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ONEness of HEARTs
Part 24

25 July 1970

I am Mevlana.
Beauty: spiritual secret.
Of course spiritual secret is beauty.
The one who is [spiritually] ready
Knows that 'musaagat' does not take [place], [spiritually mature one knows that what is forbidden by God can not flourish]
Turns his/her wool ball['s direction] to the direction of the [spiritually] mature one.
Paths and thoughts that
My Allah has forbidden.

Ya my RAB, [ya= O ...!/Oh ...! (used to show strong emotion, especially exasperation): Ya Rabbi! O Lord!/O my God!]
I reached Your Secret while winding wool ball.
I always saw beauty on earth.
I came next to YOU,
I reached YOUR LIGHT.
I saw Your human whom YOU gave from YOUR LIGHT.
I rejoiced in heart saying, "Path is convenient."
Heart of the human whose path is convenient, is full of peace.

Big branch of the lofty tree:
Its leaves are abundant, [leaf==human]
Its prayers are abundant.
The arm that takes strength from Mevlana
Gives peace to its surroundings;
[human] Finds his/her peace in the nest. [nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]

There is permission.
The moment in which you wish, I am next to you;
Let me come as helper.
In every moment, I am in the nest,
I see each one that happens. [? I see each one who matures [spiritually]. ?]
The moment in which you wish, I come next to you,
The moment in which I wish, I turn my eye.
Do not say, "Do you have eye?"
I look over your heart with my heart eye.
The heart of the one who carries 'love of Allah' in his/her heart
Does not get dirty with foreign matter.

If you go to moon, if you arrive at star,
If you solve the secret of the universe,
You will not have moved forward [not even] one step.
It is necessary that you arrive there
Not through the imaginary world
But through the world of The Reality;
Because [in the imaginary environment] my Allah shows it to you
As HE wishes.

Grinds what is swallowed,
Drains the poison to the kidney.
Kidney drains the poison to the intestine.
Intestine throws [it] out.
Measure the earth too. [think about earth in a similar manner]
Human's path goes through the pharynx.
In the stomach good-bad mix together.
In the kidney it [human] takes measure.
The kidney throws the one that is useful, to the body,
The one that is not [useful], to the sewer.
Human [is] like that too.
One more [thing]: do not be proud saying, "My logic is strong."
You are human, you eat mixed,
You hurt your stomach.
Before your [spiritual] washer,
Take shelter in your Allah.
[because] The One Who sends the [spiritual] washer [is] your Allah.

[similar to how] Grapevine's leaves proliferated,
HIS various humans multiplied.
Let us ask the one who says,
"Spirit comes to body over and over again,"
Ask them:
"If spirit is of limited number,
How come bodies increase in number?"
Adem [Adam] was one,
It [number of humans] found billions. [number of humans reached billions]
There has been many bodies,
Spirit was given to each body.
They say wrongly,
They lose the way.
When it is said that spirit comes to earth again,
One does say word about body.
Yet the connection of the spirit with the earth is not cut.
"It does not happen," I say.
What is the duty on earth of [a] spirit that got [a] body
In another world?
Wrong! Imagination!
[on earth,] 'To be bodied' happens once,
He/she gets his/her [spiritual] measure,
He/she returns [to after earth life],
He/she finds his/her place [in after earth life].
There is no other variety [way], there can not be.
Read [about it] as tale, do not stay on it [do not pay any attention to it].
Let you be entrusted to Allah.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

31 July 1970

I am Mevlana.
Path is necessary for faithful human,
[helping] Hand [is necessary] for soft human.

The event of the day is the beginning of the one that comes.
Think not about the wrong, but about how it happens:
If you wish that the event happens according to your heart,
[then] You are mistaken.
If you interpret the wrong to[wards] the right, [then] you win.
Human says about the one
That does not happen according o his/her wish [intention],
What does he/she measure [it] with?
Which [one is] success? [what is success according to him/her?]
Success occurs as much as my Allah wishes.
It stays at the place where it is not wished.

Path of heart is measured,
Path of logic is chosen.
One should conform the logic to the heart.

If you do not prune the grapevine,
If you do not take its [useless] leaf,
[then] Its grape stays in shade,
It takes its taste less.
It should see the sun,
It should take its taste.

My Allah gives the [poetic] meter to the one who writes,
[my Allah gives] The rhyme to the one who says.
"Let you think,
Let you find,
Let you take my word," [understand what I am saying]
I said.
I give the [poetic] meter with logic,
I give the rhyme with heart.

We found meydan,
We tied [connected] the paths.
We read the heart
Of the one who comes,
Of the one who goes.
We promenaded, we promenaded [in hearts],
We crushed the thorns.

I loved, I love, I will love.
I will teach [how] to love.
My coming is for this [purpose],
I will close the separation. [I will end the distance/difference between humans]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

3 August 1970

I am Mevlana.
If temporary one of the habit is [like] roller,
If word stayed at the place where it is said,
[then] Smokes disperse,
[then] Humans find peace.
No word is necessary for word. [do not talk back to create dispute]
If you say, "Yadan," to the one who is 'nadan,' [yadan==the one who does not go on HIS path; nadan==ignorant, rude]
[then] You close the door [to reach/help him/her].
[? [then] You close the [your] door [that opens to after earth life]. ?]

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

5 August 1970

I am Mevlana.
Let you be towards good deed, [do good deed]
Let you be filled with faith.

My Allah's favor
Is for the one who heads for HIM.

Say to the one who says,
"We came from ground,
We ate from ground,
We returned to ground":
"We are from LIGHT,
We are filled with LIGHT,
We returned to [HIS] LIGHT."

The being of earth
Equals to the being of human.

Narrowness of heart
Is deprived of the existence of Light. [each human comes to earth with God's Light; if a human loses his/her God-given Light during his/her lifetime on earth, his/her heart becomes narrower and narrower [his/her Light gets dimmer and dimmer]]

Similar to how
You open home to your child,
You furnish most favorably,
Then you marry him/her off;
Creation of the earth too
Is for the creation of human.
To the duty of decoration of the earth
Angels are assigned.

Let us take
Not the hit
But the giving [blessing].
Let us throw the smoke behind [us].
Let us laugh so that we get used to laugh.

What is the decoration of the earth?
They are its flowers, its stone,
Its soil, HIS humans.
HE also mixed the ones who show soft [right] path
With the existence of HIS humans.
HE said [in Koran],
"Let my humans conform,
[let] My words [be] in their tongues."
We wish to conform.
In order to walk on the [HIS] path, it is necessary to conform,
[it is necessary] To go on the right one of the path.
If you walk without turning to right, to left,
[if you walk] Without looking at the curved [wrong] direction,
[then] You arrive quickly,
You take your wish. [your wish comes true]

Do not grade every one that is seen. [do not give grade to your dreams]
You see your dream,
You say, "It is good deed," you wait.
There are some that are real,
There are also some that decorate the imagination.

My Allah is capable of all,
Each event, [is] destiny.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

7 August 1970

I am Mevlana.
We placed the patch on the cloth,
We said, "It is gathered," [it looks better]
We gave path to tiredness. [we sent the tiredness away; we were so satisfied [with the nice look of the patch] that we did not feel any tiredness]

We are not alcoholic, we are drunk [with joy].
We are not unruly, we are nice.
We stand at the door, we do not enter inside.
We do not spread thorns on the heart path of human.
We are [spiritual] washer of humans,
Of the ones who call our name.

We learned the building by heart,
We looked over the door,
We found the meydan,
We came next to humans.

Your peace is at the place where you are.
Do not say, "[it is not here, it is] Farther ahead."
Whether it is or not,
Let large tin canister not come to hand,
[even] If it comes, let it not disturb the peace. [do not bang on the tin canister, and disturb around] [there is no excuse of being a nuisance to others]

Earth is all round, it spins,
Its events continue [in] the same [way].

If what you take is not enough, let what you give be enough.
If what you eat is not enough, let what you drink be enough.
Do not say, "It is not enough," think that it is enough.
If you look at the farther side, you see emptiness.
You knitted the patch on the torn spot,
[however,] You saw new [cloth] on [an]other human.
Do not say, "Mine is patched, his/hers is new."
Yours was also new before it became example for patch. [yours was also new before it needed the patch]

Prepare yourself for each event.
There is none that has its decision, there is none that is in hand;
The decision is my Allah's. [events are for your test; they continue, be always ready for them...]

Look once at fig trees:
Some give fruit abundantly,
Some give less.
In the year when it gives fruit abundantly,
Its fruit is weak.
[in the year] When it gives fruit scarcely,
Its fruit is strong,
When you eat [it], it fills [you] up.
If you collect ripe fruit,
You achieve your goal.
The ones who collect unripe fruit:
[his/her] Mouth stays without taste.
We said fruit, we gave example.
There is unripe [immature] one of human too,
His/her chat comes without taste.
Each word of [spiritually] mature human
Is in accordance with one's day;
For that [reason] it comes sweetly.
He/she says little, [however,] he/she gives the essence.

Fruits ripened, they came to the display [they are put on display].
Do not touch [them] with your hand, do not squeeze the ripe one,
It is haram.
Why is the display set up?
Why is it exhibited?
[because] You take [buy] the one that you like;
If you do not like, you walk.
If you touch with your hand,
If you squeeze saying, "Let me choose," [if you squeeze while choosing]
[then] You grab the share of
The taker [buyer] who is after you. [of the next customer]
To grab someone else's share
Is haram.

Let your intention come true.
Do not say, "It does not happen."
You were patient yesterday,
You added [patience] to your day,
The one that comes, is your benefit.

The building of the master is masterly.
The building of the inexperienced one stays as temporary;
Day comes, it collapses.
One should know its value,
One should educate human masterly.

He becomes imam in [a] mosque, [imam=prayer leader]
He gives the call to prayer beautifully.
Beauty is in [his] voice,
Voice is in the giving. [beauty of voice is a giving of God]
There is no more. [he has no further quality]
Did he take HIS path?
One should know these,
One should look at [his] walking [on HIS path];
If mastery is seen, then his foundation should be laid.
If you say, "How do we know [if he is master],
[how] Do we learn [about] his path?"
One should mix with the congregation,
One should listen to his chat.
The moment in which he says, "Hell,"
One should quit that place.
Because the one who is on my Allah's path looks
Not at hell,
But at his Allah.
Let the fear of hell not confuse human.
The one who talks about The Giving of my Allah
Is called as 'master.'

What my Allah gives is in meydan;
If you wish for more beauty: [it is] in your heart.

What earth gives to human is not measured. [can not be measured]
It teaches to love,
It shows The Giving of my Allah.
It has no denial. [it can not be denied]
Or it [earth] is witness to what he/she takes from other [human[s]]
[and, it is also witness] To what he/she gives to [other] human.
[do not be mistaken:] My Allah does not want [need] any witness
Because HE is Seer of each event.
Earth's witnessing
Is for the next coming generation.
It is said, "History turns [repeats itself],
[and] Walks in the same direction."
However, generations change,
Visions develop.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

25 August 1970

I am Mevlana,
Our day opened our night,
Our eye chose the day,
[our eye] Set the intention for the bright path.
We wished to walk.

We did not separate the grapevine from its leaf.
What comes from the lineage?
What is wanted as the original?
What lineage gives to human [is] the name,
[a name that] Human gives to human.
The moment in which you say your word according to heart,
Human's heart nobility is seen.
You pull [move away] your foot,
"Let me not step on [this] grass," you say.
Your thought in that moment
Makes your spirit, your intention known.
You crush the grass hundreds of times every day.

We opened [cleared] the path of the water.
Do not say, "It gets clogged."
We came to such [a] deep place that
No power is enough to clog, to be clogged.
[in such a deep water] We [can] only swim, promenade hand in hand.

It is said,
"We climbed [the] ladder, we came to flatness.
Where did we reach our water?"
Beauty is for seeing,
For loving humans.
Do not say, "Let there be merit, [he/she should have an outstanding quality so that I love]
[or, do not say,] Let him/her give love [first],"
Love as he/she is.

If you take copper instead of silver,
Do you throw [it away]?
It has its place too.
The ones who know to love are loved,
The ones who run away from loving are forgotten.
To forget [is] mistake.
One should teach to love.
If his/her eye did not open,
If HIS path is not chosen,
You awaken that human.
[then] You rejoice for your [? his/her ?] gain,
"He/she is good too," you say.

The wood that you inlay with nacre,
What was its value [when it was] without nacre?
It was wood and it was in emptiness.
It came to hand, it got nacre,
It is placed at the [favorite] corner, it became valuable.
If you embroider human too,
If you decorate according to his/her heart,
He/she becomes valuable.

Give labor to the garden [take good care of the garden]
So that it gives you sip according to your labor,
So that it fills your jug.

If you see chiseling in stone,
If you see What you take in lesson, [vision==to see HIM in HIS creations]
[then] You learn.

You give to earth
What you take from the basket.

You insert the needle,
You cut the piece evenly,
You sew according to his/her wool ball.
Whether he/she comes on foot,
Whether he/she descends from mountain,
You dress [him/her] according to his/her age.
The lesson that you give him/her should be like that too.
The same cloth does not fit everybody,
It does not look good on [him/her].
One has to find the one that looks good on [him/her],
One has to conform to his/her maturity.
[one has to conform to] His/her age as well as his/her vision.
You can not give the same [spiritual] lesson to everybody.

We write every night,
We are in deep one of the water.
It passed from day,
Three years passed by, [since we started our congregation in 1968]
Our word has not lessened, has increased,
It threw our load [away] from [our] back.
Neither did sorrow stay in the heart,
Nor did peacelessness stay on our day.

The sadness [that occurs] in moment, passes in moment.
If we throw the smoke away from your heart,
If we glance at the state of the earth,
Is there not any human other than you
Who has smoke?
Take [it] off, throw [it] away.
Whatever is said, leave [it] behind.

Take the mirror in your hand,
Look at its front face.
Hang the back face on the wall.
Hang [it like that] so that it [back of the mirror] is not seen,
So that it does not darken your heart.
You did not get out of my Allah's command,
[you did not get] Out of HIS path.
What did you think of the one that was not appropriate?
Do not occupy yourself with the one who thinks [of the one that is inappropriate],
Do not say word saying, "Bad." [do not talk about him/her saying that he/she is bad]
Be prayerful to my Allah
So that he/she finds the right [path] too,
So that he/she wakes up from the sleep quickly.

Fall passes cloudily,
Yet it is not ugly.
Winter chills,
Yet it is not bad.
The coming of each season is necessary
Because it makes human wait.
There is a fertile season that each human waits for.
If you say, "Let each season give me,
Let it be according to my wish,"
[then] You are mistaken.
If leaf does not fall,
Soil loses its fertility.

I went, I came, I took my word.
Let my Allah be pleased with all of you.
Let Osman's word conform to your day.
He says,
"Be scared of the one who takes from blood,
Not of the one who loves from life [from heart].
If your blood becomes one [same] with his/her blood,
[however,] If he/she separated his/her [? your ?] life, [if he/she is a relative who does not love you]
What does he/she tell you,
What does he/she give you from heart?
What he/she gives is smoke.
If he/she is [a] stranger, you pass,
You say, 'Goodbye.'
However, he/she is mixed to your blood...
Be prayerful to your Allah so that
HE chastens him/her too
Not with your word, but with your Allah's Might."

Take the grapevine in hand. [look at the example of grapevine]
Put the pickax on the shoulder,
At dawn, go to your [? HIS ?] vineyard,
Dig its soil.
Prune its branch[es], wait the giving [yield].
Do not say, "Is what I get sufficient?
Will it end with my food?" [will it be enough]
[because] It is not as we think
But as much as my Allah's God-given share.

As long as our [spiritual] water flows,
As long as our love increases,
No smoke enters our nest, [nest=home; nest==Mevlana's/Garib's congregation]
It does not cloud our heart.

Lailaheillallah Muhammedur Resulullah. [Allah is The only One to be worshiped, and Mohammad is HIS Representative.]

[Texts written between square brackets and some punctuation are added for the sake of making the meaning clearer.]


Love all HIS creations;
See HIM in all of HIS creations;
Share HIS Meaning.

© Sabahat Ak■iray (Garib)
Translated by Tamer Ízel