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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 27

23 September 1970

I am Mevlana.
Smokeless air
Does not take smoky air to home.
My Allah does not give smoke
To the path of the one who is soft at home.
No woman or man
Is kept away from this word. [this rule is valid for everyone]

When the smoke is from one side alone,
The breath of the human without smoke disperses [the smoke].
If both sides are smoky, it depresses,
Because there is no one who disperses the smoke.

Pull away
The mirror from your face,
[pull away] The smoke from your essence.
The farther away you look at the mirror,
The wider you see.
The one who looks from far, sees his/her surroundings.
The one who is soft
Does not feel that it is necessary to look [in the mirror] from close.
He/she does not come to its close [close to the mirror]
Because he/she looks at his/her surroundings.
The one who looks [at the mirror] from close
Is the one who searches the fault.
The one who searches beauty, does not look from close,
[because] He/she does not feel any need [to do so].

Think of the land:
If you look at one single flower,
What do you find?
You say, "Beautiful,"
You love its leaf, its color.
What happens when you look at your surroundings?
When you see all beauties,
You get excited, you exult,
You remember The Creator.

We came to earth with the intention to come to ourselves.
We came, we saw beauty.
We found on the path of my Allah
While whirling.
If you say, "What did you see when you whirled?"
What does
The crazy one of deep love,
The wise one of the path
Where does he/she arrive in his/her Close Friend?
One Single Point is the arrival.

Earth is peace to human.
'To be ready' is 'knowing the [HIS] path.'

Voila! Return [to HIM] is 'the point finding its pole.' [? Voila! Whirling is 'the point finding its pole.' ?]
Pole is the place where the LIGHT of my Allah is.

One single point
Is the point
Where all humans who came [to earth] and passed [gone from earth],
Where all humans who consumed their days on earth
Become "One."
Do you know what "the point" is?
Pressed form of the spirits
Of all humans who came [to earth] and passed [gone to after earth life]...

You had said, "Tell [us] about the spirit."
Think: fish roe; [think of a fish roe]
One single roe, millions of grains.
Take what I say, and think:
In one moment, in the presence of my Allah,
Only One...
In one moment, when command is taken,
Think of One Light that can
Spread throughout the whole universe...

If you say,
"How about the spiritually mature ones, and the ones who stayed [behind]?" [how about spiritually mature and immature ones?]
It is not like [something that] wool ball understands. [it is difficult for you to understand when you are in body on earth]
In order to arrive in the presence of my Allah,
[in order] To be rolled up like a ball [to become ONE point],
One has to be exalted.
In order to be exalted,
One has to be light [not heavy],
One has to be remembered on earth for his/her good deeds.
To be remembered with grief [badly] on earth
Resembles the dog that is tied with [a] rope around its neck.
If you pull the dog by its rope, can it walk?
Similarly, if you remember the spirit with grief [badly] on earth,
Can it be exalted?
[for that reason]
Whatever happened [on earth],
Let no bad word be said
After [a] human who died.
If possible, let one go to forgiveness. [if possible forgive him/her]
"I forgive the one whom my human forgives," says my Allah.
The punishment of the fault committed towards his/her wool ball
Is anyway shown on earth to the human who is wrongly treated,
My Allah's view is made known.

If child beats [another] child, he/she is [may be] forgiven.
[however,] If the fight of child passes to the big one [adult],
[then] The fault moves away from the child, [it is not the fault of the child anymore]
[the fault] Spreads around.
His/her father says,
"When I am here, no word falls on you." [when I am here, as an adult, I am responsible/I have authority]
My Allah makes HIS human listen to HIS word too.
Is HIS power not enough to make listen?
If you say morality [ethics],
My Allah is not incapable of giving
His/her punishment.
Do not be mistaken:
Of course human educates human,
However, he/she does not grind.

Do you know what 'to love' is?
For the one for whom you say, "The one whom I love,"
Can you sacrifice your life?
Similar to how you know to take, can you give?
What do you give?
Do not be mistaken:
You took your life, can you give [it]?

'The intention being open' is that
The door stays open too.

Fear is a worry that is given from generation to generation,
From human to human.
What scares you from day to day
Is the fear of not arriving in your Allah,
Is the fear of not seeing yourself as worthy.
Erase [it], throw it away.
Each human whom my Allah created
Is in HIS Shadow.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

24 September 1970

I am Mevlana.
To take word, is to conform to path.
To take path, is to conform to pir.

In order to build wall, to make building,
It is first necessary to lay the foundation.
You lay the foundation, you build the wall,
You cover the roof,
"Oh! It ended,
It is time to sit [move in]," you say.
[however,] You are mistaken.
Let us see if my Allah gave permission.
If my Allah does not give permission,
Even if you make [a] marble mansion,
[and] You say, "Let me sit [in there]," [it is] in vain:
Ground is shaken, it is leveled to the ground.
For that [reason], let one not say,
"Let me make, let me see,
Let me be, let me bring."
[instead] Say,
"My Allah, I submitted to your God-given share,
I wait for the one that happens, I ask for permission,"
So that
You remember your real Owner at every opportunity,
[so that] You see good deed in your taking, in your giving.

Your pleading opens your [? HIS ?] path,
It pushes you every day one step farther.
Pleading is performed as it comes from the heart.
Whatever you pass through your heart in the moment,
You read that prayer with excitement.
Let you say,
"Allah, Allah, Allah,
Intercession Ya Resulullah," [Resulullah=HIS Representative [Prophet Mohammad]]
Let you arrive in my Allah's Loftiness with pleading.

We knew [how] to take,
We believed in giving,
We came to arrive,
We said, "Thank YOU my Allah."

Should be celebrated, [our writings, our teachings should be celebrated]
Should be loved as much as human.
[because, pen]
It connects yesterday to the [current] day,
It connects the [current] day to the coming one [tomorrow].
Human degenerates, cries,
Human writes, laughs,
Human writes, matures, [? Human becomes writer, ?]
Human reads, finds.
Pen educates human.
[Garib used to hold a pen on a notebook, Hazrat Mevlana used to write with the pen, on the notebook using Garib's hand]
Do you say, "Notebook?"
You give place to it too.
How about where you obtain the pen from?
Do you not love it too?
For that [reason] for human,
There should not be on earth anything that is not loved.

You say, "Ground,"
You are scared saying, "How do I enter under it?"
What is there to be scared of?
What does that ground give you?
Let alone what it gives,
It cleans the cage of your life, [i.e.] your body,
It protects [it] in its chest.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

25 September 1970

I am Mevlana.
We came, we conformed to the intention.
We gave our path to the one who wishes.
Do not say, "Is there anyone who does not wish?"
Of course there is.
Our wish [is]: let [HIM] make [him/her] mature [spiritually],
Let [HIM] make him/her look at my Allah's path.

One does not say [bad] word about sunny day,
One says softly. [one talks nicely about a sunny day]
[on the other hand,] If weather gets cloudy
Some complain,
Some rejoice.
[however,] The one who complains is mistaken.
Not to him/herself,
But if he/she conforms to the one who rejoices, he/she finds peace.
Rain comes after the cloud,
It rains, it gets clear,
Air gets clean, it is forgotten.

I had said, "To hope is beautiful,"
I had talked about the rain.
Let it not be forgotten:
The soil that we cross
Gives positive path.
The leaf that we hold
Makes the tree known.
More than its trunk,
Leaf makes the tree's identity known.

We talked about the tree
We opened hand to The Lofty One.
As long as earth stays at its place,
[as long as] Heart [stays] in its cage,
You are content with opening hand. [to open hand==to pray to God]
When you ascend from earth to sky,
When heart flies from the cage,
Let you find what you hope for.
For that [reason],
While earth is at its place
Let you open your hand to The Lofty One.
We found [what we hoped for],
We wished that you find [too].

We made the yearning known,
We said, "Path," we called.
We gave hand to the one who came,
We shouted at the one who was not coming.
We said, "My RAB," we begged,
We refrained from separating. [we refrained from discriminating between humans]

Whatever happens,
Let human turn to my Allah.
His/her repentance saves him/her,
His/her pleading is accepted.
Let one not say, "My sin is not forgiven."
Let the one who makes my Allah's path
Direction for him/herself
Not doubt [about] forgiveness.

The one who knows to come to his/her senses
Learns to hear.

[spiritual] Water cleans your path, [? Water cleans its path, ?]
If it flows continuously.
If you do not divert your path, [? If you do not divert its path, ?]
You find HIS [? your ?] direction [too].
On the path of the flowing water,
Its stone as well as its soil are clean too.
And tree's trunk is healthy too.
Also, the surroundings of the flowing water are crowded.
If you ask, "Why?"
You know its fertility:
Its soil does not crack,
Its crop does not dry.
HIS human does not burn.
When he/she burns, he/she drinks,
He/she is transported with joy.

Mesnevi is yesterday's,
What I give is today's example.
To give more than to take,
To love, to be loved open your [? HIS ?] path.
[Previous two verses mean also the following:
? To give more than to take,
Opens the path of
To love, to be loved. ?]
Learn to love more than to be loved.
Look for beauty.
Do not say, "Ugly."
There is no creation
That does not have an exceptional beauty.
Beauty is not searched on the face only.
The beauty
Of the face,
Of the word,
Of the essence
Is in life,
Is in What comes from Darling.
He/she/it came from Darling,
He/she was detached from HIM;
Do you search ugliness?
Wash your essence
So that you see the beauty,
So that you see and you wake up.

What is beauty?
Is it because
Of his/her eyebrow, of his/her eye,
Of his/her mouth, of his/her nose?
Beauty is only in Life,
Is in What comes from Darling,
Because his/her Light is from HIM.

What is spirit?
Body is cage,
The cage of the spirit.
If you know that it is cage,
Then you [can] understand
What you read in Mesnevi.
It [Mesnevi] is read without knowing [understanding],
It is interpreted according to one's [reader's] heart.
My coming on the [current] day
Is my opening [explanation] of Mesnevi.
[Previous verses mean also the following:
? Mesnevi is my opening [introduction],
My coming on the [current] day is the development. ?]
Many words are said [in Mesnevi],
"To One Essence," is said.
Word is so many that
The book fell short. [although it is a long book, it falls short in describing The Meaning]
Beauties are told in [a] mortal manner.
However, the reader is mortal too;
The poor one does not say, "Is it just that few?" [is that all?]
The distance that I took is not in my book. [how far I went spiritually is not in my book]
The Beauty That I saw,
The LIGHT That I arrived in is not in my book.
What is in my book is
The image that wraps the earth.

The ones who arrived on the moon,
The ones who turned the path
[they] Say, "We succeeded!"
[succeeded in] What, in the one that is permitted? [succeeded in what God permitted?]
As it is written [by God].
What did they think [it is]?
Of course [it is] as much as [HIS] permission [is].
Every day one step.
From the beginning of the earth until the [current] day,
One step forward at each time.
One does not go a lot, universe is not conquered.
It is consolation for human.
His/her sin [belongs] to whom?

Coming [to earth], going [to after earth life], taking, giving
According to staying [on earth]-death [time] calculation. [according to lifetime on earth]
The one who has more, gives more.
Day comes it [lifetime] is consumed,
[Previous two verses may mean also the following:
? The one who matures [spiritually] more, gives more.
Day comes he/she runs out [of time, he/she migrates to after earth life], ?]
From him/her, someone else takes in hand.
It is like this since the beginning of the earth.
Whether he/she wants it or not, he/she consumes,
It is like that for earth.

Only my Allah's path
Has only ascent.
No [spiritual] degree is granted to the one who is not worthy.
The one who gets [spiritual] degree on my Allah's path
Is not turned back.

Human should have an aim,
He/she should live on earth like that.

I came with the permission of my Allah.
The moment in which I am called,
I have to arrive without doubt.
In order to arrive without doubt,
I have to go on my path.
In order to go on my path,
I have to know the right [the correct one].

I took shelter in my Allah,
I was not scared of human.
I do not look at human harshly
If I do not want him/her to look [[at me] like that].

Our day was bright, the night became sunny. [sun==Prophet Mohammad] [This verse may be better understood under the light of the following information: During sleep, soul of the human who has permission from Allah meets with other spirits of the same spiritual level and/or his/her saint. Human's spiritual education continues during such meetings that take place in Light...]
What is bright day?
It is the day spent
Without adding smoke to heart.

Why would we add doubt,
[why] Would we forget about The Being of my Allah?
The moment in which you put doubt in heart
Is the moment you forget The Being of my Allah.

Revolt is the most convenient feeling for repentance.
[however,] 'Not to revolt'
Should be thought of far more before than the repentance.

My Yunus says:
What the revolt brings,
Thousand repentances do not take [it] away. [one revolt can not be cleaned by even thousand repentances]
What revolt makes shed,
Even if waterfall flows, it does not clean. [even waterfalls can not clean]
What is the revolt for?
For life?
Is it yours so that you claim [its] ownership,
[and] You revolt against your Owner?

Think of the father:
If his child revolts,
Forty caldrons are not enough for the smoke. [the smoke is so much that it does not even fit in forty caldrons...]
What does the caldron boil with?
What does the fire burn with?
What is the caldron filled with?
My Allah says, "Ya my human,
Let the fire not burn,
Let the caldron not boil..."
[ya= O ...!/Oh ...! (used to show strong emotion, especially exasperation):]
Once the caldron is placed on the stove,
There are many
Who throw fire,
Who add wood.
Neither be the caldron that boils,
Nor throw wood to the stove.
Only, be prayerful,
Be thankful to God for your situation.
Let me explain:
Revolt resembles the water that boils in the caldron.
Think that the fire went out, the water was cold.
Child came, ignited the wood.
The wood that the child throws [puts] resembles the oak:
It does not burn [start burning] easily,
[however,] When it burns, it does not go out [easily].
[what I say is] Not [about] life and death, but what I say is this:
Human's revolt against his/her Allah is [like] this too.

Grapevine burns when it is trunk.
Wet tree does not burn.
If wool ball is washed with [spiritual] water,
It does not give place to revolt. [one does not revolt]

If you say,
"Whatever happened, it happened,
My Allah saw it as convenient like that,"
Then peace will be in your home.
The one who gives peace to the home
Is on the path of my Allah.

My Allah is in the heart of HIS human.
What a happiness for our hearts that
They are from the LIGHT of my Allah.

If you wish to give name, say,
"In the name of my Allah,"
Do not think farther.
If you say, "To give name to what?"
The destiny.
No human can give name to his/her destiny.
Unaware human says,
"I have destiny, or not [I have no destiny]."
What does he/she measure [it] with?
If the measure of the destiny was in the hand human,
It would be traded.

The talk is about matter.
The beautiful one of the destiny
Is the one that is about The Meaning.
The rest [is] stone, soil...

Does your destiny take earth as measure?
You knew [how] to take, you said, "My earning."
My Allah sends, gives abundantly.
The day on which HE does not give, one revolts.
What is it that HE does not give?
Does one stay as hungry?
However, human says, "My destiny,"
He/she complains.
What an empty dream.
What happens, if there is no hunger, what comes?
Poor human,
He/she says,
"I did not promenade,
I did not wear, I did not dress,"
He/she complains.
While complaining, does he/she think about
What the destiny prepares for him/her?
My Allah tests HIS each human
In one direction.
HE trains each human
From his/her weak side.
This is his/her destiny that human should rejoice about.
On the contrary, he/she complains.
If he/she is patient, he/she passes his/her test.
HE passes him/her from narrowness [scarceness] to abundance.

[however,] Is abundance, comfort?
Many humans who pass to abundance
Look for [long for] their narrow day[s].
Do never complain.
Do not stretch [brag] saying, "Abundance."
Do not resist [insist] saying, "Let HIM give."
Be content with what HE gives,
See the destiny then...

Human who passes his/her test finds peace.
[next] Coming tests give him/her comfort
Because there are his/her helpers.
He/she is seen as worthy of [having] helper
So that he/she is not misled, [so that] he/she is not confused.

It does not happen in hurry.
He/she says, "Let me run," he/she gets out of breath.
[when I [Mevlana] teach]
I do not make run.
I say, "Step by step."
You run, you turn and look back,
[you realize that] Your running was not
But at the place where you were. [if you run [on your own] you run in vain]
Yet he/she runs to catch up.

Earth? It is at its place.
Path? It is in HIS direction.
Earth [is] at its place,
Human [is] on HIS path.
Earth does not walk,
Human walks.
If shepherd takes the herd,
If he walks to plateau,
Does the shepherd walk, [or]
Does the herd stop?
The shepherd walks,
He/she gives direction to the herd.
Pioneer starts,
Pulls [guides] the herd. [in a herd there is a leading sheep that follows the shepherd, other sheep follow that pioneer, the leading sheep]
I [am] shepherd,
Garib [is] pioneer.

Word is tied [connected] to word,
Word had fun with laugh. [word ended in a good time]
[? Word was inclined toward laughing. ?]
So beautiful.

The head of the herd and
The head of the human are not one [similar].
Human is lofty in heart,
The puller of the herd is lofty in age.
What is meant by age is, his/her knowledge.

The value of the word is to make known what happened.
[? The value of the word is to make known that you mature [spiritually]. ?]
To say, "It is about to happen,"
Is to distract before the day [comes]. [to tell fortune is 'to distract humans']

Where does the sorrow stay?
Throw [it] onto the top of the wall,
There, it sunbathes.
Sun ripens the unripe one. [fruit==human; sun==Prophet Mohammad]
It makes known [when] to eat, when the day comes.
How do you know [that it is ripe]?
My Allah gave eye, you see.
No fruit stays unripe
As long as it is not picked before its day.
If ever it is picked before its day,
And that one, you put [it] in the sun,
You wait that it ripens.
Let one not pick unripe fruit from the tree.
If it is picked, let it not be thrown [away].
[spiritual] Maturity is human's,
Wisdom [is] path's.

You set the intention for arrival,
[then] Throw away the heartbrokenness.
Earth human
Should not break heart of human,
Should not look at the one who breaks [heart],
Should not throw word to [should not interfere with] the one who looks.

If you say,
"I am not heartbroken, let me not break [heart],
Let me beg HIS pardon,
Let me plead with my Allah,"
Then you open The Meaning with heart.
Do not expect to see with eye,
[because] Seeing with eye is not enough. [you can not see The Meaning with [physical] eye...]

Let you make your prayer to your Allah,
Not to solve HIS mystery. [do not pray/try to solve HIS mystery]
My Allah's mystery is HIS,
What does [would] it give you?

If your wish is for arrival [at HIM],
[then] Prepare yourself
[however, prepare yourself] Not to see on [your] day.
Vision on [his/her] day [on earth]
Makes known wisdom of human. [vision==to see HIM in HIS creations]

The one who arrives in wisdom, does not know [about] his/her vision.
His/her mind is not able to understand.
[because] He/she arrives
Not with mind
But with heart.

Beauty is as much as [it is] seen.
Each human's vision is not one [same].

Earth is so beautiful.
First know there, find. [first know the earth, find HIM there]
Later, you [will] find [HIM] here anyway.
If you say, "Let me run," you get tired fast.

Do not join the expression of ones who express their vision,
And do not say, "Me too."
Your path, your destiny that you do not know, is drawn.
Your word resembles the revolt:
If you say, "Let it happen no matter what, why [is HE] not seen," [I insist on seeing HIM]
Then you are mistaken.
Leave What you do not see
At the place where you do not see.

You reach HIM one way or another.
Let your prayers be for arrival,
Not for vision.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel