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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 28

26 September 1970

I am Mevlana.
We came according to path,
We asked for the convenient one of the word.
It is said as much as permitted [by HIM],
It is said for all [humans].

We are of the ones who know how to come to their senses,
We are of the ones who find the coming.
Neither did we divert our path,
Nor did we hit [a] stone and fall.
We came to your day
To pull [aside] the stone of your path,
To open the doors.

When the sun is seen
The darkness of the cloud is forgotten.
Let it not be forgotten that
Its coolness stays.

If this earth is without worry,
Then human's direction becomes one [same].
He/she sees only beauty.
One knows that the beautiful is beautiful.
However, what is essential
Is the beauty that is seen together with its ugliness.
Human's face is ugly,
[however,] What concerns [other] human[s] is his/her [spiritual] maturity,
His/her beauty is searched from that direction.
Look not at the appearance but how one searches, [? Look not at the appearance but how he/she is searched [by others because he/she is loved], ?]
Search the beauty.

We came to word [to chat],
We gave the path from mouth to heart.
If you say, "What is given from mouth to heart?"
It turns from tongue,
It descends to heart.

First light of the day
Enters the eye of the human
Because human does not separate [take away]
His eye from the beauty.

Is sky with star[s]? [star==saint]
Are stars gilded? [do they shine because they are gilded?]
Shining night, bright day
[is] Each day that we wait for. [Previous verses may be better understood under the light of the following information: During sleep, soul of the human who has permission from Allah meets with other spirits of the same spiritual level and/or his/her saint. Human's spiritual education continues during such meetings that take place in Light...]

What do you say about the cloud?
Wish so that it rains,
So that cloud-pile descends,
So that sky-face opens again.
Neither does the sky-face close
Nor are the stars covered.
Cloud is [a] curtain in between.

There is no sorcery of the event.
If you say,
"I believed in evil eye,
I am scared of bad eye [look],"
Then it is wrong.
[this is how you should say:]
"I took shelter in my Allah,
I became protected from all of them."
I do not say [that] it does not happen.
In order for you to be protected too,
You [have to] trust The Lofty One Whom you take shelter in.

We are hand in hand according to the round circle. [while holding hand in hand, we form a circle]
[in a circle,] There is no, "From start-from end." [there is no "first-last"/everyone is equal]

My Allah is in loftiness,
[HE is] In lofty heart. [? The Lofty One [is] in heart. ?]

To please heart
Is to please my Allah.
Many humans please the heart of the wealthy one.
Please the heart of the poor one so that
Its good deed is big.
Because so many [people] please the heart of the wealthy one,
It is divided into many places [pieces].
[however,] Poor one's heart is given to you only.
For that [reason], its good deed is big.
[another analogy on the same subject:]
Similar to:
How the merchandise that is abundant, is cheap,
How the merchandise that is scarce, comes expensively [is expensive].

I came to give path,
[I came] To make [you] pass [through the] door,
Not to tell fortune.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

28 September 1970

I am Mevlana.
We sifted HIS sand,
We walked while sifting.
We reached the rose tree from [through] the desert.
We wished for the full one of the mature one,
We said, "Ya Allah!" [ya Allah==thank YOU for my God-given share, I accept without any complaint]

We celebrated your oil lamp, our oil lamp. [oil lamp==one of five Islamic holy nights when the minarets are illuminated [with oil lamps in the past]]
We have not separated gold path from
The path of the silver. [silver==matter; gold==spiritual meaning]
[on earth, we valued earth life and after earth life equally]

For the one who wished to come to his/her senses,
[For the one] Who migrated [passed away] without wishing,
"Have mercy [on him/her] my Allah," we said.

Let there be
Prayer of the one who knows,
[let there be] Well-wisher of the one who does not know.
Let my Allah forgive the sins of all [humans].

Let us pass from earth word,
Let us take the path of the after earth life.
I do not say, "Migrate [from earth life to after earth life],"
If I say, it is not appropriate.
Before command comes, migration does not happen.
Yet make your prayers as if you will die tomorrow,
Do not leave your repentances to [the] last [moment]
Because there is no border of 'the last'...

You say, "What do the ones who come [to after earth life] do?"
You are curious.
There is no emptiness, there is duty,
As the leader of the duty, there is my Allah.

Here [in after earth life], there is no curvature [wrong doing]
Because there is perception.

Beauty is remembered softly,
Words stay in nest [home], [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
It is seen that my Allah gives to your wool ball, [? What my Allah gives to your wool ball is seen, ?]
However, it is made known only with [HIS] permission.

The one who adds word to word on earth
Is called blabber.
[to blab:] It does not exist here.

Arrival of the silver path, [silver==matter]
View of the one who makes food,
Knowledge of the one who puts stone [on the path]
Are on earth.

'After earth life' is full of the ones
Who work for my Allah only.
If you say, "How about the rest?"
Father has children;
Some [are] good, some [are] useless.
Which one does the father give up?
Even if his heart is sorry,
Even if his lip shrinks [when he is angry, sad],
He still is prayerful for his child.
He tries to turn [his child to the right path].
However, if he/she is rebellious,
If he/she walks around with dagger,
If he/she hurts more lives,
If he/she disgusts the father,
Then what does the father do?
He says, "I have no [such] child,"
He keeps himself far away [from that child].
My Allah [is] Lofty, Big Forgiver,
Yet HE stays far away from HIS turned-away human.

I am Yunus, I am in nest. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
I am under the command of my Great Creator.

Let me be [one] of the roses
Of the tree that is full of leaves.
Let me stay as one of the roses
That are collected.
[spiritual] Washer's hand touched
The leaf of the tree.
Ants gathered
At the place where the [washer's] hand touched.
However, one takes as example
Not the ant
But the bee.
Ant takes from you,
Fills its nest,
Saves for itself.
Bees take from the rose,
From the flower, from the verbena.
And what happens when it takes?
It collects for human.
You take its honey,
You say, "Cure," you [even] find [cure]. [you may even use honey to treat disease]

Whatever you set your intention for,
Definitely submit [refer/transfer] [it] to my Allah.

It is beautiful to give,
To wait to take,
Like in the example of bee.
What is our coming? [why do you think we come?]
What is waited from whom?
Our aim is to give only.
What we wait is that you are revived.

You plant the grapevine,
You wait that it matures.
If you nourish it,
Then you eat its fruit.
However, do not measure human with plant.
To give without waiting [something in return] is
For the creations that/who have [such a] possibility in their hands.

I came to nest, [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
I saw nicely [I am welcomed], I do not leave.

Let orphan's heart be pleased.
Let it be [pleased] so that he/she remembers us. [? Let him/her mature [spiritually] and he/she remembers us. ?]

They remembered about the suffering of my wool ball,
They asked about the flow of my water.
I did not know, I said, "Water,"
I searched every nook and cranny.
I took wood by arm loads,
I collected [them].
I did not tear off saying that this is [a] tree,
I did not turn my head up and look. [I did not harm any tree, I collected every wood from ground]
I do not know what I searched on the ground.
I learned to come to my senses thanks to my saint,
As such, I came to myself.
I did not say,
"Let me come, let me not come,"
I did not think.
I made "reunion with my Allah" my goal.
Thank YOU my Allah.
I came, I am reunited [with YOU].

Greeting to you,
Greeting to the ones who remember us, [and] who do not remember [us].
I conformed to my Yunus' word,
I connected the word to the day.

I wished for good deeds for the nest. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
I have been prayerful for all [humans].

Our night is the beautiful one of the nights.

Let us not mix the word with earth.
Let us wish to my Allah.
Let us be prayerful to my Allah.
Let us make our prayers that are to thank HIM.
"Thank YOU my Allah,
Thank YOU because you gave me opportunity.
YOU gave cover for my sin.
With Your pardon, YOU saw us as worthy of Your forgiveness."
Let us repent,
Let us receive my Allah's forgiveness.

My Allah gave suitable patch
For each open [part] of HIS human;
What is left to human is
To put the patch at its place.
What more does [would] my Allah do,
How does [would] HE facilitate HIS human [more]?

What a happiness for us that
We are kneaded with the LIGHT of my Allah,
We became HIS creation.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

16 October 1970
(Mirac [Meraj] day/night)
[Mirac= Prophet Mohammad's ascent to heaven while he was on earth in body]

I am Mevlana.
It does not happen feverishly.
Faithful human does not give up,
He/she does not give what he/she takes,
He/she asks nothing but the one that is soft.

Sand's grain is small,
[yet] Its service is big:
It gives path to the going,
It makes one put his/her shoe on,
It makes known his/her Allah,
It takes [one] to the place that is meydan.

If you got your God-given share from the maturing day,
[then] Wait, HE gives to the coming day too.

Do not long for the coming day.
One should live the day on the day:
Neither should one complain about the past,
Nor should one rejoice saying, "It will come."
One should always make the peace promenade in the heart

What shows the day as beautiful is
Not the importance of the day
But the importance of the event.
Do you know
Why months are created all around [the year, in a circle],
Why he/she is not left to one day only?
To make known the importance of the event.
Let me explain:
It is said "Mirac," it is connected to the [current] day.
It is not because of the importance of the day,
But because of the importance of the event.
It shows the day as big [important].
Why do the days change,
[why] Does it [each day] occur in different season[s]?
[why do events] Happen in different season[s]?
It is made known that the event happened,
Not the day.
We are always prayerful,
We sincerely plead with HIM.

Let my Allah be pleased with all [humans].
Greeting to all [humans],
Greeting to the ones who know that [? what ?] I present,
[greeting to the ones] Who say, "Greeting," and who remember my name.

Let you run to the path of my Allah with hungry hearts,
Let you share HIS One Light arm-fully.

Let me say, "Let my Allah be pleased with all of you
Who Lighten your nest[s], [who illuminate your nests with LIGHT]
Who conform to the heart of the one who is ready."
Let me present you [some] wine from the [spiritual] table of the saints.

We pruned the grapevine, [we pruned] its embroidered leaf.

You should come to your senses, you should know [The Meaning].

The place is earth's.
Heart is deep
[but] Not the well. [well/lake==stagnant water that does not flow to the ocean [i.e. religious fanatic]] [ocean==God]
Can it [heart] not take our love,
[can it not take] The greeting of the ones who come?

Our aim is
Not silent ship
Nor calm sea
But to open sail, to go to open [sea].

We are not worried about the future.
Future [? The one that will come ?] does not wrap us.
Bad event does not look at us.
Why does it not look [at us]?
Because it is not encouraged [by us].
Whomever he/she encourages,
He/she finds that one next to him/herself.

We are from the ones who know.
We are from the ones who matured spiritually on the path of HAK.
We knew [how] to take, we are from the ones who give.
We are from the ones who wind the wool ball with patience.

I am the guardian of your nest's Lighted path. [path that is illuminated with LIGHT] [nest=home; nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
To know that Mevlana comes
Should give big peace.
Mevlana should see tranquility in the nest.

We are humans of The Giver.
We are offsprings who take mind [intellect]. [? We are offsprings who take advice. ?]
We are torrents of HIS blessing [spiritual rain].
Torrents flow, flow, flow;
[torrent] Pours its content according to one's wool ball.
Waters with torrent
Pull, pull, pull so much dirt...
The result reaches the ocean all clean. [ocean==God]
Its dirt stays on shore with one another.

We opened the word,
We chose the essence.
It is said, it is explained.
Our name is remembered.
Let my Allah be pleased,
Let the one who knows to take, find.

Grapevine is seen;
While it is trunk, one turns his/her nose up [at it].
When its fruit ripens,
The ones who come to eat increase [in number].
Our fruit will ripen, will ripen,
[then] Our tree will be seen.

Precaution does not damage the faith.
Mesnevi says:
If you go toward the calamity that you know where it comes from,
Then you become its partner.
Why did my Allah give you
The eye, the ear, the mouth, the nose,
[and] The most important, the mind?
You build the building,
You open [build] the balcony,
You put parapet on its edge, why?
[because] You say, "Let me not fall."
If you do not protect yourself from disease, from evil,
Of course you turn your path so much to that side [direction].

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

17 October 1970

I am Mevlana.
Do not be carried away by the wideness of the silver path,
[silver==matter; gold==spiritual meaning]
It is affected from the smoke.
Golden path is under no influence whatsoever.

I am together with the ones who know to take,
Who wish to give.

Even if it is [may be] soft,
Even if it stays oxidized, [even though it may get oxidized]
Silver is affected from mistake.
This means that:
Let one not be under the influence of each event.
[instead,] Let gold be taken as example for the heart.

Door opening is needed for the building,
Cover is needed for the door opening.
Thinking is needed when opening [the door].
[when] Your door is knocked, do you open at once?
If you get rid of the suspicion, [then] you open.
Open also your heart door
After you get rid of your suspicion.

Tree straightens while it is sapling,
It becomes tree, it gives fruit.
[however,] If you do not graft, even though its yield may be abundant,
It does not fill place [on the display stand]. [because its fruit is not good quality]
It does not find its place.
Mother earth [nature] claims again its ownership. [bad quality fruit that is not eaten, returns to soil/to mother nature...]
What it [mother nature] gives, it gives without reciprocal. [without expecting anything in return]

I took the grapevine,
I ate the grape,
I drank its wine.
I lived each one of its seasons.
Grape ruled my bodily constitution,
Wine [ruled] my heart.
I ask you, which one is more useful?
If my bodily constitution is not strong,
[then] It does not take word from the heart. [then it does not listen to the heart]
The one who has sorrow, does not play saz. [saz=a stringed instrument (which somewhat resembles a lute)]
If you say, "Dance," he/she does not find meydan [to dance].

While the water flows, concentrate
Not on stopping its flow
But on filling [your jug with it].
Not on storing [that water]
But on using [it] up.
Water does not finish,
Lifetime is not enough [to finish it].
Fill [with water], use [it] up,
[then] You fill again.
If you say, "Let me save," [then] you are mistaken.
Our [spiritual] water flows, flows,
The one who wishes, with [his/her] jug in hand
Concentrates on filling [with our water].

Hold the mirror towards the water,
What do you see?
[you see] Water in the mirror, mirror on the water.
The one who is in between matures [spiritually] softly,
He/she sees his/her face in both worlds. [i.e. earth life and after earth life]

If path is soft, [however,] traveler is hard [harsh],
Do not think about his/her maturity. [do not think that he/she matures spiritually]
If you say, "Hardness may also be because of bravery,"
Is it right?
"It is defect," I say.
Yet I turn back and look,
I laugh at the event.
Hardness due to bravery
Scares the one who is not brave.
Do not be traveler next to the one who is scared.
The one who winds the wool ball softly,
If he/she softens due to fear of human, [because he/she is scared of another human]
[then] Do not laugh at his/her face.
[because] Fear is only 'to' The Lofty One. [human does not fear from human; human fears that he/she is not worthy enough to reach God, therefore fear is 'to' HIM]

We came
Not to stay
But to return.
We signed the agreement from [at] the birth [time].
If the visit [of the guest] lasts long,
[then] It gives annoyance to the owner of the house [to the host/hostess]...
[in the] Universe, all are at your service without any flaw.
If you want to stay,
If you say, "Let me insist,"
Then you pester the one that is forbidden.

We gave "coming to one's senses" to wool ball, [we have been teaching about how one comes to his/her senses]
We wound [the wool ball] together.
We dispersed the smoke,
We knew the aim.

One should separate the chiseled one from the one who has not matured [spiritually].
What is "the chiseled one?"
Chiseled one of the tree.
One should see the [spiritual] washer with the one who is soft.
One should love the tree as well as the grass.
One should not say, "The tree gives fruit,
What does the grass give?"
Grass matures, [then] greens,
[and] Makes heart [feel] at ease.
Lamb finds its mother on the grass.
When it gives its milk to human,
When it is eaten,
It gives strength.
Of course, it is useful according to its length, to its width. [sheep eats grass, then gives grass to human as its milk, meat; like grass, each creation is differently useful]

A tree grows as much as it eats,
Whatever it takes from earth, it gives that much.
Grass also gives as much as it eats.
[on the other hand,]
Human has [may have] power,
He/she is helper to humans,
He/she helps HIS human according to his/her power.
[a] Human is [may be] poor,
[yet,] He/she may be helper according to his/her heart.

Do not say, "What is it?"
Do not be doubtful.
My Allah does not permit
Your work that will not be good deed.
HE does not make sad HIS human who is turned to HIM.

No fire comes
To the grain of the sand,
To the nest [home] of the [spiritually] mature one.

Death is the end of the wool ball,
[death] Is the adjustment of the population.
The duty of the body: [is] to be cage [of the spirit].

You see the dream,
You say, "It is good deed," you interpret.
If you are annoyed,
You expect annoyance.
Do not expect [annoyance],
Do not say for any dream, "It did not conform." [do not interpret unfavorably]
Dream: the other side of the wool ball.
If you are soft, [then] in your dream,
You see [yourself] surrounded by soft humans.
If you are not [soft], [then] you search pledge for your wool ball;
The one who is not soft, complains.
Yet during sleep, you find yourself in freedom: [you find yourself free to act as you desire]
In accordance with yourself, you fill your world with harshness.
You see in your dream
Not what you think about when you are awake,
But also sometimes the event that you never thought of;
And this is the other side of the wool ball.
Each human has a side that is seen
And a side that is not seen;
And this is made known to him/her by dream.
Of course, each one that is seen, is not [a] sign.
Exceptional dreams affect human.

My Yunus says:
I said, "Point," for myself. [I said to myself that I was a point]
In my dream, I saw star in the sky.
I grasped, I collected [the stars] saying, "Flower."
I woke up, I said [to myself], "Hey you, absentminded!
Where are you, where is the sky world?" [who was I to dream about the sky world, I could not believe what I had seen in my dream]
How could I know [that] the mistake [was] in my hand;
It [my hand] reached, arrived, said, "Flower," collected.
My Allah showed HIS human [while he was] on earth. [star==saint] [my Allah showed Yunus in his dream that he would be saint...]
Voila, the other invisible side of the wool ball [is]
In the world of The Reality.

If you see [in your dream], if you put on ruler's cloth,
Do you become ruler?
Do you wear crown?
Earth's crown stays on earth.
Human's wish should be for the crown of after earth life.
He/she should gather his/her flower[s] from the stars.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel