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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 36

24 January 1971

I am Mevlana.
Your path is tied to our nest. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]

One is not ashamed of the patch.

One does not wait from HIS human;
Let The Giver be known.

Let the ill wills be erased:
If you forget the one that passed,
If you close the notebook,
You see your day as bright.

Vegetable garden wants to be watered,
Vegetable's root wants to be dug.
If its soil is dug,
If it is fed with fertilizer,
Then its yield is both vigorous
And abundant.
It is
Not because of the location of its place,
But because of its care.
Work does not let one be hungry,
One does not stop dreaming [hoping];
Display is set up,
Sale is made,
Its income is spent.

The one who is rebellious,
The one who says [bad] word about leaf:
When he/she takes its fruit, "Acrid [taste]," he/she says,
When he/she eats the one that is ripe, "Rotten," he/she says,
When he/she finds the table, "Broken," he/she says.
I say,
There is difference from human to human.
There is human,
He/she enters the rose garden,
He/she makes the thorn [an] excuse.
There is human,
He/she falls in love with the green of thorned weeds.
What I have been presenting until [to]day is
To teach [how] to love,
To cover the fault. [to be tolerant]
If human looks at the fault of [another] human
He/she falls in fault him/herself.

Human does not come [to earth] to serve [another] human.
What each human does, is to himself/herself.

Let us always be one [together]
With the one who remembers Allah's name,
With human who loves human,
With the one who runs away saying, "Haram."
Let us return in our direction; [let us go back [to after earth life] in our direction [on HIS path]]
Chatting with the one who comes from journey is nice... [to chat with the one who migrates to after earth life by coming on our path, is nice]

Do not ask about the path that was passed,
Do not open door and look [at the past].
[previous verses mean also the following:
? He/she passed the path, do not ask [about him/her],
Do not open the door and look. ?]
The door that is closed to past,
Provides the salvation of the one that will come. [? Provides the salvation of the future. ?]

Do not say,
"Let it happen so that I see,
So that I solve the one that is right." [do not expect fortune telling from us]
I came
Not to tell fortune,
But to give path.
Even if I say to the one who asks,
We look from the path,
We [just] glance once.

Our path is for the one who wishes for [HIS path],
For the one who says, "Am I faithful?"

To find the reality is human's longing.
It is not known
Where the reality starts,
Where it ends.
For that [reason], as long as it is known that
The one that is given, the one that is rolled up
Is [comes] from my Allah,
[then] You stay away from solution, [you do not try to solve]
Like that, you find peace.
Say, "It is the best,"
For what is given to your wool ball,
For what is seen in your destiny;
Be content with your God-given share.

You can not measure
What you take from shape. [you can not understand from outside appearance]
You can not pass below the line [that is called destiny]
Nor above...

Let it not be said, "The one who doubts The Giver,
Is not mistaken in his/her doubt."
[=Let it be said, "The one who doubts The Giver, is mistaken in his/her doubt."]

There is no close friend of the one who falls.
The only close friend of the one who falls as well as of the one who stands up is Allah.

My Allah chastens
The one who leans on human,
The one who waits for God-given share from human,
The one who does not know to resist. [the one who does not know to be patient]
There is no patch of human, from human.

Sea path does not hold concrete.
Sea does not pass via sand path.
No desert occurs on mountain path.
No snow descends to desert.
There is no rose without thorn.
Leaf does not let [it] happen,
No tree is without branch;
Some trees do not stay without leaf.
[everything has its own place, purpose]

The one that comes from the ground falls to the ground;
The one that comes from The LIGHT, arrives in The LIGHT.
[body stays on earth, soul returns to Allah]

As much as you mature [spiritually],
As much as you arrive [closer to HIM],
As much as you know [The Meaning],
As much as you see [HIM in HIS creations],
You reach the beauty. [? You reach The Beauty. ?]

If you love, you are loved,
You find HIS path like that.
If you love without waiting [to be loved],
You give direction to [spiritual] maturation. [you start to mature spiritually]
The one that is entrusted by my Allah, [i.e. love]
[is] The salvation of all [humans].

If he/she says,
"I drank,
I passed through myself," [to pass through oneself==to lose consciousness]
[then] You pass him/her too. [know that he/she is not doing right]
Because, the one who drinks,
[and] Who passes through him/herself,
Does not know that he/she passes [that he/she loses consciousness],
He/she does not say, "No more, let it be enough."
[on the other hand,] The one who says, "Let it be enough,"
Is the one who interprets [spiritually].

One does not stay without water,
One has not enough of taking [drinking].
If I dive into the ocean, the sea, [ocean==God]
It is wished to drink all.
[analogy: spiritual water/knowledge is like water]

One becomes camel rider, with pleading,
[one becomes] Mobile, with intention.

Let us go to "meymey."
To go to "meymey" [means]:
To go to drink wine.
Let us be drunk [with joy].

We are together with the one who comes,
We are together with the one who laughs.

Bandage is necessary for the wound;
Among you, there is no one who is wounded.
Love is necessary for the heart;
Among you, there is no one who is without heart.

The one whom you say about, "I loved,"
The one whose path you like,
Let him/her arrive even though he/she does not conform.

The faithful one says, "Ordinary," about the exceptional event,
He/she conforms to what comes from Allah, with love.

I am Mevlana.
Longing is not in us, [not] in you.
If I say, "I longed," [it is a] lie. [because whenever we/you wish, we come next to you]

Your hearts are checked by HAK
In every moment,
Your flower is smelled by the ones who love.
Let my Allah come as Helper,
Let HIM make each human reach
The ladder that comes to ascent.
Until coming to ascent,
Exceptional events are given,
Human is tested.
Meydan is passed,
One arrives at the ladder.
Ascent [is] until the migration [to after earth life].
If you say, "Path looks convenient,
[however,] Does it stay halfway through, at migration?" [if one could only ascend halfway until migration, does the ascent stop there?]
The one who is ready for the arrival
Is the one who takes step on the ladder.

World of heaven
Belongs to the one who gets ready for heaven.
Hell is the place at which humans
Who do whatever they wish on earth,
Who are not scared of justice,
Are deprived of everything.
Let it not be wrongly understood:
Heaven belongs to the one who wishes [for it],
Hell [belongs] to the one who does not search the heaven.
Does the one who is not scared of justice on earth
Think of the heaven?

Excuse is made with pleading;
If he/she wishes for [cure], cure is given.

The one who has conceit,
[the one] Who sees him/herself above everything,
Leaves the earth like that too.
At the place where he/she goes to, he/she is faraway from everybody;
Because he/she wishes like that on earth,
He/she finds like that in after earth life.
The wish of each human is given.
There [in after earth life],
When he/she sees my Allah's LIGHT,
Does he/she not burn [in heart] for his/her conceit on earth? [would he/she not regret the conceit that he/she had on earth?]
Voila, the fire of hell is this.

Each event takes its place at [the time of] migration.
At the [time of] migration, my Allah brings together
The one who grabbed someone else's share,
And the one whose share was grabbed.
HE makes his/her share be settled up; [makes them settle accounts with each other]
HE divides among them
What he/she brought from earth.

Stinginess is not loved,
It is not tolerated by my Allah.
At [the time of] migration, he/she wishes for help,
However, the one who was faraway from help
[while he/she was] On earth path,
Stays also faraway at [the time of] migration.
To wish and not to be able to do,
To be late
Gives him/her endless sadness.

Look forward not to demolishing, but to making.
Look forward not to breaking [heart], but to holding [hand].

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

29 January 1971

I am Mevlana.
Meydan [is] ours,
Path [is] ours,
Permission [is given] to the one who comes on the path;
My word [is] yours.
We set up in the meydan the congregation to unite in ONE,
We took close friend[s] around [us].
Meydan of faithful human,
Meydan of the human who consults.
Do not occupy yourself with worry.
Let the one who enters the meydan
Not be scared of the one who comes from outside.
The places
Of the one who knows HIS Meaning,
[and] Of the one who falls in [love with] matter
Are different.
What human calls "cause,"
That he/she says word about earth, is empty [meaningless].
[human is supposed to use his/her mind/logic to find HIS path; not to use his/her logic and, instead, to blame earth is in vain]

Water does not become turbid with word.
If one throws stone, he/she makes the water turbid,
He/she breaks human in heart.
Stone is matter too.
Event is used as [an] excuse,
[event] It is interpreted according to heart.
He/she throws the stone;
He/she does not think
That it breaks his/her head,
That it cuts into his/her heart.

The duty of the captain is
To make the ship go.
[however,] There may be wave as well as it may run aground.

I said [before], each human takes as much as his/her God-given share is:
Some of them take as much as sip,
Some of them fill jug.

If human looks for the fault in him/herself,
Its repair becomes possible.

We decorated our surrounding,
We sifted our word.
We sifted,
We threw away the one that stayed on the sieve.
We kneaded the one that fell onto the tray.
The dough that came to hand,
We put [it] in the oven
Whether it is eaten, whether it is not eaten.
Even if it stays as property,
It will still be eaten.
Our path will be gone on like that.
[in order not to break heart, the words that get out of mouth should be treated similar to how flour is treated, as in Hazrat Mevlana's example...]

The path of the feverish human
Is not tranquil.

Our yeast does not take the bad,
Does not knead the flour without sifting.

Human's [spiritual] education occurs according to his/her heart.
The one who knows to cross,
[and] The one who tries to jump,
Carry [have] the same feeling.
The difference between [them]
Is body difference.
The path of the one
Who says, without trying to cross,
"Hold my hand so that I pass,
Let me sit on your back,"
Is separate [different].
He/she is condemned to stop everywhere
Because he/she gets help to cross [ the] dam [wall]
[only] Once.
If he/she says each time, "Carry me,"
He/she is left in the lurch.

Beauty was not created for one human:
It was created for all [humans].
Beauty is in accordance with the value of the vision of the seer.
For that [reason], no word should be said,
One should not keep his/her mind occupied with behavior.
Each human gets [spiritual] measure according to his/her own behavior.

We are hand in hand.
We are human[s] of the same meydan.
Our side, our direction
Are full of lover[s].
[if] There is no lover of the one who loves,
[then] There is at least Darling.

Each human finds his/her place,
Fills the space.
He/she forgets the one that passed.
Do not look at the one that will come, from behind the smoke.
[forget the past; be hopeful for the future]

My Allah does not mislead
The doubt of the human who doubts. [if one doubts, Allah makes true what one doubts]
Let your heartfelt wish be for good.

Our foot did commit any fault that deserved punishment.
Our path did not erode.
We conform foot to the coming,
We are helper to the path of the one who is ready.
[with our help,]
He/she throws the night, [he/she gets out of darkness]
He/she looks at the day.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

30 January 1971

I am Mevlana.
We hoped, we found.
We loved, we were loved.
We rejoiced because you remembered.
We greeted all [humans] who come.
There is no one whom we separate [discriminate].
One plate of pilaf on our table,
Let anyone who fills his/her spoon, eat.
[our spiritual table is open to all humans]

Do you know what the five commands are?
To give;
To erase the doubt;
To know that you are ready;
To try to be worthy;
To love, to love, to love.
"To give," I said, let me open [explain]:
What do you have? Whom do you give?
What you will give, is to your Allah.
What passes from human to human?
[of course, it is] Not independence.
"My life is yours my Allah,
My deep love is mine
And I gave it to YOU."
What you will give is this.
[then,] Your path is open.

It is necessary
Not [only] to hope,
But to find.

Do not say, "Let me be loved,"
[but] Love!
The one who loves, is the one who is loved.

I am Mevlana.
I loved,
I could not find the end of the love.
I have been loved, I returned, I came to the nest. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
After hundreds of years,
I saw that I am still loved completely.
I wish for smokeless universe for all of you.
Let me be loved.

Knot is
Not untied by taking, by giving
But by knowing [how] to see.

One does not fall in fear. [one is not scared]
The moment in which you take shelter in your Allah,
Not even [a] fly alights on you.
[previous six verses mean also the following:
? By taking, by giving
Knot is not untied.
By knowing [how] to see,
One does not fall in fear.
The moment in which you take shelter in your Allah,
Not even [a] fly alights on you.?]

Let the candle's light be example.
If you light one thousand candles,
If you put them in one room,
Only [that] room stays illuminated.
If you distribute the candles,
Many humans are illuminated.
If I say, "If I distribute to all [humans],
My light stays [would be] less,"
The peace that you get, illuminates you.

Guest is loved, more than life.
Our nest is open, [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
Like in the example of the view of the universe.
Let us open: [let us explain]
Do not say, "Four walls,
Where does the crowd fit [into]?"
My Allah set the universe up for HIS human.
Heart fits all humans into the universe.
There is no "less-more" in us:
The one who comes, the one who says, "Mevlana,"
Is human of our nest.
The one who says, "Crowded,"
Is the path of the one who does not conform.
Our hearts [are] wide.
If there is no chair,
We put knee on the ground. [we sit on our knees on the the ground]
Wherever it is, we fit into. [our congregation has no limit; we can fit in anywhere...]

'To be human' is to learn.
The aim is not to wind wool ball. [to wind the wool ball==to live on earth/to take the test on earth]
Whether you want [it] or not, wool ball is wound.
However, if you wind according to HIS path,
Its knot is untied easily.

We wrote before,
"Holiday is the day of the ones
Who acted as human.
The feast is held
Not for the one who wishes for [it],
But for the one who deserves [it]."
What is meant by 'feast,'
[is the] Ceremony of migration [to after earth life] day.
Ceremony of the human who shows him/herself as human
Happens as God-given share.

"Meydan" [is] human's,
Worship [is] path's,
Pleading [is] human's,
Intention [is] human's.
[then] You took your path.

To all humans:
Do not say,
"I did not worship,
I have not been worthy [human of Allah]."
The place of the worship is different,
To be worthy is different.
[one does not become spiritually worthy by worshipping]

Omar says:
I saw
The one who worshipped for forty years,
And the one who pleaded for forty years;
Thanks to them, I learned my path.
I said,
"Worship is different,
Pleading is different,
How did both of them take one path?"
One does not question HIS hikmet.
One arrives in my Allah with nothing but deep love.
Thousand worships that you perform without deep love
Can not be equal to
One worship that you perform with deep love.
Of course it can not be.
One worship that I performed with deep love
Brought me to The Lofty One.
Thousand worships that one performs without deep love
Leaves him/her at the place where he/she is.
However, do not measure your deep love yourself,
Do not say, "I am in deep love more than you are."
[because] Measure is neither in you nor in me,
It is only in The Lofty One.

Stay away from bad tongue.
In your tongue, ripen the word.
[then] Fill it in the basket.
Do not give way to the one that did not ripen. [do not let the unripe word get out]

What is it that we wish to take?
Is it path?
Is it hal?
Is it fortune telling?

Fruit ripens on its tree.
If you collect [it] unripe,
And put it in the case,
[then] Flavor twists the mouth. [one makes a face because the taste is bitter]

Human who takes shelter in my Allah
Is not scared of danger.
Is it human who will save you
From the danger?

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel