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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 3

2 January 1970

I am Mevlana.
We brought the air of the nest [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
To half way through the path.
We stopped,
We weighed human's heart,
We said, "He/she is suitable to go on the path."
We walked, we came by the edge of the [spiritual] ladder.
We gave the measure of the human in accordance with
Not his/her stomach,
But his/her heart.

My Yunus says:
Measures [are] one. [measures are the same, similar]
We take measure from heart. [we measure, weigh hearts]
"Let me tell the one whose heart is dark," I [Mevlana] say,
"Let me turn his/her path like that," I [Mevlana] say.
His [Yunus'] difference from me [is this]:
I say,
"Soft[ness] makes [him/her] mature [spiritually],
[softness] Makes [him/her] find HIS path."
[on the other hand,] My Yunus says:
"Beating is necessary for the one who does not mature [spiritually],
It is necessary to make him/her turn [to HIS path] by beating."
He is also for human, I am also for human.
Because we love the one who comes from my Allah,
Intentions are all one [same],
Hearts give path. [hearts show the right path]
Our pleading is 'to be all One,' [our pleading is that we all become One]
To make you talk with more saints.
[you are the] Travelers of the path,
[saints are] The ones who come to the pleading of your path.

Willow that comes out of the soil, [is] the tree.
Willow that comes out of the soil,
Lament that comes out of me,
Taste that comes from the water,
[they all] Make one walk [on] one path,
That path takes to Allah.
The one who shouts as well as
The one who loves HIS earth as well as
The one who conforms to his/her darling as well as
The one who finds what he/she hopes for
[they all are] Traveler[s] of the same path,
The one who is on the path is his/her boniface of the caravansary.
[Previous verses may be better understood under the light of the following information: human who comes to earth in body is analogue to the traveler. Some of the travelers enter the caravansary at which the saint is the boniface, they continue on HIS path like that. Some other humans pass without entering the caravansary...]

So where is the guardsman of the earth who stays [behind]?
[the guardsmen:]

The ones who work feverishly,
The ones who annoy [the ones who go] on HIS path
Can not be the ones
Whom the earth waits for,
Whom HIS human longs for.
[such human:] He/she can not know his/her Allah.

[human whom you call] Darling
Is the one who has beauty from Allah
[however,] Not from HIS Light
But mold beauty.

"Let him/her be sad,
Let him/her bend forward [kneel],
[as such,] Let him/her know his/her Allah!"
Is wrong:
[because] Knowing Allah is up to the heart.

What my Allah does not give, is good deed [for you]. [if an event is bad for you, Allah does not make it happen]
Even thinking [the opposite] is wrong.
The work that is done, is earth work.
Person who is on earth is mistaken.
If it does not occur, it is good,
However, what comes from hand? [however, human can not command the event]
My Yunus says:
There is nothing that the property presents;
There is [only] What my Allah gives,
[and] There is good deed in What my Allah gives.
[the event that does not occur,] If it occurs, will rose open in your life?
Will human run away from what will happen?

The sound of your shouting comes.
Your voice comes so sweetly.
What is 'the shouting'?
Your pleading with your Allah.
Add your prophet to your prayer too,
Wait for what will happen without doubt.

If the trunk of the tree is soft,
Even if there is storm,
It bends, it does not break.
[however,] If the trunk of the tree is hard,
It does not bend, it falls down, it breaks off from its root.
I say, "Be soft!"
I say to you.

The air of the nest,
The voice of my Yunus.
He wore patched cloth,
He set up soft path.
My soft Yunus.
My mature Yunus.
My Yunus who is filled with his Allah.

The smell of my rose,
I wonder which one?
I entered the rose garden, [garden of saints]
"Let me gather [some roses]," I said,
"Let me give one rose to the one who knows HIS path," I said.
I looked at Yunus,
I looked at Yakub.
I said, "My MEVLA,
Let me bring human here."
I could not select the beautiful one of [the] roses.
My MEVLA saved the most beautiful of the roses
For the special corner of HIS special garden.

In the heart garden of
Faithful humans of my MEVLA.
The one who has obstacle does not know,
Does not take [smell] the scent of the rose that is in the heart.

There is no wall to be passed,
[there is no wall] To trip your foot.
Both sides of the path,
Which one to look at?
Would one have enough of looking?
Would one think of walking away?
My Allah says, "My human, admire,
Take [My] path My human, [My Allah says, "My human, admire My creations, at the same time, keep on walking on My path"]
Conform your path to My path,
Conform your root to My rose['s].
[then] I open [a] place for you too,
[and] I take you to My special garden."
Do not say,
"My Allah does [would] not take [me there],"
[then] You are [would be] mistaken.
[if you say so,] You would have doubted Allah's Greatness.
The special garden is
For faithful humans of my Allah,
For the ones whose paths are convenient.
[when] Hearts [are] without smoke, path [is] convenient.
Heart with smoke resembles [a] rose [that is] without scent;
Let it wilt, [then] throw it away.
Scent of [a] rose, is [analogue to] the everlasting one of the human.

One does not know before coming to one's senses, before maturing [spiritually].
One does not learn without asking. [when one wishes for The Meaning, then God sends him/her spiritual guide]

My tongue does not conform to you[rs],
[because] Our mouth has no nest [no physical structure].

You conformed to the coming of the word,
You said like that.
There is no mistake.
Disorder of the order
Does not change the flow of the water.
As much as it is taken from Garib, it is given;
As much as it is given, it is solved. [our spiritual teachings are understood slowly and slowly].
It is necessary
That the [spiritual] maturation develops,
That it develops and walks. [understanding of our spiritual teachings is similar to how a baby grows, starts walking...]
[he/she] Matures [spiritually] day by day,
Path is walked.

The giver of Garib [? The emitter [transmitter] of Garib ?]
Gives in accordance with [the] capacity. [? Gives when it conforms to the capacity. ?]
What Garib takes [is] atom force,
Taker, giver, [? Receiver, transmitter, ?]
Loaded from there and from here.
[Garib is] The traveler of the soft path,
The leading end of Mevlana's bridge [that is] on earth.
I wrote, I told you:
There [in after earth life], there is only giver [? transmitter ?],
There is no taker [? receiver ?].
To give [? To transmit ?] [is] our duty of each moment anyway.
[In chats, 'to take' and 'to give' have various meanings according to the context. Above we understand as follows: from Light environment to earth, Mevlana is the giver [transmitter], Garib is the taker [receiver]. On earth Garib is the giver, however, she acts like a transmitter, she transmits what she receives from Mevlana...]

[if] It is not [a] convenient station,
[the train] It passes,
It does not stop, it passes by,
[it blows its whistle and] It gives its sound.
Think of [a] train,
It passes through the station.
We say
Not about the wool ball, [wool ball==lifetime on earth]
But about [HIS] path. [make analogy with the spiritual path]
There is station,
[through which] The train passes without stopping,
It only blows its whistle.
Whistle of the train is heard,
That sound stays in the ear.
Train ties your path to the station. [when you hear the train whistle, you head towards the train station]
[the train,] It knows the place where it will stop:
It stops, it takes, it gives,
[then] It Goes on its path.
My Yunus is also among the train's passengers,
He is [one] of the beloved humans of my Allah.

"I am Yunus. Sip," I said,
"Not sip, but ocean," I said.
He [Yunus] dived into the ocean, [ocean==God]
[and] He gave his prayer to you, [he prayed for you]
"I have many words for awake humans," he said.
"I have many eye[s] in humans without smoke [in their heart]," he said. [I am aiming the ones who have no smoke in their hearts]
He consulted and walked.
He gave prayers to the one who winds his/her wool ball. [to wind the wool ball==to live on earth]
If his/her heart burns,
If human says, "My Yunus,"
Yunus can not resist.
Let beautiful days be seen
By the one who consults and comes,
By the one who knows the good deed of the day.

Mevlana came, let him go,
Let him help
The one who prays,
The one who says, "Is my path this?"
He hears when he is remembered,
Angels say.
Do not say, "If I call, does he not come?
Does he not help?"
Do you doubt [that]? Of course [I come].
He burns from Light, [he is from the Light of Allah]
He is born, he shines like water.
Do not say, "The color of the water?"
It takes from the sun, [water takes its color from the sun] [sun==Prophet Mohammad]
[thus] It is painted with colors.

"To see [everything] as beautiful," is to mature [spiritually],
Is to arrive in his/her Allah.

Angels are
Not like Light
But the Light itself.
Human who is from HIS Light is so happy.
From HIS LIGHT, each human takes.
The one who protects what he/she took,
The one who says,
"It is mine, let It be in me,
What stays [in me], let It illuminate my path,"
Keeps [his/her Light].
The one who does not say so, wastes [his/her Light]].
HIS humans are born with Light.
HIS humans who waste their Lights,
What do they illuminate the paths with?
[Previous verses and other Parts of ONEness of HEARTs may be better understood under the light of the following information: Allah blew from HIS LIGHT into human; human spirit is from His Light too. Each human is born on earth with the same amount of His Light. During lifetime, he/she wastes some His Light because of wrong intentions. At the time of migration to after earth life, human is granted his/her spiritual degree according to how much of His initial Light he/she could save. The most preferred is to return to after earth life with the same amount of Light that one had when he/she was born on earth...]

We do not doubt
That my Allah gives,
That HE sees the one who hears.
HE hears the one who says, "My Allah,"
Adds to his/her Light from HIS LIGHT.
The one who says,
"My path is bad, earth is difficult,"
The one who breaks his/her votive offering,
HE makes him/her waste his/her Light
As well as HE makes him/her know HIS earth. [HE chastens him/her]
His/her path of [spiritual] maturation closes.
[I pray for them to YOU:] My Allah,
Let [them] mature [spiritually]
Let Your such humans know.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

6 January 1970

I am Mevlana.
They say,
"He/she matured, he/she came,
He/she attended [the] assembly,
He/she is a decorated human."
They repeat [this] from day to day,
They tie the word to after earth life. [some people think that being decorated on earth provides spiritual maturity]
It is easy to come from earth [to after earth life],
[it is a] Matter of breath.
The person who gives the [last] breath, [the person who dies]
If he/she gave way to the smoke, [if he/she had no smoke in his/her heart]
If he/she made his/her prayer[s],
If he/she knew his/her Allah,
If he/she pleased human heart,
Do not think [that] he/she is interrogated [at the migration time];
He/she is heartily welcomed.

The one who lifts [gets rid of] the obstacle,
The one who kills his/her ego
Finds comfort.
He/she finds on earth,
He/she earns his/her after earth life [spiritual level].

The priest of the monastery,
What he[/she] has in hand, is his[/her] book.
If he/she does not conform to its [book's] path,
If he/she does not put [The Meaning] in his/her heart,
If he/she looks for [his/her own] justice,
If he/she finds what he/she looks for,
Do not call him/her "priest."

Heart path is not evident.
Hearts are safe[s], [they are] locked,
Its key is with my Allah. [only my Allah has its key]
Allah knows his/her intention,
Allah gives his/her wergeld.
It is not metal, it gives its fineness, [heart is not like a metal so that its value is determined right away [i.e. like karat of gold, etc...]]
It is not grain so that it is bushel. [heart is not like grain that you measure in bushel]
What I present is correct.

When [he was] remembered, he came,
My Yunus asked.
The creek was passed, [one crossed the creek]
One drank from its water.
Wool ball with carving [carved decoration],
Finger [painted] with henna,
Bent to[wards] HIS path. [finger pointing HIS path]
The one who is mistaken, is delayed,
One looked from behind. [he/she lags, hence he/she looks from behind]
"Come! You too!" we said, [I called him/her to join me on HIS path]
He/she burst into laughter.
They did not like wretched Yunus.
He [Yunus] said, "They did not tie [their path] to my path." [they did not take, follow my guidance]
I added my word
To the arm of the one who comes,
To his/her hand [that was painted] with henna,
To his/her appropriate word.
I told them all
About the deep love for my Allah.
I connected my word to our path.
I cried [shed tears] for the one who did not come.
Not for my essence my Allah,
But one needs to chat for Your human,
[one needs] To have a heart-to-heart talk about his/her homeland.
I made the one who says, "My Allah,"
Arrive in What he/she says. [I made him/her reach his/her Allah]

I eliminated degeneracy from in between [relations].
This means that:
Of the noble and common two humans who are ready, [one has a nobility attribute, the other one does not] [human who is ready==spiritually mature human]
There is none who is rich, [or] poor, [or] royal between us.
All of my Allah's humans are of the same lineage.
Do not be mistaken:
We are as we come from my Allah,
Not as we are on earth.

Matter at each step, [is similar to]
The patience as [a] roller mill. [we make spiritual progress slowly, with patience similar to how the roller mill draws the wire thinner and thinner...]
Earth is found with matter,
After earth life [is found] with patience.
If it is found, one rejoices.
"My child is beautiful, let me find [him/her]," you say. [however, searching/finding after earth life is different:]
What do you search?
[when you say after earth life, do you search]
From earth to earth? [do you search another world?]
The day on which you mature [spiritually], you find both of them.
To mature [spiritually] is to reach spiritual perfection.
To reach spiritual perfection is to pass.
[to pass] From what/where?
From earth.
Spiritually mature human knows:
He/she does not tie heart to what is not his/hers, [he/she does not fall in love with the one [earth] that does not belong to him/her]
He/she does not cry [shed tears] saying,
"Let it happen no matter what," [I want so badly]
He/she does not cauterize his/her short life with groaning.
[let's assume that] You took the earth,
Where do you take [it] to?
[if you do not come to your senses:]
How do you illuminate your path with your Light?
You carry the load that you take from the earth,
You try to carry [it],
[however,] It does not come to your mind to look at your path.
Your power is not enough to illuminate [your path].

It is difficult to say, "Late," I know.
I am saying to the one who winds his/her wool ball on HAK's path.
I do not say, "Pass [your moderate limit]."
Measure from foot,
Choose from breath. [set your intentions logically, according to your physical, moral structure]
Let it not pass beyond your power,
Do not fall beyond what is given. [be content with your God-given share]
'To fall' is [a] bad example;
It resembles [a] bad tale.

If I say, "I am Yunus," who believes [me]?
I became Yunus, I took hand,
I pleaded, I took abundantly.
[I took] What?
My path.
Earth [is] big,
Yunus [is] point.
Yunus enters,
[however, ] My Allah's word does not enter the narrow place.

Do not say, "Is heart wide?"
Do you know how wide it is?
Do you reach its secret?
Do you not see the [spiritually] mature one?
He/she gets excited and excited, he/she does not become empty,
He/she crosses mountains.

I am Mevlana, I came,
I took the word.
I conformed to the call.

Did you pour concrete into the foundation of the property?
Did you add path to your path, with the concrete?
While having matured,
While having known the path from yesterday,
You got [spiritually] thirsty, you wished for [spiritual] water:
[you said:] "I wish that my Mevlana gives, I said."
When he/she wishes, I give, I see.

My word is to the one who says, "The [spiritual] ladder":
We climb slowly, slowly.
Do not say, "What do we understand from climbing?" [how do we understand how much we climb]
Of course we climbed.
If we do not climb from that day, to [to]day,
For which day do we stay?
I said to the one who said, "Do we not understand if we started to climb?"
The measure is with my Allah.
I see,
I also tell you.
We climb slowly, slowly.
[then] We stop for a while, we look.
Here, there is no backward, always forward.
We gave path to the one who matures [spiritually],
Not to the one who stays [behind].
The one who matures [spiritually]:
The ones who know my Allah,
The ones who go on HAK's path.
The one who stays [behind]:
The ones who laugh at the ones who go [on HIS path],
The ones who trample HAK's path.

They said, "Yunus Emre,"
They wrote book in his name.
They loved his heart path.
They said, "What [a] beautiful human,"
His essence is right,
His word is right,
Human Yunus of my Allah.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

7 January 1970

I am Mevlana.
I am at my home,
I am not guest.

We became ready,
We came together in the nest. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
We became a family.
My Allah regarded [this] as suitable.

My Yunus wishes for path.
He says,
"Hazrat Mevlana,
Heart is waiting for your path."
My Yunus, I came.
I loved the child,
I wished for good deeds.
Silver's metal does not conform to heart. [silver==matter]
Nothing gives HIS path except gold. [gold==spiritual meaning]
When Yunus pleads, human does not know this,
Because he/she does not see Yunus.

Advice, [is] helper of the path,
Mursheed [is] helper of the human,
My Allah [is] Helper of all.

When going on my path,
When asking HIS human,
On the day when I said,
"I am Yunus, I have no home,
In my home there is no my wise one."
He said to me:
"Don't you have your Allah either?"
He became my mursheed.
Because he gave [showed] me [HIS] path,
I spent the lifetime with him.
I lifted [removed] the obstacle.
I gave one year to [for] one word, [I spent one year for one word],
I said to you.
When I said,
"I did not know my path
I have not seen my home,
I have not reached my wise one,"
He said to me,
"Don't you have your Allah either?"
He made me find myself.
I gave my year to him,
I paid back his word to HIS human
Because he made me earn.
He added my benefit to my path: Earning.
I became debtor to my Allah's human.

Omar says,
"I spent my lifetime
For the one who made me find my path.
For The One Who made me put on my path,
My Allah, I decorate Your path with my pleadings.
Who makes human be put on HIS path?
My Allah."

The color of the oil, its green does not resemble
The color of the mountain, its green. [the greens of oil [e.g. olive oil] and mountain do not resemble one another]
A lot of greens,
Varieties are many in green.
The ones whose heart paths conform [to one another],
The ones who become mursheed and hear,
The ones who, together with human, plead [with Allah],
[they all] Are [like] earth's tree[s].
[they] All [are] one.
Only its green['s tone] changes.
[they all] Reach the same goal.
End of the path [is] one.

Let me enter the vineyard of love,
Let me gather the grapes,
Let me give [them] to the wine maker.
Wine matured. [wine was aged and is ready]
Hazrat Mevlana brought it [the wine] to its right consistency,
Presented [it] to his congregation.
I am telling about the nest, [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
I am telling about the air of the nest.
Let it [the wine] come to the place of the table,
Let your sip come [and take you] to The Summit.
Let the table be full [crowded].
Let the sip be productive.

To the [spiritually] mature human:
If I say, "[HIS] Path?", he/she [already] found [it];
If I say, "LIGHT?", he/she [already] got [It];
If I say, "Pir?", he/she [already] knew [The Meaning].
Hazrat Mevlana has set up the congregation to unite in ONEness.
Let my Allah be pleased,
My place is opened in the congregation.

If one asks from the silver, [silver==matter]
If intentions are heard,
Answer is given,
The moment in which you remember, one is made happy.
I am Mevlana, I took the word,
I heard that you remember.
Our place is wide,
Our congregation to unite in ONEness is wide [large].
[yet,] The one that is most powerful:
Our heart is wide.
We do not look at the building,
We do not occupy our mind with the wall. [we don't care about the matter [we care about The Meaning]]

His/her heart path [is] open,
[however,] He/she does not conform to day's path,
He/she does not turn his/her path [to HIS path].
My Allah changed his/her direction,
He/she found what he/she has been looking for.
He/she has no lie,
His/her pleadings are a lot.
He/she opens heart to his/her Allah.
He/she wakes up at night,
He/she says, "My Allah."
His/her prayer is accepted.
His/her dream is of recognized worth [meaningful].
'Open [obvious] dream' is not asked about,
It is not interpreted differently.
Let your path be successful,
Let lifetime be without mistake.
Let your little heart stay like this.

Let the [heart] curtain that is ajar, open totally,
Let one look at this world through your eye.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel