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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 41

1 March 1971

I am Mevlana.
I saw nicely. [I am welcome]
My coming is not new.
Our day was written, our path opened.
Neither the one who passed, nor the one who chose [neither the one who chose our path, nor the one who passed without taking it]
Have been seen as separated. [they were not discriminated]
If I say,
"Our deep love is buried in the hearts,"
It is irrelevant:
Day came, it boiled like [a] volcano.
Deep love does not resemble wood fire.

HE does not decorate HIS human with trouble.
Human creates the trouble him/herself.
He/she thinks that the one that he/she has not, is trouble.
"The one that is at you, is natural, [what you have occurs naturally]
The one that is not [at me], is the one that is withheld [from me]," you say.

One does not [spiritually] mature silently, irrelevantly:
Ground does not move from its place without reason. [earthquake/event does not occur without reason [every event, including earthquake, plays a role in the spiritual maturation of humans...]]

'To take and to give' does not mislead human.

Unripe fruit is not eaten.
Goals do not happen [are not reached] in moment.
Let one wait, let it mature,
Let place be given to patience:
[then] Nobody occupies him/herself with worry.

The aspirant of the fruit tree: [he/she aspires its] fruit.
The aspirant of the fruitless tree: [he/she aspires its] shade.
The tree that is without leaf, becomes wood,
Even that one warms human.
None of them is irrelevant. [everything is created for a purpose]

Our path is not without word. [word==Mevlana's chats / spiritual teachings]
[? Our path is not without promise. ?]

Winding of the wool ball
Is different than the questioning of the event:
Do not say, "Let it come at last."
It searches path to [come to your] wool ball,
It asks saying, "May I come?" [do not rush, do not worry, your wish waits for the right time to come true...]

Human is not without fault;
Without occurrence of the fault, correct is not found.
Is it his/her word that makes human known to [another] human?
It is either his/her fault or his/her wisdom.

By loving human,
You cover his/her fault with quilt.
If you cover the fault of the human with quilt,
You win yourself.
Similar to:
When you take apple in your hand,
When you see rot in the apple,
Do you throw [it away]?
If you throw [it away], you lose:
You can not eat from the apple.
[however, if] You just remove the rot,
You eat the rest, you win yourself.

To hope is beautiful.
[however,] When you do not find what you hope for,
Do not spend time by being wrong. [==do not be sorry because it did not happen]
Say, "What is given [is] the most beautiful one."

Why do you put the patch,
To save the beauty, [or]
To cover the open [torn part]?
Say to me, "So that the beauty does not deteriorate."
Earth's patch
Is his/her [? HIS ?] saint who is given to humans.

Do not say, "Miracle," about the exceptional event.
Human's creation is not [a] miracle.
Human becoming saint is not [a] miracle.
Why not?
Sainthood comes of course from Allah
Because HE sends guide to HIS darling humans.
Humans whom guide is sent to [? Humans who are sent as guide ?]
Are surely HIS darling humans. [? Are surely HIS darling humans [too]. ?]

Have no doubt:
My word belongs to the one who takes [it],
To the one who owns [it]. [our teachings are for the ones who digest them]
[my word goes] Neither to you nor to him/her but to all [humans].

Let the grain of the sand not be counted,
Let no [bad] word come from human to human.
To come to his/her senses is the duty of the human;
To count [is the duty] of my Allah.
What is meant by counting is
[to count/to record] His/her sin[s], his/her good deed[s].

Mevlana did not know to get angry on his earth day [when he was on earth in body].
On our day, special places were given to events.

If there is knot in your wool ball,
If it gets stuck in your hand,
Do not ever occupy yourself with worry: [do not ever worry]
Its untying is very easy.

The one who comes, is not trouble for you.
He/she does not prevent, he/she does not stand on your path.
Even if he/she stands, he/she does not take word [he/she does not talk].
[even if he/she talks,]
Do neither add word to his/her word, [do not answer back]
Nor say, "Bad," and discard. [do not judge badly, do not discard]
Refer [transfer/submit] the one who is wrong to my Allah.
Let there be cause, let his/her path turn. [wish that my Allah creates cause, and that he/she comes to HIS path]
You being soft
Gives him/her fake strength; [he/she thinks that your softness is a sign of weakness]
Let it not be forgotten that strength is in my Allah.
In the event in which you refer [transmit/submit] [it] to my Allah,
You come out as strong.
Keep your heart at ease.

Health to human, existence to us.
I am among you in the moment when I am wished.
Call [me] through the heart path;
He [Mevlana] comes as hoped for,
He [Mevlana] gives his hand to you.

Do not say word to the one who says,
"Do I go on the ground, do I pass through the water?"
If his/her aim is to arrive in my Allah,
Wherever he/she goes through, he/she arrives.
[because] Arrival is through the heart path.

Do not let the mirror go from your hand. [keep the mirror always in your hand]
However, do not look in the mirror sadly.
[because] With sadness, your face comes as [looks] dark,
Your destiny takes the mirror from your hand. [in other words, whatever is seen in the mirror influences your destiny]
If you welcome even sadness, with joy,
Then you make the joy, quilt for the sadness.

When [our] writings are read,
Each human gets God-given share in accordance with his/her own heart,
He/she fills his/her jug.
Our fountain flows;
Neither does it end, nor is it cut off.
The one who takes his/her water, the one who knows my path,
Let him/her come, let him/her take; I do not say, "Enough!"
I do not complain.

Let the difficulty that you overcome, not become [a] worry for you.
Let the day that passed, not be written in the notebook,
Let it not be read [again while] saying, "Worry."
Even if you wrote, close [the notebook], put [it] on the shelf.
Look at the one that will come without doubt. [? Look at the future without doubt. ?]
[even if you have any doubt,]
Let your doubt be on the path of good deed,
Because my Allah does not mislead HIS human who doubts,
In his/her doubt. [HE makes his/her doubt come true]
If you wait for the good, you find the good,
Similar to the example of looking in the mirror.

If you wait,
If you refer [transfer/submit] to my Allah,
You find the most beautiful one.
My Allah does not withhold,
HE does not say, "No," to HIS human's pleading.
HE creates cause,
HE makes [it] happen sooner or later,
HE makes HIS human who waits, find.
If you say, "From where?"
HE asks neither you nor me.
The most precise calculation is from HIM,
From HIS great power.

Do not ever curse,
Do not say, "He/she is bad," about human.
There is neither bad one of human
Nor hard one of the path
As long as you take shelter in my Allah's Loftiness.

If my Allah permits,
[and] If the wild animal [that is] on the mountain, in the forest comes to the city,
What happens?
You know what happens,
Of course, harm comes.
Therefore, everything is at its appropriate place,
Each creation [is] in its own region.
If you go there, it attacks you;
If it comes here, you do not let it [stay].
My Allah created like that.
Everything is at its appropriate place.
If you disrupt its place,
You can not set up the [new] order.

If you do not take shelter in my Allah,
You can not untie the knot of the wool ball easily.
Take shelter in my Allah, plead.
There is no language of the pleading.
My Allah does not say, "[I only take] From the basket,"
For what passes through the heart. [Allah does not wait for what one has in the heart to be presented to HIM in a special manner [HE takes directly from one's heart/thought...]]
HE sees the event, separates the one who is right.

Sea does not overflow onto the land;
Land does not descend into the sea.
Human who walks [on HIS path] does not turn [back].
The one who burns in heart, does not go out [is not extinguished].

'To take and to give' is one [same].
Where you stand on is earth,
Where you arrive in is The Lofty One.
Give what you take so that you have no load,
So that one is light [not heavy] to arrive in The Lofty One.
I said [before], load makes [walking] on the path difficult.
Do not be mistaken,
What is meant by load is not the ewer.
Whatever my Allah gives as God-given share,
Human owns that.
The load that I am saying about
Is the one that human puts on him/herself on earth.
They are the [bad] habits that he/she owns:
To break human heart,
To grab the God-given share of [another] human,
To gossip about human,
To reproach [human] with the fault,
To shade The Being of my Allah with the fire of hell.

Human arrives in my Allah
Not by [means of] fear
But by [means of] love.
Love is ignited by seeing the beauties.
If you say, "Let me do [a] favor to human,"
Then describe [him/her] the beauty of the creation.
I said before too:
"Throw away the rot of the apple."
Similar to beauty,
Each creation has also a fault.
If you cover the fault and realize the value of the beauty,
Then both you and all [humans] benefit.

Not at what you are,
But at what you will be.
Enlightenment is the outcome that the one who waits for, reaches.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

4 March 1971

I am Mevlana.
If the saddle is tight, it is not put on the horse
Because no result is obtained.
Both his/her horse should be [enough] fat
And its saddle should be clean:
The one who sees, should find the rider as majestic.

Time is moment to [for] us.
I said to you,
"There is migration, why do we not see the [migration] day?"
I come
Not for me
But for you only.

Does our message not show them
That I know myself?
Are my writings not said about, "[they are] Mevlana's"?
Which name do I come with?
Therefore, I know myself.
Leave the understanding to the one who comes:
"Read, solve!" I said.
Engrave my writings in your heart.
We come neither to fill the basket
Nor to entertain the heart:
We come
To give path to the faithful [human],
As helper to the one who wishes for [success in] the test.

Everything is wished for, to my Allah.
My Allah bewilders the one who grabs [someone else's] God-given share.
Even if he/she takes in his/her hand
The one that is not his/her God-given share,
HE makes [him/her] slip [it] from his/her hand.

Earth merchandise is earth's.
Earth human is feverish.
When he/she falls in trouble,
He/she says, "Heart is in narrowness [distress]." [I am distressed]
[however,] Heart does not enter the narrowness,
[only] Human sees [it] like that.
When he/she throws the worry away from his/her top,
[then] He/she finds his/her heart in wideness [at ease].
Whether he/she leaves [his/her heart in narrowness], or he/she finds [his/her heart in wideness],
It is left in his/her hand whatever his/her God-given share is.
Human does not know what fish will show up, will come to the fishing line.

Century is added to century, offspring of Adem [Adam] created [humans discovered / invented / innovated];
[human,] He/she took step from day to day.
[however,] This is the artwork of neither you, nor me,
Nor of the one who comes, [i.e. future generations]
Nor of the one who migrated [to after earth life]:
It is the command of my Allah.
Everyday forward
[with] New discoveries,
Wool ball windings,
Passings of the atmosphere... [human passing the atmosphere, i.e. going to space]
[however,] Before the atmosphere,
There is the human who is unsolved,
There is the brain that is unknown. [human may go to space, however, can human solve the secret of the human, of the brain?]
What does the wool ball have as unsolved?
What is one advanced in? [human is advanced in what?]
It is [only] the one
That my Allah shows,
That HE says about, "Discover!"
[and you discover] Thanks to hand, thanks to arm;
[yet,] You can not give [understand] what you take from the brain.
Can the current and the softness of the brain be measured?
Brain is the center of 'the taking.'
'To give' is not subject to the current.
It means this:
Brain is the transformer station.
Brain undertakes the task of
Guarding the veins.
If there were hard muscles,
Then it would always be in [a] state of short circuit.
[knowledge wise,]
Of course I am ahead of you,
You come from behind,
You look through the window that opens.

Who came [to earth], who stayed [behind on HIS path]?
Why did he/she take the fear into the heart?
Each human's lifespan ends.
The one who occupies him/herself with worry, saying, "My lifespan will end,"
Winds his/her wool ball uneasily.
Do not occupy your heart with the event, [don't be obsessed with the event]
Do not pull the heart away from The Meaning.
Search the path of deep love yourself,
[then] It finds you.
The outcome that is reached, is peace.

On earth, you are neither the first human who is sick,
Nor will you be the last one.
You will arrive in my Allah with every hal.
Look in the mirror with laughing face.
Do not say, "Fall of leaves." [fall of leaves==one by one passing away of a group of humans who are together]
Look at the tree, it grows new sprout.
Beauty is seen wherever it may be. [beauty may be seen everywhere]
Lifetime is lived with [in] peace.
Erase, throw away the smoke that is in your heart.
Do not say, "My Allah gives."
Of course, my Allah gives
The sickness as well as the cure. [? The trouble as well as the remedy. ?]
The rule is this:
I came [to earth],
I saw [HIM in HIS creations],
I returned [back to HIM].
No one can stay outside [of this rule],
No one can turn back from what is written.
Do neither occupy yourself with sickness, nor afflict your surrounding.
Say, "My Allah," walk around with your love.
HE creates cause, HE makes cure be found.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

6 March 1971

I am Mevlana.
I saw nicely, [I am welcome]
I greeted the one who comes, the one who laughs,
I congratulated his/her wool ball.
I am with the one who says, "Whatever happens, it is from Allah,"
I am with the one who bows to destiny.

To hope is beautiful.

Human is necessary for the path,
Arm [is necessary] for the writing. [Hazrat Mevlana used to write the chats using Garib's arm/hand]

I said about the tree:
There are some that are in the water,
Also there are some that grow on the mountain:
All of them are tree.
Some of them [have] fruit, some of them [have] shade.
There is human: "Let me be leaf of the tree," he/she says.
There is human: "I am tired, let me take shelter in its shade," he/she says,
He/she passes. [then he/she goes away]
I say openly:
The one that gives the religious fanatic to the path
Is the one that makes [him/her] promenade in the shade.
If there is no shade, he/she does neither stop, nor does he/she give.
[Each human who reads our writings and understands, is like a leaf of our spiritual tree. Our spiritual tree is like a tree loved for its fruits. Religious fanatics exist because of fruitless trees...]

With whatever intention you hold the grain of the sand,
It takes you to that one.

The most beautiful one of the roses is in the desert with date. [in the desert that has date tree]

The beauty of the intention
Shows the wergeld of the human.

Heart is
Neither weighed on [a] scale,
Nor measured with [a] meter stick.
The one whose heart is open, is seen by my Allah.

If you enter the vineyard, you say, "Grape."
If you see [a] beautiful one, you say, "My eye."
You say to your wool ball, "My word."
Neither is there vineyard without grape,
Nor does he/she see without eye, The Beautiful [One],
Nor does the wool ball stay without word. [word==Mevlana's chats]

If you give as much as you take,
HE comes with you.

Blessing comes to human like earth merchandise. [? Human thinks that blessing is merchandise of earth. ?]
However, the biggest blessing
Is the hikmet that comes from The Lofty One.

Human is not separated from human; [there is no discrimination between humans]
The one who separates is not faithful [human].

The difference between the one who comes among us, and the one who is among us,
Is the body which is the cage of the life.
The one who inflicts pain on the body
Is the one who revolts against HIS decree.
By getting possession [of the body], you are made the ruler of HIS entrusted one.
You make your judgment with your logic,
Not with penalty.
Force your logic to see beauty so that
The judgment that you pass on the body, is on HIS path.

Before hearing with ear, do not say word to human.
Before seeing with eye, do not talk rudely about path.
Before holding in your hand, before tasting with your tongue,
Do not say, "It is unripe," for the fruit.
All of them become witness, lie hits you.

[spiritual] Maturity is neither in age nor in head:
It is in heart.

Heart does not get dirty by dancing.
If dancing is for exposure, then it is irrelevant;
If it is for enlightenment [e.g. like "sema"], no word should be said about it. [sema=whirling dance performed by the Mevlevi dervishes]
[overall,] Word should neither be said about the one who exposes
Nor about the one [who dances] for enlightenment
[because] The giving of the aim is not known, [because one can not read the heart]
Human's power is not enough for the pardon of the human.
Do not say, "The one who exposes him/herself
Is not pardoned."
Everything is from my Allah,
Everything is for my Allah. [Allah is The One Who pardons, you can not know HIS decision]

If taking and giving are one [same],
If human's heart is pir,
If each pir arrives in Allah,
Then would the arrival in Allah of the rest of the humans
Stay in dream? [be a dream, i.e. would it not come true?]
Each one who wishes, arrives
Once deep love for Allah burns in the heart of the human,
[once] His/her fear [of not finding response to his/her deep love] wraps him/her.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel