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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 34

11 January 1971

I am Mevlana.
We walk according to our path;
Path is convenient, we see.
We greeted, we take [the greetings].
We know "coming to one's senses" from human. [we expect human to come to his/her senses]
[yet] There is no obligation.
We take soft path. [? We take the path softly. ?]
We write according to our wish.

To get God-given share is
Not in the hand of human,
But in the giving of my Allah.
Of course there is HIS science.
What is science?
It is the proof of The Thing That exists
As much as permitted [by Allah].

What I give is beyond the taking [perception] of human,
It is the proof of Garib, her evidence.
If she knew [how] to take,
It would be said, "By [thanks to] her science."
Without knowing [how] to take,
She took path to giving, [she started to give]
She proved herself.

Omar says:
The one that is secret, is not visible to eye;
The one that is seen, does not become secret.

The one who knows [how] to cross
Is not scared of passing.

Meydan is set up.
[do not misunderstand:]

One does not set up the meydan,
The congregation is set up in the meydan.
All of them came,
Gave the greeting.

Ali took the pen:
My coming [is] to hearts,
Greeting came to you,
To roses that are in heart.
I came from the rose,
I brought [his] greeting,
To all faithful humans:
[Prophet Mohammad's message is:]
"Let them know that I present, [? Let them know what I present, ?]
Let them take my greeting.
Let them be happy for their prayers,
Let them be human of their Allah.
I am together with all of them,
I am near [with] my ummet.
They wished, they remembered.
Thanks to my Allah,
I am in their hearts.
If I take the prayers,
I give to all of them.
I see the one who turns from the wrong path
By the command of my Allah,
I become his/her intercessor.
Let one not worry,
Let one not fall in fear, [let one not fear]
Neither the fire of hell
Nor the club of 'zebani' [zebani= fearsome being charged with taking condemned sinners to hell]
Scare human
[as long as]
HIS human's arm does not join any haram,
[as long as]
Human's fear from another human
Is not seen on earth.
To all [humans],
To good deed meeting."
[Prophet Mohammad's message ends here. Hazrat Ali continues:]
I said, "Amen,"
I have been prayerful.
I fell in delight saying, "I conveyed his message." [I rejoiced because I conveyed his message]].
My delight is as big as the good news that I gave.
Since the day it was set up until this day,
Earth gave always its beauty
To all humans who came,
And this did not lessen until the [current] day either.
Mevlana's giving
Was our God-given share too.
It is not 'writing,' we conveyed [the message of Prophet Mohammad],
We gave the big good news.
When duty is given, we come.
Let you be at ease,
Even if I do not write, know [me] among you. [even if I do not write, know that I am [always] among you] [saints used to channel the messages by writing while using Garib's hand]

The traveler of that path resembles the grapevine:
Its grape should ripen,
Its wine should mature [age],
It should stay in cedar so that
It makes the one who drinks, drunk [with joy],
[and it] Opens his/her eye.
Does it mature without aging?
Grape that has not matured,
Does it become wine?
There is [a] time of everything,
[there is a] Place of every event.
When its day comes,
When its clock rings,
[then] To teach is my duty.
Our word has been long.

Your pir is Mevlana.
Let him open your eye curtain.
Our prayer is for the flow of our [spiritual] water,
For its arrival in the ocean. [ocean==God]
Let us arrive at once.
Do not be mistaken:
Arrival is all together,
There is no separation.
My word to you:
Arrive in the ocean with [your] essence.
Do not take earth load
So that it does not come as heavy,
So that it does not pull [you] to deep [down].

I am Mevlana, I came,
I took the word from Ali.
I am happy for all of you.
"What a happiness," I said.
My Allah gives
To the one who knows to take.
Your taking is
Not from me
But from your hearts.

Overflowing of deep love,
His/her run to Allah,
Is each human's own measure.
You get your [spiritual] value with [according to] your pleading.
Your love, you decorate [it] with the universe:
Milky Way.
Saint human of my Allah,
To come together [with you there [in Milky Way] is] our desire.
To be reunited [with you there [in Milky Way] is] our pleading.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

13 January 1971

I am Mevlana.
There is no measure, no frame
Of the remembrance of my Allah.
What does your heart wish?
Worshipping until the morning?
Do it, who holds you back?
Or, [does your heart wish] to go around and see,
To love HIS creation[s]?
Go around, see!
Do not say, "My worship stays." [don't say, "If I go around and see, I would miss my worship."]
WHO is The Creator? My Allah.
What is worship?
Is it not remembrance of your Allah?

Pleadings [are] at the level of The Lofty One.
The Lofty One, [is] in the heart of HIS human.
What would we worry about,
Why would we see the earth as dark?

Each event is connected to one another.
Let us give worship as measure.
The worship that you perform
While you say, "Time," [while you check the time [to go somewhere]]
While you think about the place that you will go,
Is 'forced labor.'

Say, "It will happen, my Allah will give."
My Allah does not let [human] pray
For the thing that HE will not give.
It may happen late, but it happens.
Sorrows would come to empty. [one would have worried in vain]
[in case you feel as if your are in trouble,] Say,
"My Allah, what YOU give is beautiful;
Even if it comes to me as narrow,
YOU know its reason,
YOU untie my knot."

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

16 January 1971

I am Mevlana.
The beauty is
In the one that is seen,
In the one that is entered inside.
Human interprets each event
According to his/her bodily constitution:
Some of them say, "Beautiful,"
Some of them look for fault.
Keep away from looking for fault.

Advice is to the one who is
Either from your blood,
Or from your life.
To show path
Is to the one who is from your path.
Our path is to [for] all [humans].

'To be soft' happens
Not by reading
But by hearing.

It does not enter the measure,
It does not fit into frame:
Pleading [with Allah]
Is not learned by reading at school.

Who looks at whom?
Who sleeps at the place of whom?
Each human keeps his/her own place.
There are some whose places are on flatness,
There are also some who descend from mountain.
We, we climbed the mountain,
We arrived at the flatness.
We looked [around],
We took the universe into the heart.
We loved What my Allah gave, completely.

What is love?
How does the very big love
Fit in the heart?
I said, like in the example of Light,
As much as you can fit:
For some humans universe is not enough [to fill the heart],
For some, he/she does not add [any love to his/her heart].
It is [a] matter of taking or giving:
If you say, "I love the one who loves,"
Of course you are mistaken.
Think of the soil;
If you do not love, do not say, "Does it know [that I do not love]?"
Of course it does.
If you love, you take care [of it],
And it takes care of you too.
If you do not love, it turns [its back] to you too.

Sheep's guard comes to you
As ugly. [sheep's guard may look ugly to you]
Yet if you ask the sheep,
It does not see [anyone] more beautiful than him/her [the guard].
To see beauty
Is in accordance with each human's bodily constitution.
Who sees the sheep's guard
As ugly?
Enemy of the sheep.

It is necessary
Tooth for the mouth,
Dream for the sleep.

The one who is faraway from taking
Have power to give?
Does he/she come close to Allah?
Pass them... [forget about them...]

Our word [is] to the traveler,
To the one whose wool ball is in measure.
The one who comes
As well as the one who does not come,
The one who conforms
As well as the one who does not conform,
"I am on the [right] path," he/she says, he/she goes.
What a happiness for the one who finds HIS path.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

17 January 1971

I am Mevlana.
Omar says:
It happens
Not by hoping,
But by trusting.
The one whose trust is endless,
Finds the strength.
Fearful human
Is the one who does not see my Allah's giving.
The one who eats peach, takes its taste.
The one who feeds the bee, takes its honey.
The one who is scared that bee stings,
He/she stays deprived of its honey.

Packsaddle is for animal.
If you say, "For swan?" No.
Swan decorates the creek,
Animal nourishes its owner.
If you put packsaddle on its back,
Then you protect it.
If you take care of the one
That you expect to take from,
Then you win from both its yield
And its love.
Love throws the earth into sharp relief. [love makes earth's beauties clearly visible]
At the place where there is no love,
Earth is cruelty.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

19 January 1971

I am Mevlana.
[we are] Together with the ones who come, who love.
Do not say, "[how about] The ones who do not come, who do not love?"
Humans who do not love
Are the ones who are asleep.
They wake up too,
They find peace.

Our path [is] without obstacle,
Our love [is] without border.

To think is irrelevant:
If I am in deep love with my Allah,
Then I find
To doubt HIS love,
Human thinking about that
As irrelevant.

My Allah loves HIS human in accordance with
Not shape
But spirit.
HIS creation
Is because of the abundance of HIS love.
HE can not resist loving HIS human.
Of course, HIS human who loves HIM,
His/her place is separate [different] too.

It is said that:
"Each human knows his/her Allah."
However, more than conforming to HIS commands,
He/she heads for earth blessings.
If [only] he/she thinks about
WHO gives the earth blessings...
Human who says,
"I planted the tree, I watered its bottom;
I took good care [of it],
I got plentiful fruit[s],"
Is human who conforms to earth blessing.
WHERE did you find the soil from,
WHERE did you take the water from?
When you wait, let us see if
To collect the fruit
Is God-given share [for you]...
The only Essence is
Neither from the one who takes care,
Nor from the one who plants,
But from The Giver.

[for HIM,] Our taste is
Not in our name
But in our deep love for my Allah.

Life as well as Darling hug each other.

With chat, human agrees with human.

Nothing happens without reason,
Egg is not carried without basket.

The one that is closed
Is the dark heart.
Dark thing does not enter
The open heart.
If you say, "Why does it not enter?"
Because open heart gets light,
How does the dark enter?
Open heart finds the open door;
Hearts come together with the reason. [? Hearts meet [one another] for [a] reason. ?]
The one that will not be used
Is given back.
The one that is good deed,
Is the one that comes to [the] hand. [? Is the one that comes to human. ?]

To talk openly
Is the command of my Allah.

The tree that does not shed leaf
Is always green.
Greenness is peace, our path... [green==LIGHT color of Prophet Mohammad]

If you prepare yourself for the duty of the one who will come,
Then you make the giving easy.
When your guest comes,
If there is cookie at your home,
You can offer;
If there is not,
You turn [him/her] emptily. [you can not offer him/her anything]

If you say, "My heart is ready,"
Of course it is;
Because there is deep love for my Allah there.
Whether he/she wears patched cloth,
Or robe with embroidered silver thread,
Deep love is the same deep love,
It does not change.
The one who has deep love for Allah does not get rusted.
There is no bad human of my Allah.
[however,] The one who is turned-away, is dim.
Turned-away: the one who gives [turns] his/her back to the sun, [sun==Prophet Mohammad]
Does he/she get light?

We are helper to humans
Whether he/she is faithful or not.
Each human who is created, is worthy;
The one who is not worthy, is not created.
Our heart door is open
To the one who comes, to the one who does not come,
To the one who loves, to the one who does not love
Like in the example of traveler-caravansary boniface:
The one who comes [to earth], the one who passes by [without staying in the caravansary],
The one who stays [in the caravansary], the one who migrates [to after earth life]...
If you say, "Is there any one who stays?"
"The one who goes [without staying in the caravansary], does not exist," I say.
[what is meant by] The one who goes: the one who finds his/her place [in after earth life].
[Previous verses may be better understood under the light of the following information: traveler==human who lives on earth; caravansary boniface==saint. Some travelers stay in the caravansary, they are spiritually educated by the saint, they migrate to after earth life like that. Each such human finds his/her place in after earth life. Some other travelers pass without entering the caravansary...]

Is body, human of the angel?
[no, it is] Human of my Allah;
His/her path [is] together with the angel,
[his/her path/the angel is] Full of love.
It gives the peace that it takes,
It shares with HIS humans.
Exceptional creation.
(About angels...)

THE CREATOR creates all One. [? THE CREATOR creates always One. ?]
If human devotes him/herself to his/her Allah,
[then] He/she becomes exceptional.

Do not apply measure to yourself; [do not try to measure your spiritual value]
The measure is in [with] my Allah.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

20 January 1971

I am Mevlana.
Let them not ask for feverish path.
They dispersed the smoke.
[by] Feverish path, I say
To the ones who forget about after earth life,
To the ones who consider themselves as property of the earth;
No such human comes to our congregation.

Let my Allah be pleased with all of you.
I took the greetings,
I hugged all of them.

The ones who know [how] to take, [how] to give,
Know also
To walk around, to see,
As well as to love.
Earth is to see and to know,
[earth is] To love What you see,
[earth is] To love and to arrive [in Allah].
You arrive if you love.
It is said,
"Do you not arrive if you do not love?"
My Allah does not force HIS human:
HE does not make him/her find The One Whom he/she does not love.
It is such a structure that
Its order [system] does not change.

There are many close friends
Of the one who laughs with the one who laughs,
Of the one who supports morally the one who cries [sheds tear].

"Meyhane" fills with the ones who wish to mature. [meyhane=bar/restaurant like public place in the14th century where wine was served]
However, the one who says,
"Let me drink a lot, let me mature quickly,"
Is mistaken:
[because] Wine is drunk sip by sip. [analogy with the teachings of ONEness of HEARTs...]

We use the needle to sew,
We put the patch on the cloth.
Neither is the needle the most unnecessary [thing] despite the fact that it pierces,
Nor is the patch useless.
Each thing at its place
Does big work,
Even [a] small piece of patch...

Why does the stove burn?
Let the fire that burns, not go out,
Let earth fire not burn,
Let him/her not look at the right, at the left.
Do not be mistaken,
What is meant by 'right-left' is:
Faithful human sees only his/her front,
He/she looks ahead.
'Right-left' confuses:
[because] Each human throws a word. [because people on the right, on the left may say things that may confuse/distract faithful human]
The one who is mortal,
In one moment's unwariness
Adds smoke to heart.
I said for that [reason].

The one who takes shelter in my Allah
Never makes mistake.

Mirror shows its bright face
To the one whose heart is well-lighted.

Human can not give measure to human:
"[he/she is] Like that, like this," can not be said.

See carved design from [on] the wood;
Find human in the ocean. [ocean==God]
Let it be known that the ocean is the arrival.
Ocean: arrival of human with love,
Finding [HIM] in arrival...

Is it for the coming, for the return,
[or] For the winding of the wool ball? [to wind the wool ball==to take the test while living on earth]
I am prayerful for the coming [ones], [I pray for the ones who are on earth]
I am watcher of the return, [I watch/welcome the ones who migrate to after earth life]
I am helper to the wool ball. [I help humans who take the test on earth]

We passed so many paths,
[we passed] Lofty and lofty mountains,
We watched the plains.
From where [we came and] we arrived in The Lofty One,
From where to Where we reached.
We became Light,
We came [to you] with Light,
We reached [your] intentions, [we learned about your intentions from your hearts]
We gave to the one who wished.
The more we gave, the more we rejoiced,
We opened path to the one who rejoiced,
We came together again and again.
[at] The meeting: neither is there sorrow,
Nor does torture stay.
Loves that exist, grow.

Think of one fire:
It ignites the torches of the humans
Who have torches in their hands.
You say torchlight procession,
You walk around on holiday.
Similar to how it [the procession] gets bigger,
Surroundings are illuminated too.
The one who carries the torch rejoices
As well as the one who watches rejoices
Because he/she gets light too.
Our light is like that too:
The more it goes, the bigger it gets.

Let there be no fear from the one that will come, [? Let there be no fear from future, ?]
Let one not say, "There is irreligion."
At the end of each event, one arrives at my Allah.

Oak's structure [is] hard,
Pine's structure [is] soft;
Flower of the rose [is] soft,
Its branch is hard.
For that [reason],
Let no word be said
After looking at human's body appearance.

I loved
As much as I could love,
As much as my heart could fill,
As much as wool ball could wind.

Do not throw stone from the beach as you wish,
Do not say, "Let it give wave." [to throw stone at somebody==to satirize]
Do not say [bad] word about the wool ball.

Father's word is right
As long as he knows the right.

The more softness pushes the stone that is on your path, [? When you push the stone that is on the path of softness, ?]
It happens as you hope for.

If there is no need for word,
[then] Are mother, [and] father ornament?
Word may be said,
As well as slap may be given;
"Patience, patience," you say,
You find [use] the slap as the last resort.
Yet do not forget:
Even slap is given with the permission of my Allah.
One says, "My Allah,"
One takes shelter in HIS permission.

The one who says, "I know,"
Is mistaken.
I learned so many things that are not known
After migration [to after earth life].
I try to give,
I try to see.
Our path opened.
Let my Allah be pleased with all of you,
Let the word be enough here.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel