participants about their understanding]
We knew the one who passed, we conformed to the word that is said. [we know the one who passes without joining our assembly]
The one who wishes for [our spiritual water], takes.
Our path is not by command. [one takes our path if he/she wishes for The Meaning; he/she is not forced to take it]
My Allah did not give order to HIS human saying, "Love ME," so that
I put force on that path. [if HE did not force, who am I to dare to force?]
I make known my path,
I say word with my deep love,
I fill [spiritual] water in jug[s]
For the one who comes, for the one who passes.
Let my Allah be pleased with one who takes
As well as the one who does not take.
Let my Allah make [him/her] find the most right path.
Let the one who finds, walk together with the one who does not find,
Let one direct one another to the right path.

Mevlana is known
Not with the number [of people who know him],
But with the ones who know our value;
[Mevlana is known]
Not for his couplet[s],
But for his chat[s].

There is duty
Not only here,
But also there.
Each human is responsible
Not for his/her structure on earth,
But for his/her vision.
There is human who enters the rose garden,
"Its thorn," he/she says, he/she complains.
There is human who walks around on the mountain,
He/she compliments one weed.
Vision is this.

What is Mesnevi?
It is the spokesman of the deep love.

What does human give?
Whatever he/she gives, he/she says, "For my Allah."
Do not say, "Old human was human whose belief was complete." [humans who lived in the past were more faithful than today's humans]
The [current] day's human searches too,
He/she says, "The Being of my Allah,"
He/she asks everywhere;
Because he/she needs to be enlightened.
[however,] If he/she conforms to each word that comes,
If he/she hears the one that comes, [if he/she listens to each one who preaches]
He/she is lost in a maze.
For that [reason], he/she takes one path,
He/she tries to go on that path.
It is neither on the path nor in the arm,
It is in the heart that matures. [? The One That exists is in the heart. ?]

To be faithful
Does not occur by saying, "I was born as Muslim."
Is the one who is Christian,
Not human of my Allah?
If he/she conforms, if he/she hears his/her heart,
If he/she says, "The right one is this,"
He/she is called the faithful one.
Islam is in heart.

Word came to end, day finished also.
Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

9 March 1971

I am Mevlana.
From HIS rose to the [current] day,
I brought greeting to all of you.
I took the greeting in moment, I conveyed [in moment].
I am pleased because of the loftiness of the greeting that I brought.
I rejoiced like in the example of birds.

Love as much as you [can] love,
[however,] Not with the swaddling cloth.
Each human loves the baby of [in] the swaddling cloth, [every human loves a baby who is wrapped in swaddling cloth]
Saying, "What harm does he/she have?" [baby is loved because he/she is harmless]
If you love the one whom you love
While knowing that he/she has harm, [that he/she is harmful]
The [right] path is that.

The going of each path is to the arrival,
Each arrival is to the ocean. [ocean==God]
The outcome of the migration is the same too.
[At the time of migration,]
Because spirit's connection to the body is cut,
It's [spirit's] surrounding is crowded.
Similar to how there are many curious ones
When a ship docks in the harbor.

Similar to how fog wraps everywhere at the meydan,
Human's spirit is like that too:
Wherever the shape is, [it is] like that. [similar to how fog covers a place, the spirit acts similarly where the body [which is just an imaginary shape] is...]

The space of your end is equal [the space that your spirit will be present in when you pass away, is equal]
To the space of the universe.

Body is earth property,
Spirit is from my Allah.
For that [reason], it can not be described.
Yet, neither cell nor blood is separate [different],
[they are] Always together.
Spirit covers everywhere.
Death, with the departure of the spirit from the body. [death occurs when the spirit leaves the body]
[Previous two verses also mean the following:
? Death: with the departure of the spirit from the body,
The spirit covers everywhere. ?]

"Death," you say,
You close [end] the word. [you think that death is the end of life, you are scared of death...]
"There is no death," I say to you.
There is 'the weight of the spirit.'
However, whether this weight is in accordance with the width or the length
Depends on the [spiritual] measure of the human.

Human's curiosity is appropriate:
He/she asks about his/her essence.
Does the spirit come back?
The one who gets out of the jail, does he/she go in [there] once more?
It is not imprisonment in the sense that we think of.
It is known that there is migration at the place of the death. [instead of death, there is migration]
Rising is not miracle. [migration to after earth life, human soul's rising to his/her after earth spiritual level, is not a miracle]

Event shows that
The water well has not dried up.
[well/lake=stagnant water that does not flow to the ocean [ocean==God]; well/lake==religious fanatic] [event shows that there are some religious fanatics around...]

Martyr dies on the path of HAK,
The rest becomes witness.
The one
Who considers defending
His/her religion, his/her integrity,
His/her homeland, his/her home
As duty,
[and] Who dies while he/she is on his/her duty
Is called martyr.
Is the integrity of your homeland not your integrity?
If you stand against the one who comes,
If you hit the one who hits,
Then you perform your duty
Because there is no law there.
At the place where there is no law,
No place is given to crime. [crime is not allowed to happen]
War does not listen to any law.
If the war is to defend the homeland,
Then its defender becomes martyr;
The attacker does not become martyr.

Peace is at the place where it is looked for.
There is human, he/she sees the smoke inside [him/herself];
There is human, he/she climbs above [it],
"It is under my foot," he/she says,
Walks around on top of it.
Cloud never covers the sun, [sun==Prophet Mohammad]
It [just] comes in between human [and sun].
What a happiness for the one who climbs above cloud.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

14 March 1971

I am Mevlana.
You came from [a] feverish path, without being feverish.
You asked about the going of the path, from me.
Occupy yourself
Neither with the sound of the wind
Nor with the coming of the rain. [do neither worry about the wind nor the rain]

Breath in [of] each human is one [similar];
Yet, the measure of the breath is separate [different].
"Hafiz" reads the Koran, [hafiz= person who memorized the Koran,]
He/she says,
"I remembered Darling."
[on the other hand,] DARLING says,
"I read MY human's heart."
There is no language distinction in heart.
Koran is giver;
My Allah is The Seer.
What is "to read the Koran"?
[it is] To remember Darling.
Of course, however, [you read the Koran only]
If you can take [understand] what HE says [in the Koran].
My Allah gives
Not with word
But with HIS Koran.

Say to the one who says,
"Spirit does not come":
If spirit does not come, does my Allah not send [it]?
Who comes,
Who conveys to the prophets?
By means of very great spirits
That my Allah sends.
What gives the pleadings, the books?

Say to the one who says,
'Leave [forget about] the spirits':
"Our power is not enough to keep them anyway."
The one who comes, comes for duty.
[yet] This part of the word is right [true] that:
To the one who comes, earth is asked about in vain. [it is in vain to ask the spirit to tell fortune]
[because] The one that is said, is seen when the day comes anyway.

I gave you path, I put measure.
Do neither be filled [less than your capacity], nor overflow.
If the water of the glass is drunk with measure,
It comes usefully. [if water is drunk sip by sip, then it is useful]

Whatever you plant in the garden, you reap that.

In order to remember Darling, should I give up my language? [do I have to pray to God in another language?]
In order to see beauty, should I get out of my path?
My path is neither mud nor stone. [there is neither mud nor stone on my path]
I [always] consulted with my Darling.

You read Koran as it is,
You say, "Amen," you pass.
[however,] If you read saying, "Interpretation," [if you read by interpreting, if you read its interpretation]
[then] You learn HIS path.
Which one is beautiful,
To read and pass, [or]
To find HIS path?
Reading: the one of "hafiz" is beautiful, [hafiz=one who memorized the Koran]
Knowing [The Meaning]: The Beautiful One is explained.

You did not charge spirits with duty:
The spirits charged you with duty.
What is being done, is not any salon game.
My Allah's name is remembered,
HIS path is learned.
What is being given, is crossing of the path. [what is being given is 'to walk forward on HIS path']

What enters your arm is electric current. [Hazrat Mevlana used to write the chats using Garib's arm/hand]

What I present is neither early nor late.
[spiritual] Ladder is climbed one by one.
The one who climbs fast, gets tired quickly;
The one who rushes, is mistaken.
What happens when you eat the food in a hurry?
It hurts your stomach.
The one who waits, attains his/her desire.

The life that you own
Is entrusted [to you] by my Allah.

Human of meydan found the [HIS] path.
We are created,
We became wool ball, we were wound.
We said to [about] lifespan, "End has come,"
We obeyed HIS command.

Be entrusted to my Allah,
Let salvation be for all of you,
Let God's mercy be upon all of the ones who went [to after earth life].

I said, "Wool ball,"
I told human's lifespan. [I meant 'human's lifespan [on earth]']
Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

21 March 1971

I am Mevlana.
The most beautiful one of the habit
Is in the one who walks softly on the path. [? Is in the one who takes soft path. ?]
The most beautiful one of the path
Is in the one that goes to my Allah.

I came to start the word,
To greet all of you.
I came
Not with coyness,
But with pleading.
I separated the one who is feverish
From the one who is calm.
I became one with all of you.

I glanced at the one who said; [I glanced at each one who talked]
Whether he/she is soft or not,
I said nice word.

"Hafiz" who reads the Koran says, [hafiz=one who memorized the Koran]
"I remembered my Allah."
My Allah says,
"I saw the heart of My human
Who reads as well as the one who does not read."
What is meant by 'reading,'
Is of course 'to remember my Allah.'
The reason why Koran was given to humans
Is to learn, besides the name of my Allah,
HIS path.
Is 'to read only' sufficient?
Does 'to know by heart' open the path?
Koran's goal is to show [HIS] path.

If Koran shows [HIS] path to human [who lives on earth],
Then why is it read for the one who is dead?
What Koran writes, can not be opened to human completely
Because ninety-nine of it, are to [for] after earth life,
One is to [for] earth.
For that [reason], ninety-nine are read to [for] the one who is dead.
Yasin contains ninety; [Yasin= 36th sura [chapter] of Koran, entitled 'The Human Being']
For that [reason], the wish of the dead one is for Yasin.

The being of the spirit does not know narrowness in the universe:
[it can go to] Wherever it wishes, in the moment it wishes,
Of course, when it takes permission from my Allah.
It spends Friday together with all HIS humans.

How do you greet the spirit?
What do you offer it?
[you greet] With prayer.
What is offered to the one who migrated to that world [to after earth life]?
Of course, Yasin.

The one who says, "Leave the spirit in comfort [peace]":
If he/she welcomes the spirit nicely,
He/she finds the comfort him/herself.

If spirit does not come,
How do you know that it comes?

What Koran says, is this:
The one who is deeply mourned while saying, "He/she is dead,"
The lament for him/her makes his/her heart revolt.
Of course human cries for his/her close one, however,
If he/she brings crying to [a] level that darkens the heart,
He/she disturbs the spirit.
If he/she knows that the spirit is next to him/her in every moment, [then]
Neither does he/she mourn that much,
Nor does he/she darken his/her heart.
Extreme mourning
Builds wall between the human and the spirit.

We came from our Owner,
We will return to HIM.

[spiritual] Degree is taken
Not with pleading,
But with heart.

No saint says to human,
"You are on the bad path."
The one who says, is the one who does not know the right.
Even my Allah, HE does not force HIS human to love HIM;
How can human dare to say,
"Your path is bad!"?
[the one who is on the right path does as follows:]
Even if he/she sees like that, he/she does not say,
[instead,] He/she shows him/her the beauty,
He/she wakes him/her up with the beauty.
Of course, the one who has God-given share wakes up,
Leans on his/her Allah.

You wish for silver, saying, "For all humans,"
You wish for gold, saying, "For all humans." [silver==matter; gold==spiritual meaning]
Whether one matures [spiritually] or not,
Even if silver does not come to you,
Is gold not sufficient for you?
Does it not open HIS path [to you]?

Arrow left the bow,
Found its target.
You, you now search the arrow.
Why do you worship?
You remember your Allah,
You burn with HIS deep love,
Saying, "Maybe HE makes [us] come together,"
You look at all sides.
Search the arrow on the target that you shot at.
Do not forget that
It [the arrow] does neither turn to right nor to left nor to back...

If you go
Not by running
But step by step,
Not only you see the beauty,
But also you arrive without getting tired.
The one who runs, gets tired quickly.
Tiredness confuses human.

Each human does not arrive with hunger, with raggedness.
The one who wishes for, sees traveler on the path,
My Allah gives. [if one wishes for HIS path, God sends spiritual guide]
Why is intermediary searched
Saying, "I will arrive in Allah"? [why do you search your spiritual guide among humans?]
Wish to my Allah, HE opens your [? HIS ?] path,
HE sends [spiritual] guide too.

The one who is mentally ill, it is the giving of my Allah,
It is human's lifespan line.
Insanity is the breaking away of human from earth.
[spiritual] Degree of the one who is insane
Is given according to the breaking away from earth,
According to how much the insane one suffered on earth.
Why is it sin to laugh at [to make fun of] the insane one?
If human's aim is to arrive [in HIM],
Then let one
Neither laugh at the insane one,
Nor cry extremely for the dead one.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

27 March 1971

I am Mevlana.
To claim the ownership of feverishness
Is to underestimate the events.
Neither do the events become small,
Nor does the future become narrow.
Each event is according to its wideness.

'To own' is in word, [you do not really own]
Its owner is The Lofty One only.

For the one who loses his/her [? HIS ?] path, the whole lifetime is night:
Neither does he/she know the morning, nor does he/she see the sun. [sun==Prophet Mohammad]

Human's intention is to sort out the event[s].
It should not be forgotten that the event is
Neither bean that is in hand, nor rice.
It is cooked, it is put in front of the human;
Yet, he/she can only eat if it is his/her God-given share.

What I will give, is path,
Not caravansary.
You [are] the traveler, I [am] the caravansary boniface.
Our caravansary [is] our life, our Darling, my Allah's door.
Of course, it is not in my hand
To pass you through that door.
My duty is to hold light onto your path.
Neither human nor my Allah
Needs any intermediary of course.
Human is the one whom my Allah created
From HIS LIGHT anyway.
However, if your path is dark,
My Allah sends guide to your path,
Gives light, not intermediary.

What is the service of the human to the human?
There is a duty of each human on earth,
He/she does that;
For you, for me,
This is the image of the event.
[in reality,]
What you do, is it from you?
Do you do what you wish [to do]?
If there is no permission, your finger does not move,
Your pen does not write.

Each one who winds his/her wool ball,
Each one who says, "My Allah,"
Is he/she the one who knows his/her Allah?
[I mean] Not the identity of my Allah,
But HIS Being.

The measure of the feelings is neither in you nor in me:
[it is] In the one who arrives and finds.
What is the loftiness of the feeling?
Who is the helper?
IT is The One Who gives to your heart:
Of course, my Allah.

Let it not be forgotten:
My Allah leaves none of HIS humans
Without helper.
Each event that you call 'coincidence'
Is included in the calculation that
Your power is not enough [to understand].

There is no need for human to find:
My Lofty Allah sends.
Path of the religion is in heart. Wait.

Turn the page, knock the Book over. [read the whole book [Koran] completely]
[however,] What you read is not sufficient.
[even] If your lifespan passes the century, he/she [still] does not know. [you would not understand even if you read it for more than a century]
Islam is not in template, [there is no template of being Muslim]
But in heart.
To know my Allah's Being [THAT is] without shape,
To see [HIM] in heart,
To accept What comes from HIM
With every hal.
Human involves human in bad event.
However, there is no bad event.
There is a reason of each event.
Each event that is called 'bad,'
Opens to a door of good deed.
The one who knows this,
The one who loves my Allah's giving unconditionally,
The one who searches beauty in each one that is called 'ugly'
Is Muslim.

Art is the favor of my Allah to HIS human.
Human who gets the favor, is the human who is worthy.

Happiness is the beautiful feeling of the human him/herself.
Earth love is a very small example of
Deep love for Allah;
Day passes, [earth love] it becomes tale of the earth,
However, deep love for Allah can never become tale.

We gave path
Not to be tested
But to chat.
[without our path,]
Even if you come, you can not find,
Even if you see, you can not solve,
Even if you descend, you can not look.
Neither is the path far from the human,
Nor is the human [far] from the path.
If you are in what my Allah says, [if you obey what HE says]
If you are in the one that HIS human loves, [if you are among the ones whom HIS humans love]
Then you surely take HIS path.
The one who loves, is loved.

Whatever he/she is,
My Allah loves, loves, loves HIS human.
Does the father give up on his child
[even though] He is [just a] safe keeper?
How about The Creator,
Does HE not love the one who is from HIS LIGHT?

Without pruning the grapevine, no grape is expected.
My Allah gives mind, logic to HIS human
So that he/she uses.
He showed HIS path so that he/she walks.
If you say, "I do not walk," [then] you wait.
You take [path/a higher spiritual degree] as much as you love.

Even if I am one with the ground, I am still the one who is created,
I am the one who comes from my Allah.
I burned with HIS deep love.
I could only get enough after I arrived in HIS Deep Love.
I declared my deep love on earth,
I gave Mesnevi.
I arrived [in HIM], I came [to you],
I gave fire to you.
What is the fire of my deep love?
Do not say, "[how about] If it does not go out?" [if it is not extinguished?]
It goes out neither in me nor in you nor in all humans
As long as the universe gives us.

Look for Yourself. [look for You]
In order to find, is there any need for the universe?
Universe is not HIS proof.
Earth is what fraction of the universe so that
It is [a] comma for HIS proof?
I said that earth is [like a] comma in the universe.
For that [reason], when you can not search [HIM] in what the earth gives,
Then look at The One That is in You.

Universe is created for the human,
Space that you know. [universe that you know as 'space']
What is the being of us?
Is my coming seen?
Who are among you, is that known?
Universe is full like that too.
Similar to whatever was necessary for you to come,
Spirit's being was created for the same service too.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel