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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 2


To bring [the universe] into being, to make revolve,
To make rotate from the day, [to make rotate to let the day and the night occur]
To make [one] turn to the convenient path
[is] The work of Allah.
Victorious path,
Convenient human.

Leg of the table
Becomes the support of the faithful human.
I do not say about beating,
I say about support.
To get stronger,
To give strength to the one who is right [correct] is from Allah.
The one that Allah gives,
The one that HE says about, "Let [it] be!"
Human can not turn [change it],
[human] Can not take [him/her/it] out of the convenient path.
Let us bow to Allah's command,
Let us say for what happens,
"It came from Allah."

Let it be God-given share,
Let HIM give fortune [luck].
Let stove smoke,
Let food cook,
Let one enter the convenient path.

Our path is traced.
"God-given share," is said.
When its day comes,
When time is up,
Let us set up nest.
See the meaning, the nest as soft.

Put the patch on the quilt.
Don't make [it] in excess [of your foot], [do not make the quilt too long, longer than necessary]
Do not make [your foot] overflow, [do not make the quilt too short either]
Extend [your] foot according to [the length of the] quilt.
Morsel is needed to swallow.
Grapevine is needed to hold.

To sadden the heart,
To say, "What is my end?"
Is in vain.
His/her end is connected to his/her head. [head==mind, one's intentions/actions...] [his/her end depends on how he/she behaves on earth]
His/her path is tied to the convenient day.
I saw
His/her path,
The heart of the faithful human
As good deed.

We see the [spiritually] mature one, [? We see what happened, ?]
We hear in moment.

There is no "to find first, to love later."

Grandpa [Mevlana] belongs to all of you.

Omar says,
"To love"
Shows that human's heart is open.
We open [take] loving human's wish to my Allah.

What my Allah says, happens.
What happens, is seen. [? The one who matures [spiritually] is seen. ?]

In order to understand
Should one get out of The Meaning and become matter?

Do not exaggerate the event.
Say, "With it, I wished for the one that is convenient." [I wished whatever is convenient in this situation]
Be prayerful.
Allah gives what is good deed,
HE makes goals be attained.

Wish for your mother's prayer
As well as her goal in her prayer.
Take her prayer so that you laugh [smile],
[so that] You are in both worlds. [both worlds==earth life and after earth life].
Mother's [prayer]
Is the most welcome of the prayers.
When your path ends, [when you migrate to after earth life]
When you are called to account, [when interrogation takes place at the time of migration to after earth life]
When the judicial court is set up, it is asked [said]:
The one who took mother's prayer,
[the one] Who made [mother's] face laugh.
Favor such human,
Deduct from his/her account, [lessen his/her debt/sins/negatives]
Show him/her the after earth life.

One bows to Allah's command.
One kneels before the mother.
What a happiness for the one who kneels,
Who kisses mother's hand on earth.

Let the one who asks from the day, find good deed.
Let Allah give [make true] the wish that is good deed.

In mouth: do not gossip;
In heart: do not make [a] blunder.

Do not be mistaken:
Do not say,
"He did not say according to my intention,
He did not tell me [fortune]."
There is no 'word to [for] you [only],'
Grandpa does not know to tell fortune. [grandpa==Mevlana]
We see the one who matures [spiritually], the one who opens heart.
We show him/her [HIS] path.
We know the one who wishes for the [HIS] path,
We give to the one who wishes.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]


I am Mevlana.
Human creates the evil.
He/she becomes enemy of his/her [own]
Side, direction, quilt.
He/she is not content with what Allah gives;
He/she covets the other human.
[such a person,] He/she has path to grudge. [he/she has tendency to have grudge against other humans]
He/she thinks badly.
What he/she thinks of, he/she does [it] on the [same] day.
The mistake [that is] in the wool ball [wool ball==lifetime on earth]
Throws him/her to the bad.
If he/she overcomes the badness,
If "HAK gives good deed," is said,
[then] Badness does not happen.
[because, badness] It does not come from Allah.
Allah punishes such human.
The one who is on HIS path, knows:
The Creator sees HIS creation.
Human does not know,
He/she can not distinguish between
The one who/that is right, [and] the one who/that is wrong.

We came to the nest, [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
We sat in the air,
We laughed, we said,
We made jokes.
We came, we sat,
We set up the congregation.
We presented, we washed [spiritually].
We said, "The Creator,"
We are enraptured by HIS deep love.

If we ask from the wool ball,
If we make from the bunch,
If we multiply the leaves of the roses,
Would that be [possible]?
I asked the ones
Who wind wool ball, [to wind wool ball==to live on earth]
Who hear me.
[let me answer:] It would not be [possible],
Human can not create the tree, the leaf.
[yet,] Human becomes the leaf of the [spiritual] tree.
He/she can not make any leaf, can not multiply [them].
If Allah gives permission,
[then] HE gives leaf to the tree as well as to the bunch,
[and] HE multiplies [them].

Let us return to our word [subject]:
I am the one who set up your congregation.
I called [you] to my path.
I am pleased with you.
Let my Allah be pleased [with you] too.
I go, I come,
I keep on returning.
I am on duty.
I went, I came,
I saw the one who is washed [spiritually].
If earth is big,
If its human is a lot, [if earth's humans are many]
If duties are given to us too,
Then to go, [and] to come,
To keep on returning
Are our duty.

Path [is] from the nest, [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
Help [is] from Allah.
If I walk, if I make walk: [that is] from Allah.
My going, my coming: [is] from Allah.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

January 1970

I am Mevlana.
I came to the [spiritually] washed one, [I came for the one who is spiritually purified]
I saw the event.
I said, "It is good deed."
To present [The spiritual Meaning],
To give soft human to [HIS] path
Is our duty that my Creator gave us.
[I am saying] To the one
Who is not worried,
Who does not get out of [HIS] path,
Who waits from Allah,
Who wishes his/her prayer directly [to God]:
Disperse your smoke!

Know that the one who matures [spiritually] is because of the sip. [sip==each chat/teaching of ONEness of HEARTs]
Believe that prayer gives way [leads you] to good deed.
Let you have no doubt,
Let him/her not know [it] from human: [he/she should not think that events happen because of humans]
The one that happens is from Allah.
My Allah gives good deed,
Human turns the direction. [human distorts]

Prayers find their place.
Do not ask [about] the end,
Wait for the day. [do not ask 'when?', allow some time for the prayer to come true]
I said about coming true [of prayers/wishes].

Air of the soft nest, [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
Let me find "the pure love" in the nest.
Let him/her sit at his/her home, let him/her read Ihlas. [Ihlas= 112th surah of Koran].
Let him/her wait for the good deed day.

I came after consulting,
I gave my path.
I reached the prayers.

In the feverish home,
I saw the feverish human.
Do not be sad,
Do not say, "Its end." [this is its end, there is nothing else to do]
At the beginning, [and] at the end of your prayer
Take shelter in the intercession of HIS prophet.
What I present is for all [humans],
Not [just] for one human.
Intercession [is] for all followers of Mohammad, [i.e. all humans]
Not for a group of humans.
We hoped, we wished.
We wished, we waited.
We did not doubt,
We took shelter in HIS Loftiness.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]


I am Mevlana.
Is surely the biggest key
[in order] To live earth [life] without worry.
WHOM is the hope from?
The one who hopes from [another] human
Is of course always mistaken.

Human creates the peace [of his/her mind] him/herself
And makes [it] live.
Human['s] brain is taker [receiver]:
As it takes the beauty,
It also takes the ugliness
From the one who thinks uglily.
There is human:
He/she enters the garden
He/she loves all kinds of flowers.
[then, one day] He/she meets [a] human who thinks wrongly.
[that wrongly thinking] Human tells him/her about
Inauspiciousness of some flowers,
Poisons of some others.
He/she causes the [other] human to lose his/her love for that flower.
So wrong! [what a wrong attitude!]
Each creation
Is created for a reason that is good deed.
Is there inauspiciousness?
Of course there is not.
Human's heart becomes cloudy, [he/she feels depressed]
His/her love for the flower fades.
[in such a case] He/she becomes the loser him/herself.

The winding of the wool ball
Prepares human's interrogation. [interrogation that takes place at the time of migration to after earth life]
The more your love is,
The less your [earth] load is.
That's because the one whose love is a lot
Has no space for smoke in his/her heart.

Before all, you will give place to your logic.
You should leave your logic
Not to the word that comes from the opposite side,
But to the solution of your [own] logic. [do not be influenced by what other people say, use your logic]

Let misery that is not chronic
Not hurt human's pride.
Chronic misery gives
Not the [spiritual] measure,
But the way of living.
That way of living
Is [a] situation that human is used to.
[on the other hand, ] To step down from [a] superior way of living,
To conserve his/her personality exactly the same
Is the outcome of the test and it is temporary.
What is lost is day [time],
What is recorded
Is the victorious result of the test,
Or the loss. [or failure in the test]
Your gain is of course very big.
You knew you are [a] faithful,
You conformed to each one that happened. [in order to be successful, you conformed to every event without any complaint to God...]

It will be as you hope for,
One more [step of the spiritual] ladder will be climbed.
It is the outcome of the test.
The test is [a] logical test, your thought.
The heart path and the logical path being smokeless
Opens place for the test. [leads to the test]

For the prayer of open [pure] heart,
My Allah does not make human guardsman.
HE does not let bad word be said
To the one who knows The Meaning. [if one knows The spiritual Meaning, God protects him/her]

We say, "My Allah, thank YOU,"
We love What HE gives, even if we see [him/her/it] as ugly,
We get angry at the mistake of our eye.
In each creation,
We look with heart
for more beautiful than beautiful.

Illness as well as health
[are] The Giving of my Allah.
The patient whose recovery is his/her God-given share,
[he/she] Gets well [even by] smelling [a] flower,
[then,] One says, "His/her cure is from this [flower]." [human thinks that the flower cured him/her]

This is what you should say [this is how you should pray, wish]:
"I referred [submitted] to YOU my Allah
My mother, my father
My child, my life
My spouse.
The moment in which I did [refer], I forgot [I did not think about it anymore].
I glanced at my God-given share display that was spread in front of me.
YOU know my Allah."
Do not think farther.
Do not say,
"Has it been enough, is it enough?
Has he/she eaten to be full, does he/she eat [enough] to be full?"
My Allah does not give up on HIS human.
HE does not let go what is referred [submitted] to HIM.
HE protects [him/her/it] with HIS hundreds of angels.
HE creates [a] cause for each event.
The one who says,
"Let me take care [of him/her],
Let me run, [and] let me save the patient [sick person],
Let me prepare his/her food,"
Is mistaken.
All [of] his/her paths close. [if human tries to untie the knot him/herself, without referring [submitting] to Allah, he/she encounters further difficulties, knots]

Faithful wool ball
Lies down on the soft soil;
What does the soft soil give human?
In this moment, on this day,
Your logic and your heart fight [with one another].
The moment in which you find the most beautiful one,
Heart wins in love,
Logic [wins] in correctness.

When human matures [spiritually], he/she [? HE ?] is seen.
Nevertheless, [in order to mature spiritually,]
One pays more attention to the lessons. [lessons==chats]
Our giving is of course not in vain:
My Allah does not send us
To the human who can not take.
Human who will not be able to mature [spiritually],
Can not take anyway.
He/she can not take because he/she will not be able to mature.
My Allah looks over HIS each human who can take.
Let it not be misunderstood:
My Allah looks over all of HIS humans,
[however,] HE does not send us to HIS human who will not be able to mature.
Human who will not be able to mature
Is human who can not take.
He/she can not take because he/she will not be able to mature [spiritually].
Egg rolls,
When it comes to the hard place, it breaks.
Human who will not be able to mature is like that too.
He/she always looks for beauty.
If he/she does not see the beauty,
He/she tries to grab the share of the one whom he/she sees as beautiful.

Before [blaming] the government, blame the society.
Of course there is no mistake,
You know this too:
If each human thinks as you do,
The misery that you see, is not seen.
Yet [misery-wise],
That way of living is [that] human's destiny.
When you see,
Be prayerful for that human of my Allah.
HE gives peace to him/her
As well as you take peace too.

You know that
The one that is referred [submitted] to my Allah
Finds the salvation.
Always wish to my Allah
For the salvation of all [humans].

Birth is beautiful,
Death is [even] more beautiful
If you know to come to your senses,
If you go back as you came... [if you go back to after earth life with the same amount of Light that you had when you were born on earth...]

Of course my Allah is Forgiver,
HE sees the one who turns [to HIS path].
Does the father give up on his child?
Does my Allah choose HIS human saying, "Bad"?
You are
Not from soil
But from Light;
You are from HIS Light.
Angel does not come to earth,
Does not take earth['s] load.
Of course it [angel] is without sin.
Human comes to earth,
He/she is tied to various load[s].
If he/she unties his/her tie,
If he/she throws [gets rid of] his/her load,
Why would he/she not be [an] angel?
Why would he/she not reach his/her Allah?
Let you mature [spiritually] as you wish to mature,
Let you untie the tie of your load.
Let you know that the good deed unties the tie of your load.
You know your good deed, as such you take peace.

Living is beautiful, very beautiful indeed.
One should know to live,
One should see The Beauty,
One should thank HIM for the one that is given.

In sheepfold, herd becomes like a ball,
Ball of wool is seen. [in sheepfold, sheep are all together; in bird's eye view, it looks like a ball of wool]
When dispersed, each one unties. [each one goes to one direction, they separate from one another]
Do not open the distance.
Do not choose here. [here==after earth life]
Conform to the herd.
Enter the sheepfold together.

If the wall's laying is with stone,
It is hard [tough].
If it is with brick, [it is] like that [too]. [it would be hard too]
However, the one that is laid with stone,
Is strong[er],
It gives confidence.

Our path is to the straight [correct] one of the path,
Not to the curved [wrong] one.
We love the one who loves,
We love the one who knows,
We love the one who sees, [vision==to see HIM in HIS creations]
We love the one who hears,
We love the one who/that comes from my Allah.
Whoever he/she is, whatever he/she says,
We do not break [his/her] heart.
We do not put heart in the middle saying, "Break." [we do not cause situations in which heart may be broken]
We do not hear the one who incites.
We do not give from other human. [we do not gossip about other people]
We came to give [HIS] path,
Not to put him/her in his/her place,

There can not be [a] fly from [a] lion,
[a] Fly does not give birth to [a] lion.
Even if it alights on its nose,
Shaking once is enough.

In reality, we give 'heart path.'
We make the earth word known in narrowness. [our chats open your heart door, give you heart path...]
Leave the mirror on the wall,
Look around from there. [look around through the mirror]

Oh my RAB,
I reached Your secret while winding the wool ball.
I always saw beauty on earth.
I arrived next to YOU, I reached Your LIGHT.
I saw Your human whom YOU gave from Your LIGHT.
I rejoiced from heart saying, "Path is convenient."

Human's heart is filled with peace.
Big branch of the lofty tree.
Its leaves are abundant,
Its prayers are abundant.
The arm [branch] that gets [its] strength from Mevlana
Gives peace to its surroundings,
Finds its peace in the nest. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel