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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 40

24 February 1971

I am Mevlana.
If there is smile on your face,
You do not get tired, you do not ask question about the day.

When opening [starting] the day, let you say,
"My heart, You and I,
[we are] Under the command of my Allah.
According to the standard of all humans,
I do not seek rightful due from anyone [else],
I do not say, 'Destiny,' and strafe. [I do not shoot at the destiny, I do not blame the destiny]
Feverish path
Does not enter the measure of my wool ball."

We plant various flower[s] in our heart garden.
Whatever we sow,
We reap that.
There is no place for curiosity.
We chose even if it is thorn too,
"It has some green," we say.
Yet, the one who wishes [for HIS path]
Is not the one who sows [thorn].

There is of course usefulness [influence]
Of human to human, of the path to the direction.
[however,] Human's choice misleads human.
[for that reason,]
Let us leave the choice to my Allah. [let Allah choose for us]

Whoever is the one who wishes,
Whatever he/she wishes for,
Whether he/she is Muslim or Christian,
Hearts open to [HIS] path.
My Allah's door
Is open to all [the ones] who wish.
How do you separate
The one whom my Allah does not separate [discriminate]? [how dare you to discriminate between humans while my Allah does not do so?]

Sickness would necessitate
Not staying [as sick]
But opening of the path.
I wish that it [sickness] comes,
That it takes [to HIS path] the one whom it comes to.
[Previous verses may be better understood under the light of the following information: humans remember Allah when they are in trouble. To humans who do not remember Allah from heart, HE gives the opportunity to remember HIM, to come to HIS path...]

It is our duty to open the path
Of the one who loves, of the one who does not love.

The one who burns, is not ignited; [because his/her heart is already on fire]
The one who goes out, is not kept. [the one whose heart fire goes out, is not kept]
If you say, "Why?"
Because no permission comes from my Allah.

Foundation is laid, wall is built.
One tries to make the foundation strong
So that it does not collapse with the event,
So that a lot of damage does not occur,
So that it does not block his/her path.
When the wall is strong,
Only plaster falls:
It is easy to open [clear/clean the path].

The one who prunes the grapevine, is the one who waits for the grape.
Would the one who does not wait for the grape
Prune the grapevine?

[our] Wagon [is] full [of humans],
The path of harvest. [we are going to harvest]
Our fountain is watery,
It keeps on flowing.
The one who wishes, comes,
Fills the jug.
Say to him/her, "Let the one who wishes, come,
Let him/her bring the one who remembers my name."
Provide guidance
To the one who opens [his/her heart door],
To the one who claims the ownership [of our teachings];
Let one more leaf be added to our tree. [leaf==human]

[unripe fruit:] It comes as sweet if it is waited,
Patience is learned like that;
Human's curiosity matures. [patience satisfies human's curiosity...]
[however, while waiting]
Let him/her not fall in sorrow.

My duty [is]
To make known,
To open the paths to the one who wishes.

Earth's merchandise [is] earth's.
Do not say, "[I don't care] If there isn't any." [I gave up earthly pleasures, hence, I don't care if I don't have any merchandise]
Do not be mistaken:
If you share the one that exists,
Then your peace is great.
The Giver gives your God-given share
So that you share [it] with your close one[s].
Do not covet saying,
"Half of the apple is with you,
[and] The [other] half is with me." [do not covet because you share half of your apple with someone else:]
Eat the half.
Let one not say,
"What is going to happen tomorrow?" [if I share, there will not be enough left for tomorrow...]
Let one not be greedy saying,
"It is just enough for tomorrow [therefore, I can not share]."

Do not say, "[he/she is] Bad,"
Do not curse.
My Allah sees what happens,
HE protects HIS human.
Refer [transfer/submit] to my Allah.

Neither is the one that he/she takes, his/hers,
Nor is the one what HE gives, yours.
All of them [are] my Allah's.
If he/she falls in greediness, then the reply to that is his/hers too. [if he/she is greedy, then God will put him/her in his/her place]

If leaf dries, it falls.
Its falling is due to the fact that it can not get the water.
Leaf falls from each tree.
However, the leaf that falls before maturing
Is the leaf that does not take water.
The leaf that falls without taking water
Does not serve the soil.
Why does it not?
Because, scarcity does not do the job, that is why. [because one or two leaves like that are not sufficient for the soil...]
[? Because it does not do even [a] small job, that is why. ?]

We give example, [we do] not [tell] tale.
We come from Allah, we give from HIM.
We fill heart, not basket.

Carved table is only beautiful [to the eye].
What is valuable are the ones who fill [sit] around the table
Even if it is [an] uncarved wooden table.

You and us, we became one,
We did not separate [discriminate] HIS human.

Green leaf becomes evident in the bunch. [green leaf looks beautiful when it is together with other leaves, and is part of the bunch]
Beautiful song [becomes evident] with the tune. [sound becomes beautiful when it is composed, and you hear it as a melody]
If the singing one, sings beautifully,
It is my Allah's giving.
If the listening one, listens respectfully,
It is his/her good manners.
Each beautiful thing finds its value.
The purpose
Is to increase the value of each creation:
You take the earthenware jug,
You say, "[it is] Made of soil;"
If you draw [a] picture on it,
You make it look like [a] vase. [you make it more valuable]

Do not take the measure from human.
Do not think that what happens is due to offspring[s of Adam/human].

One enters the field, for the ewer,
[one enters] The garden, for the heart.
[whether one wishes for the ewer or for the heart:]
It is given to everyone who wishes.

It is irrelevant to leave the word [our chats] in the notebook.
[it is necessary]
To engrave [it] in the heart.
If you write, day comes it is erased;
The one that is engraved, is seen as long as one lives.

We fell in deep love together with you.
We tasted the deep love with us:
You with us, we with you.

Neither the loftiness of the rock,
Nor the depth of the sea
Amazed [us].
"What YOU give, is the evidence of Your Loftiness," was said.
[there is] Nothing to be hidden.
My Allah did not hide what HE created so
Why would you hide?

You put the patch so that there is no ugliness,
Not to cover. [you put the patch not just to cover the hole, but to prevent ugliness...]

Time should be the measure of the human: [human should adapt to his/her time, environment]
One should conform to all [humans].
One should not hear the one who says [wrong/bad] word;
Let the one who says [bad word], say. [do not mind what he/she says, do not pay any attention to him/her...]
My Allah does not let
The one who leans on The Creator
Become [a] liar.
HE does not turn the one who says word with deep love
Back from HIS path.

Let us be prayerful, let us go as helper.
Do not be mistaken:
How about if the other party [human] wishes to his/her Allah too?
[for that reason,] Let no measure be given to human.

When playing,
One has to be ready for both events:
Similar to how you rejoice for the win,
One should look at the defeat
In [a] convenient way too.
One should give [a] share of joy to the one who wins. [loser should tolerate the joy of the winner]

Give the path of the sea to the ship,
Take the path of the air from the airplane;
There is none [that is] separated.
The path that you cross, is as much as you pass.
Not everyone who crosses, arrives;
It is in accordance with the person.
Not everyone who eats the fruit, takes the same taste;
It is in accordance with his/her love.

Do not put aside the one that you can not fit in:
[because] The one that stays aside, is considered as thrown away.
If you give [it] with your hand, with your sweet tongue,
Not only it serves the purpose of the one who takes,
But also it gives [spiritual] water to your heart.
Even if he/she is not prayerful, [even if human is not thankful]
Your measure is given [by HIM].

Do not put the existence in the narrowness.
Do not measure the narrowness with the matter.
Let the giving of The Giver be from The Meaning,
Let the matter not make human open hand; [let the matter not make human beg other human]
Let human not wait from [another] human.

What does human give human?
He/she only makes the cause occur. [when Allah gives to or takes from human, HE uses another human as intermediary/cause...]
Neither does human shorten the lifespan of human
Nor does he/she cause his/her death;
The one whose appointed time comes, dies.
Let one not say,
"I occupy myself with sorrow,
I opened path to his/her death." [I am sorry because I caused his/her death]
Is it in his/her hand to shorten your lifespan?
Your writing is written, your plan is measured,
Your lifespan is given.
The breaking off of the wool ball is also my Allah's command.
It is for the good deed of the human.

A child is born. He/she dies after living for one short lifespan. Since there is a reason for him/her to come to earth, why does he/she die so young?)

The event is this: The one who comes [to earth], gets his/her measure,
[however, in this case,]
Not the child, but the one who loses him/her.

You use the plaster,
You repair the broken [bone].
What is repaired is the bone;
The One Who repairs [it], is Allah.
You, you put the support,
[however,] It is okay if you do not put [the support] either... [it does not matter whether you put the support or not]
Human comes to work,
He/she thinks that he/she did [it].

The one who writes the writing,
[and] The one who engraves in the heart
One [same]?
We engrave in the hearts.
We write allocutions.
We open our path.

With patience, every path opens.
What is given, pleases all of you.
Do not say, "What is taken is illogical," [I don't understand your teachings, they seem illogical to me]
[be patient,] Wait.
Patience makes unripe grape ripen,
[patience] Matures the grape,
It becomes wine, it makes [human] drink [it]. [patience makes the grape become wine, and thanks to patience, human drinks it]
The one who waits, sees. [vision==to see HIM in HIS creations]

Pain is cut [stopped] by neither medication nor dessert:
Only my Allah stops [it].

We gave the saz of the word, [saz=a stringed instrument (which somewhat resembles a lute); saz==song of heart] [we gave the meaning of the word]
We all became one, we wove [a] basket.
The ones that ripened in the basket, [? The ones who matured [spiritually] in the basket, ?]
We emptied [them] on the path.
You found HIS Building,
You opened its door.
There is no need for door, I entered without permission. [HIS Building's door is open to all humans]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

25 February 1971

I am Mevlana.
We came on the soft day,
We joined the nice chat.
We laughed with the one who laughs,
We entered the rose garden.
Let my Allah make laugh.
Let my Allah be pleased with all [humans].
Continuation of laughing, comes;
The one that comes, gives big pleasure.

We decorated the nest, [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
We nourished the hearts.
We congratulated
The one who came next to us,
The one who pleaded [prayed].

Leaf comes to hand, knows our path.
Youth is not different for deep love;
There is no season for deep love.
The one who is ready, does not wait.
However, do not say,
"The one who does not worship, is he/she not faithful?"
Our path does not stay [behind] because of our [body] debt.
The one who worships, finds peace [by] saying,
"My own debt is paid back."

The one who wishes, finds, gets his/her mursheed.
You [just] wish: my Allah makes [your mursheed] come to your path.

Your heart becomes your guide,
The lessons that I give, perform leadership.
One does not make vain excuses to skive off,
One does not stretch rope over the path. [one does not block HIS path]

Seagull promenades over the sea,
Has [a] heart-to-heart talk with the fish.
It does not promenade on mountain road,
It does not fight with eagle.
You resemble the seagull that is on the sea:
You dive and dive, you take your God-given share,
What else do you wish?
Seagull also wants all the fish that are in the sea,
Yet its stomach takes [only] one.
It digests, then it dives again.
[similarly,] You can not take all of them,
Its digestion is difficult. [our spiritual teachings are digested similarly]

On [your] day, spend what is in heart on HIS path,
Not for the building [of earth/matter].
Walk [on] the golden path without giving up the silver. [silver==matter; gold==spiritual meaning]

I did not live in dervish lodge on my day;
My meetings were for chatting.

Let worship not be the show off of one human to another.
Let it be done as it comes from the heart,
Let hand be opened, [to open hand==to pray]
Let, "My Allah," be said,
Let one be carried away with joy.
Let one not say, "Maybe, is there [a] mistake?"
Let the mistake not be in the heart.
The one [mistake] that is in hand, in tongue, is subject to pardon;
[however,] The one that is in heart, never.

Do not play with heart, it breaks;
Heart that breaks, is my Allah's LIGHT.

Green leaf, [stands] on the path,
Wall stands on the foundation.
If foundation is not strong,
Let human not put the plaster in vain. [if foundation is not strong, plaster of the wall would not stay for long]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

26 February 1971

I am Mevlana.
Farther than God-given share does not happen:
Even if it is treasure, it does not stay [you can not keep it].
[on the other hand,]
If it is [your] God-given share, ground collapses,
Wall opens, it comes to your hand.
Even in war, booty is as much as God-given share.
Some [of them] get more, some [of them] stay late.
[for that reason] Let human's path not be measured.

One puts in the food
Bay leaf, to give beautiful smell,
Grapevine leaf, to give beautiful taste.
Mulberry leaf becomes silk.
They are also used as much as God-given share.

The location of the patch: its value [is according to] what it covers.
If it is open, it looks ugly,
It disturbs human's eye.

We did not get any God-given share from the worry.
We did not throw the fishing line into the water.
We did not plead [for something] that would not come true.

Tomorrow's beauty is seen from the night,
Rug is laid on the floor.

My Allah opens path
To the one who knows [how] to take.
Human runs away from difficulty.
[path] Will open,
The one who winds the wool ball softly, will be chosen.
Do not say, "Hard."
It will get better with word,
It will be taken as much as it is given,
Excess will be saved.

Leaves refreshed;
Flowers [are] temporary,
Its fruit [is] nutritious.
Fruit happens more than leaf. [there are more fruits than leaves]
My Allah gives its/his/her God-given share.
If you say, "The one that comes, goes,"
What happens if it stays?
Let it come, let it go, let more human[s] rejoice.
The vineyard that you take care of, nourishes you.
'The one that is withheld' belongs to 'the one whom it is withheld from.'
Each human takes God-given share;
[only] The one that is his/her God-given share, comes.

The going is always forward.
Stopping does not take forward.
In the past,
Tree used to take medicine from its trunk.
On the day, medicine is applied all together.
If you conform, you take;
If you do not conform, you stay.
I say, "Let one conform to the [current] day,
Let one move with forward step."

Do not be sorry for the one that goes,
[otherwise,] One is sorry for you.
The one that you refrain from consuming
Stays with you, [however,] the one that comes, occurs less.
The one that you consume, puts on top,
Comes back to you [as more].

It is necessary to take care of "taking care,"
It is necessary to lay what it needs: [it is necessary to give the soil what it needs]
Whatever you plant, you reap that.
Without carving the tree, it does not become decoration,
It does not enter the room.

Earth's merchandise is neither yours nor mine:
It is only my Allah's.
It comes as much as HE gives,
Not as much as you wish.
Nobody takes the one that comes [to you as your God-given share],
[nobody] Grabs your rightful due.
The one that is rightful due, is taken by the one who has the right [of it].

With the one who knows [The Meaning],
With the one who claims the ownership of my word, [with the one who understands our chats]
We come together in Milky Way.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

27 February 1971

I am Mevlana.
The one who opens the path,
[and] The one who runs away from the path
Are not one [same].

The one who loves, does not separate from the one who is loved.
If one does not love, he/she is not loved.

The one who does not believe, does not come;
It happens when one comes with heart. [it [only] happens when one comes through heart]

Quilt is to protect from cold,
Soup [is] to warm up the stomach.
Maybe the outcome is thought of as being one [similar],
Yet, the procedure that is performed, is different.
To find the one that is convenient, depends on the will,
Yet within the scope of the plan...
To open path in order to change the destiny
Is not in the hand of the human.
However, when
'Pleading with Allah from the bottom of the heart'
Heads for The Writer,
Then the writing makes [it] conform to the intention of my Allah.
To erase what HE wrote, is also in the hand of my Allah.
If you say,
"I matured [spiritually],
I turned [to HIS path],
I woke up, [I came to my senses]
I saw [HIM in HIS creations],"
Then the one that is written is changed, your intention is given.
If you ask human [about destiny],
He/she says, "Never." [it can never change]
WHO is The Writer?
Lifespan does not change of course.

To talk about
The one who prunes the grapevine while saying, "Tie," [the one who sees the grapevine as his/her tie to earth]
[the one who prunes] The grape while saying, "Honey," [the one who thinks of the grapes as if they were honey]
[to talk about] The one who knows the earth as [his/her] permanent home
Is empty [meaningless].

Our path is not to criticize human.
Our heart is
With the one who comes to our path as well as
With the one who does not come,
With the one who loves as well as
With the one who does not love.
I am not the only mursheed of this path.
We consult, we talk [with one another],
We say, "[let's] Help," we bustle.

Let my Allah be pleased with you too.

Do you know what I saw
On the day[s] that I counted [when I was on earth, in body],
On the path that I loved:
Abundance of love
In human, in plant, in animal...
All plants open their flowers
Toward the sky.
Animals give their voices toward the sky
By raising [their] heads.
The one of the human who heads for HAK
Opens hand to my Allah. [open hand==to pray]
Even the toughest human, when he/she is in trouble,
He/she says, "My Allah."
Let my Allah be in your mind
Not only when you are in trouble
But in each moment.
Let HIM not get out of the heart.

Moss: if it stays away from the sea, it dries.
If you say, "What usefulness does it have in the sea?" ["what is it useful for in the sea?"]
It protects the baby of the fish.
However, it wraps human; [and it may cause him/her to drown]
Do we say, "Bad,"
Do we root it out? [do we exterminate it?]

Do not take your eye away from the mirror
Because you balance yourself with it.
To get old, is not the end of the youth,
It is the turning [point] of your life.
It is the most beautiful [part] of your lifespan,
If you have not been hiding.

It is easy to wrap [hug] the one who wraps [hugs];
Event is to wrap [hug] the one who turns-away [from HIS path].

You say,
"Leaf proliferates on the branch,
It overshadows the tree,
[it forms] The shade of the tree."
Why is its leaf not harmed by the sun?
Because of the water that it gets from its root.

HIS path: the path that opens [leads] to the going.
The going is to where?
To HIS LIGHT of course.
We wished to come to our senses,
Not to say [bad] word to human:
To criticize is not our right.
We took grapevine as example for our path,
We pruned its branch.

My Allah peels [HIS human] off the one that is not good deed;
HE separates the one that is right from the one that is not.
Let hearts be at ease,
Let your peace find its place.
Let there be your helper who opens your path.
Wait for the event: it opens [leads] to the ease.

Do not say, "How does one run away from sin?"
Sin is 'to be unjust.'
You are not responsible of not being unjust. [when you are just, you don't need to worry about the sin...]

If I come to word [to chat], would I stand on the flatness,
Would I add word to word. [would I gossip/tell fortune...]
Then would you say, "Mevlana,"
Would you remember my name?
What I have been thinking is the same
On that day [when I was on earth in body]
As well as on this day.
If I come to earth again [in body],
I would be the same again.
The help that I gave,
Was to show [HIS path] to the one who was in need the most,
Not their heart paths
But their earth paths were bad.
The hearts of the ones who were saying, "[always/only] To me," were turned-away.
They did not know my intention.
They tried to give the measure themselves.
Why do [would] I pay attention?
My duty was from my Allah,
[why] Would I give account to human?
The one who says,
"What was I? What did I become? What will I be?"
Is the one who knows Allah.
Do not become [a] piece of checkers, do not come to hand; [do not let other humans manipulate you]
Play checkers yourself. [be in control of yourself]

If you say, "Let it be as I think,"
Do not see,
Do not hear,
Do not say.
There is no human without fault,
That is why I say, "Do not see."
Whatever you shout into the well,
You take that [as] response.
You say, "He/she exaggerates,"
It is okay, let him/her exaggerate,
Do not answer [back].
If he/she finds the fault in him/herself, surely he/she does not do [it]. [If he/she knew that it was a mistake, he/she would not have done it in the first place]
[instead,] Say, "If he/she does not know, let me know,
Let me take [move away] the stone from his/her path."

Let no load stay on the one who asks,
Let the one who makes ask, get the response.
Say to him/her:
Let one demolish
Not for treasure, [not to find fortune]
But to take shelter in.
Let him/her choose the most beautiful [one] of the building[s]:
Existence is in my Allah.

Of course each human is Yunus, Mevlana.

In creation, no shortcoming occurs.
[however,] If human spends the giving with his/her ego,
Of course, he/she [then] stays faraway [from HIM].
[Previous verses may be better understood under the light of the following information: each human comes to earth with the same amount of HIS LIGHT. However, with his/her bad intentions, actions under the influence of his/her ego, he/she may lose some of his/her Light. Human is granted his/her spiritual degree according to how much of HIS Light he/she has at the time of migration.]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel