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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 31

28 November 1970

I am Mevlana.
Do not measure the path of lifetime
With the knot[s] of your wool ball.
Do not say, "My lifetime is short,"
Because you say, "My wool ball is knotted."

"Trouble," you say, you look at each event [like that]. [you see each event as trouble]
Do not look, turn [your back].
Not for your heart,
Your heart got its value;
But for your lifetime:
With pleading [with HIM].
Say, "My Allah, to arrive in YOU is my wish,
[this is] What I want to see on earth,"
Take the path. [start walking on HIS path]
Do not say, "Small,"
Take the fly in your hand,
Examine [it] carefully,
[then] Let it go.
Glance at the spider,
[then] Let it go.
Glance at the cat,
You will see,
You will find yourself as arrived [in HIM].

The one who says, "I will mature spiritually," does not mature spiritually.
[instead,] Look at the one who does not give rank to him/herself
Because, in front of the greatness of my Allah,
He/she can not put measure on him/herself. [he/she can not even try to measure him/herself]

I did not say to you,
"Take prayer beads in your hand, and walk around like that!"
[on the contrary, I have been saying,] "Carry my Allah in your heart, and walk around [like that]."

"I came with the permission of my Allah;
I loved what HE gave;
I wished to see as much as I would be full."

My lifetime did not always pass with laughing.
I loved the beauty together with the smoke, together with everything.

Hammock, to lie down [on it],
Fish line, to fish,
Nacre, to put on:
Everything at its appropriate place.
Rope is not tied to hammock,
[because] One does not tie rope and swing,
Because it is not cradle.
You tie rope to cradle;
Cradle is for child.
It means this:
One should make known to child the childhood.
If you throw stone to the fruit of the tree,
It comes to your hand as wounded. [you get a damaged fruit]
If you climb next to it and pick, [then] it is appropriate.
Do not be lazy.
What I say is open:
Child resembles the fruit that is on the tree.
Some [of them] are on close-by branch[es],
They are picked without difficulty.
Some [of them] are on [a] branch that is high,
Of course, he/she gives some difficulty.
However, since you are the owner of the tree,
Some difficulty is the path of earth.
Even if you do not come next to it,
You wait until it ripens,
[then] You lay underneath [the tree a] sheet, and shake [the tree].
Is that any trouble?
You say, "How about if bird pecks?"
And that, you submit to Allah,
If you think that there is nothing else to do...

My word is appropriate for your essence.
Your essence is gold. [silver==matter, gold==spiritual meaning]
However, your [heart] eye is closed.
Neither patience nor logic.
I came not from me
But from my Allah.
I broke off not from life
But from DARLING;
Not only breaking off, but also I became avalanche.

Each heart resembles [an] avalanche that grows more and more.
However, when saying "Each heart,"
I meant, "Golden hearts";
The uneasiness that is in your bodies is due to this.

The mine that does not fit into its container, overflows and goes.
If you say, "Where to?"
To the place where it arrives:
Every place is my Allah's.

Blood is said,
[subject about the] Vein is opened.
Where is it,
Is there anyone who found the measure of the blood?
They say, "Life," they talk about loving,
Did they find the measure of loving?
Did they make [build] artificial love?
No invention that makes human, human
Can be made. [no human can create another human [with the metaphysical properties...]]
Human's key
Is not given to human's hand.
Earth invention
Resembles the outside plaster of the building that is built.
Body is secret
Despite all of its openness.

It is said, "I felt a sudden rush of affection, I liked him/her."
Measure of love is given in words.

I took [a] grain from the sand,
I added to the grain.
"Let it open," I said, I waited.
I arrived at my Allah's rose, [Allah's rose==Prophet Mohammad]
I entered HIS garden.
I gathered the flowers,
I gave [them] to the ones who love.
Neither did the lover[s] finish,
Nor was the lifetime enough;
Even more gathering, [? I say, "[take] Even more," ?]
I present in armfuls to the one who wishes.

Show to children
Not oceans of mud
But flower garden.

Add your logic
To the patience that my Allah gave.

Wait for the foot [root] of the tree, [wait underneath the tree,]
Do not say, "Let them ripen [quickly]."
The Owner of the tree, My Allah
Would of course not have given the measure of
Motherhood, fatherhood,
If you did not have to wait.
[in such a case:]
Like in the example of lamb,
The moment in which he/she was self sufficient, he/she would be abandoned.

Offspring of Adem [Adam],
Path of logic.
Do not say, "It can not happen,
He/she can not find the path and descend."
I said, "Wait!"

My Allah is capable of everything.

Is there any fruit that does not ripen?
Do not be mistaken, lifetime is separate [different].
If you say, "It fell [while it was still] unripe,"
Its appointed time of death caught up with it,
Otherwise, the fruit that is on the tree ripens sooner or later.

Omar says:
For the one that you say about, "I am the owner,"
Claim its ownership with the permission of Allah,
Otherwise your ownership stays insufficient.
It means this:
The only Owner of each creation is my Allah.
You can of course own HIS creation
With HIS permission.
[even] When you raise your hand [to hit someone],
If you say, "With the permission of my Allah,"
[then] You see that your hand goes down [without hitting];
In that moment, you are scared of his/her [? your ?] real Owner.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

4 December 1970

I am Mevlana.
Our rose, our darling,
Our life, our Darling,
Our Prophet...
We are together with his ummet.

Our Garib [is] our daughter,
Our darling on our path.
Our love is everlasting,
[our love] Is the right of the human who is worthy.
What comes from HAK is not withheld.
Human's right is not allowed to be changed by [other] human.

What grapevine gives [is] grape,
What human says, [is] "My eye."
Let my word be considered as gold. [silver==matter; gold==spiritual meaning]
My word belongs to the one who takes [it],
Who becomes the owner [of it].

The word[s] of the one who comes back from [a] journey is [are] many.

The saz of the one who is away from home is played a lot. [saz= a stringed instrument (which somewhat resembles a lute).] [he/she longs for his/her homeland, he/she expresses him/herself by playing saz...]

The one who does not soften [on his/her own] is softened.
The one who is softened by force
Is distressed.

No smoke comes from the fire.
It smokes only either when it starts to burn,
Or when it goes out.
Our fire did neither start to burn newly, [it has been burning for a long time]
Nor does it intend to go out.
Torch in our hand, we keep on going around,
We refresh the fires.

I am grandpa with you, [grandpa==Hazrat Mevlana]
I gave fire to hearts.
I gave the value of my word to wise ones.
And my Allah gave me peace
From this path.
I said, "Thank YOU my Allah,"
I kneeled down in HIS presence.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

6 December 1970

I am Mevlana.
Everything that my Allah gives is good deed.

[holy month of] Ramadan keeps even the least faithful human
Away from committing sin.
One month long habit
Continues for some [more] time.
Holiday [of Ramadan]
Is the day of the ones who have been worthy human of my Allah.

You win the love of my Allah
By loving,
By loving even the one who does not love.
Please [his/her] heart, ask how he/she is,
Even if he/she does not do so for you.

The beauty of intention
Increases its wergeld.

Let my Allah add your good deeds
That you do after the holiday
To the good deeds of [the month of] Ramadan.

Make your ascent
Not in silver
But in gold. [silver==matter; gold=spiritual meaning]

If you add flour to yeast,
Its dough grows,
It takes appropriate form.
If you add water,
It stays in its own hal.

Have you ever seen
Public square's tree with fruit?
Of course it can not be seen [with fruit],
Because humans do not let. [they eat the fruits...]
[however,] If you put guard by the tree,
Nobody touches with hand.
Human is like that too:
If you do not claim the ownership of your heart,
If you are not its guard,
It goes to wilderness. [it is wasted]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

7 December 1970

I am Mevlana.
Omar says:
Wool ball belongs to the one who winds [it].
Worry belongs to the one who occupies him/herself with [it],
[worry belongs] To the one who puts it on him/herself as load.

Irrelevant word happens in human.
Building of the wall,
Human laying stone incorrectly
Is repaired.
What comes from us is not empty [is not for nothing];
[with our spiritual teachings] Empty side of the human is filled,
Says Omar.

The one who knows to eat, the one who learns to sleep,
Will also know to conform.

I am next to HIS each human
Who burns with HIS deep love.
I am in the direction of the one who does not burn:
I keep on turning [around him/her],
I hold light for the one who does not burn,
I give fire.

Each human of my Allah
Deserves beauty.

Without having word [permission] from his/her/its Owner,
Do not say [bad] word to HIS entrusted one;
His/her/its owner is The Creator,
The entrustee is the one who looks after.

If it is not soft,
[then] You add water to its dough, you soften [it].
[however,] Do not forget that, water is not added to dough
At once:
It is added drop by drop,
How dough comes to hand, is watched.
It does not soften by hitting, kneading.
[analogy: we give our spiritual water to make humans soft, spiritually mature; however, our water is to be taken sip by sip]

[spiritual] Maturity suppresses anger.

"Come Omar," is said,
HIS justice is asked about.
My foot is not dusty,
What I drink is not icy.
Let me tell you:
I am Omar.
Human creates the justice him/herself,
Similarly, he/she ruins [it] him/herself.
What did you take from him/her, what did you give to him/her so that
You said word about his/her wool ball?
"To take" as well as "to give" is from Allah.

The one who knows his/her mistake, signs his/her [own] pardon.
When human judges him/herself,
Then it means that he/she signs [his/her pardon].

To say, "Let me live [on this] world as I know,
Let me see the other side when I wish,"
Is irrelevant.

To say,
"Let me say word, let me write writing,
Let me look at the other world,"
Brings human to the door of examination.

In food, in work: in common with the spouse...

The prayer that is not right [reasonable] is returned [not accepted].

Konya is not the loom of hopeless people. [Konya is a town in Anatolia where Mevlana lived, and his tomb is] [Konya is not a town that produces hopeless people]
If faithful humans become one,
If their hopes are broken [lost],
The plain of Haymana [Haymana is the plain where Konya is]
Becomes [a] counter for them,
Gives water for their worries.

The biggest plain of Anatolia.
A counter that big
Brings the hope of hopeless people,
Answers all of them. [is sufficient for all of them]
Do not be hopeless,
Find the counter.
The one who searches, comes,
His/her counter is very big.
[even] If the grain of the sand
Is equal to each one of the human, [even if the number of humans is as big as number of grains in sand]
His/her worry is still seen,
His/her counter is set up.

There is no direction of the saint:
He/she is turned to all directions.

Similar to your temperament, your heart opens, [your heart door opens according to your thoughts, intentions, behaviors]
Similar to your heart, your door [to after earth life] [opens].

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

8 December 1970

I am Mevlana.
Let your curiosity be about the moment.
Even from that
You get free of [it] in the moment you take shelter in your Allah.
The biggest shelter is in my Allah.
Our trust is in my Allah.
The One Who loves us [is] my Allah.
Human's love for human
[is because of] His/her respect to my Allah.
Human's respect to human
[is because of] Superior good manners.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.].

12 December 1970

I am Mevlana.
Numan says,
Our water is from the ocean, [ocean==God]
Our word is from Allah.
We said, we said, [we chatted]
We loved the one who claimed the ownership of our word
From heart.
We loved all [humans].
However, the one who claims the ownership of our word
Is the one who erases his/her ego,
[is the one who] Looks after the one that is given.
[however,] Do not say,
"If you do not look after, he/she stays halfway through." [he/she stays without protection, not knowing which way to go]
Why does he/she stay [halfway through]?
My Allah favors [protects] HIS human who stays.

Human does not become slave of human.
No hand is given to the one who does [become slave].
Our path is not shown
To the one who forces [one] to be [slave].
Command is not from us but from my Allah,
From The Owner of the universe.

One should hold hand in hand,
One should say, "From my Allah,"
One should embrace while loving.

Learn not the silver thread,
But to embrace.
Learn not to ask,
But to see.
Learn not the event,
But [the one that happens] after [the event].

You say "appropriate" for the fruit:
Let it be soft [ripe], let it come to mouth [tastily]. [you choose the ripe one as the the appropriate one of the fruit]
Why do you use the word immaturely?
Do not search maturity only
In heart, on day:
Reach maturity in tongue also.
My Allah set up such a structure:
HE said "door" for the mouth.
You think about the ripeness of the one entering [the mouth],
Then why do you not make the one that goes out, mature [too]?
It is easy to say, "I am like this."
The tasty one of food is the one that is cooked
Not easily but difficultly.

My Allah is the only door that should be trusted.
Not my persona,
But my being is entrusted [to me] by HIM.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel