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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 32

13 December 1970

I am Mevlana.
The one that the "seymen" gives, [seymen= young man who is traditionally dressed, armed, and mounted (in order to celebrate a festive event).]
"Neyzen" does not give [it]. [neyzen= player of a ney; ney=a reed flute (often used to play Mevlevi music)]
Each one's place is different.

Let "to love" unite with all [humans].
Do not say [gossip], do not separate [discriminate],
Do not favor human over [another] human.
The one whom you separate [discriminate],
My Allah favors [him/her].
The one whom you favor,
My Allah separates [him/her].
This is [an] unchangeable rule.

Let one not say, "Loss in some, profit in some."
My Allah's justice does never make mistake.
The one who walks, the one who drags [his/her foot not walk on HIS path]
Have no question [to ask]. [it is such a precise justice that everyone accepts it without any question]

To give what I present, is the favor of my Allah
Not for me
But for HIS beloved humans.
Favor is
Not for me
But for HIS humans.
It is never [a] burden:
The peace that it gives me, can not be measured by you.

I do not call worries as worry,
For that [reason], I do not feel sorry.

I see the hearts,
I rejoice, I rejoice.
Put the mirror towards your face,
[put] Your cuff on your knee.
To say [bad] word about the body
In which your blood flows,
[in which] Your vein wanders
Is not appropriate for human.

[a] Commander does not act coyly,
If he does, he is not loved.
The one who is loved, does not get spoiled;
The one who gets spoiled, does not find [the right] path.

The one who goes [to after earth life], does not return [to earth],
The one who comes [to earth], does not know [about after earth life].

While walking [on the] path,
End is not thought [of]. [one does not worry about what God will give [because HE always gives the one that is good deed]]

My Allah [is] above everything.

View of the sky
Comes to you as small.
[however,] Neither is its end found,
Nor is its depth reached.
Where do the stars come from,
From where do they conform to the coming?
It is according to the spinning of the earth.
Its proof [is] easy:
So many star[s], moon[s], sun[s],
[and] Earth [are] always in motion;
Why do they not hit one another [not even] one day?
Similar to Mevlevi whirling: [Mevlevi=(a) Mevlevi (a dervish who follows the teachings of Mevlana Rumi), whirling dervish, dancing dervish.]
He/she whirls, whirls, no hit occurs...

Hazrat Osman says:
Rather than where we come from,
What is important is
Where we will arrive at.
In any case, the coming is from my Allah.
However, if you put heart in the one
That does not conform to your aim,
You can not find path to the going.
Let me explain: your speed is cut [you are slowed down].
As much as you are light [not heavy],
You rise that much.

Earth word
Is human's saz: [saz=a stringed instrument (which somewhat resembles a lute).]
He/she plays, he/she entertains him/herself.

We are sand grains in desert.
We give shoulder to the one who finds path. [we support/help the one who finds HIS path]
When wind blows, we spin [? whirl ?] and spin [? whirl ?].
When torrent comes, we flow and go.
If you say, "Where to?"
To the ocean. [ocean==God]
Neither did our back erode,
Nor did our heart took offense,
Nor was our path stony,
Nor did one start again.
We conformed to the coming.
We saw HIS human,
We set up our congregation in the nest. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
To the one who came, we gave place next to us.
If you say, "There is no more space in the congregation,"
We opened space for so many [new]comers.

Let it be as you hope for,
Let one find his/her appropriate place.
Let the ground get its soil mixture,
Let one drink his/her [spiritual] water as much as he/she can.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

15 December 1970

I am Mevlana.
Let us not claim the ownership of the feverishness.
Let us not say [bad] word about the flow of the water.
Water flows appropriately.
Word goes [and breaks heart], wool ball [human] regrets.
Day's event does not happen without reason,
However, reason is not asked from The Lofty One.
Let one wait with patience,
Event unravels in any case.

[HIS] Path [is] for the one who walks.
[our] Word [is] for the one who takes.
Cloth [is] for the one who puts [it] on.
Aim [is] for the one who sets [it].

The one who is soft knows to wait.
In order to find the after earth life,
It is not necessary to give up earth.
'Work of after earth life' starts only
At the place where 'earth work' ends.

It is said that
Worship [is performed] at old age,
Earth work [is done] in youth [when one is young].
[this is not true,]
Until coming to the day, it degenerated.
What I say is this: in order to take one's hand away from the earth,
Nobody should stay under your responsibility, [there should not be anybody under your responsibility]
Nothing should be expected from you.
If there are any ones who expect some things from you,
That is your sacred duty.
The moment in which you do that,
Then you go on the path of my Allah.
Do not let your worship stay, [[at the same time,] do not delay your worship]
Let one not depart from the rightness.
If there is upon you
The responsibility of even a cat,
You should not neglect that.

We come
Not to fill notebook
But to fill the hearts.
Our love is everlasting,
Our hand is together [with yours].

Whoever loves whom,
He/she pulls [him/her] to right [rightness].
For that [reason], I said, "Love!"
Love without waiting,
Love without taking,
Love without criticizing,
Love without seeing.
Since my Allah gave, love [him/her/it]. [since it is my Allah WHO gave/gives, then love him/her/it...]

One does not become wise by making mistake.
My Allah does not consent
To make mistake and to lay the responsibility on the other party [to blame others].
If mistake is in the other party,
[then] There is no need to face [confront him/her].
Because if he/she knows that it is [a] mistake, he/she does not do [it].
See, close your eye,
Hear, plug your ear,
Submit [him/her] to my Allah.
We said, "Wisdom [is] in you," [We said, "You are wise,"]
To the one whose questions are to consult [rather than to blame],
To the one who searches the mistake in him/herself.
Let my Allah give logic to the one who says,
"Let go,
Let the one who says, say." [let him/her talk as he/she wants]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

17 December 1970

I am Mevlana.
To become faithful happens
Not by taking lesson
But by wishing from heart.
"Hafiz," is said, Koran is compiled [recited]. [hafiz=one who has memorized the Koran]
Is that human faithful?
Do not occupy your mind with HIS human,
Use your own mind.
Do not underestimate your [own] logic.
If each human knows his/her own path,
If he/she walks on [the] right path, [? If he/she walks on the path rightly, ?]
Nobody hits anybody,
Like in the example of star in the sky.

'To give' and 'to take' go side by side;
Yet human should know to give,
Should love to give,
Should give without waiting.

The heart that you own,
Gives you your [spiritual] place.
If you say, "Where is my place?"
It is secret to human.
What I will say to you is this:
It is sufficient to know that you are faithful,
It throws your heart to relief. [it relieves your heart]

Do never occupy your mind with earth event;
Do not look at the event from behind the smoke. [do not look at the event through the smoke]
[if you look] Like that, you see the clear event as foggy.

Do not wish for your salvation to human,
Salvation is [only] from my Allah.
Human only consoles,
And [he/she does so], if he/she is without smoke.
If he/she is with smoke,
He/she gives you smoke too,
He/she makes your heart foggy.

There is no 'you-I'; we all are one.
I did not separate you, us.
Stay away from the one who separates.
Stay away from the one who favors [one human over another].
The one who separates him/her, who favors you on the day,
When it [new day] comes, he/she separates you, he/she favors someone else.

The only door to be trusted
Is my Allah's door.
The only path that will go to my Allah
Is the heart structure.
Let your heart structure be [of] gold, [gold==spiritual meaning]
Let human invest [while he/she is] on earth.
Live the earth
Not for the path
But for the day.

[spiritual] Ladder is climbed,
The ones who matured [spiritually] are loved.
If you say, "Why are they loved?"
What is loved is the mature one of everything.
Do you eat unripe fruit?
Do you put your food in the mouth without cooking?
Do you bear with [spiritually] immature human?
Do not divert from maturity.
If you see yourself as incomplete,
Do not join the assembly.
Even if you join, do not talk.
[in order] To mature, listen, wait.
Do never fall in fault and [do never make mistake and]
[do never] Follow the religious fanatic.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

3 January 1971

I am Mevlana.
One should try to be soft,
One should wind his/her wool ball like that.
My word is to the one who says, "It is not in hand [it is not in my control]."
What is in your hand?
Your wool ball?
The knot of your wool ball?
Maturity is of course not in hand,
[it is] In heart.
If you conform the hand, the tongue to heart,
Then you find the peace.
Search the peace
Not in air, in water
But in yourself.

'Peace' or 'lack of peace'
Is in the self of human. [is in human, him/herself]
There is human:
He/she enters the rose garden,
He/she makes thorn, excuse. [he/she complains about thorns, he/she does not enjoy the roses]
There is human:
He/she goes on the path that has fence made of bush,
He/she adds his/her heart to its green. [he/she loves the green of the bush fence]
This means that
Even though the bush fence is totally [made] of thorns,
He/she consoles him/herself with its [green] color.
[on the other hand,]
Does one say, "He/she is right,"
About the one who makes thorn, excuse, [about the one who uses thorn as excuse]
Despite all the beauty of the rose?
Yes, let us not say, "I wish it had no thorn,"
Think about the hikmet of the existence,
Do not intervene in HIS giving.
Neither from you nor from me:
It is great because it is from my Allah.

"Mazan, niymetin Menan:"
[this means:]
Remembrance of the thing that will not happen.
In your pleading, let you not remember saying,
"HE gave, [or] HE did not give;"
Let one not fall in doubt. [one should not be in doubt]
I say to all [humans]:
What you wish to happen, want [it] without doubt,
Not with complaint.

There is human, he/she is wealthy,
His/her trouble [comes] from his/her spouse:
"I wish I was not wealthy,
I wish I could find peace in this direction," he/she says.
What [a] mistake is this for [that] human.
There is human, middle class,
His/her path is smooth.
[however,] He/she is sad because of his/her child:
"I wish my child was smooth,
I wish my food was onion," he/she says. [I would prefer that my food was onion rather than having a child that I do not like...]
These [complaints] offend my Allah.
Human should know [how] to wish,
He/she should not enter [a] trade with my Allah. [he/she should not bargain with my Allah]

[this is] Not dispute but chat.
Is my coming not for chat?

When wishing, one may take shelter in HIS tolerance.
If you say,
"Thank YOU my Allah,
YOU overwhelmed with earth blessings,
Eliminate my present sadness too,
Your human wishes to YOU,"
Then for your wish not to come true,
It must be 'no good deed' for you.

Do not feel sad about the one that does not happen.
I told you, human creates peacelessness him/herself.
If he/she believes without doubt that every one that comes
Is [for] good deed,
Then he/she comes together with the peace.

If it conforms to your calculation,
[then] Earth resembles [a] totally tangled hank of yarn.
Each human pulls the end of one yarn,
The more he/she pulls, the knottier it becomes.

It is neither on the summit,
Nor on the ground,
Nor in the wind;
It is in the command that comes from The Lofty One.
The pleading of faithful human
Is not on the summit, it dries.
It does not stay in the wind, it is blown.
It is not on the ground, it mixes with soil.
It is taken from heart,
It is conveyed to my Allah.
And the command that comes
Is shown to human, with matter.
I said about human's pleading,
Its meaning is open [clear].

Pen writes,
Pen changes [it].
Why do you wish for soft writing
Saying, "It is not appropriate"?
You write hardly,
Then you come back, you change.
Think and write,
Do not change after writing.
Do not occupy your mind if does not happen;
Say, "It comes when it becomes God-given share,
[when] Its path opens."

Omar says:
Do not say, "Is it convenient?"
Do not ask human.
How does human know what convenient is?
Your forehead writing [==destiny],
Who reads [it] for you?
Human knows neither the God-given share
Nor the future of human.
Do not believe the one who says, "I know."

It is necessary for the poem to be digestible [understandable].
If it is not digestible, then it is not poem.

Each human has [a] subject
That he/she has difficulty in its digestion.
Eliminate that difficulty by giving
Not from the other party
But from yourself. [to give from oneself==to concentrate/to work hard to accomplish a goal]

Not of the rule
But of maturing [spiritually].
Rule is set according to the axis [of the direction of the human].

Word calms down until it reaches you.

I am Mevlana.
Word is
Not from me
But from The Lofty One.

To laugh, [is] what befits each human.
Beauty, [is] every one who/that comes from my Allah.

The building that has no support
Is doomed to collapse.

[when] Letter of deep love [is] in the hand of human,
[then] What comes [is] in [accordance with] the intention of the day.

Desert does not show HIS [? his/her ?] path.
Yet human who searches
Does not lose HIS [? his/her ?] path.

If water flows through the fire,
It does not burn human.
If human finds river,
He/she does not get out from its inside. [he/she does not get out of it]

Hand [is] ready,
Tongue [is] ready,
Human [is] ready;
Mevlana [is] ready for the command of my Allah.

We came together within the circle,
We had a heart-to-heart talk with
Every human of my Allah.
To the one who is pleased,
We opened our path again.
The one who is not [pleased]
Is the one who can not take God-given share,
Is the one who does not mature [spiritually] in our hand.
Let my Allah give.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

5 January 1971

I am Mevlana.
Travelers of the convenient path,
Its guards who are ready.

Do not be punisher,
Do not say, "He/she does not know what comes from Allah,"
Do not measure human's path.
I say
To the one who takes what I present,
To the one who knows that my life conforms,
To the one who conforms to the going of my path
As well as to the one who does not conform.
I know the one who conforms from his/her intention,
[I know] The one who does not conform from his/her wergeld.

Let it be known that
If we wish that it happens,
If we say, "Let my Allah give,"
Then it will happen.

There is no earth-drunk among us. [earth-drunk=drunk because of earth [matter]]
All of us [we are spiritually] mature, [and] filled [with spiritual water to be given].

Drunkenness is according
To the going of our path,
To his/her finding of my DARLING.

We opened path from the [spiritual] water, [path made of spiritual water]
We passed, we walked.
First, we cascaded,
Then, we calmed down,
We walked [on] our path.
We set up our congregation at the root of
The grapevine that we wished.

The place where we descend to,
Is the outcome of our arrival [in HIM].

Is the root where the wine that gives
Human the deep love of [for] my Allah, grows.
If you say, "Does wine grow?"
Maturation of wine
Is like in the example of growing up of human.
Muscat gives its scent while it is unripe,
Its root is separated [distinguished] like that.
If maturity occurs from root,
Then its yield occurs since youth.
Grafting yields later. [grafting causes the yield to be later]

Ripening of the fruit is beautiful.

Love to live saying, "It is the giving of Allah,"
Not to pass day. [do not live to kill time]
See the different beauty of each day.

Not at the mistake
But at the wise one.
Big is
Not the one whose age is big
But the one whose heart is big.

If you are [sit] on [a] nacre throne,
If you choke the heart with smoke,
What do you see?
If you hold cane in your hand,
If you lean down and look at the rose,
If you throw [give] to your heart from its color, its smell,
[then] You arrive in beauty,
You say, "My day passed nicely."

Think of the great one of olive [tree];
Even if it does not give fruit,
When human takes shelter in its shade,
Is it [a] waste?

One should know to take, [and] to give.

One should see the beauty in every period.

The closeness of there [and] here [the closeness of earth to after earth life]
Is the difference of body.
If you shake off the body, you are next to me.
While my water flows,
While humans drink,
We are together.

Is step necessary to cross the ocean? [ocean==God]
Is help necessary to to arrive in The Lofty One?
Each human arrives in accordance with his/her heart.
I show path,
My duty is this.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel