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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 33

7 January 1971

I am Mevlana.
The one who takes,
The one who gives,
The one who knows the letter of deep love
Find HIS path.
Let him/her say, "My Allah gives cause."

We fill according to our path,
We cascade according to our wool ball
In the equivalent of the green color, [green==LIGHT color of Prophet Mohammad]
In the harmony of the flower.

I say:
Look forward
Not to demolishing
But to building.
Look forward
Not to breaking [heart]
But to holding [hands].

Human needs
Not the love
But the affection of the human.
[because] Love has no end,
Yet affection is limited,
It is bounded.

To present [The Meaning], [is] above the mind:
What I present is above human's perception.
To take [is] in accordance with human's [spiritual] value.
If the top of the table is full of food,
Each human eats according to how much his/her stomach takes.
Some digest easily;
To some it comes as heavy. [some experience difficulty in digesting]
Some say, "Let there be more."

If the enlightened one was made of food, [if enlightenment was due to eating]
If table was made of stone,
Each one who had appetite would be wise,
Each one who found the stone would save his/her life. [he/she would use the stone like wood and float on the water, he/she would not sink...]

Surrender to your God-given share. [be content with, do not complain about your God-given share]

Use laughing not as a show
But to shine the heart.
[use] Anger not to give fear; [do not use anger to scare others]
Throw [anger] away as garbage.

If you say, "Let what I hope for, come true,"
Throw away the earth load first.
To the human who got his/her [spiritual] water,
[to the human] Who found HIS path,
Earth load comes as heavy.
Earth load comes to you
Not by consent of heart
But by submission of Satan.
It is like that for each human.
[yet] To keep [it] away is in the hand of human.
For that [reason], I say:
Whenever it comes to [your] mind, say,
"My Allah, I took shelter in YOU," so that
You do not take the load on your back.
On my earth day, there was no moment
In which I did not take shelter in my Allah. [in each moment I took shelter in my Allah]
I did not put earth load between
My Allah and me.
What I say, is the secret of my path.
What I call secret, is not secrecy,
It is open to the one who sees.
What a happiness for you that
I am ordered to open;
I gave to HIS beloved humans.
Let my Allah be pleased with all of you.

(it is asked about Satan)

Say [to Satan],
"Do not be suspect on our path,
Do not put smoke in our heart,
Do not be witness in our interrogation, [interrogation that takes place in the moment of migration to after earth life]
We are far from you,
We are under the protection of my Allah.
Neither did I remember you in my badness [when I made mistake],
Nor did I know the one that happened from you," [I did not believe that you caused any event [because all events come from Allah]]
Take shelter in my Allah;
You will be far from the evil of Satan.

I come
Not to tell tale
But to show path.

I sieve the events:
The one that stays above the sieve,
I throw [it] away as garbage. [do not exaggerate the events...]

My writing is not for you only:
Let it be written,
Let it spread,
Let it be read,
Let it go around,
Let it turn from human to human,
From hand to hand.
Exceptional path
Has inclination towards openness,
Like in the example of weed on the ground, bird in the air.
Did you not like the weed?
You plant one, you gather thousand. [it proliferates fast]

Quarter [of] earth is not taken. [unlike an orange, one can not take one fourth of the earth]
Earth's secret is not solved.
[however,] What is necessary for us is
Not the secret of the earth,
But the path to after earth life.
Earth's secret is solved according to [God's] permission,
Not when one promenades.

You put money in your pocket,
"I have abundant money," you say.
Let us see if it is [really] yours.
Your pocket is punctured [torn],
It finds its ground. [it falls from the hole in your pocket, it is lost...]
In you, do you know what is from you? [in you, do you know what you can really claim as yours?]
Similar to ego.
What is "me" in me?
What gives 'me' to the meydan? [what shows me to other people?]
My logic.
On whatever path I use my logic,
I go in that direction.
Logic is [a] giving of Allah;
Yet to use [it] is from you.
Personality changes from human to human.
Human who owns [controls] his/her logic,
Makes him/herself be accepted to [by] the world.
Not with ego.
If you put the ego on top of your head and walk around [like that],
Your loss is a lot:
Ego crushes you.
Day comes, it gives weight to your head.
[on the other hand,] If you take the ego under your foot,
Day comes, it is crushed under your load.
The one that takes the ego under his/her foot
Is willpower.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

8 January 1971

I am Mevlana.
I came
To the coming, to the setting up of the congregation.
Greeting to all of you.
Our path is not different,
Our word is not separate [different].
As long as we look at the outcome,
We come together in the same meydan,
Together with the ones who come,
Together with the ones who gather.
The reason [is] in the one who connects the word. [human who comes to the 'meydan,' understands our word/teachings...]
Let us climb to the flatness,
Let us come to word.

To cover the night is not [in] your power.
[i.e. it is not in] Human's power.
Try to love the one for which your power is not enough so that
You find HIS path.
Earth does not conform to each wish of human.
If human conforms to earth,
[then] He/she finds peace.
Not to put cover onto the night
But to choose the night because it is night.

Let it not be said, "To talk is irrelevant."
My coming is to chat.
My being is equal to your hearts.
Our path: hand in hand,
Our rose: with hearts,
Our love: with our lives, with DARLING.
We are humans who are in deep love [with DARLING],
We are offsprings coming from Adem [Adam].
We are together with the ones who come.
Not "you-I" but 'we.'
Knee on the ground, face in [HIS] direction.
Our direction: [is to] our Allah.
There is none that we take next to us.
We always [? all ?] came, we joined the congregation.
We brought greeting to you, we took [your greetings].
I am spokesman,
I am bridge in between.
Bridge is known,
It joins two sides.
It is known that one side is in me,
One side is in Garib.
Current is asked [about]:
It is given forcefully,
It is taken in moment,
One comes in moment.
[there is] None in between.
Event is this.

I said to the one who understands,
I talked through heart.
Let the word of meydan be said, [let one talk about 'meydan']
Let one enter the garden.
Like in the example of leaf,
Let one be branch with leaf.
Let the one [leaf] that falls, stay.
Leaf does not hide the flower.
Flower does not watch the fruit.

Human does not love unripe fruit.
Why does he/she not love?
Because it gives no taste.
If you wish for its taste, you wait.
If you wait, you give your measure of patience,
You take the taste of what you eat.

Bird flies, passes path,
Rabbit runs away, why?
For only one purpose:
So that it finds on its own, the one that it takes its taste. [so that it finds the food that is tasty for itself]

You asked about its example, I consulted with Ali.
Hazrat Ali said,
"Whatever intention you set,
Conform to that intention.
Count day and day. [count the days, be patient]
The one that changes is neither the day nor the event."
Faithful human knows.
Why is intention set?
One wants from my Allah.
If you are content with what is given,
If you say, "My Allah sees,"
Neither do you feel sad,
Nor do you disrupt the peace.
Event [is] simple.
[however,] Human joins the calculation,
"Let it be not like that but like this," he/she says,
He/she loses track of the calculation, him/herself too.
If he/she leaves [the calculation] to The Lofty One,
He/she finds the comfort.

Human says,
"Wealthiness [is] beautiful."
[however,] When he/she finds wealthiness, he/she expresses deficiency. [? And the one who finds wealthiness, he/she expresses deficiency. ?]
He/she sees that his/her spirit is not in wealthiness.
In fact, peace is
Neither in wealthiness nor in poverty,
Nor in youth, nor in oldness,
But only in heart.
And that, human creates him/herself, makes [it] live.

Do not say, do not say word about the path of human:
Do not say, "He/she goes wrongly." [we think that 'do not say' is repeated three times in order to emphasize the importance of the subject...]
Like you, he/she is [a] human of my Allah too.
My Allah sees him/her too.
HE creates cause, HE saves [him/her].
Human is not superior to human.

Pen, notebook, writing [are] adequate.
He/she wants word.
Curiosity [is] in us.
I said 'us,' [sorry, I meant: curiosity is] in 'you.'
We opened path.
In smokeless hearts,
We saw the faith that we hoped for, we rejoiced.
Let my Allah be pleased with all of you.

Our word does not end,
Notebooks are not enough.
[even] If the sky was notebook,
[and even] If the trees were pen, it would [still] not end. [it would still not be enough]
Our deep love does not go out. [our deep love for Allah can not be extinguished]
We burned [with deep love of Allah], we ignited,
We came, we went;
Neither was it enough nor did it end.

Can not resist the current.
Let us give the word to close friend,
Let us say, "Eyvallah."

One wished for word, it is said, "From you."
I am pleased,
I said, "Greeting,"
I turned back, I came.
Our [spiritual] water is drunk,
Close friends are chosen,
Congregation is set up.

Why do you love clover?
[because] You consider [it] as luck [sign]?
Why do you love water?
[because] You search life.

There is no separation in love,
Each one who/that is loved, is loved,
"He/she/it is from my Allah," is said.

Forget the one that passed;
The one that comes, is hope.
You wait for beautiful day.
At night, day is waited for,
And on day, one prepares for the night.
Yet you do not wait for the night
Like you wait for the day.

If you do not like the event,
You say, "[it is] Not good deed."
[yet] Know that the event that you say about, "Not good deed,"
Is [a] door that opens to good deed:
It covers [prevents] [an] evil that would come more heavily.

Do not say, "I am fed up,"
Do not complain.
Complaint takes human to [even] worse.

If you prune the grapevine,
It gives abundant fruit.
If you feed its root, [if you fertilize]
It ripens the fruit.
Human who knows to come to his/her senses
Resembles the grapevine that is taken good care of.

I said to our close friend:
His/her care [is] beautiful,
His/her fruit [is] abundant,
His/her grape [is] ripe,
His/her wine is matured [aged].
He/she fills [with the wine], he/she presents,
He/she knows my word,
He/she fills in the heart.
He/she fills, he/she gives.
What a happiness.
Yet, 'to take' is not enough:
It is necessary to present too.
It is necessary that one knows what he/she presents.
The one who knows, takes,
Laughs with [in] heart.
Let my Allah make laugh,
Let HIM reunite [human] with Adem [Adam], amen.

Bright heart wishes for path,
Wishes for cuff that is in [his/her] arm. [wishes to be arm in arm]
He/she took from me, "You?" he/she says:
In me, there is no 'me'
But the whole universe.
If you say, "What is it?"
This is heart.
When you open [the heart],
It covers the universe.
Closed heart hides in fist.
As long as love is in the heart
Know that the universe is in yourself. [? Know that the universe is in it [in the heart]. ?]
For that [reason],
Do not say, "Is it in you, is it in me?"
Search the universe inside yourself. [? Search the universe inside him/her. ?]
You find what you search,
You see with open [heart] eye.
What I said, is known [understood],
Deep love for HIM is searched in the heart,
WHAT is searched, is found,
Word is given to you, Close Friend. [? It is promised to you: Close Friend. ?]

Let there be leaf that does not fall,
Let there be flower that is not thrown [away],
Let there be deep lover that [whose heart fire] does not go out,
Let there be fire that is not ignited.
Do not be mistaken:
[already] Burning fire does not want [need] to be ignited.

It is as much as the permission that my Allah gives.
I told before,
My Allah gives human according
Not to his/her intention,
But to his/her wergeld.
[for example:]
Human's desire, [is] to put cover on the night.
However, what comes from hand? [what can human do?]
Night is not covered.
Let him/her wish [to God]; The One Who will give, is my Allah.

Mevlana [is] spokesman,
Garib [is] writer.
Our wool ball is wound all one [all together].

I said, "The one who searches, finds."
The one who has cure as God-given share, gets [the cure].
Say to human,
"The one who has God-given share, gets."
Let him/her not feel sorry for the one that does happen.
Let him/her say, "Duty," let him/her do,
Let him/her not throw his/her hope [away]. [let him/her not be hopeless]
Let him/her not forget that the one who searches, finds.
Let him/her search the universe in heart,
Let him/her say, "My duty," like that.
Let me say to the one who says,
"What is 'to search the universe in oneself'?"
Endless love.

Pen finished
As well as word is enough.
Word does not finish: I said, "It is enough."
There is no fatigue, let one not worry [about this].
The one who came next to the close friend, thought,
"Tiredness: never!" he/she said.
Next to the close friend,
From one's foot to head,
From one's eye to eyebrow,
Path is taken, fatigue is erased.
Close friend knows what I say.
Our night is ornamented with the beauty of the close friend.

It can not be forgotten that you as well as the one who comes from you [you and your child]
Are the giving of my Allah.

Water comes, goes while flowing.
Word comes, goes while washing.
Day comes, goes while collapsing.
What does collapse?
What collapses is human's lifetime that passes.
Human comes, goes while migrating [to after earth life].
Well then, what stays?
What stays is 'you' that is from you.
What stayed from me that was from me?
As you see, from you too
The one that is you, stays: your name.

If you are love-crazed,
If you fall in deep love,
[then] I burn for you.
Love-crazed burned for the deep love of human.
Mevlana fell in deep love with Allah.
One of them is tale, the other one is reality. [? One of them is tale, the other one is The Reality. ?]
Let us turn
Not to tale
But to reality, [? But to The Reality. ?]
Let us turn continuously.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

10 January 1971

I am Mevlana.
Our coming to the nest happens with heart. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
We come with ease, we do not know narrowness [uneasiness],
We do not solve puzzle.
We see the one that happens, [? We see the one who matures [spiritually], ?]
We say as it happens. [? We say as he/she is. ?]
We hold the mirror,
We look at human's face.
To the one who gave path to the smoke, [to the one who dispersed the smoke]
We give light.
Give the path of the smoke. [disperse the smoke]
Know the hal of HIS human.

It does not happen without reason.
The one that is not good deed, does not come.
Do not give place to worry.
Leaf does not fall for nothing. [leaf does not fall without reason]

If fruit is ripe,
If it took its taste,
Its eating comes nicely. [it is nice to eat it]
Do not say, "Lifespan walks in vain." [my life passes for nothing/my life has no purpose]
My Allah does not give [a] lifespan that walks in vain.
Without season, bird does not sing.
Waiting is not for nothing.
Bird flaps its wings in order to fly.
Fish strains the water in order to swim.
Human falls in deep love in order to find [Allah].
I fell in deep love, I arrived in YOU.
I took from YOU, I gave to human.
What I give is word,
Where I come from is The Essence.

There are many askers of the soft path, [there are many people who ask about the soft path]
He/she knocks at many doors to ask.
I can not tell [you about] his/her [spiritual] value,
I can not give [you] his/her [spiritual] measure.
[if I did, then] It would be [like] human word:
It is called 'gossip.' [it would be called 'gossip.']

No door stays closed
Unless you close your heart door.
Human's door opens to his/her Allah.
Earth door is opened from my Allah.

Ornament with nacre occurs
Not artificially
But by inlaying.
Value of the ornament with nacre is measured like that.

To the leaf of HIS rose,
To the soil of the garden
Soft human comes;
Do not think that he/she harms.

Do not say, "Away from homeland,"
Do not feel sorry;
There is no far, [no] close
For the entrusted one to my Allah. [for the one who is entrusted to my Allah]
Entrust to my Allah.

Omar says,
"If right [God-given share] is in human's hand, [if God made it his/her share]
He/she finds [it] on the ground, he/she takes [it],
One way or another, he/she owns it."

In meydan, together with humans,
We took the path with humans.
For worried human we said, "[you are] Worriless."
Of course he/she is worriless:
[because] There is remedy as well as cure of the one one that comes
When it is wished to my Allah.

As long as
Grape [is] on branch,
Bee [is] by honey,
Word [is] in tongue,
Heart [is] on [HIS] path,
Earth is beautiful.

He wound wool ball with hand, [? He wound wool ball with other humans, ?]
He walked [on] path with wind,
He passed through rain with torrent,
He took bee with honey,
He entered the grapevine with wine...
Whom I present: [is] saint,
He is beloved human of my Allah.
Where he comes from: [is] HIS path.
On HIS path: [is] HIS human.
In his/her hand: [is] his hand.
You fell in curiosity, [you are curious]
"Who may that be?" you said.
Check your heart.
You asked his name,
Yunus Emre, you knew.

Path is open to eat
As long as there is permission [from Allah].
Your eye is open to see
As long as there is permission [from Allah].
Mouth is for food,
Heart is for deep love.
If you have your God-given share,
You eat food
As well as you fall in deep love.
The beauty is there.

The place of the building is evident:
If you put the stone at its place too,
You get your head into the home. [you settle in your home]
Our word [is] about heart structure,
Our path [is] to the door of the after earth life.

If our wish is for earth,
[then] Our pleading [is] with my Allah.
Let you know your wish,
Let you not say, "It has been a lot, [I wished a lot]
My Allah does not give."
My Allah does not get tired of [making] wishes [come true].
HE does not give up on HIS human who remembers HIM.

He/she wished, we say about his/her saint,
We make known Meryem. [Meryem is his/her saint] [Meryem is the saint of the person whose saint was asked about]
[Meryem=Virgin Mary]

Do not say, "[her blood is] Separate [different] from the blood that is in my veins."
Measure my Allah's Being
Not with image
But with heart.
Not only you, [and] me,
But all of Adem's [Adam's] offsprings own my Allah's love.

Love even the mud
Because it is given for [a] reason.

Do not withheld your greeting from human,
Do not say, "Who is this?" [do not say, "I do not know him/her, then I do not have to greet"]
Whoever he/she is,
It is sufficient that he/she comes from my Allah.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel