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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 39

17 February 1971

I am Mevlana.
I did not say, "Would I come?"
I wished to come from heart.
I did not say, "Would I love?"
I loved, I loved, I loved.
I untied the knot of the wool ball with my love.
Greeting to all [humans].

We made introduction with word.
We were not [like a] piece of checkers,
We did not enter the hand. [we were not held in hand like a piece of checkers / we were not servant of human]
We did not take smoke,
We did not give [smoke] to human.

I said, "I am Mevlana,"
I presented myself.
I walked around in your hearts,
I made a bunch. [I tied your hearts in [a] bunch]
If hearts do not conform [to one another],
Would it enter the bunch? [would it be part of the bunch?]
Does one make [any] bunch of thorn branch[es]?

To come from my Allah
Is what a happy event.
To know that you come [from my Allah]
Is happiness for you.
There is no one coming from you;
Coming is only from my Allah. [even your kids, they come not from you, but from my Allah]

'To be fed up with' is in accordance with the body.
It does not come from me. [it does not happen in me]
The one who chooses The Meaning,
The one who arrives and finds, does not know 'to be fed up with.'
My coming
Is 'giving,'
Is 'seeing HIS human.'
It does
Neither conform to my intention
Nor to the pleading of the human:
It is only my Allah's command.
Whatever you say, whatever I wish for,
It does not conform if there is no command [of Allah].

The path that you hope for is very long.
Long path, [is] the path of the arrival.
The longer the distance is
That much [spiritual] water human takes.

Word is said about coming to earth;
It is decided about going [to earth] - returning [to after earth life].
The one who goes [to after earth life], does not come back,
The one who stays [on earth], does not know [about after earth life].
If there was 'going' [to after earth life and] - 'coming' [back to earth],
[then] There would be no increase,
Population would stay [be] about the same.

My Allah adjusts the birth control:
Earthquake, road disasters are examples of this.
If you [still] say, "He/she will come," see me! [if you still insist in reincarnation, look at me]
If I came [again as in reincarnation], I would write my Mesnevi.
We write on the day, we continue what we gave when we came [previously],
We gather around us the one who knows to come to his/her senses. [we gather around us humans who know to come to their senses...]

The one who comes next to us,
The one who is [great-]grandson of Meryem, [Meryem=virgin Mary]
I saw his lovely heart,
I caressed it
Not with my hand
But with my Light.
"What a happiness," I said,
I joined the one who matured [spiritually], from the bottom of my heart.

Do not search Islam in name,
Search [it] in heart.
Hazrat Meryem
Knew her Allah, conformed to HIM.
She accepted her destiny in the name of her Allah.
My Allah's each human who is turned to HIM, is darling.
My Allah calls HIS human
Not by his/her name
But by his/her heart.

What is the definition of Islam?
The definition of Islam:
Whoever says whatever,
Let the decision stay in him/her. [whatever is said, decision is up to the person]
The reason is open [clear]:
Human who is given patience
Is permitted to spend [use] [it].

Be thankful to HIM for what HE gives so that
You are human who is loved.
Why do you open [expand] the table?
So that it takes [accommodates] more human[s]. [? So that more humans take. ?]
The top of the table takes [carries] load, however,
[only] The table of which the legs are strong resists.
Human who has a lot of patience
Finds power to walk on convenient path.
[the one who is] Without doubt, is like this. [? Without doubt, it is like this. ?]

All of you, you have one path,
You all have a pir.
One is neither mistaken, nor does one run away.
Not our head, but our heart is together; [not our heads, but our hearts are together]
Not our mouth, but our direction is together.
If I say, "Come," do you come,
Do you give hand in hand?
You, do you give up you[r ego]? [? Do you get transported by the joy of Darling? ?]
You, do you find Me?
Why do we not find,
Why do we not give hand in hand?

"I found with [thanks to] worship," you said.
Why did you find?
Because you were Muslim human of my Allah.
[however,] Let one not say,
"Distance gave you uneasiness,
[distance] Made you find your personality, event is this."
[this is wrong, because]
Whether you are faraway,
Whether you come closer, they all are in vain:
One arrives [only] with heart,
Heart makes human find the [one that is] right,
[heart] Makes him/her pay his/her debt.
What you pay is your debt.
"If it [worship] is not there?" you say.
In this moment, this congregation, is it not worshipping?
[each human] Knowing him/herself in the presence of his/her Allah,
Stays away from sin.

Our chat belongs neither to you nor to me
But to all humans.
The one who takes his/her jug, comes,
Fills [it] as much as his/her God-given share [is].
How about the one who breaks his/her jug?
He/she returns with empty hand.
Jug is in your hand, [you are] next to the fountain: fill [it up].
My Yunus says:
The one who finds the fountain,
[and] The one who takes the jug are not one [same]. [i.e. one may find the fountain, yet not have any jug to fill...]
Neither did we [me as Yunus] pass the fountain, [we found the fountain and filled our jug]
Nor did we break the jug.

Omar says, "The one that is asked,
If it fits into justice, then it is solved."
Look for path not on the right, on the left,
But in your heart.
Heart finds the most right one and solves.
We know that we will arrive,
However, it is necessary to be ready to arrive.
To go on [a] journey, you prepare [your] suitcase,
You do not go emptily. [without being prepared]
It is of course necessary to prepare for the migration [to after earth life] too.
However, the fear of the [migration] day
Became belief collar of the human:
Fear of hell.

Earth [is] for loving;
Why is there need to break off your tie [to the earth]?
Heart is neither in hand nor in tongue.
Earth is beautiful as long as it is loved. [? Earth is beautiful as long as one loves. ?]
Once you break off your tie, it comes as dark.

It is said, "Wisdom is in physical maturity,
Because [spiritual] immaturity [is] like in the example of youth."
To find physical maturity while erasing the earth
Is not the path of the human.
If you know to love on [your] day,
Then on coming day you conform to your intention.
You know the path of Yunus:
He got his 'post' after carrying for thirty years. [post=the position of sheikh in a dervish order]
He did neither complain on [his] day,
Nor did he say, "[did I] Mature [spiritually]?" [and] asked. [he never asked whether he matured spiritually]
He kept on waiting, he found without knowing.

Why would
'To know his/her saint'
Be against Islam?
If there is no light,
What do you find the path with?
How do you see your [? HIS ?] path?
On the path that you do not know, do you not seek [a] guide?
What is given to you is your guide.
I always say:
My Allah does not give up on HIS human.
HE sends a saint
To help each human to find the right one.
Human's heart path conforms to his/her saint.
There is [one saint] of each human, in the moment that he/she wishes [for HIS path].
Of course there is.

Each human comes to this world as Muslim.
The one who comes to earth, is born as Muslim,
It is like that also at migration [time].

I said, "No human can give measure to human,"
[because] You can not know what he/she carries in heart.
If human finds peace from HIM,
Also, if my Allah made [it for him/her] God-given share,
Then of course, he/she is my Allah's darling human.
The amount of the measure is not known
Because it can not be put on scale.

The wish of the human whose wish on earth
Is the path of my Allah,
Is given. [his/her wish comes true]

Do not check your opponent,
Look for the mistake in yourself.
Then you can not find any opponent.

Let me make the measure of maturity known,
Let me conform your path to HIS name. [? Let me conform HIS path to your name. ?]
One does not get out of [a] group [of people], [? Hand does not leave hand, [one holds hand in hand] ?]
[similar to how] Flower [does not get] out of the bunch.
[by being together,]
Bunch grew bigger.
The one who rejoices when one [another human] loves
Is the human who is loved.
What a happiness for you, what a happiness for us.

"Fatigue," you say, you are mistaken.
We open the path,
You become vehicle [? intermediary ?].
The one who becomes vehicle [? intermediary ?]
As well as the one who comes to the path
[they] Are darling humans of my Allah.

What is important is
Not the lining
But how the cloth is worn.
It does not matter if it has no lining,
[lining:] It [only] gives name to the one who wears [it]. [i.e. like show off]

Do not pass [do not give up] the grapevine, you take the grape.
If you wish, you put [it] on display,
If you wish, you fill [it in] large earthenware jar [to make wine].
We drink [our wine] according to our path,
We get carried away with joy.
Neither do we take the wrong path,
Nor do we rush the human.
Our food [? Our graft ?] with human is ready, [our spiritual food for humans/our spiritual graft in humans is ready]
As well as our head with human [is ready]. [we are in service of humans]

My coming is neither [for] tale nor [for] consolation:
It is friendly chat with human.
[our] Chat always adds [spiritual] water to hearts, [? [our] Chat always puts hearts at ease, ?]
[our chat] Throws from river to river,
Each river flows to the ocean. [ocean==God]
The One Whom I flow to, is The One Whom I look at,
Is The One Whose human I embrace.

I found as much as I loved,
I got my [spiritual] degree like that.
Each human is exalted according to how much he/she loves.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

18 February 1971

I am Mevlana.
Which beauty can be given up?

Word about the one that happened, is not asked to The One Who gave. [one should not question The Giver, complain about events]
[instead of questioning,]
"My life is from YOU, my path is from YOU,
What[ever] comes from YOU, is from good deed, my Allah,"
[and] Know that it is like that.

The one who passes, [and] the one who chooses path are not one [the same]. [the one who does not look for the right path, and the one who looks for HIS path are different]

If you say, "Is it my punishment?"
It does not come appropriately. [it is not appropriate]
What my Allah gives,
HE gives [it]
Not as punishment
But because it is good deed.
You did not hurt [another human's] life so that your life is hurt. [if you did not hurt another human, then why would God let you be hurt?]

Maturation of the morning is seen from the day.
"My Allah, eyvallah for everything that comes from YOU,"
Is said.

I [always] say,
"Each event that comes [seems] as evil to human,
Is [a] door opening to good deed."

We opened the door, we passed the bridge. [we migrated to after earth life]
Is the place of the one who goes, not filled? [is the place of the one who goes to after earth life not filled by another human?]
The one that is broken, does one not get [a new one] instead of it?
Is the wall that is demolished not [re]built?
Why would human worry?

If you say,
"Does the treasure of The Giver finish?
Is it enough for so many humans?"
Of course it is enough.

Let there be no difficulty for the body, for the heart.
Let the human [who is] in difficulty find help, let him/her not stay [behind].
Let the one who takes our path, know, not be confused.
Pen in hand, path in heart.
If there is no pen,
Does the heart get out of the path?

Crossing it, does not occur difficultly,
Human does not stay as loser.
HE does not make the one who loves, find the punishment.
[the one who loves, is not punished; it is not difficult for him/her to pass his/her test on earth]

We saw so many [things] on our path.
We were buried in so many troubles;
"Destiny," we said, we bent forward. [we accepted without complaint]
Are the paths of my Allah's saint humans
Without knot?
I could not finish the knot of my wool ball
By untying.
[yet] I did not say, "Is it Your punishment to Your human?"

Do not break heart,
Do not say, "Reason [why]?"
Make the event disappear yourself.

You take the most beautiful one of the path[s]:
You did not take the one that fell from the tree, [i.e. unripe fruit == spiritually immature human...]
You said, "Help," you wished,
You found [help] in moment.

Blowing wind stopped,
Flame hit your arm. [lightning stroke your arm]
If you say, "Why did my Allah give [it]?"
Reason is not opened, HIS secret is not given,
No permission comes from my Allah.
The one that is secret, is seen by us.
Its good deed: the one who sees [HIM], knows [that it is good deed].

If human saw the event openly,
How would he/she pass the test?
One is not tested about the one that is known.
Event gives the measure of the human.
Each human's wool ball is knotted,
Even if he is [a] king.
Crucifixion of Hazrat Isa [Jesus Christ],
Throw of Hazrat Ibrahim [Abraham] into fire...
They believed without doubt,
"From my Allah," they said,
They reached the conclusion.

There is no pay back of the life.
Merchandise goes, more beautiful one [of the merchandise] comes.
[however, your test on earth is once;]
You are under the safekeeping of my Allah.

Do not say, "Like this?"
Do not put stone on your heart path.
Of course, no laughing is necessary for the event;
It happens as it is said,
Test is given like that.
Do not be mistaken:
Do not say, "Let the test not be like that."
Each event comes very painfully in its moment;
Event that passed, turns to tale. [once passed, the event becomes a tale]

We humbly accept what my Allah gives.
Do not want more than [the one that is] given.

The one who becomes close friend of the one who falls,
Knows him/herself, [he/she is the one who comes to his/her senses]
Finds HIS path.

We are hand in hand.
The one who loves, is loved,
The place of the one who is loved, is in hearts.
The ones who love, are the ones who take HIS path.
We loved, we have been loved,
We gave hand in hand.

You said, "Your possession,"
You owned [it] on earth.
You wished,
You said, "Protect [me/us] my Allah;"
The Protector is My Allah.
We come to help.
We are all together, [? We are always together, ?]
We raise the building.

My Allah does not give way to [does not allow] the one that is not good deed.
Even the event is seen to give the direction
Toward one big good deed.
My Allah does not confuse
HIS human whom HE gave HIS Light,
HE does not give the evil to his/her path.

'To take' and 'to give' are one [same/similar];
[it is] Like 'to love-to be loved.'

"You knew to cross, you passed the bridge,"
If you say, "Punishment," for HIS favor,
Then you fall in sorrow of course.

Hearts are tied
Like one bunch of flower[s],
All of us. [all of humans]

Human who disregards, does not come to our congregation.

Do you liken 'getting angry' to [a] wood that catches fire?

Flower that is apart from the bunch, is not nice,
[because] It does not fill the hand.
It means: congregation does not occur with one human.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

22 February 1971

I am Mevlana.
It is known that the chat enlightens human.
Yet, fountain of chat should flow,
Should look at each one who comes;
One should neither separate [discriminate among] human[s], nor favor the path.
It means this:
The one who is by the water,
Not claim [the] ownership of the water.
Of course, my Allah gives the water
For all of HIS humans.
There is no rule such as:
"The one who builds [a] building on water, owns it." [the one who builds the dam, owns the water]
Whatever happens,
Let all humans benefit.

You came by the convenient water,
You drank as much as you could.
If you do not drink, do you say, "Once more"?
Do you cross over the mountain[s], the stone[s]?
We drank all together;
It is our power, we take,
It is our love, we find.
If you say, "Is it this?"
"If not, then what is it?" I say.

[spiritual] Maturation is step by step.
The one who starts walking, does not turn back.
There is no return on this path
Because Mevlana does not allow.

For deep love, we separate time from the earth.
Of course, there is no cash in time, [for us, time is not money]
No harm in cash.

My Allah shows to the one who wishes.
HE makes HIS human who took HIS path
Wear caftan. [caftan=decorated robe that a sultan used to present to an individual in order to reward him/her]

I am Yunus, I came,
I took word with deep love.
Is there any one who takes word without deep love?
Yunus is amazed, he throws empty word. [talks nonsense]
[because] We came together for deep love,
[and when one is in deep love,] Is there any need for word?
I know the one who reads [prays], who takes word [speaks] in my name.
It is so obvious that
We are hand in hand,
And we are standing on one tree. [like the leaves of the tree]
We are the tree of which the leaves do not fall.
More? The ones who come from Manisa, [Manisa is a city in western Turkey]
[the ones] Who say, "We are seventy humans."
Seventy saints who came [to earth] and migrated [to after earth life].
Seventy of them are here.
We are all together, [? We are always together, ?]
We love the human who knows.
We love the one who does not love too,
However, we give to the one
Who wishes for [HIS] path,
Whose permission is given by my Allah.
If you say, "Is there more?"
[yes] Many,
More than you hope [for].

'To get angry' [is] for mortal.
We joked with one another, we had [a] heart-to-heart talk.
Did we worry about earth?
Our stove is not extinguished.
Our stove burns [wood], our chimney smokes.
It is necessary to get excited.

The one that you call, "Mevlut,"
[the one] That you ask from Celebi
Is love song [poem].
[Celebi=Suleyman Celebi is a Sufi pir who lived between 1351 and 1422, who wrote Mevlit [Mevlut]; Mevlit is a poem/song that is about the birth and the life of Prophet Mohammad]

The one who is faithful knows:
His/her God-given share comes to his/her foot.

No grace period is given to the one that the heart does not agree with.
Grace period does not eventually transform into tendency.

Let the one who is good, find HIS path;
Let the one who blocks HIS path, move away from the path.
Do not be the one who blocks the path:

Our path starts in peace,
Ends in peace.

If you wait for the morning,
You find the peace.

If you expect loss [? harm ?] from the month,
It is loss from [on] the day.

Make your decision yourself;
Say, "Decision [that is] without doubt."

Numan says:
God-given share is neither in you nor in him/her:
[it is] In The One Who writes the writing. [the writing==destiny]

To turn back from the sin while it is short,
Brings good deed too.

To take is beautiful, however,
Heart has to agree with it.
The one that it does not agree with, [if the heart does not agree with it]
One should keep [it] away in moment.

'To renounce' is a rule that is present in
Even after the marriage.
"Not to keep one's promise" should happen with short path.
[Similar to how one may change his/her mind even after the marriage, one may decide not to keep his/her promise. However, in such a case, one should make this known to the other party/parties quickly, without delay...]

One jokes in subjects in which joke may be made.
When smoke fills the heart,
Joke adds knot to the knot of the wool ball.

To grab the one that the heart does not agree with
Is injustice.

Similar to how the wind drives the cloud,
Prayers exalt human too.
Each breath [that you use while praying] raises [you] one level higher.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel