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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 35

22 January 1971

I am Mevlana.
I saw nicely, [I am welcome]
I greeted all [humans].
While we give our path,
While we roll up our word,
We do not say the word "separation,"
We do not leave [make] human sad.
Let him/her not say,
"We do not take [accept] to congregation the one who is not consoled."
Do not be mistaken,
The meaning of our word is not human:
The word that will not give peace
Does not get out of us, [we do not say words that would disrupt the peace]
[such word] Is not said in [a] way
That would not console.
Let the one who knows the deep love letter, find HIS path,
Let him/her say, "My Allah gives the cause."

We dive
Into the equivalent of the green color,
Into the harmony of the flower
In accordance with our path;
We cascade in accordance with our wool ball.

There is no end of love,
Yet affection is limited.

We opened word
About the [spiritually] mature one,
[about] The one who was pleaded for.
We set the intention
To sew the patch,
To cover the open.
We knocked over the word,
We turned the face,
We wished to take,
We sieved HIS [? his/her ?] sand.

"Is human's destiny written?" is being said,
It is asked from us. [one asks us]
Plan is drawn,
Human fills the space that is in between.
My Allah created the earth,
Gave the soil, the water.
HE made the rain fall,
HE made the wind blow:
These are the events that are included in the plan.
Neither does the wished giving occur
If the soil is not taken care of,
Nor does the display [of the yield] take place
If the vineyard is not pruned.
Human takes care of the soil,
Gathers what will come.
Being given of the soil, of it's [soil's] water
Is the realization of the plan;
Its care is the knowing of the human. [whether human takes care of the soil or not, is up to how human knows/is up to human...]

Body [is] like that too:
My Allah creates the body
Within the scope of [according to] one plan;
Human closes [fills] the space [that is] in between
With his/her logic.
"Is it possible that the destiny changes?" you say.
[a] Destiny that will [would] disrupt someone else's plan
Does not change.
Similar to how
When you try to widen the plan of the land,
You enter someone else's land,
You infringe his/her right...

Learn first the goal of your child,
Find his/her closed [hidden] desire.
Mistake is from the beginning,
From the very first founding [of the order of the society].
He/she stays [is] late to look for his/her God-given share,
He/she turns to government's door, expects from it.
Because of the desire to read [to get a degree] of his/her child,
No [not of the child, but], of the mother, of the father.
[a] Child is neither clever because he/she read [went to school],
Nor is he/she stupid because he/she did not read [did not go to school].
Let one raise honest citizen for the society,
Not [person] with diploma.
It is engraved inside the child: [child is very much under the influence of:]
"The one who does not read [go to school]
Does not grow into manhood," was said.
It is not your saying,
[it is the saying] Of the society.
If you say [in the opposite direction],
If you take back, [if you do something contrary]
Society blames both the child and you.
Everything [is] at its proper place:
Bookrest inlaid with nacre, in the main room,
Door knocker in the public bath.
Neither can you put that one here,
Nor this one there.
Each human takes his/her place like that too.
It was taken wrongly from the very first beginning. [the order [of such society] has been wrong since the very first beginning]

One should lay the 'hoca' who teaches Koran, with club
On the ground. [hoca= hodja, khoja, khojah=a devout Muslim man who is respected for his knowledge of Islam and who may perform a specific duty within an Islamic community]
One should first make him love human,
One should teach him to love.
What you will learn, learn [it] from the one who loves human so that
You find the right [correct].
Even on the [current] day it is like that too:
"Teacher," is said,
The one with sullen face is seen.
Teacher, he/she should him/herself first know to love,
He/she should then become the one who teaches.
The child who is loved
Learns fast.
Child's game suits the child.
I told before, society corrupts...
There is no one who takes responsibility.
There is no one who says, "Let me be pioneer."
If he/she has trust in my Allah,
If he/she goes and stands up in the middle, [if he/she comes into the play]
[then] Path becomes convenient,
[then] Society gets rid of the mold.

Leader, should be leader of student,
He/she should come from government,
He/she should give right to child, so that
The one whose childhood passes nicely
Enters the youth vigorously.
What is seen on the day
Is the delirium of the one who did not know his/her childhood.
If you let him/her be free,
He/she gets bored;
The more he/she is put pressure on, he/she speeds up.
The event is this.

Intention is neither in this one, nor in that one.
Erase the three-five confused ones;
If one comes into the picture,
[and] Says, "Neighbor looked hostilely ,"
They all become one, [they all come together/they act together]
They challenge the world.
He/she does not separate, he/she can not separate... [they are part of the society...]
Let you be at ease,
Love the young ones.
Show love so that
He/she gets free of corruption.
They are your blood,
They are your life,
Love [them].
Among the ones
Who run to trench when day comes,
Who give their lives for their homeland,
There are also some who are faulty.
Yet [the situation] it is not as bad as scared.
Some event is looked at
Through the enlarging eye of the binoculars,
Some [other event is looked at] through the lengthening face.
Here [in the case of children,] it is looked like that too,
He/she is kept away from love. [love is very important, but it is looked at from the wrong side of the binoculars; love is very much underestimated]
Today's children
Take and keep their place tomorrow. [today's children take tomorrow, today's adults' places]
Sin is in the ones who instill fear in them,
[sin is in the ones] Who made them forget the love.

It is said, "Soft teacher is lax."
How wrong.
What is meant by softness is
Love, the one who loves.
The lesson of the one who loves, is read [studied/learned] quickly,
Soft path is found. [he/she finds soft path]
[wrongly,] It is thought that he/she treats [the students] laxly.

The one who is faithful, knows:
When, "Forbidden!" is said,
Curiosity wakes up.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

23 January 1971

I am Mevlana.
To say
To the ones who come,
To the ones who ask,
To the ones who believe from heart
Is my duty.

"Would you enlighten us about
Whether faith is or is not primarily heart purity?")

Faith of the human whose heart is not pure
Is not rightful due.
Faith is 'the washed form of the heart.'
[it is a] Subject of the day,
I gave [I said] so that human forms an opinion.
What is 'the flow of the water'?
What is necessary for it to flow clearly?
The bed should be clean.
Faith: water, [faith is analogous to water]
Its bed: heart.
As long as my heart is pure,
Let my worship stay as debt to my wool ball. [as long as human's heart is pure, worship does not matter: worship is the debt of the body, and the body stays on earth...]
Was this the question,
The one that has been being said [asked] on every occasion?

"What is the meaning of the saying, "I am Allah,"?
Like [in the case of] Hallaci Mansur...") [Hallaci Mansur was a Sufi who was killed because he openly said, "I am Allah."]

Even though he knows, he does not claim ownership in favor of his wool ball.
[it is] Open [clear].
What am I?
Am I not The Light of my Allah?
Am I not a piece of HIM?
If I say, "I am from HIM,"
Do I become as if I tell [a] lie? [would I be telling a lie?]
Is the body obstacle [to say so] for the one who is on earth?
Where did we come from,
Where did we return to?
We came
From the place where we came
As Light,
We entered the body.
On return, we left the body, we returned
As Light.
Therefore, we imprisoned the Light in the body.
Of course The One Who imprisoned, [is] not us.
Voila, it is a thin [sensible/important] point.
What you imprison in the body, does not make you arrive.
It is not understood:
You took the Light into the body,
Did you know Its [? Your ?] [? HIS ?] Being [Existence]?
[if] You know,
What do you love The Creator,[ and] the creation with?
[with heart!]
Then you become as seeing the Light That is given,
Then you use [It] during the period in which you love.
If you do not know The Creator,
If you do not love the creation,
Then you imprison your Light in the body.
Then you are amazed at
The one who says, "I am Allah."

We are together with the ones
Who know to come to their senses,
Who enter the garden.

We descended from the river,
We arrived in the ocean. [ocean==God]
From rose gardens,
We gathered the roses,
We distributed [them] in baskets.
We gave hand to humans.
We held hand in hand,
We set up the love.

The wall that we wished to cross,
We crossed [it] long [time] ago.
We found the hearts of all of you
With heart.

Branches are decorated with leaf [leaves],
Honeycombs [are] full of honeys;
The apples that we eat
Connect the name of The Giver to their taste.
'To understand' falls onto you. [to understand this, is your job]
WHO gives
The taste of the honey,
The color of the rose,
The equivalent of the human?
("My Allah..." is being said)
Of course.
'To eat' is left to human. [what is left to human is to eat]
Why is it asked:
Is it eaten, is it drunk? [why do you still ask whether IT is eaten of IT is drunk?]

Let our time not be measured.
The going [of our path] is [to] the return [to after earth life].
The one who is worthy, comes,
Attends our assembly.

It is not our right to get angry;
We obey the command of my Allah.

Why is the pruning of the grapevine?
So that its yield is abundant.
If it is not pruned, its branch gets longer,
Its fruit occurs scarcely.

You take water from the fountain,
You fill your jug.
[yet] You can drink [it only], if drinking is your God-given share:
How about if you knock [it] down, you break [it]?
[then] You do not find the drinking. [then you can not drink it]

Let us drive the nail [into the wall],
Let us hang [the carved wood] on the wall,
Let us choose the carved wood.
Wall does not collapse by driving [a nail],
[only] Its plaster falls off.
Let the one that falls off, be plaster,
Let the nail not be driven into heart.
[once the nail penetrates the heart,]
Even if it comes out, it does not save,
Its wound does not heal.
Faithful human
Covers heart wound with hand, [while holding hand in hand]
Covers with rose.
My Allah sees everything:
HE surely punishes
The one who drives the nail.
Demolish the wall,
But do not drive nail into the heart.
Do not occupy your mind with ill will:
Your ill will gives harm to you. [your ill will harms yourself]

I was loved as much as I loved;
You are loved as much as you love.
Measure is this,
Not [like] taking, [then] giving. [it does not happen like: you love me first, then I'll love you...]
My Allah makes [it] God-given share like that.
To love the one who loves
Is my Allah's command.
"To love" is not mutual.
If you do not find reciprocation from human,
Do not feel sad.
If human does not love you,
Do not complain.
Bird loves [you], cat loves [you],
Lamb loves [you],
Heart is consoled with them.
Its meaning is clear:
You, love without waiting for reciprocal,
Then you do not stay deprived of its reciprocation.

Do not be servant of the one who is not brave.
Do not stand as slave of human.

Human can not give maltreatment to the human of my Allah.
Let it not be misunderstood:
While saying, "Human of my Allah,"
"Human of my Allah," I said,
I did not say, "HIS creation,"
I said about the one who behaves as HIS human.
Watchman watches
Not because he is servant of human,
But he performs his duty.

Human who closes his door
Becomes sultan of his home.
Sultan of country
As well as sultan of home
Are equal in the moment when they fall in the worry of personality [ego].
One does not know who is sultan of whom,
One does not solve who serves whom.
What is the duty of the sultan?
[sultan is supposed to serve the people of his country, then]
How can you be the servant of the one who serves people?
It is not solved...
[on the other hand,] Human does not avoid being of service to one [other] human.

[there are humans who say:]
"I am willing, let me be servant,
Let me crawl on grounds
In order to reach my Allah."
Yet my Allah
Does not wish HIS human to crawl
In order [for HIM] to love [him/her].
HE does not give way
To his/her deprivation. [HE does not allow his/her deprivation]
The one who says,
"My Allah, in order to arrive in YOU,
I erased the earth,"
Is mistaken.
Because, one arrives in my Allah
Not by erasing the earth
But by loving.

I saw, I called,
I promenaded, I waited.
I watched the one who came.
Let my Allah be pleased with all [humans],
Let prayers find their place,
Let you not doubt that they will find [their place].

Let our [spiritual] water cascade,
Let it burn the heart,
Let it connect one to another.
Our writing is written, [our chats are written]
It is read and read... [they are read and read]

Our intention is not outside of the cause;
[for that reason,] It happens fast,
Our passage stays for the day.

Events [are] easy:
The ones that are given, [are] illusive appearance. [what you see as event is image]

[consider copper:]
Its value is neither in tin
Nor in lead
But in copper itself.
Its meaning is clear:
The tin of the one whose copper is beautiful,
Covers well. [if copper is good quality, tin coating covers the copper well]
Which copper is beautiful,
The one that acquired [a] new form, or the one that is aged?
The one that acquired [a] new form, the one that is touched with hand... [the one that is formed by working on it...]
[think of human as analogue to copper...]

If he/she does not conform to your path,
Do not hold his/her arm.
If you pull him/her, [or]
If he/she pulls you,
Your path becomes jumbled.

What poet says, is poem;
What he/she casts in poem, is copper.
He/she hammers by saying and saying, [with words he/she describes in a way that is similar to forming copper by tapping with a hammer]
The more he/she hammers,
[the more] He/she puts on the path. [the better copper's shape/the poem is...]

We all are faithful human[s],
We are traveler[s] on our path.
We walk hand in hand,
We see the one who calls. [we see the one who asks for spiritual guide]
I see all of you,
I say to all of you.
You, you have no secret from you;
You, [you have no secret] from me...

Your path is taken,
As much as it is wished, it is found; [you move forward on HIS path as much as you wish, it is up to your wish]
[then] Why is the cause asked?

If your shirt comes tightly to your body, [if your shirt is tight]
Add the [a] piece,
Do not say, "Wait." [put the patch as soon as possible]
If the solution of the loose-fitting is easy,
Let one not worry about the tightness:
You add [a] piece.
[yet] Sometimes, you wait. [sometimes you may need to be patient until you find the patch, until the situation is corrected...]
No worry:
I am with the one who knows to open,
[I am with the one] Who asks from heart.
I passed through the fire,
We opened the night,
We approached the morning.
Neither is trace left from the night,
Nor is it worse than the one that passed.
Sun rises, [sun==Prophet Mohammad]
Rose blossoms.
I already said: hand in hand.
Let one not say,
"We do not take [accept] to assembly the one who is not consoled."

Whatever is the path of the human,
Whatever says the heart of the human,
We are together.
However, word that will not give peace
Does not come out of us.
One is not consoled
On the path that does not [make] mature. [one is consoled on the path that makes spiritually mature...]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel