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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 38

9 February 1971

I am Mevlana.
If he/she is ready,
If the beauty [? The Beauty ?] is seen,
If good is separated from evil,
Then one does not say word [talk] about unimportant details.

"Grandpa is right," he/she says, [grandpa==Mevlana]
He/she attests.
Yet when notebook is closed,
When curtain descends,
Word stays there.
[our chats need to be studied; however, some of the ones who attend our chats do not do so...]

When 'albeit' is said, [when one starts talking by saying the word 'albeit']
Unimportant detail is being said;
It is not related to the heart.
It affects the life,
It disrupts the peace of the human.
One should not add word to word, [one should not talk back [nonsense]]
One should not make barbed allusion about the woman,
One should not hit the head, nor remind reproachfully.

What I say is neither to separate [discriminate],
Nor to favor.
This is the rule:
Woman enters inside of the event,
He reaches the subtlety [the fine point] like that.
What I present is not with my earthly eye.
You said, "You took side,"
Man's view
[is] From outside of the plan;
Woman's view
[is] From being inside [of the plan].
I said for that [reason]:
Let events not call out, [let one not talk about events / let one not gossip]
Let ugliness not be decorated [with flowers].
On the day, maybe it comes as [looks] nice.
The one that is decorated [i.e. ugliness]
Comes on the scene [is exposed]
When flowers wilt,
[then it] Makes you regret.
When its leaf falls,
When its branch stays [becomes] naked,
The one that is degenerate, is seen, is pruned,
Shape is given.
It is prepared for the [new] season.

"One does not get out of justice,
The one that is wrong, is not done."
The one that is deserved, is the one that conforms to your intention.
Hazrat Omar says,
"Do not attempt to defend the right of the one
Who feels the justice inside [him/herself],
Who does not say, 'It is none of my business.'
If you do, both you and him/her
Would end up suffering harm.
The one who feels the justice inside him/herself
Can not say, 'It is none of my business.'
Do you know where the right [justice] is defended?
[against] The one who says, '[it is] None of my business;'
Not against the one who protects his/her chest,
[not against] The one who takes as example the flow of the water
And tries to give direction to children.
[therefore, watch out:]
You protect whom from whom?"

Motherhood is in giving
Not birth
But his/her direction.
The real one of mother,
Is not separated [distinguished] by 'the one who loves-the one who beats': [a good or bad mother is not distinguished by whether she loves or beats her child]
It is separated according to whether she can give from herself.
The one who finds this in herself [the one who gives from herself]
Should not wait for "bravo!" from human;
She should rejoice that this is not a load on her conscience.
[yet,] Let your joy not be big.
"What I will be able to give, [is] superior to me," you say,
You rejoice that you are ready.
Of course, rejoice,
[because] You lighten [make less heavy] your [earth] load day by day.

[In the following verses there is analogy between 'child' and 'fruit.']
Are all the fruits that are on [a] tree
On the branch that is reachable by hand?
In accordance with the wool ball,
Some are in hand, some are on lofty branch. [some are on nearby branch, some are on faraway one]
Wait that it matures, that it comes to hand.
It [unripe fruit] can neither bear being stoned,
Nor being boiled.
[previous two verses mean also the following:
? [child] He/she can neither bear being satirized,
Nor being scolded. ?]
If you boil the unripe fruit
It is tasteless. [analogy: if you scold immature youngster, it is not nice]
Female bird of the nest will give
The path that will [make him/her] mature.

Do not say, "It can not be done,
He/she is always talked about."
Do not accuse someone else.
Crime belongs
To the one who is guilty,
Not to the one who causes [it] to be committed,
Nor to the one who conspires.
The committing of [a] crime
Is by conforming to the ground.
Why is each plant not planted
In each soil?
Because it does not conform to the ground, that is why.
Let one not say,
"[because] My Allah created like that."
[of course,] HE created the soil too,
Human did not leave [it] as HE created:
He/she changed the path of the water,
He/she watered his/her field,
He/she prepared [it] to harvest.
It is like that for human too.
Do not be mistaken:
If you water your field with sea water,
[then] What do [would] you expect from planting?

Do not say, "Our grandpa is offended." [grandpa==Mevlana]
Our path is not a path of offense,
[or] Of disappointment.

We saw construction,
We helped with [the building of] its wall,
We put stone, we built;
What we do is this.
If it comes to human as difficult, [if it is difficult for human]
We withdraw from what we do:
[we withdraw] Not from coming, but from [giving] advice.

At the place where there is justice,
Crime is not tolerated.
Because the path is convenient, that is why.

The one who has confidence in his/her foot,
Walks [on the] path;
The one who has confidence in him/herself,
Raises child.
However, the rule of raising child is
Not to beat him/her when he/she makes mistake,
But to solve the cause of what
Made him/her make the mistake.
If you say, "What did you do, did you solve?
Did you beat your child?"
Neither did I solve, nor did I beat.
I prepared his/her field, [according to the literature, Hazrat Mevlana had three sons and one daughter; however, we do not know which one of his kids he is talking about]
"Path is convenient," I said,
I pruned his/her tree.
However, he/she turned out to be "ahlat," [ahlat=1. pyrus pyraster, or wild pear tree onto which pear is grafted; 2. rude person, someone who is not on the right path]
He/she did not take [accept] any graft.
He/she rejected the graft that I placed.
He/she drew his/her destiny him/herself.
[however, he/she drew]
Not his/her [? HIS ?] building, but his/her door...

From the day on which I gave HIS path,
I looked at the day on which we arrived [in HIM].
We passed so many paths,
We drank so many waters.
We climbed the [spiritual] ladder,
We arrived at the flatness.
Do not think that my Allah sends back:
Human does not return from where he/she arrives.
Return does not occur:
Human who would return, does not climb [the ladder in the first place].

Pine tree does not shed [its leaves],
Its green does not change.
What is its obstacle? [what disturbs the pine tree?]
It is one tiny caterpillar.
[yet] Does its beauty change,
Is its root shaken,
Does its leaf fall [because of that caterpillar]?
If you throw the caterpillar away,
You get free of the trouble.
Your uneasiness [on earth]
Is that much irrelevant.

I came [to earth] without being Mevlana,
I became Mevlana.
Do you say [think] that I was always in peace?
I used to be mortal too.
I dug into the sorrow of the human:
We saw that
It occurs in every human.
The one who has HIS path,
Is the one who comes to peace. [is the one who is in peace]
I took that path too.
I passed the bridge,
I opened the door,
I covered the old [past].

If human can erase the earth,
He/she becomes ready for the arrival.
He/she comes [to earth] in moment,
[he/she] Finds, [he/she] returns.
[yet] He/she does not know either:
Each human comes [to after earth life],
The place where he/she comes to, is not one [the same].
Yes, his/her [spiritual] degree is his/hers;
He/she finds [it out] at the place where he/she comes to. [he/she learns his/her spiritual degree at the migration time when he/she goes to the place corresponding to that degree...]

When dagger pierces,
Blood is shed by whom?
[of course,] By the one who is pierced.
[similarly,] Sin as well as good deed belongs to the one who commits [it].
One should vow, one should pay. [when one makes a vow to God, he/she should fulfil it]
One should wind the wool ball.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

12 February 1971

I am Mevlana.
I saw nicely
The ones who come,
The ones who are in the nest, [? The ones that happen in the nest ?] [nest == Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
The ones who open the doors,
The ones who are prayerful.
Let my Allah be pleased with all of you.

Favor is
Not the poem
But the event.
I said openly.
There is an event that happens
Not in imagination
But in front of us:
The giving of Garib.
Her taking through her hand, her saying from my tongue.
[Mevlana used to write the chats that you are reading, by using Garib's hand]
Gives color to the meaning more with the matter
Than the meaning.
Poem is the one that stays in imagination only.
However, in front of you,
There is an extraordinary event.
[it is] Of course favor of my Allah.
However, this favor is not for one, [or] three, [or] five humans.
Similar to how one stone that is thrown to the ocean
Traces [makes/forms wave of] rings,
[each ring] Gets wider and wider,
And the event that happens, is this.
What a happiness for the one who can enter that ring.
Of course, the one who enters, is the one who reaches the favor of my Allah.
What is being asked, is not the silver path, [silver==matter; gold==spiritual meaning]
But what is seen in hand. [Garib's hand that Mevlana writes with]
Let one not look at the event as if it is poem [only]. [one should not read our writings thinking that they are just verses / poetry]
Let one not hope for any badness.
Let one give place
Not to continuation
But to patience.
At the place where Mevlana is,
No crime occurs, badness can not come.
If it came, [if it comes]
It comes because Mevlana is not present [there].

When your arm gets numb, read [pray]
For the spirit[s] of our prophet and all of his ummet.
The one [the spirit] that wishes for prayer comes,
[and] Gives sign to the one whose heart door is open.
Numbing of the arm, headache,
Ringing of the ear
Are all sign[s] of these [spirits];
[also] Twitching of the eyelids...
Let the one who gets the sign read [pray].
Let him/her say,
"For all humans of my Allah."
It [this] illuminates his/her earth and his/her after earth life.
If you think of
The ones who are in after earth life
As much as [you think] of the earth human,
Then you are wrapped in both worlds' flag[s];
[then] You take shelter in the ummet of your prophet.

We said, "Ya Allah, we took shelter in YOU."
We trusted The Lofty Being Whom we took shelter in.
What would we be scared of, whom would we run away from?

Turning [to HIM] is your vision of heart, [is your vision through heart]
It is your fall in deep love.

What am I?
I am on earth, I am here,
I am in the heart of the ones who love.
What a happiness for me that
My Allah opened all golden hearts to me.
My heart being gold, does not mean that
Your hearts are open.
The door of the one whose heart is gold, is open. [gold==spiritual meaning]
It [is] at its appropriate place, Mevlana [is] in your heart.
We went together, we came together.
The one who takes path, knows.
He/she reads my name.
The one who wishes, finds.

Whatever sapling you plant in the hole that you dig,
You wait for that one.
If you plant apple, you do not wait for plum.
The saint whom you call in the name of my Allah,
Does not leave you.
No witness is wanted [needed] for the event
That is referred [transferred/submitted] to my Allah.
Do you have doubt that HE is Seer?

[ask] Not anybody else, but our book:
Read [it], take [it] among yourselves.
Wrap yourself not in smoke but in faith.
Live not the past but the day.
While living the day, do not look at tomorrow.

Longing is not because of the practice but because of the deep love.

Passing of the day nicely
Is due to human who adds some salt to his/her food,
[is due to human who] Adds peace to his/her home.

Beauty is in the vision,
Not in the giving.
For what we give,
There is human,
"Empty word [nonsense]," he/she says,
He/she denounces our writing.
[on the other hand,]
There is human,
He/she drinks [our writing], he/she is satiated.
He/she does not only say, "I am satiated,"
But also he/she burns [in heart].
He/she does not only say, "I burned [in heart],"
But also he/she sees the beauty [? The Beauty ?].
The more he/she sees,
The more he/she expands [rises]. [? The more it [his/her vision] widens. ?]
As I said, "Beauty is in the vision,
[is] In loving whether he/she knows [HIM] or not."
To see and love [HIM] is easy; [to love HIM after seeing HIM is easy]
[however,] The essential
Is to know [HIM] without seeing,
Is to arrive in The Loftiness.
If you love HIS creation, you are the one who know,
You are the one who see HIS Giving.

"I am delighted," you said, you conformed with body.

Leaf is shaken.
If you look at its color,
It either lightens or darkens.
Why does the color change?

Worship is human's body debt.

Does the making of the master conform to the making of the apprentice?
Do not be mistaken:
If apprentice wishes to be skilled,
He/she gets ahead of him/her [i.e. the master]
Thanks to what he/she learns from his/her master,
Thanks to his/her hand skill.
Yet, he/she tries
Not to get ahead of the one who teaches,
But to stay behind [him/her].
Because the one who teaches, is always in front,
Even if he/she is not on the [right] path.
If you are not on the [right] path,
"I learned, let me get ahead," you [would] say.
Since you are on the [right] path, you go behind [your master].

The one who opens your path as well as the one who passes through the home,
Gets his/her prayer from you,
Is prayerful to The Giver.

The one who turns his/her face away from the rush mat, [the one who denigrates the rush mat,]
The one who says, "Let rug be laid,"
Can not even find the rush mat.

Whether you put fez on your head,
Whether you wrap headgear,
[or,] Whether you make crown sit [on your head],
It does not provide any advantage for your heart,
It does not open your heart path.
[on the contrary,] Earth path opens,
Human bows before you,
However, his/her bowing is neither due to love
Nor to respect.
He/she bows down
Not to you,
But to your crown.
The one whose heart path is gold, [gold==spiritual meaning]
Does not give his/her hand to human [to be kissed],
Does not let his/her skirt be kissed.
He/she thrusts out his/her hand, he/she puts [it] on his/her shoulder.

Olive branch does not bend:
How much ever it may be loaded, it does not hang down towards the ground.
Because of its load,
Because of the value of its load.

Abundant [spiritual] water came from your yeast, to your heart;
Your heart field is watered.
Of course it greens, it gives abundant fruit.

The one who is faithful, knows.
If you say,
"If he/she loves me, I love him/her too,"
You say beautifully.
However, if you say,
"Whether he/she loves or not,
Whether he/she gives or not,
He/she is [still] my Allah's human,
The one that is fault, is forgiven,"
[then] It is very beautiful.
It is exceptional event.
Does one not want to be human of
The exceptional event?
Does one not love each one that is given?
What do you wait for, human's appreciation?
Is it human who gives you [spiritual] degree?
Is it human who exalts you?
Whether he/she loves you or not,
He/she fills his/her own space.
However, your love
Exalts you one more step.

The one who loves, and the one who does not love, are not one [equal].
The one who loves, does not see any smoke.
The one who does not love, does not find any peace.
The one who is loved, is not forgotten.
Think [about me, Mevlana]:
I have been being remembered,
I have been being loved until coming to the [current] day
As many as the beings whom/that I loved.
The one who is faithful, knows,
He/she rejoices saying, "I have been being loved."
Why does [would] he/she not rejoice?
To be loved is also [a] favor of my Allah.

The one who looks from the high,
Thinks of the soft path;
The one who looks at high [up],
Uses his/her intention for evil.
Who looks from high?
I said from the spiritual world, [by high, I mean 'the spiritual world']
I saw its interpretation as appropriate.
Yes, human who is purified from all kinds of earth load[s]
Climbs to high;
Of course, he/she thinks of the soft path.
[on the other hand,]
The one who looks at high [up]
Accuses HIS human who thinks about soft path, of being gullible,
Makes fun of him/her.
The one who laughs [who makes fun], does not think that
He/she is [in fact] in a situation to be cried for.
'Human making fun of human'
Is not from my Allah but from [is due to] the incapability of the human.
[when I was on earth in body,]
I did not laugh at HIS human for his/her fault.
I used to go to his/her path as helper
Whether he/she wished or not.

Gold does not get rusted, not even in mud. [gold==spiritual meaning]
You hold it under the water, [you wash it with water]
You rub with the hand, it becomes clean.
Gold does not lose its goldenness.

Let human not feel sad saying, "I made [a] mistake."
Of course, the one who begs my Allah's pardon,
Order is given for his/her pardon,
One is purified with HIS LIGHT.
Let human's heart be nice.
Let him/her not do once more what he/she begged pardon for.
I [already] said, he/she gets LIGHT;
Why does [would] he/she make shade fall on his/her Light?

The one who walks, moves [forward] on the path.
The one who stops, stays [where he/she is].
The one who turns back, is mistaken.

Dawn is the cover of the darkness.
Darkness can never cover the luminousness.
Darkness is given to one direction of the earth
As human's balance measure.
If it is so, where is the darkness?
If you say [that it is] in the one who sleeps, he/she is also in the body;
Spirit is again in luminousness .
[The last verse may be better understood under the light of the following information: during sleep, soul of the human who has permission from God meets with other spirits of the same spiritual level and/or his/her saint. Human's spiritual education continues during such meetings that take place in Light...]

Blue makes [one] believe, green satiates:
To be satiated through heart,
To find the love of after earth life, in green.
Blue makes [one] believe, why?
Because it joins both worlds. [i.e. earth and after earth life]

Pink makes [one] rest,
[pink] Makes one reach HIS rose;
[pink] Makes known that he/she is [among] the ummet of Mohammad.

Purple shows the one that is high.
It is
The one that exists,
The one that is seen from faraway,
The one that is arrived at when one walks.
Similar to how you see the lofty mountain
In purple [color] from faraway,
[and] You think, "I can not arrive [there]..."

Orange is thought of as unreachable, unattainable;
[however,] When heart opens, one arrives there too,
Similar to the rise of the sun.
It is [a] being
That my Allah created for HIS human,
That human looks at [sees] as unreachable.
Why is it unreachable?
Did HE not create [it] for you?
Did HE not throw [it] into the home?
Did HE not put [it] on top of your head?

Red takes to deep love, deep love [takes] to fire.
[however,] It does neither make burn, nor does it make fade,
Nor does it make regret;
Only, one is enchanted with HIS deep love.

There is no beautiful, separate [different] one of the colors. [there is no discrimination among colors].

We took the yellow [color], we gave [it] to gold, [gold==spiritual meaning]
We put [it] in the heart.
Neither does it darken, nor does it rust.

Cloud giving cover to sun, [cloud acting like a cover of the sun]
In fact, it does not touch the sun.
It comes between human [and the sun].
The wind that comes, drives it.
It lays [makes fall] the rain,
It waters the soil.

When fault is pardoned, [when he/she pardons a fault]
He/she becomes wise.

If you put the flow of the water in order,
Neither does flooding occur, nor does the drought. [analogy with 'spiritual water']

If you remove the obstacle,
Then you give [the right] path to the one
Who does not conform to your wool ball.

You came to my path, you loved without knowing.
[when] You knew, you longed for,
You opened the nest, you set up the congregation. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
My Allah gives to HIS human who wishes [only];
HE does not make HIS love be accepted by force,
HE does not give path to [HE does not allow] the one who does so.
Love does not happen by force;
My Allah does not use force.
If you say, "Punishment?"
HE does not touch HIS human who does not torment [another] human.
Each one [penalty] that is given, is equal to one crime.

Our wool ball, thank YOU my Allah,
[our wool ball] Passed by being Your human,
[our wool ball] Chose the [right] path with the ones who came/come.

Check your mind,
You will find there, you will see the one that is given. [? You will find there, you will see The One That is given. ?]

Do not measure your opponent with your wool ball.
Search the [spiritual] maturity yourself,
Then, even if you search, you can not find any opponent.

We all have been very happy.
Giving makes also very happy, like taking.
Thank YOU my RAB WHO made 'giving' God-given share.
Let the one who wishes, find;
Let the one who searches, see.
Let my RAB open the eyes that are closed.
Let HIM be Helper on every path
To HIS human who wishes for help, or not.
Let HIM make [him/her] fall in HIS deep love,
Let HIM make his/her [heart] fire be ignited.
Let HIM make [him/her] say,
"My Allah, I came from YOU,
Let me arrive in YOU."
Let us take permission, let us greet;
Let us say, "Eyvallah."
To set up our congregation
[is] Neither from you nor from me
But from The Lofty One.
We finish our word
With the permission of my Allah too.

"I came [to earth], I saw [YOU in Your creations], I loved,
I joined the return lovingly [I looked forward to migrating to after earth life]
Knowing that the return
Is the arrival in YOU,
Is 'arriving in the peace.'"

Pleading with Allah [praying to Allah]
Does not enter inside of any frame.
If you say, "I do not know, I can not read [pray]," [I do not know any prayer, hence I can not pray]
Read [pray] as you know
As long as [you say]:
Let my arrival [in YOU], be my peace;
Let 'to know Your giving,' be 'to conform to my coming [to earth].'
[Previous two verses mean also the following:
? Let
My arrival, my peace
To know What [? that ?] YOU give, to conform to my coming [to earth]. ?]

Your finding of HIS path
Happens similar to the leaf of the tree:
Leaf of the tree takes strength from its root;
The leaf that can not take its water, falls.

To love, to be loved
Is the God-given share of the humans
Whom my Allah loves the most,
Whom my Allah gave HIS LIGHT. [i.e. all humans]
[hence,] Do neither divert your path, nor knock your heart over.

My Allah makes HIS beloved human
Intermediary for HIS [other] beloved human.
Each human feels peace from this. [this makes each human feel at peace]

The one who prunes the grapevine rejoices
As well as the one who collects the grape.

The one that does not conform to the heart [the one that the heart disagrees with]
Is faraway from rightness.

Health to you, existence to me.

You seek The exceptional One:
It is
Not in seeking
But in finding.

You can not know that you conform,
[because] You can not see before you take.

Refer [transfer/submit] [it] to my Allah;
[then] When you make your decision, do not turn back.

Each event is [for] good deed;
Human creates the evil him/herself.

If we take the grapevine in hand, [consider the grapevine:]
If we prune its branch, does it dry [does it die]?
[on the contrary]
Its fruit occurs abundantly... [analogy with the life on earth...]

As much as you know to take,
Let your giving be abundant too.
Bee takes from flower,
Yet it gives
Not to flower
But to human.
Flower gives always;
[its] Soil [is] from my Allah,
[its] Water [is] from my Allah.
Human takes from the flower,
Takes from the bee, he/she always takes.
If he/she only knows his/her place, it is sufficient.
What is the one that he/she knows?
The smell from the rose, the [HIS] path from the [spiritual] water.

Say to the one who says,
"If you are convenient, you say, 'I took.'"
[say to him/her:]
"I know that it is
Not from human
But from my Allah.
I conform to what my Allah gives
Even if it is stone.
If I see stone on the path,
I take [it], I put [it] aside;
I do not throw [it]
Because my decision [is]
To stay faraway from the fault.
'To throw' is, maybe,
'To ill-treat the human.'" [if stone is thrown, it may hit and harm someone]

One does not say the same word to the one who goes,
[and] To the one who returns.
Why does one say to the one who goes,
"[go] While laughing and laughing"? [In Turkish, one says to the person who leaves, "Gule gule," which means, "While laughing and laughing."]
Because, while going, you do not know what will happen,
You can not untie the knot that you do not know.
On return you say, "I saw nicely;" [In Turkish, the host welcomes the guest saying, "You come nicely." Saints use the same expression as, "I find/see nicely."]
[because] You consider the events as natural,
Because you come after untying the knot.
We said to the going, "While laughing and laughing,"
We prayed for the untying of the events.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel