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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 29

19 October 1970

I am Mevlana.
If wool ball is soft
And if pleading is with The Lofty One,
Then it becomes
Not consolation
But ladder to arrival [in HIM].
The one who does not use [any] ladder, climbs with what?

Leave the mirror at the place where it is.
Look only yourself,
Do not consult with the one who comes next to you;
Do not expect help from his/her breath.
The One Who will give you is my Allah.
Expect from HIM only,
Add this prayer:
"I said, 'What YOU give is right,'
I turned my day to YOU,
I begged
Not Your human
But YOU.
For what will happen, I said:
It is
Not what Your human gives
But what YOU give, [and]
I threw the fear away from my top. [I got rid of the fear]
I took shelter in YOU, I pleaded with YOU like that.
I threw my doubt away from my inside, my Allah."

Know to get yourself out of the smoke.
Do not try to give hand to HIS human, [and] say,
"Hold my hand,
Disperse my smoke."
If it was in his/her hand,
He/she would disperse his/her own smoke.
What does human give to human
If my Allah has not given as God-given share?

Woodwork's beauty is
Not because of the chisel
But because of the skill of the chiseler.
Each one who takes the wood in his/her hand chisels.
Yet the one who has skill, gives his/her artwork.
The one who has no skill, he/she damages even the clog.
If you say, "[that is] Because of the one who teaches,"
The one who teaches, shows to hundred persons,
[however, only] One person learns.

Our forehead is written, [writing that is on the forehead==destiny]
Our place is engraved,
Our eye is covered.
[yet] If our heart is soft,
Our [heart] curtain is pulled up.

No silver is necessary for grapevine;
No frame is necessary for prayer.
What does the grapevine give? Wine.
Look for the ripe one.
Whether you drink the wine from [a] earthenware jug
Or from [a] silver glass, [its taste:] it does not change.
Prayers do not enter [a] frame,
They do not stay in one measure.
Day comes, human can not stop him/herself from praying.
Day comes, he/she can not turn his/her heart to one side.
If so, how can you put frame?
Saying, "My prayer time,"
Do you sit in front of the 'imam'? [imam=leader of the ritual prayer]
I say openly:
You say everyday, "It is my duty,
I read this prayer, [I read] that prayer."
You put frame to what? [? Why do you put frame? ?]

What mirror shows is your face,
What looks in the mirror is your eye.
Give value
Not to the one that shows
But to the one that looks.
If you only look at your face, [? If you only look at its [the mirror's] face, ?]
You do not see the one who/that comes.

The one who values
Not throwing away,
But selling
[he/she] Thinks about him/herself.
The one who puts on sale the merchandise that would be thrown away
Suffers the loss him/herself.
'To cheat' is human's delusion.
"I cheated," he/she says, he/she rejoices,
[however,] He/she forgets that he/she is deceived ten times [more].
Do never feel sorry saying, "They cheated me,"
Because my Allah takes ten times more by some means
From the one who says, "I cheated [him/her],"
HE gives [it] to the one
Who is deceived, [and] who says, "Allah is The Most Generous One."

Shouting resembles thunder;
The rain that it will give, it gives with anger.
Cloud hits cloud.
The rain that rains quietly
Is so lovely.
I gave example, I showed example.
Which one is useful:
The rain that rains noisily,
[or] The rain that rains quietly?
The one that rains noisily, pours down at once, torrent occurs.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

21 October 1970

I am Mevlana.
Our nest is open to all [humans], [nest=home; nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
Our hand [is open] to The Lofty One. [to open hand==to pray to God]
The path of the garden opens
To the heart of the ones who come,
To the rose of the ones who love.

Even if the going of the path is uphill,
Even if human gets tired while climbing,
When he/she arrives at the flatness,
When he/she looks around,
He/she sees the beauties with all his/her power,
He/she gives their value.
Of course one arrives.
There is a stop [rest area] of each upward slope.
[spiritual] Maturity makes one arrive at the stop.

Leaf does not fill space when it is small,
It does not cover its branch.
Yet when it grows, it does not show its branch. [it covers the branch, and the branch can not be seen]
If you say, "What does that mean?"
It does not take its root as example for itself.
"I covered my branch too,
I did not leave [my branch] uncovered," it says.

The one who knows [how] to love, [he/she] wishes to be loved.

Mesnevi says,
"The most effective advice is the one that is given
After making known that he/she is faithful, that Allah loves him/her."
If you say,
"How do we know, [and] tell him/her that my Allah loves?"
My Allah has endless love for HIS each creation,
For HIS each human.
Exception does not occur. [there is no exception]
My Allah does not separate HIS human from HIS human. [my Allah does not discriminate between HIS humans]
The one who separates is human.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

23 October 1970

I am Mevlana.
On soft ground,
Soft human is necessary.

Is it difficult
That the home is smokeless,
That softness is wished?
Smoke is in human, in him/herself.

Earth load:
One should know to keep away [from it],
One should stand far away [from it].
If you say, "Is it in hand?" [can one control it?]
Of course it is in hand!
If one does not say word about silver, [silver==matter; gold==spiritual meaning] [if one is not obsessed with matter]
If it is not found insufficient, [if one is happy with his/her God-given share, one does not complain about it, one is thankful to God]
If it is said, "Let my wool ball be on HIS path,
Let it come as much as my Allah gives," [I am content with my God-given share]
Then one stays far away from smoke.
Let us come to word, [let you follow our advice]
Let us ascend to flatness.

Human's fear is from "not arriving [in his/her Allah]."
Mirror shows your face,
Your earth eye shows.
You saw, you knew that it is for you,
Then why do you fear?
Human's creation [is] equal
Not to earth
But to universe.
What was the universe created for?
For human.
My Allah Who gave/gives so much blessing[s] to HIS human,
Would HE withhold HIS forgiveness [from HIS human]?
Does The One
WHO gives the day,
WHO gathers the night,
Not have light
For HIS human's fault,
[for HIS human's] Smoky path?

[spiritual] Maturity is
In loving,
In rolling up the fault,
In putting [it] to [a] high [place], [in putting the fault away from the eye in order to hide it]
In forgetting the one that passed.

There is no human without fault.
The right one is not found
Without falling in fault. [without making mistake]

If the human who is mistaken, stands before you desperately,
You feel sorry.
Let you see yourself
Not at [a] high [place]
But at the place where you are. [do not let yourself experience complex of superiority]
I do not say to one [person], I say to all [humans].
Do not say that I beat with word[s];
If you call the one that is said rightly, as beating,
Then you can not find the right one.

The sound of the home stays at home,
The decoration of the wall stays on the wall.
If it is not like that, then there would be no need for home.

Word is not added to word. [one does not talk back/do not argue/be wise]

Each event is not seen as big. [events should not be exaggerated]

If there is mistake,
The wise one is the one who forgives.
If you saw [the mistake],
If you covered [closed] your one eye,
"You became soft,
You found HIS path," I say.

Ripe fruit comes to hand,
Unripe fruit stays on branch.
Do you say, "Why did it not come to hand?"

Beauty is not in ground, stone
But everywhere.
When it rains,
When it falls onto the soil,
Soil greens,
[soil] Shows the beauty like that.

Grapevine grows, gives shade.
When the trunk that is on ground
Becomes food additive, [gives fruit]
That one is loved too,
It is eaten gladly.

Birth is beautiful,
[however,] One should know to come to his/her senses.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

28 October 1970

I am Mevlana.
To hope is beautiful for the one
Who knows to wait,
Who reaches spiritual maturity.

Do not search straight path like in the example of egg,
[and] Hit [a] stone and break.
If you say, "Is searching [straight path] bad?"
If you take shelter in your Allah,
You do not enter [a] curved [wrong] path in the first place.
There is human:
"Put me on the straight path,
Let me roll like in the example of egg," he/she says.
While rolling, it does not see the stone, [? While rolling, he/she does not see the stone, ?]
It hits, [and] breaks. [? He/she hits, [and] breaks. ?]
The one who leans on strong tree
Does not know [about] hitting,
He/she does not hit and break.

What you wish to take,
Do not rush [it]. [be patient]
If shoe is bought while rushing,
It is either tight or loose.
If you rush your food [if you cook in a hurry]
Either it stays uncooked or it burns.
When one takes shelter in his/her Allah:
[your God-given share] It stands on the path,
"I am your God-given share," it says,
It becomes yours whether you want [it] or not,
It comes better than what you hoped for.

I love my Allah's humans.
Let us say, "Amen," let us be prayerful.
We came from my Allah,
We ate what HE gave.
We were born, thanks to YOU we grew up,
We learned to say, "Thank YOU."
Let my Allah be pleased
With the one who sees, who shows,
With the one who knows and says.
Let HIM make us consume our breath while remembering HIS name.
Let HIM show the arrival by making [us] reach HIS LIGHT.
We said, "Amen," we have been prayerful.
Thank YOU my Allah, we reached Your God-given share.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

1 November 1970

I am Mevlana.
Nice is our nest, [nice is] our air. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
We took path, we greeted.
We set up the congregation, we came.
We reached spiritual maturity on earth day.
We loved to be full [of love],
We longed for [HIM] to die for,
We perceived HIS BEING in heart.

If [spiritual] maturation occurred according to your wish,
Then there would be no need for the word of the saint.
[spiritual] Maturation occurs according to HIS path,
According to the heart of the human.

Neither does the intention conform to the one that comes,
Nor does the path hear the one that goes.
The one that hears is heart, [? The heart that hears, ?]
The one that loves is heart. [? The heart that loves. ?]

Did Meryem set intention, [Meryem=Virgin Mary]
Did she throw her child who was born
Into the well?
She added the path to her God-given share.
She consulted, she chatted,
She took strength from The Lofty One.
She knew to take.
The one who knows to come to his/her senses
Is the one who knows to ask.
If you say, "Whom do I ask?"
Consult with my Allah,
[then] Wait without [any] doubt.
You see that HE opens HIS path to you,
HE sends [you] your [? HIS ?] guide.
However, human calls this as coincidence.
What is it that you call coincidence?

Motherhood wants [requires] patience,
Fatherhood wishes for [requires] being ready.
If you say, "What does that mean?"
[you talk as] If being father was easy...
[if] Blood circulation does not conform,
[then] Child does not take name from the father.
"Is this the one who knows to mature [spiritually]?" you say. [are fathers spiritually mature humans?]
Each path does not arrive at the same meydan.
The one who becomes father, does not stay away from home.
Fatherhood lies
Not in name,
But in the power of the one who gives his name.
The father who agrees to take from heart
Should [also] accept "to give" with his whole personality.
To wait misleads.

Omar says,
You should be proud of what you can give to your child,
Not of what you can take.
My Allah created.
HE connected human's path to HIMself.
HE gave his/her [? HIS ?] guide to his/her hand.
Cling, walk.
If you do not cling, look for the mistake in yourself;
Do not lay hand on someone else. [do not blame someone else]

Who puts the water aside?
If you put [it] in basket, it leaks,
Fill [it] in jug so that it finds its place,
So that the ones who come from the path rejoice for the going.

Waiting of human from human is faulty:
Wish to Allah for the path of your God-given share.
HE opens your [? HIS ?] path,
HE makes HIS human, cause. [when one wishes to Allah, HE makes the wish come true by using other humans as intermediary]

Melon is not planted in vineyard.
Grapevine's shade is not enough for human.
The tree that takes water abundantly, grows,
Gives shade.
Olive [tree] is loved because of its yield,
Plane tree [is loved] because of its shade,
Pine [is loved] because of its trunk.
Vegetable: daily, seasonal,
Tree: yearly.
[everything is] At its place, orderly.
Human power is not enough to change.

At the place where there is vegetable, weed does not grow,
Because human does not let [it grow].

The yield at the place where the field is large, [and]
The yield at the place where the field is narrow [small]
Is not one [the same].
At the narrow [small] place the yield is more.

The field of the tree should be large:
Its power should be enough to give its branch[es]. [the area where the tree's roots are should be large so that it takes enough food to grow its branches...]

One should conform the going of the foot to his/her wool ball.

One should celebrate the coming [beginning] of holy [month of] Ramadan.
Let its going [its end] conform to the coming too,
Let it be celebrated with joy [also]. Amen.
Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

5 November 1970

I am Mevlana.
So nice [is] our path,
Beautiful [is] our heart.

The tale of the wool ball is not the destiny.
The Reality is seen in the mirror,
The tale is lived in the dream.
In dream it is a life with emulation. [? The dream is also a life with emulation. ?]
During the day you spend your strength,
You live like that.
During the day, you live for body,
During the night, [you live] for your spirit.
The proof of the spirit is also a little bit in the dream.
And human's dream
Shows his/her heart structure.

Every human's worry is his/her child.
One should know to share his/her [child's] worry.
One should be
Not like [a] sledgehammer holder by his/her [child's] head,
But friend.
One should know to be soft.
Not 'once like that, once like this.' [parent should be consistent...]
If he/she does not take your word,
[then] Try soft path.
Talk about
Not [physical] maturity
But spiritual maturity.

Search, find, see; love, love, love.
Love without waiting [to be loved],
Love without being loved,
Love for my Allah.
Love so that you are loved.

Let you teach [how] to love.
If you love the one who does not love,
[then] You bring [him/her] to the right path,
You awaken him/her too.
Do you know how beautiful it is
To love the one who does not love,
To give to the one who does not give?
'To see' is this,
'To take' is this!
To reach spiritual maturity is this!
By reaching spiritual maturity, you get free of earth load,
You find yourself.

Do you know what "to find Oneself" is?
If you do not know Yourself, do [can] you solve?
To count is not enough [to solve].
Think of the fruit,
From fruit[s], [think of the] orange.
You take one ball [of orange], you peel its rind.
You open [separate] the slices.
If you separate the membrane of the slice,
[then] Its fibers are left in your hand.
The orange is that.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel