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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 30

14 November 1970

I am Mevlana.
The ones who know to take,
The ones who set the intention:
Let them know that 'to make the intention conform' is duty.
We became ready, we came to the nest [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
Not to fill the [our] jug
But to give to you.
Our jug is already full.
What is meant by 'to take'
Is not earth merchandise,
Is not the state of the day, [it is not chatting about the current state of earth]
But it is the path to after earth life.
Why did I come, is it not to give?
What do you wait for [in order] to take?

Winding of wool ball, [==living on earth while experiencing different events as test...]
Each human's bending [? Each human's submission [to God] ?]
Is in accordance with his/her body power.
[on the other hand, spiritual] Education shows heart power.
To educate [is] from me,
To take [is] from you.

Is the weed useful, or the mulberry?
The places of all of them are separate. [the place of each one is different]
Weed may also be cure,
Human's life is saved.
"Mulberry is fruit," you say,
You pass [it] like that. [you take it easy, you do not pay much attention to it]
[however,] You forget [about] its leaf:
How then do you wrap yourself in silk? [do not forget that silk is made from the leaves of the mulberry trees]

If a minority says, think;
If the majority says, join.
Separation [disagreement] misleads,
The one who says, "I/me," is always mistaken,
He/she looks bewildered.
If you say, "Does the general public always say the right [thing]?"
I say, "It is majority,
Mostly [most of the time] it does not make mistake."

On the day when I put on my "mest," [mest=a light, thin-soled boot (worn indoors or inside shoes)]
On the day when I took my jug,
I distributed my [spiritual] water.
I gave to the one who took
Not as much as I could give,
But as much as he/she could take.
Giving [is] endless,
Taking [is] as much as your power.

Tiredness makes one quit the path halfway through.
[however,] On my Allah's path,
There is no such tiredness,
There is no fatigue in human's heart.

I obeyed my Allah's command, I came,
I am Mevlana, I took word. [I joined the chat]

Pine tree is beautiful.
Its summer [is] different, its winter [is] different;
Its sound [is] different, its fruit [is] different.
"Let us be without smoke," I said,
I begged my Allah.
We could not be like pine,
We could not give soft sound.
The sound of the pine is so beautiful,
However, it is [also a] sad [sound].

If you are patch on cloth,
If you cover his/her [? your ?] shame,
Your name is still "patch." [your value may not be known]
Word does not fall onto the one who knows HIS path. [however, the one on the right path knows the value of the patch, and does not talk badly about it]
If cloth is new, there is no need for [any] patch.
Let no word be said about [a] patch [that is] on old cloth.

If you say, "Is emotion [a] giving of Allah?"
Is there anything that is not Allah's giving?
However, if you mix your emotion with your logic,
Then you find the medium.
[on the other hand,]
If logic is at one place,
[and if] Earth [is] at another place,
Then you get everything mixed up [in your mind].

Path is necessary to walk,
Cloth [is necessary] to be worn.

If you put in cage the same kind of bird,
They show ego. [if you put in the cage two birds of the same kind, they show their ego [they fight]]
If you put bird in front of the mirror,
It does not know that it is itself,
It keeps on fluttering, it eats itself. [it tries to harm its image]

I am Mevlana.
'To love' is not the artwork of Mevlana:
When earth was being set up,
My Allah gave love too.
Yet human can give [love]
As much as his/her heart power is.
Mevlana could not fit the love
Into his earth body.
I went [to after earth life], I arrived [in Allah],
I still can not find its end.
Do not say, "Only you?"
How much [big] is his heart so that Mevlana says word? [heart is so small as compared to eternal love, Mevlana can not even describe [it]]

One does not arrive in Allah
By jumping into fire,
By burning his/her hand.

It is more useful to be next to the one that is founded
Than to be the founder of the assembly.
The founder should say what is useful to say;
The one who listens should screen [sieve] [it],
He/she should separate [take] the one that conforms to his/her logic.

I am Hazrat Ali, I came.
To start the word does not happen
By passing through the heart.
Hearts [are] always in human[s].
My Allah [is] in tongue.
Is HE in tongue?
[no, HE is] In heart! [Allah should be in human's heart, not in his/her tongue [only]]

[Hazrat Ali continues]
My saying to you is three words:
Run away from "less, more, lie,"
If you wish to mature [spiritually].

The one who takes, takes as much as his/her jug [can take].
Be careful, do not hit the stone:
Jug breaks. [jug may break.]
Let the one who has jug think.
Source of the fountain is in the saint, [the fountain's spiritual water comes from the saint]
Saint's hand is in HIS rose. [HIS rose=Prophet Mohammad]

I am Mevlana.
Hazrat Ali came, wandered around, went back,
He greeted, he went, permission is that much.
What he says is open [clear].
Less, [and] more are harmful [if you want] to go to the meydan:
If you walk less, you can not arrive,
If you walk more, you can not find.
[Hazrat Ali also said that]
Lie [not telling the truth] does not give smoke to heart,
It throws the heart into the smoke.

Our wool ball is wound on earth,
[while being wound,] It is covered with various dust[s].
If you knit like that, its color is distorted [changed].
Let you shake its dust;
However, let you be careful while shaking its dust,
Let it not smudge anywhere else. [do not cause the dust to go to another wool ball]

Path is taken by conforming,
Strength is taken by leaning on.
If you say, "Let me not fall, let me hold on to you,"
If you push the other one,
Then my Allah does not give consent.

I said about "patch," I gave example.
Human who is ashamed of his/her patch
Can not find the one that is patch-less,
Can not wear [patch-less cloth] during the lifetime.
[patch is an] Addition, however, it covers his/her shame.
If there is no patch, he/she walks around ragged.

Let human not be ashamed of human,
Let him/her not say, "You are patch."
There is no patch for human from human;
The one who says [the opposite] does not conform to Allah's command.
[however,] It is necessary to conform.

Human has no life debt to human.
Human has no water debt to human.
Human has no God-given share debt to human.
If you say, "Why not?"
[because] The Giver is my Allah,
[yet] It is distributed by the hand of the human.
It should not be said, "I nourished [him/her] according to his/her wool ball,"
[because] It is not appropriate.

Nobody enters anybody's God-given share as partner.
Of course,
The God-given share of the wool ball is given at birth [time].
The God-given share of the one who says word about the wool ball
Is lessened.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

16 November 1970

I am Mevlana.
There should not be any place in soft home
For bitter word.
One should watch his/her mouth. [one should not break heart with words]

To say [bad] word about
To the one who eats his/her food,
To the one who says, "I became mother,"
Is revolt against my Allah.
[this warning is] To gentlemen, to ladies,
[to whomever] Who says [bad] word to HIS human.

Traveler walks according to the path on which he/she is;
Nobody's power is enough to change anybody.
If human's power is sufficient, he/she gives to his/her child.
For that [reason], one should go according to his/her temperament.
I am saying to the one who distorts his/her path,
To the one who puts smoke in the heart.

Let the one whose hand reaches the grapevine
Pick grape.
Let the one whose power is enough to cut
Prune the vineyard.

If he/she does not say about his/her own property, "The brave one's," [it belongs to the brave one/if he/she does not brag about him/herself]
If he/she does not throw [stone with] slingshot to human's heart,
[then] Neither does he/she occupy him/herself with sorrow,
Nor does he/she break the heart of the human.

Be the "opening human" of the passing one:
Open the door so that he/she enters.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

19 November 1970

I am Mevlana.
The food of the heart: worship.
Heart is nourished with worship.

To hope is to trust.
To trust is to believe.

If it happens according to your wish,
Do not say, "Thanks to my wrist." [thanks to my efforts, I made it true myself]
If it happens badly,
Do not say, "Bad."
[because good or bad,] Whatever comes, it comes from my Allah.

[spiritual] Maturity is in heart,
Not in hand,
Nor in tongue,
Nor in writing,
Nor in pen...

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

20 November 1970

I am Mevlana.
If we are human, what a happiness.
If we are blind, forgive [us] my Allah.
We are human of my Allah,
We can not become servant of human,
We can not turn to the one who says, "Be [servant of human]."

Human walks [on] HIS path for Allah,
Not for the sake of the [other] human.
Consideration is for the one who knows [HIM],
Who says, "My Life."

If public order is correct, one finds tranquility;
If public order is bad, one finds revolt.
At the end, justice finds its place,
Justice of HAK does not make mistake.

[when it comes to justice:] Do not say, "More or less," [when it comes to justice, you must be sure/precise, otherwise]
It cuts at the place where it is. [it cuts at the wrong place/wrong justice hurts wrongly]
Whoever is in command,
The responsible one is him/her.
Stubborn human's command
Harms him/herself.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

23 November 1970

I am Mevlana.

My Yunus says:
Of course one arrives in my Allah with [through] heart.
However, heart is nourished with heart,
Heart is nourished with worship.
To please heart [is] one good deed.
[however,] To break heart takes away [erases] one thousand good deeds.

HIS each human loves my Allah.
You say, "Religious fanatic,"
If you ask him/her, "My Allah," he/she says,
He/she starts wailing,
He/she puts stone[s] on the path[s] of many humans.

The most convenient one of intention[s]
Is the one that is [set] in the name of my Allah.

I am Mevlana.
In [the case of an] event, if each human searches the fault in him/herself,
Its solution stays in hand, [he/she would find the fault in him/herself]
[its solution] Does not cross over the wall, [another person is not blamed]
No voice goes up.

Omar says:
I came to earth,
I knew that I was human of my Allah.
I took human of my Allah as spouse.
Her word to me,
My word to her should be soft so that
I am on the path of my Allah.
If in the summer of the season[s] I say, "Let it be winter,"
If I give suffering to HIS human,
Would I be on the path of my Allah?
When going, do I arrive next to HIM? [when I migrate to after earth life, can I reach Allah?]

Do not get out of the right, of the justice:
The one that you do not take from yourself, do not request [it] from someone else. [for something that you would not like it to be taken from you, do not ask someone else to give his/her thing]

You, you did not know you,
You, you did not solve me.
You, if you know you,
Then you do not stay incapable of solving me.

If you know that every event is from my Allah,
Then you do not put the doubt in your heart.

You, do not deny you!
You, do not deny me!
The moment in which you deny yourself,
Then you deny me too.

I said:
In imagination, you,
In The Reality, us.
There is no wall for us:
Neither building wall
Nor life wall.
Life wall: body.

You came to earth:
Do not say, "I/me,"
Say, "You."
Do not say, "Life,"
If you wish to arrive in my Allah,
Do not see yourself at [a] high [place]. [be humble]

Learn 'to love' from the one who/that comes from my Allah.
Is it not my Allah's command?
Love! Love! Love!
What is essential is
Not 'to want'
But 'to do.'
Each human wants to arrive in his/her Allah.
In order to arrive [in HIM], one should learn to turn to HIM,
One should know to love and love HIS creation[s]...

Path is
Not the path of Garib
But the path of my Allah.
Writing, living, [saints usually use the word 'writing' for the teachings of ONEness of HEARTs...]
Vision, knowing [vision==to see HIM in HIS creations; knowing==to know The Meaning]
Are appropriate.
Each human lives according to his/her vision.
[Previous verses mean also the following:
? Writing is appropriate for living,
Vision [is appropriate] for knowing.
Each human lives according to his/her vision. ?]

Let it not be forgotten:
My Allah sees each event,
HE separates the one who is right.
It is irrelevant to speak in vain.
Human is incapable of doing what he/she wishes.

Garib's path is my Allah's path,
Her hand is ours.
If you say, "Stone," her [? HIS ?] path is clean.
[Mevlana used to write the chats using Garib's hand]

Human's power is not sufficient for human:
No weed grows at the place that he/she wishes. [human can not even make weed grow]

Do not search your smoke in your opponent:
No harm comes from human to human
If he/she is turned to his/her Allah.
[when he/she is turned to his/her Allah:]
If you give not basket but leaf,
If you please his/her heart with a pinch of leaf [leaves],
He/she rejoices.
What else is wished?

Knew her Allah,
Reached HIS secret.
She became silent about what was not permitted.
Permission is until the meydan.
Beyond that is secret.
ITS solution is not in hand,
Is not in the hand of human.

I am Mevlana.
What did you wind your wool ball with,
What did you conform to,
Whom did you see,
What did you love?
My Allah is loved with HIS givings. [Allah is loved by loving HIS creations]

Faithful human shows wisdom
Even in [the case of a] fault.

I am Mevlana.
Say to the one who says to you:
I expect beauty even from greening weed.
If he/she says,
"Rose is of course beautiful,
What does the greening weed have [as beautiful]?"
Say [to him/her], "Beauty became blanket,
Covered the soil." [think of the fields that look green thanks to weeds]

Give "to take" to the good direction, [concentrate in perceiving in the good direction]
[then] Help is from my Allah;
Even that, my Allah makes it God-given share,
And that is [a] favor of my Allah to human.

Let it not be forgotten:
Do not say, "I/me."
The one who says, "I/me,"
Resembles the mole [beauty spot] that occurs on the face:
If it gets wild, it is taken [by surgery],
If it gets long, it thickens [and looks ugly].

One should say, "Thank YOU [my Allah]," for his/her God-given share.
One should not say, "I came to a place, let me stop."
We came to walk.
Rule your logic with your heart.
Deficiency is not with earth matter,
It does not lessen you.
[what is important is spiritual maturity, and earth matter being more or less does not affect one's spiritual maturity]
One should not conform him/herself to corruption. [one should stay away from corruption]
One should not run after the one that is imaginary [i.e. earth matter]
To die for [it]. [one should not be obsessed with what is on earth]

Come, let us laugh,
Let us gather rose,
Let us give [the right] path.
Let us drink [spiritual] water
As much as one can drink,
As much as the palm of the hand can be filled.
[water] How much ever it flows,
[only] Sip comes to mouth,
[even that much] It washes, purifies [spiritually].

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

25 November 1970

I am Mevlana.
If there was no mistake, then there would not be any "coming to one's senses,"
Human could not separate curved [wrong] from straight [right].

You asked for the description of "I/me."
From self, 'I/me' is taken [out].
What does one do when there is [a] wound in the body?
'I/me' resembles the wound [that is] in body:
If knife is necessary, it is applied [surgery is performed], it is cleaned,
It is cured.
And this is found appropriate for HIS human
Who is deemed worthy of my Allah's favor.
Let the wound not be in heart.

I am Mevlana.
My coming
Is not 'entertainment of heart,'
Is not 'to cry for earth events.'

Numan says:
Let the giving of God-given share not mislead human,
Let him/her not say, "What will happen?"
The coming of what will happen
Is seen by the person who threw the doubt away.

Meydan is human's,
Human is path's,
Path is my Allah's.

Tree bends when it is young,
It is [may be] turned to the direction that is wanted.
[however,] Once years pass, you can not bend [it anymore].
If you lean against [it], it breaks.
For that [reason], do not say word on [after/about] years:
Do not reproach the spouse for his/her spouse.

Mirror to [for] the one who looks,
Fire to [for] the one who ignites,
Path to [for] the one who walks.

Do not see anybody as superior to anybody.
Human does not know superiority.
You do not separate [discriminate].

There is no mystery:
The one who pleads [with HIM] according to his/her intention, [the one who prays to God about his/her intention]
Sees the result as bright.

If you are not rebellious,
If you do not deny,
Why is the fear? [then why do you fear from God?]

Each step takes farther.
HIS earth is earth's, [? HIS earth is your place, [you get your spiritual level on HIS earth] ?]
Your heart is yours,
My Allah is all humans'.

On earth, each event takes always forward.
Is there [any one that takes] backwards? None.

I already said, wound occurs, it is cleaned,
New flesh comes to its place.
That human is nourished from another path.

My Yunus says:
The wound that opens in human
Resembles the volcano that is on earth:
It throws away the microbe that is in body,
It cleans and it closes [heals].
[however,] The wound that continues to drain receives treatment from the body.
Rebellious humans
Resemble the wound that is not treated.
If human says in the moment when he/she makes mistake,
"Have mercy,"
He/she receives help, his/her wound is treated.
[however,] If he/she says,
"Leave me [alone],
I know myself,"
His/her treatment delays.
Voila at that time, he/she comes to death.
Let my Allah give adequate heart
To HIS rebellious humans.
Let death awaken them.
Even if it is on earth,
When one stays in wound [when one has some wound]
Is it living, while waiting until one's [migration] day comes, [how would you call that 'living'?]
[is it living] While suffering hell torment on earth?
Even when my Allah gives that torment,
HE still thinks of HIS human and gives:
Maybe he/she turns, he/she finds HIS path,
He/she opens his/her hand, he/she says, "My Allah." [to open hand==to pray to God]

Our pleading [with HIM]: let human not fall in that kind of torment.

My Lofty Allah
WHO needs neither force nor horror,
WHO embraces HIS humans with HIS love;
Let us be Your human.
Let us know that YOU give, [? Let us know What YOU give, ?]
Let us conform to God-given share of the wool ball
With beautiful word[s].
Let us love, let us be loved,
Let us not say, "He/she [? HE ?] does not love."
Let us believe in the what comes from my Allah
Without doubt.

Earth word
Makes known that one pleads,
Makes one reach my Allah.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel