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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 37

30 January 1971

I am Mevlana.
Dormitory of hearts,
Coming together of darlings.
We came together
With the ones who come,
With the ones who mature in heart,
With the ones who wind the wool ball,
With the ones who remember Allah.
Let our night be happy,
Let our path be blessed.
Let our [spiritual] water be drunk.
Let the ones who mature spiritually, be chosen,
Let the ones who come, rejoice.

We came
Not by air, by water,
But by the path of heart.
We connected earth and sky [after earth life] to one another. [we built a bridge between earth life and after earth life]

We cried [shed tear], we burned [felt deeply sorry] for the one who was turned-away,
"Let us show the [right] path to the one who does not love," we said,
We mixed with [joined] the Milky Way.

We looked at one another saying, "The one who comes..."
The one who comes is known:
Garib is remembered,
Her name is given,
She is made known to all [humans].
If it is asked, "Why?"
It is said, "Because of her path."
She loves fully,
She burns madly.
Do not say, "Which part of you is mad?"
Because it is her heart that is wise.
I went, I came [back], I consulted.
I brought greeting from the one who was asked [who was consulted];
Armful of greeting.

Let us all be one [together],
Let us enter the vineyard,
Let us try to gather,
Let us give hand in hand,
Let us take the hand from the other human[s].

Let one not grieve,
Let one not say, "Trouble."

To construct the building,
Foundation is necessary.
To lay the foundation,
It is not enough to put the foot there, [it is not enough to go to the foundation place]
It is necessary to dig the ground. [? It is necessary to throw soil [cement]. ?]
If the foundation of the building is laid securely,
One enters its story [floor] without fear.

The tree that has abundant leaves
Hides its flower;
Even though its fruits are a few, it feeds. [even though it may have fewer fruits, it still feeds]

If you trust, you find.
If you know that doubt is irrelevant,
You prepare yourself.
Let one not doubt that
My Allah will give good deed.
[on the other hand,]
Let human who does not hope for good deed
Not be mistaken. [human who expects for bad, is right also [God gives what he/she expects for]]
Let me open [explain]:
Each human should expect that
The event will come to good, so that he/she finds good.
"The one that is interpreted, is found," is said; [it happens as you think/interpret/expect...]
It is true.

Longing connects human, with [through] heart;
Closeness makes one search the matter.
Let us open [explain]:
One takes from the one who is close
The good, the bad that is in word, in tongue.
One may say bitterly as well as
One may even give him/her [a] hard time.
[however,] You can neither say bitterly,
Nor give [a] hard time
To the one whom you long for,
To the one whom you let go faraway from home.
You help [him/her] saying,
"Let him/her stay [be] faraway from smoke,
Let him/her see his/her [? HIS ?] path clearly."
If you serve each human
With the same feeling,
You do your good deed.
It means that
Even though you may meet [with him/her] very often,
Do not get bored,
Do not say, "Enough, not any more!"

Hold the mirror from your place, [? Hold the mirror from its convenient place, ?]
Open your heart deeply.
Heart that is open, stays clean.
Do not say, "It takes microbe:"
Microbe is at the place where there is fear.

Faithful human of faithful path;
Path of all of you, is [to] HAK.
Let us return [to after earth life] as we came [to earth]. [let us not waste HIS Light that we had when we were born on earth]
On interrogation day [at migration time],
Let us find helper. [let us have our saint help us at migration time during our interrogation]

Omar says:
Justice does not meet
With the one who gets out of the right [correctness],
Not even rarely.
The one who gets out of justice
Is not reunited with his/her saint
On interrogation day.

We are here
Not because we hoped for,
But because we found The Meaning,
[and] We arrived in HIS LIGHT.

We are together with the one who remembers.
I did not separate [discriminate] [anyone among] the crowd,
I did not favor one of HIS human[s] [over other humans].
Because I have no right [to discriminate, nor to favor].
My Allah does not separate [discriminate]
Therefore, no word falls onto me. [who am I to discriminate?]

To arrive in my Allah is a ladder:
The more you love, the more you climb.
My Allah laid that ladder
In front of all HIS humans [so that]
Whoever wishes, climbs,
He/she arrives in his/her Allah.
Whose is the fault of the one who can not climb?
[it is the fault] Of your own heart path.
There is no reason for the one who believes in HIS Being
Not to climb.
If you say,
"Let us see the ladder,"
[then] Have [a] desire for
Not the structure of human,
But The Structure of Allah
So that you see.
If you say, "Is there anyone who descends?"
Would the one who finds the ladder
Ever have any desire to descend?

We are the tree whose leaf does not fall.
We are the tree whose branch does not bend.
We are the tree whose root is in water.
Let the one who wishes come,
Our shade is wide.

They ask about my path,
Do they seek to promenade?
They seek me from me,
[they seek] Me from the path.
I am here,
You are here,
Building [is] there...

Which one is more beautiful:
Dome of the forest,
[or] Dome of the building?
[of course, dome of the forest]
[because] Human can not give [create] that beauty;
Human's heart does not get drunk [with joy]
With the building of human. [with the one that is built by human]
If you pass through heart door...

From me, as much as I present;
From you, as much as you take.
It can not be a little more,
A little less.

The one who finds soft path
And the one who takes the stone in hand
One [same/equal]?
The one who knows to come to his/her senses
And the one who is asleep
One [same]?
The one who sews patch onto the cloth
And the one who walks around [in] torn [cloth]
Of course they are not one.
Our word, our chat,
[is] For HIS humans,
For the openings that they have on their cloth[s]. [our teachings are like spiritual patches]

Yeast is not meaningless.
The one whose heart is soft,
Is the one whose yeast is made
With the flour of sifted flour.

The one who is ready and the one who is rebellious
Are not one [same/equal].
Rebellious human does not become pir.
Rebellious human does not come to meydan.

One should conform, one should hear,
One should put the universe in the heart;
One should love, one should love.
If you say, "Ugly?"
One should look for his/her/its beauty.
One should love not because of the face
But because of the heart.
One should not [only] say, "I love,"
[but also] One should display the love. [loving should not be in word only, one should really act on it]

Bee is loved with honey,
Rose [is loved] with branch,
Beautiful [is loved] with hal.
Lifetime [is] with measure.
If you say,
"If you are feverish, you die,"
Then you are mistaken.
It is cut neither before nor after, [human does not die before or after his/her appointed death time]
One does not migrate before the time matures [comes].

I am with the ones who say,
"Let us go,
Let us hold hand."
I hold hand,
I add [him/her] to the path.
I make the flow of the water conform
To his/her foot [steps].
I am with the one who comes to this side [who migrates from earth to after earth life]
As well as with the one who goes to that side. [who lives on earth]

I am Mevlana.
We loved in accordance with our wool ball,
We did not say, "Is it enough?"
We took the rein in hand, [we took control]
We tried whirling.
What is meant by "whirling,"
[is] To find the one that is sufficient,
[is] To get force from the speed.
We whirled with the force that comes
Not from the earth,
But from the heart.
When we returned [to after earth life], we saw, [? While whirling, we saw, ?]
We were reunited with Darling through heart.
We came [to earth again], we walked around,
We mixed with you. [we are blended with you]
We are not alone:
I am with the one
Who came on the path, [? Who comes on the path, ?]
Who said, "I am your saint." [Shams?/other saints?] [? Who says, "I am your saint." ?]
With deep love, our day
With path, our direction
Became one.
To arrive [in Allah], [heart] tie [connection] was necessary.

What makes the ship go is
Neither the captain nor the rudder,
But the current of the water.
If you say, "There is no current in the sea,"
"If permission does not come, [then] the rudder does not turn," I say.
The one who takes [owns] the ship, [and] the ones who get on board
Are the travelers of the same path.

Each human is the watchman of his/her own heart.
We became the watchman of the soft path,
[we became] The ambassador who came with [via/through] heart.

If the packsaddle is put,
If the situation bends, [if the condition gets worse]
Let no [bad] word be said.
[because] There is no end of the word,
Let it [one's remarks] be concluded in moment,
Let one accept with tolerance.

Let one arrive at the dervish lodge,
Let wool balls open hand, [wool ball==lifetime on earth/human] [to open hand==to pray to God]
Let prayers be made.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

7 February 1971

I am Mevlana.
It is appropriate if it is said softly;
[say it softly so that] You do not take your word back.

We are together
With the one who comes, with the one who asks,
With the one who is in our nest. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]

Let the smoke disperse,
Let the one that passed, be covered, [forget about the past]
Let one conform to the flow of the water.
The one who finds soft path,
Let him/her connect his/her hal to the one that comes [? to the future ?].

What is taken from me is word,
[what is taken from me] Is eye to [for] heart,
[what is taken from me is] Puzzle to [for] mortal,
[what is taken from me is] Clear view to [for] the one who knows.
The one who comes [to earth], the one who arrives [in Allah], is the one who knows. [human arrives in Allah if he/she knows HIM while he/she is on earth]

Do not plunge the dagger,
Do not plate the gold. [gold==spiritual meaning]
Decorate the home,
Nourish with sweet word.
Dagger: scorcher [bitter word].
Do not break [heart] with scorcher,
Do not cover the gold.
It is known that your hearts are gold.

You sew the patch onto torn cloth,
You cover your torn [part].
It is not [a] shame.
If torn [part] is patched,
Shame is also covered.
If it is said [talked badly about the patch], then it is sin.

Let the face look at the face,
Let the ideas conform,
Even if the cloths do not conform;
Let one look in the heart.

You go to the mill
Not because you hope for,
But to take [there] what you have in hand;
You know what you will get.
[yet,] Whether you will own what you get is
[a] Matter of God-given share.
It does not happen by avoiding, [how much ever you try to avoid it]
The one that goes out of [being] God-given share, does not stay. [if it is not God-given share, it does not stay, one can not have it...]

To take what you wish to take
Happens by wishing to my Allah.

It has not been seen that
Any human who walked on the path of my Allah
Could not arrive [in HIM]. [every human who walks on Allah's path arrives in HIM]
Hence, to arrive in my Allah
Happens with the desire of the human.
To give to HIS human
Happens with the wish of my Allah.

The building that is built by [using] mold,
Takes the shape from the mold;
It is neither chiseled nor decorated.
Human who looks at no direction
Resembles [a] building built by [using] mold.
If you say, "What is [a] building built by [using] mold?"
"Brick mixed with concrete," I say.
Building should be made of stone,
Should be coated with thick plaster.
One should get [choose] the home according to wool ball.

The one who drinks sip by sip
Is not scared of being choked.
[it is similar to how]
The one who enters shallow water, does not sink.

One does not touch the foot with embroidered handkerchief,
If one puts [it] on the knee, it is not tied, [one does not use embroidered handkerchief to tie the knees]
It promenades in hand. [embroidered handkerchief is only carried in hand]
What I present is known,
It is placed at its appropriate place. [every creation has its own appropriate place]

If human has the power
To resemble the grapevine, to conform to the grape,
Then he/she does not wait for the night, to come to his/her senses.
One should see the night and should look at the day,
One should use the sleep appropriately.
[Previous verses may be better understood under the light of the following information: during sleep, soul of the human who has permission from Allah meets with other spirits of the same spiritual level and/or his/her saint. Human's spiritual education continues during such meetings that take place in Light...]

Ask the one who has been away for a long time
And goes to homeland to see the beautiful one:
His/her vision opens, he/she finds its most beautiful place.
The one who always sees the same place, becomes daunted.
If you say, "He/she is wrong [by being daunted],"
Then you are mistaken.
One should conform to the one that changes,
One should say, "Let me see more."
Yet one should know What he/she sees,
One should love What he/she knows.

What is in fruit?
What would there be? Of course, taste.
It is known that
Neither does grape resemble apple
Nor does orange [resemble] watermelon.
Human does not resemble human either.
One does not [even] try to make them resemble [one another].
For that [reason], one should find them all as appropriate,
One should conform to the one that will happen all together. [? One should conform to the one who will mature [spiritually], all together. ?]
It should come not from me, from you,
But from us.
One should hold up the mirror to the face [all] together.

The one who searches beauty from the cloud
Is happy human
Because he/she has time
To turn his/her head from the ground to up. [to look up]

Eat the fruit together with the [spiritual] washer [guide] so that
You can take its taste.
You found yourself
Not as the owner [of the vineyard]
But in the middle of the vineyard;
"Which bunch should I grab?" you say,
You get confused.
[in a similar manner, our spiritual teaching:]
If it is said openly, it stays at the place where you say.

However, favor is not for you only:
It is the source of the [our spiritual] water,
The one who takes his/her jug, comes,
Fills [it] as much as his/her God-given share [is].
[nevertheless,] Some [of them] drop [it] on the path,
He/she knocks his/her jug over.
I said [before], when you get out of the mill, [when you return from the mill]
The one that you think that you own,
Stays in your hand if it is God-given share.
[even] Booty [is] as much as God-given share.

Soft soil is necessary for the root of the [young] tree.
When it grows up, even if it [the soil] becomes [like] concrete,
It does not harm [the tree].
It [the tree] gets its food as well as
It is stronger than concrete against concrete.
Because it grows like that.
[on the other hand,] The tree that grows in hard soil stays thin.

We opened the meaning,
We chose the beautiful one,
We passed through the smoke.
Neither did we break heart,
Nor did we hit HIS human.
We said, "Thank YOU," for what The Giver gave.

We turned the ring [the handle],
We knocked the door over, [we opened the door]
We entered the nest. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
When we saw the air as smoky,
We gave to our face, the example of the rose. [we laughed, we smiled]
[because] One laughs with the one who laughs,
Sorrows are forgotten.
[on the other hand,]
[if] One conforms to the one who cries [sheds tears],
[then] Earth is seen as dark.
Try to conform
Not to the one who cries
But to the one who laughs.
Get used to give rose. [get used to show smiley face]

The white [color] of jasmine [flower],
Is the example of rose['s] pink.
Faithful human knows:
Each flower's color
Is the cover of the darkness.
For that [reason] there is no black one of the flower. [? For that reason, flower has no black. ?]
Black cover, closes [blocks] the freedom.
Smoke: [is in] the same group as black. [smoke is a sub-color/sister-color of black]
[black is] Measure of beauty on earth,
Only black color does not come to after earth life.
For that [reason], black color
Always reminds human of inauspicious events.
I told you: do not be carried away by the night,
Decorate the events with flowers.

What is being done, is not 'looking in the mirror,'
But taking step to[wards] [spiritual] water.
Water [is] ours,
Word [is] ours,
Our path [is] all's. [our path is all humans']

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel